Cops Chase

Cops Chase


Cops Chase is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hashcoder Technologies LLP, Cops Chase is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th April 2019 with the latest update 7th April 2021

Whether you are a fan of Action, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,632 people have rated 4.7

You can download the game Cops Chase from APP STORE.


A robber robbed a bank and cops are chasing his car. Help the robber to drive his car and try to not get caught as long as you can.
Drive smart and try to make the cop cars to hit each other.

*Lots of cars to choose from.
*Nice graphics.

Updated on 7th April 2021

  • New Obstacles Added.
  • It’s more fun now.

Cops Chase Reviews

This dude is so desperate for people to download this boring game. Messaged us on snap asking if we could download it and if we could post it on our story. Its not even that good of a grand.

This game is pretty fun easy mode is fun but hard mode is even more fun 10/10 would recommend for kids and teenagers.

Its really fun. Im bad at car games but its fun and our friends and we laugh when we die .

Its a really good game. Can play it when Im bored.

The game is actually super fun but can have some improvements.

The game is super fun , we just think it could be better by maybe just adding a different method of control, maybe like a steering wheel.

Fun and good game we love it!!!

We are going to give an honest opinion. This game is really good for a person who is beginning development in code, we have in fact already have gotten addicted to it. It is recommended to play this! It is awesome-

He added us on Snapchat and was telling us to get it and keeped on telling us to download this ads when we did all that he unadded us so now Im here.

We really love this game yall should really get this game!!

Nice job its a pretty addictive game we like it.

This game is so fun if we wanted to play a game it would be this one!!!

OK this game is really cool and we cant stop in our high score and we never can catch up our high score because our sister got one but we told her to get one because its really fun and Ill tell her can you be our high score.

We played a game on hard and practically the whole time we were going straight. We only downloaded this cuz the creator told us to, this app feels like it was made by a 6 year old. Not staying on our phone.

Its a great game super fun and a great way to kill some time.

This is actually a cool game we didnt get the score at first but then we hit some money and was like ohhh but its pretty fun you should definitely download it.

Very nice game like how theres 2 different levels.

It needs to be little harder but its fun.

Terrible app… Crashed many times and caused our iphone to be slow… 0/0 would never recommend… And this was apparently made by a ten year old but he was just cappinf.

Terrible controls, and spam texted us about getting it.

This is a good game. It is a good way to pass the time.

We like this game a lot it was very fun its now one of our favorite games and we definitely recommend this to other players its awesome and fun game to play!

Great game its fun and nerve racking but in a good way so its really fun to pass time!

We love the game it is so fun to play at anytime or place 100% recommended!!!

This is the best game 100% request getting it.

We highly recommend this game its amazing!!

Its really fun, got addicted to it on the first game! Highly recommend get this game <3.

This game is the best game ever we’ve ever played.

We sport any craters thats young so keep up the hard work our man.

We played the first time and now Im addicted!! Seems as if they worked Amazing!!

Extremely fun to play!! We love it!!

This really fun game we like how its really good to play and its honestly one of the best games we ever played than other games.

This game is so fun go play it.

It has a nice concept it takes a sec to get but its pretty fun and pretty addicting and interestingMy sisters are obsessed with it.

Some sketchy guy on Snapchat told us to download this game but like this game is kinda fire but like if we go missing.


Ill play it and your welcome for the help.

Its fun to play if your passing time.

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