Crash Master 3D

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:52 pm

Crash Master 3D


Crash Master 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Crash Master 3D is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 10th December 2020 with the latest update 18th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


24,012 people have rated 13.3.3

You can download the game Crash Master 3D from APP STORE.


Easy controls! Different vehicles and so much fun! More than 100 different levels and more is coming!

Updated on 18th March 2022

Bug fixes and improvements

Crash Master 3D Review

This game is really fun and we also planning on unlocking the plane and that is all. We hope you add more levels and cars.

Great game, but when is the monster truck going to be added.

Does not respond to well with touch.

There are way too much adds. They pop up every minute or so.

When are we ever gonna be able to use the plane and our monster truck goes from 82% one game to 74% the next then back to 88% and back down. Been doing this for about a month now. Extremely annoying.

Way To many ads after every car run theres a ad and you cant even choose your car its a good concept but its just a money grab game.

This game was fun at first but a few things made us super annoyed about this game. 1) way to many ads, we understand that is how they make money but its to much. So we pay for ads to go away. 2) you dont get to choose what vehicle you want and thats stupid. You spin a wheel and if you want something else you have to watch a ad for one more spin. Thats all you get, one more spin and then you have to use that vehicle. We WANT TO PICK WHAT we WANT! 3) we won a airplane and have yet to be able to use it. This goes back to the spin thing, its on the wheel but never get it. 4) we got to level 100 and won a monster truck but level 101 we never got it and after we passed that level it said we were 88% of winning the same truck (the more levels you pass the higher percentage it is to win a vehicle). Externally disappointed in this game.

The car after we the plane is a fake we were at 86 percent to unlock it the it went down to 78 percent so do not play this game it is a scam.

Terrible. Cant use the plane or monster truck. Should let you choose your car and the plane and monster truck should be able to be chosen and used. Game was cool, but pointless once you get to level 76.

Too many ads not worthy playing.

So we normally dont play games on our phone….. Decided to download a random game. With time we saw ads were every time it was needed to re try. We purchased the game to avoid ads…. Still have ads, how does that even make sense. Youd think if you pay you avoid ads. Guessing its not the case with this one.

Well, its really annoying because the vehicle turns itself, all you do is step on the gas, which is ok we guess, but the vehicle sometimes tries to overcorrect and you end up in the water through no fault of your own. Every single vehicle sounds the same, and you cannot use the plane or the monster truck after you unlock them, we tried for weeks, it never ever land on the plane and the monster truck is at 100% but does not actually unlock. Terrible game and false advertisement.

Just another ad machine… We gave it a week, but it never let us try the plane. Delete….

You never can use the plane and the monster truck is a lie. Honestly, the game is fun but then it gets boring after playing it for a while. Our main complaint is that the plane is fake and the monster truck also.


We mean come on the ads are obsurde although we dont get them anymore after level 100 we dont know why we still play this game you cant even use the plane the wheel never lands on it Im on level 136 we should have had the plane like 6 atleast times by now also every other vehicle unlock lets you use it right after you unlock it also the next vehicle after the plane that doesnt even work in the game is a monster truck looking thing that never gets unlocked it goes to 100 percent then drops to 70 something then stays around 80 every time you complete a level. Its a cheap game you can tell but it would be better if you could one choose your vehicle and 2 actually use the vehicle you have unlocked and 3 actually unlock the next vehicle and 4 if the distance you make it at the end was actually based off skill instead of the course making it further by gaining skill is not possible it all depends on the course and vehicle also the vehicles barely get better as it goes their all in 3 categories slow fast and big all of which go about the same distance as each other this game is garbage. Yet we still play it… Not for much longer though.

We’ve been playing this game for about 7 months now and we were on level 700. Never purchased anything (no ads or anything) we got on this morning and we see it was updated. Now we have ads flying all over! We miss the old version, no ads, same levels. With this new version we have to pay $2.99 for NO ADS. This is ridiculous.

Our game keeps crashing right as Im about to get the plain do you guys know why.

The game keeps crashing once we get the monster truck please fix this problem.

When we got the truck and lost it we deleted the game plz update the game.

Started playing the game and unlocked every vehicle except for the plane. We were on the last percentage of finally unlocking it before the game crashed and now no matter how many times we try to open it and refresh it It still wont let me.

You spend all this time unlocking the plane but you dont get to drive it…

When it starts out theres very few ads and its fun! Once you unlock the plane at level 75 adds happen every round if not 2 times a round. It will never let you actually use the plane. Then it starts to fill up for a monster truck. But once you get to 85% the next round its back to 70%. We deleted the app at level 116. The game started to glitch and would just randomly throw your car in the water or get stuck on nothing then play an ad…

Best game ever! We just cant stop playing its so addictive to watch cars being crashed.

We liked mini cooper levels most!! Still workin on to open plane!!

We love the game, the vehicles mechanics are actually pretty good and satisfying when you get destroyed. Its a really way to pass the time and we cannot wait for future expansions. Another thing is there are no ads which is a big reason this game is fun because you dont have to wait 5-30 seconds for ads. Im giving this game 3 stars because of 3 reasons. 1. After level 75+ you will not unlock anymore vehicles. You unlock the plane at level 75 but Im at level 200 and have not been able to spin the plane. 2. The re run levels are fun but they need more levels the higher you go the levels are the same. 3. It says after you unlock the plane theres another vehicle but we’ve had this monster truck looking vehicle at 77%-86% (its varies every round) and will never unlock for us.

Everything is unlocked but some kind of monster truck and it will not let you get that we have the plane unlocked but when you spin the wheel you will not land on plane over 550 spins and no plane it landed on plane once and put us in a car so it is a waste of time to play thats bad marketing on the games part.

Got to level 176 and still cant use plane. Deleting.

Idk why but we cant stop playing this game. Jeep levels are the most fun.

We guess the game ends at level 57? Road literally ends into water. Save your time and dont make it there to avoid incredible frustration.

When we downloaded this game we thought is was like you were a car and you cant get destroyed. Well we were right we started playing and did a competition whoever could get the most levels by the end of the day wins, so we started going. We got to the part where we unlocked the plane we were so happy and we couldnt wait to use it. Then when we got to level 52 at the end we couldnt move we did whatever we could to move but we couldnt. We never even got to use the plane. And you cant even get higher then 85% on the RV this game is pathetic. Im deleting it.

We never thought breaking vehicles could be this much fun. Game is so addictive btw.

So when we first downloaded this game and every level is good but it keeps spamming us ads and Im on the edge of un-installing this game. Developer please read this.

We finally got the air plane but it wont ever let us uses it (scam). ALSO, Im at 90 % on the boat but guess what? IT DOESNT LET ME GO ANY HIGHET AND IT KEEPS DROPPING ME DOWN TO 70%. Which is the most annoying thing in the world. But on the other hand its kinda fun.

It acted like it was loaded but just sat there.

Fraud You never get to use the plane and you never unlock the boat. Theyre setup to make you keep playing so you watch ads. We even paid to remove ads and after almost 200 levels we’ve never used the plane or unlocked the boat. The boat never goes to 100%. SCAM FRAUD LIES.

This game wont let us play with the airplane STILL we’ve passed 200 levels but we still dont get the airplane this game also wastes our time we HATE this game so yeah flip you game.

Played this annoying and bug filled game for hours to unlock the plane. All to never be able to actually use it. Treacherous.

So we push the start and then we go(Im on lvl 12)then when we get crushed by an obstacle it freezes and the screen turns black. Then it CRASHES. Plus our brother have this game and it wont even land on plane. FIX THIS. Our phone is an iphone6. And at the end when we complete a lvl we have dummies. Our brother has a big ramp. We update it and its still dummies. FIX THIS BUGS. Edit: not super trash but we cant even use the plane and it will never unlock the ship its junk also the dummies we hit r here now oh wait the devs r the dummies for not letting us use the plane or get the ship that isnt even in the line of vehicles that you can and cant use fix this people fiiiiiiix it!

This is SO SO SO fun but a LOT of glitches.

We already post our opinion Ill do it again ! Remove the airplane its useless and the incoming boat remove it too ! Voodoo you are a great company but this game make us disappointed! Im level 400 and didint get the airplane even once and the boat stock at 84% please do something about this ! 4 stars because Im level 400.

Please fix this we love the game but we never get to drive the plane we unlocked it but the wheel never spins on it and we never get the boat we hade 85 percent of it but when we came back it was80 we really want this pleaseI would appreciate it please and thank you.

The game is pretty good but we bought no ads but it still gave us ads so we wasted 2 dollars.

Okay let get the two elephants out of the room. First of all you never get to use the plane. It always lands away from it. You may be saying that its random and its probably just rare. NO. The levels are supposed to go with specific cars. Everyone knows this because as soon as you unlock a car you USUALLY get it on the next spin. Second the boat . It never gets to a hundred percent. As soon as you get to 84 it then goes DOWN to 75. There is also the fact that the physics are horrible. We will randomly hit a invisible bump and fly in the water. We still play this game for some reason but if voodoo doesnt fix this soon. This app is going off our Home Screen.

We feel cheated. We paid for the ads to be removed and this game still has long ads we are forced to watch. We will report to apple.

When we get the airplane it will never let us have a turn with it and when your geting the boat if the persent is 85 Zit makes it go back 77% also if we hit the redo button and we hit no thanks it always gives us an ad fix the game.

We love this game! It has great physics, but it does not land on the airplane, we are on somewhere around level 120 and still no airplane, instead you get this stupid orange smart car you only use once and it disappears. The airplane just gets skipped. We would give it 5 stars but we cant due to this bug, please fix this. And if this is your scheme it didnt work on us because we always play mobile games with no Internet so if this is just your scheme to get more money with ads then its not working because Im not an idiot. Think smarter not harder VooDoo.

It only picks the same car and the game is so bad dont download its so bad.