Daily Dadish

Last updated on May 26th, 2023 at 01:20 pm

Daily Dadish

Daily Dadish

Daily Dadish is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Thomas Young, Daily Dadish is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 8th February 2023 with the latest update 8th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Daily Dadish ?

170 people have rated 1.05

What is the price of the Daily Dadish ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Daily Dadish released ?

Daily Dadish was released on 8th February 2023.

When was the Daily Dadish updated ?

The latest updated date of Daily Dadish on 8th April 2023.

Where can Daily Dadish be downloaded ?

You can download the game Daily Dadish from Apple Official App Store.



It’s an adventure that lasts a whole year! Daily Dadish is a retro platformer that features over 365 handcrafted levels – one for every day of the year! Each level is only playable for one day, so beat them while you can. Face challenging foes, unlock cool characters, and help reunite Dadish with his missing kids all over again!

  • A retro platformer with a different level every day
  • Over 365 handcrafted levels
  • 10 playable characters to unlock
  • Can you beat the clock? Complete levels quickly to earn medals and stars
  • Rescue your children, and also a screechy possum
  • Dialog that is reasonably funny
  • A rockin’ soundtrack featuring remixes of classic Dadish tunes
  • Experience the joys of fatherhood, every day!

Updated on 8th April 2023

  • Fixed leaderboard bug

Daily Dadish Review

Love the Dadish series and love that theres a new game everyday very fun we’ve experienced no bugs or crashes.

Cannot recommend enough EXCEPT certain Unity ad causes app to freeze and you cant report the ad in a meaningful way and Spectrum IP blocks app support site.

We fell in love with the first Dadish game when it released and since then we’ve played all of the releases as well. We were so thrilled to see daily Dadish on the AppStore and we love the whole premise of there being a new level every day for the year. Its a lot of fun and Im glad that these games are being played. If theres maybe one thing that could be added we think it would be cool to have like a library where you can go back and play levels you already did before. We saw one comment talking about using stars to unlock secondary levels so building off that idea, how about instead in the library you can use stars to buy levels that you didnt get to a play before. So for example, In the library the days we didnt play are locked but can be bought for x amount of stars. Just and idea, love the game overall!

So we have played all of the Dadish games through and we loved them now seeing this is even better but we have some ideas 1st maybe you could add like level creating we realize thats would be really hard and a lot of work but we think it would be really cool if you could make your own levels and share them 2 maybe you could make customizable characters so you could like change the color and add hats and stuff 3 some kind of calendar so we can see the next level or levels we didnt complete than you can go back and finish it 4 boss fights so we think that have a cool level every day is fun but what about at the end of every month theres a boss fight so you could like bring back some of the old bosses or make new ones 5 mini bosses like our other idea but there smaller so at the end of each week theres a mini boss to fight 6th and finally new enemies and obstacles. We know theres alot of unique enemies and obstacles but theres only like 15 obstacles it gets pretty boring and the enemies are cool and cute but theres only maybe 30 not even so maybe you can add more enemies like sushi or coffee maybe cake or a cookie we just think more food themed enemies would be awesome and more exciting please keep some of these ideas in mind just in case you consider these ideas have a great day keep up the good work.

Muito bom tbm, mais acho que poderia aparecer as fazes para voc poder fazer por que nem sempre d pra fazer a fase.

We have all of the games by this developer, this is one of our favorite series! We really enjoy the mini level format, along with something new every day. We really wish though that there was a calendar system where we could catch up on levels. We may have missed one day, or we might want to go back and replay certain levels because we thought they were cool. We would be willing to pay for this feature!

Look we love this game its cute, funny and other but there is one thing. If we die 4 times we get a ad ever single time. Hopefully the developers see the review and put less ads into the game. Please do this.

We just want to continue our streak on our iPad. No syncing is what keeps this from being 5 stars.

This game is fun and really frustrating. We used to play Dadish games to festers, but now the mandatory speed running aspect has introduced a pocket of stress to our daily life. We miss the old Dadish games. Fun game though.

PLEASE FOX THIS! So sad that we arent able to play with controllers.

All of the levels are way to hard. Please fix.

The ad shows a 3D game but when we opened the game it was an RPG. It was a pixel game.

Absolutely adorable. After completing Dadish 1, 2, and 3 we didnt think Id be able to play Dadish for a longgggg time – until we luckily came across this! We have no complaints. It runs well, graphics and witty dialogue are the same, and you can actually unlock characters that you never get to play as in the actual main game! Theres new levels every day and we can continue to enjoy the Dadish franchise :) very happy that this exists.

You give us a goal to shoot for everyday with the Daily Dadish! You changed our life and so many others lives. We would love to meet you one day. We LOVE YOU THOMAS!!!

This game is more Danish levels, how can we complain.

One of our friends and we are in love with dadish. We played through all three and got all the stars on all the levels, constantly bragging Im a level ahead or we got the star on this one and you didnt! We both downloaded Daily Dadish when we beat Dadish 3. We easily play each level over 100 times a day trying to beat her score and we constantly text each other screenshots of the friends leaderboard, beating each others scores by 0.01 seconds regularly. We love this game even if it tends to distract us from homework trying to beat her time every time she texts us.

We have been a dadish player for months, and after we finished the stories, we felt empty. Then, daily dadish released. We love getting to try a new level, and see how fast we can get our time. This is a great game.

So we mean its great. Like really. But we wish you could pick like a easy mode and like a medium mode and a hard mode. We started to cry. Just kidding but its so hard to us. Can you just plz add that. Also we know its called daily dasher but we dont like how we have to wait a day. Also of the developer is reading this have a great day or night and good job with this game. :)) we HATE THIS GAME.

We’ve always loved the Dadish games, and so finding out we could play a single level a day has definitely been appealing. The levels don’t feel repetitive, they’re refreshing and of course we love the little interactions between Dadish and his kids. The biggest issue that we have with the game is the leaderboard system. While it was a good choice to have timed levels and a leaderboard to calculate and compare, it’s discouraging to look at the top of the leaderboard filled with people exploiting the game. We’re aware there are many shortcuts and otherwise creative spots where you can skip parts of a stage and cut down your clear times, but most of the very top scores are ridiculous. When #50 out of 5000 players has a completion time of 28.06 seconds and the top player has a time of 8.50 seconds, it ruins the entire point of a leaderboard and makes us feel like besides getting the star for that day, what reason is there to get a better time? Besides that, we do think it’d be cool to see other Dadish levels available from earlier in the week, or perhaps even previews of the other Dadish stages that week. Another suggestion could be having rewards based on your streak in Dadish or things besides just costumes (or else just more costumes).

We honestly think that its a amazing idea. But they might have to fix the tutorial to teach you to move around and do more complex moves and how to avoid things.

Why do you make your levels so hard? And Im serious its really actually almost impossible. We cant even get three stars.

Just let us play the game, dont make us come back everyday.

Im never able to finish the game in time because Im busy and even if we do have some time Im never able to full star it Also made us cry because of some idiotic and basically impossible levels.

OMG THE GAME IS AMAZING! We loved Dadish 1,2 and 3 and then theres MORE!? Daily Dadish is AMAZING and all the new and cool characters, timed score and bunches more! We’ve been playing for 2 days now and its amazing!

So happy for new Dadish content. Also the rat being a playable character is amazing. We know its called Panic the Possum but itll always be a little rat for us.

Overall we have nothing to complain about, but we would really suggest changing the dialogue at the end, even just swap the name or stop having the baby radishes keep referring to the other characters as dad if you are going to make different characters available to change into.

Cant even get pass first level , glitches at the tube.

We are blessed to be the first review on Daily Dadish. After finishing Dadish 3 two days ago, we thought, Well now what?. We truly thought the saga ad ended, our own screen time said the Dadish trilogy took up almost 6 hours. Then, we saw, Daily Dadish, most likely coming February 8th, 2023. We were so lucky to have found completed Dadish 1, 2, and 3 before getting to enjoy Dadish every day! The feeling after finishing off the Durnak and Kanurd, we felt quite incomplete yet accomplished. We even got our friend addicted to this game as well. Anyway, we were so excited to see that Daily Dadish was downloading only an hour before 2/8! We have played the first level and feel honored to be here from the start. Thank you Thomas Young, for creating such a masterpiece of a world. Truly an ingenious idea and mind. We didnt even have to play 2 levels of this game before we knew Id fall in love. Heck, we didnt even have to play the first level! February 7, 2023, a remarkable moment. Feels like a birthday present!

We love dadish, and we’ve beaten every single one of the games to 100%. We know this literally just came out today, but its so fun and we already love it, would recommend.

Like 1, 2, & 3; its great! Love the daily level format!

We love the Dadish series and have played them thoroughly, loving the music dialogue and play forming every step of the way, having gotten leap day(a different one level a day game) and then immediately uninstalling it for this instead, the new timed system is quiet fun and it feels good to be rewarded for playing a level very smooth and efficiently, we do wish there were maybe a feature where you could replay any levels you missed in the last week, but we dont really mind it. Our one and only suggestion would be adding a leaderboard feature where you can see other peoples best time on a level as well as when they first played it that day, theres tons of small unintended routes you can do to make the times much shorter than intended and it would be neat to see that blossom.

If you haven’t already, go back and play the previous three Dadish games.

We would definitely recommend this game. After playing all 3 Dadish games we just stumbled upon this one and we really like it. We are only 1 level in but the idea of 364 more is really exciting. We also like the concept of starting your day of with a fun platformer level that priorities speed. Thank you thomas young!

Im glad to have more Dadish in our life, we were sad to have complete all the levels but now we have an infinite supply! We saw people suggesting access to old levels, we think its okay without this but it would be cool and offer more content for people after getting the daily levels star. Leaderboard could also make improving run speeds more rewarding. Either way, its super new so Im sure changes could be made, but its fun! We suggest it for anyone who is skeptical.

We love the Dadish games, and Daily Dadish is no exception. The concept, while still a new game, is great. It makes us want to see what fun levels come out each day. We do have some suggestions. These arent likely to be added, but here they are. The first is a calendar system where you can see days you missed, and notifications when that day comes back. This would allow player who completed almost all the levels remember when to come back, and feel a sense of accomplishment when looking at the wall of completed levels on the calendar. Another is unique holiday characters and variants. The holiday characters could cost more, and only be unlocked on a certain day. This allows players to feel like they have unlocked a rare item. Variants are our final idea. After unlocking all the characters, maybe players could have secrets for each character. For instance, if you give enough stars to Dadish, then he could have a secondary skin. This could be something small or large. For small, Burgurgular Jr. Could lose his hat, and for big, Dadish could unlock one of his baby radishes. Maybe you could bring Cowboy or Big Boy back in this way. This game is so fun, and we know these wont be implemented. We just wanted to share our ideas to a few more people. Thanks for making such a great game series.

So addictive, fun, and cute! Im loving the new mechanics/objects. This is just what we needed after finishing the first 3 Dadish games. Im so excited on what Ill be seeing this year. Especially on holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Valentines Day! Keep it up with these games, they are radiating with radishes!


For some reason our game keeps crashing on the cutscene. Could you fix this?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! (Not to be confused with Dad of War) Let’s find out what level we’re on!

The game is really fun but todays level is impossible to get the star on, we looked it up and it seems like everyone else is having the same problem. Is the time intended or not?

More Dadish! We love this game. The easy controls and smooth graphics makes it one of our favorite mobile platformer games. Just an idea, but we think it wouldve been nice to have some sort of leaderboard for the fastest times for the daily level. We also think the addition of costumes was a great idea!

We absolutely love the whole Dadish series, its the only games we’ve actually completed and we were still hungry for more. Daily Dadish is so fun and we love it. Thank you!!

In Dadish 3 whenever we finished the game it kept restarting and Im fine with that but today the same thing happened to Daily Dadish. Hopefully this is something you can fix because we just got Peanut Bruder and now we lost him.

Thank you for bringing us this latest edition of the Dadish series. Unfortunately, we didnt download this game right when it was released. As such, we missed the first 10 levels. That said, can you please give us access to the old levels we missed? You can provide a time limit to play these. Thanks in advance for your consideration!

We love all of your Dadish and Fowlst games, so we immediately sprung for the Remove Ads IAP. We’ve only completed the first one so far and it was very short. Hopefully the levels get longer. Im glad to see the humor is still as strong as ever. Just one request: please consider adding online leaderboards via Game Center. It would make it even more fun to be able to compare best times with friends and worldwide.

Another great Dadish game! Tomorrow never knows.

After playing all the previous dadish games, we were at a lost about what to do after. Then daily dadish came out. The first two levels are so fun but we have one complaint. You cant go back to old levels. We beleive daily dadish should adopt a system similar to leap day, where you can unlock old levels by watching ads.

We have played and completed EVERY dadish there is and we have one suggestion for this new dadish. We wish we could go back and complete levels for days we missed. We love completing all the challenges!

One level a day without access to the previous levels is not a good concept. Will happily pay $5 to access that days level plus all previous ones.

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