Deep Clean Inc. 3D

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 02:00 pm

Deep Clean Inc. 3D

Deep Clean Inc. 3D

Deep Clean Inc. 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ALICTUS YAZILIM EGITIM BILISIM TEKNOLOJILERI ELEKTRONIK SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., Deep Clean Inc. 3D is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th January 2021 with the latest update 2nd August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


142,049 people have rated 1.2.8

You can download the game Deep Clean Inc. 3D from APP STORE.


Happiness: Freshly cleaned stuff thanks to Deep Clean Inc.

Highly satisfying cleaning experience! Please be a part of Deep Clean Inc. and start to make dirty objects clean and shiny enough to satisfy your customers!

Let’s take all dirts away with your deep cleaning skills!

Updated on 2nd August 2022

Performance improvements and bug fixes!

Deep Clean Inc. 3D Review

This game will tell u that u completed a level before u have cleared all the debris or it will finish the task for you when you near the end. We thought this would soothe us but it makes us angrier.

So this is a fun and relaxing game but it is not what it shows in he ads which we dont like but after all we think it would be a great game if you are waiting for something or if you need to calm down this would be perfect for that . There is a lot of ads like 2-3 minutes and they are the same ads every time. And thats why we give it 2star.

Lets start of with the flaws. The game glitches a lot and there is so many ads. Might we add the ads are not appropriate so have your parents approval before getting this game. The game is also not so satisfying as it promises to be. Now the good things, it does kill time and it does have a lot of different levels. But, overall we do not recommend this game.

Its just annoying. We dont even find it satisfying. Its too often that things arent even completely clean and it just moves on to the next one, and to us, that is incredibly irritating. If you happen to be a perfectionist or have OCD, we wouldnt recommend this game.

Ads. Low buck ads at that. And a privacy policy as long as your arm. Pass.

We absolutely adore this game. Whenever Im bored or waiting for something, this is our go-to game to play. Its relaxing, fun, and overall simple if you dont want an intense game. But it has some problems that we dont enjoy and we would love the game far much more if they fixed them. The first one is that (Ive seen may people complain about this) Ads. Every 2 or 3 levels, in which each level takes under a minute, theres an ad. It can be quite annoying at times when Im trying to relax and an ad pops up. Its the thing that makes us close out the app out of frustration, for the ad can be 30 seconds of longer. We believe that if the ads didnt come up as often, players would enjoy the game far more. Our second and last problem with the game is the tools. You get an option for 3 tools, one thats free, one that costs coins, and one that you need to watch an ad to get. Once you buy all the tools that cost coins, you still keep earning them and you just collect them. You do nothing else, and you keep on collecting them and collecting them being unable to spend them on anything. While some players may disagree, we believe the developers should make the tools that you need to watch an ad to get, to be more expensive, so that the players can have a motive for the game. Thank you for reading this review and we hope that this was informative.

Couldnt even get past the fifth level because every single action you do on the app is followed by an ad. Finish a level? Ad. Spin a wheel? Ad. Everything you do ends up leading to an ad. We understand ads in games but this is beyond excessive and makes the game practically unplayable.

This game is about 25% fun, satisfying little mini levels, and 75% ADS! You know, the kind that play for 15 whole seconds, you click to skip, and then you have to find the one minuscule pixel under the x to close. Its infuriating and unacceptable. Do not download this game.

It has lots of ads but its fun to play it would be much better if theres less ads.

This game is really good but the ads are inappropriate there was one that was called chapters or something and you need to change that little kids will.

We love this game but Im on like level 460 and we have been getting the same exact thing for all those levels past like level 30 so please add more levels! Also we have found no bugs or lag at all these are fun levels but add more! Have a good day.

We usually dont leave reviews but when we first started playing it was pretty fun but the lag and the ads are really bad its and ok game its self but it needs a lot more work to go.. Sorry But pls fix it.

Its a good game we would say, but theres one thing we dont like: it has to many ads.

The game is not that bad , not too many ads , but, the game is repetitive. Like we spent 10 minutes playing and the game just kept repeating again and again so we deleted it If you like repeating games then this is for you.

This is game is super glitchy. Even though Im on a old phone its still more glitchy then our other games. Besides it being glitchy, its very satisfying. And we recommend it for people that dont have a old phone (iPhone 6). And theres also a lot of ads. We havent seen any inappropriate ads so parents dont worry about that. Its kid friendly so far. : ) Thank you, Bethany.

Is anyone else absolutely triggered when it doesnt let you finish the cleaning and then says its done with a huge smudge mark still there?

Fun but way too many ads. There are ads like every 2 levels and by level 40 it repeats itself.

It was fun at first, but then we got to level 30 and higher, and it wasnt cleaned all the way when it said completed which- effects our OCD and our struggle of our perfectionist side. And then by level 40 it starts all over again. Other than that its a good game, we however, ended up deleting the game.

We felt like there was more ads than actual playing which is not the point of the game the point of the games is in the title but we feel like we saw more ads and we dont feel like we really played.

So many ads. Cant even play the game for more than 2 activities without an ad. Very annoying, deleting.

The game is kind of fun, but there are way too many ads. After every level and they just pop up randomly. It makes it not worth it to play.

Its ok, but there are way to many ads, and the levels repeat. Dont get this app.

Its a fun game but waaaay to many ads. Like almost after every level. We didnt even last 5 minutes before we just deleted it. Annoying.

The ad kill it so much so that we immediately deleted the game in less than 3-5 minutes. We didnt even get to level 3 before 5 ads were already played.

So the ad is inappropriate so the person had to wipe we dirty something and they mostly almost showed her v word not for kids change The ad.

OK so first of all it keeps repeating and repeating the games there is no updates ever and it is definitely not how it looks in the actual ad it doesnt play calming music and it also just doesnt get harder and harder its easy every single round we are on level 231 so we would know.

The levels are the same and it doesnt let you finish cleaning it just moves onto the next level. Too many adds to, id rather download those apps then this one though.

There are way too many ads in this game. We know the game creators make more money but after each clean you do there is a ad that you cant skip.

Im only doing this so the creator would read this. It has constant ads and it is just repeats or other levels and the special items you just spend coins on. Theres no power ups with these items. You just spend coins on them. A worthless app that just takes up space. But how did this CRAP get so dirty in the first place!?

After you go up to like level 51 the game starts all the things you have done over again you Weill still be going up in levels but what you do is the same as when you first start so we stoped playing. We would bet this app if we were you but we would only play up to level 51! Thank you for reading our opinion.

We dont normally leave reviews but with the amount of ads in the game is atrocious. We played like 4 levels and got at least 10 ads, we were watching more ads than playing the game.

Great game, but too many ads. Nonstop ads. Inappropriate ads too.

We downloaded this game yesterday, and we love it so much! Im currently on level 18. We just have two problems. The first problem is, the ads. Every two to three levels theres an ad. We mean, luckily its not right after you finish a level, (Im trying to be optimistic, okay!?) right? The other problem is, just now we finished level 18 and the screen froze. It froze for a pretty long time before we finally decided to write a review. Now on to the positive stuff! We love how dam satisfying this game is. Get this game! -Sincerely, Periwinkle.

It is mostly a good game but we stopped playing it when we could not beat level ten and there are too many ads sometimes it gets really frustrating because you just want to play the game but after almost every level there is an ad.

We play this game and we don’t want to repeat levels make more But we like be it kids should play it and this is a great way of kids cleaning in real life.

Everytime we beat a level its always an ad and the tools that you have to watch an ad for it does not work any better than the regular tool. You have to wstch ads for everything in this game. But overall this game is pretty decent.<3.

Its a very fun game dont get us wrong but the only problem is there is SOOOO many repeats. And half the time It doesnt even let us finish cleaning! If there were new levels Id definitely give it five stars. Thank you for reading this and have a great day!

We think this game is an ok game. Our honest opinion is that they could change some of the cleaning jobs. We feel like the cleaning jobs are in a loop. It really just goes through the same loop over and over again and Its a little hard to enjoy the game if your doing the same stuff. Another thing is there are tons of adds. We feel like these people should cool it on the adds. Again its a little hard to enjoy the game with them showing an add every two seconds. Also, sometimes when Im doing a chore it glitches or something because it doesnt let us finish the chore. But other from all that crazy stuff that we hope will get fixed we think this game can be enjoyable and sometimes a little relaxing. Thats all! We hope you have an amazing day!


So we love this game but what bugs us is when you play some levels like vacuum sweep mop whatever you don’t get to clean it all up and we will sit there looking at the spot left and it’s irritating.

We rated this game a 1 because the levels are on repeat and it gets boring so could you please make it better and have bettter & more level with different stuff.

This game it horrible! We played one level and it made our whole device glitchy. Also when we were cleaning something it didnt even let us finish. Sorry but we would give you stars if you fixed a ton of bugs.

We love this game so much its so much fun to play its so satisfying. Their are some glitches now and then but its so fun. It inspires us to clean more often.

We think its good. But we dont like the adds otherwise we like it our mom would only get good games and we really like this app. Because some people dont like cleaning but we do. So we think this is a perfect game for us. When we first was playing a game this add popped up we were about to skip it our mind was blow so l got it.

This game is simple, but generally pretty satisfying. We’ve only got two problems: the ads are a bit excessive, and some levels it completes before you get a chance to finish the job.

Alright lets get right to the chase, this game is amazing but has some issues. After a couple levels it was the same thing over and over again. There was also way to many ads and no option to get rid of them. But this game is very fun.

Its fun to play but we think manny people have this issue too. There are the same cleaning games. We think it would be better if there were different things to clean every level. We would feel like it would make it so much more fun to play and more people would play it.

ABSOLUTELY the worlds most stupid game. All you do is fake clean things with no reward. Whoever finds this stuff fun go ahead and clean our kitchen, itll be a blast.