Demon Arisen:Immortal

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Demon Arisen:Immortal

Demon Arisen:Immortal

Demon Arisen:Immortal is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Wisage Technology Limited, Demon Arisen:Immortal is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th January 2023 with the latest update 27th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Demon Arisen:Immortal ?

443 people have rated 1.0.1

What is the price of the Demon Arisen:Immortal ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Demon Arisen:Immortal released ?

Demon Arisen:Immortal was released on 8th January 2023.

When was the Demon Arisen:Immortal updated ?

The latest updated date of Demon Arisen:Immortal on 27th April 2023.

Where can Demon Arisen:Immortal be downloaded ?

You can download the game Demon Arisen:Immortal from Apple Official App Store.



The Dark arrived. The Demon resurrected.
Fight with your team to repel the evils outside the highwall before the devastating demon arrives.

-Multiple Characters
Join the demons or become a mortal?
Various character choices are completely up to you!

-100+Powerful Weapons
Build the exclusive dominating Arsenal!
Legit rifles, Thunder Power and all other arms are waiting to be unlocked!

-Tons of Stylish Outfits
Over a hundred exquisite appearance designs for you to pair them up! Customize the unique outfits!
Tame the magic pets and begin the journey in the magicland!

-Various Exciting Events&Unlimited Transfer
Class transfer is available at any time! Witness the excellent graphic and craving battle!
Cross-Server Contest, Unlimited Trading System, Boss Slaying and Resources Collection! Be the strongest one!

-Meet your friends and group up to fight
Dominate the server! Meet the romantic relationship!
Sweet encounters are waiting for you in this fantastic place!

Tens of thousand players have joined this legendary battlefield for the ultimate glory!
Manifest your power and conquer the territory!

Updated on 27th April 2023

Fix some bugs

Demon Arisen:Immortal Review

Take this with a grain of salt.

Good game so far but the artehhcould be seen as HIGHLY inspired from other works. The loading screen has an insane resemblance to Devil May Crys Dante. We would suggest coming up with more original ideas before copyrights come into play (unless those have already been obtained). Otherwise give it a shot, decent time sink.

Just one thing. Its really like really fast pace if a game and it was kinda hard to get into it if our character already goes through bosses like nothing. Another thing is all the pop ups on the screen there just to many. ThTs really all our complaints hope to see this game get big one day.

We mean we just started and the game is new. The graphics are nice. Its spoty in some areas but Im sure as time goes, and updates come things will get better. We will update our opinion as well.

We dont know about the game. Im still downloading it but from previous reviews, it shows that youre not holding up to your gift codes that you advertise just know this Im a money spender, and if you dont own up to what you advertise WITCH: 100,000 diamonds FREE777: full set +15 red gear MMO777: max tier wings, unfortunately Ill be out before we start. Thank you and have a nice day.

Where to start first. The overall design of this game is very promising; we really like the vivid graphics and the combat. The monsters arent too shabby and are fun to fight, the progression is moderate, and there are hints of character customization so our character doesnt appear like a majority of the other players do. That being said, this mmo is loaded with problems that could really use addressing. First and foremost, the signature female characters hair, pistols, and poses mimic Bayonetta; change the hair to maybe flow differently or something and rework the guns to have like Chrome finish so you dont risk being flagged by Nintendo or Bayonettas original creator; the body of the character itself looks just fine and so does the outfit. Second, when we zoom really close on our character, we can see her cranium highlighted in blue which needs to be removed because it just looks odd. Third and final, we get auto battle and auto storyline, but auto questing needs an optional toggle so we can at least control our character when we want to at times. Other than that, the unwanted game crashes are probably device-related and not worth mentioning, but so far this is halfway decent. Looking forward to whats to come.

BUT we see bayonetta and nero in this and not gonna lie im kinda pressed about that.

The game plays itself unfortunately and you don’t even get used to casting skills in beginning, auto from your first steps mostly. Was hoping it was more like genshin or something.

They are literally copying bayonetta and using her as their cover art have fun with that lawsuit.

Downloaded because of codes. Gift codes are trap. Uninstalled after 10 mins. What a joke. Says free diamonds, max wings but neither has. Good luck playing if youre gonna download.

The game play is weak and the gift codes are trash. They dont give you anywhere close to what they say they do. Its not even worth downloading.

Advertisement lies ther is no red gear you only get 200 diamonds using the gift code why advertise lies????

They literally copied Bayonetta.

Got randomly banned after spending money on the game, was given no reason as to why. We had never cheated or been rude on the app. :/

Gave out promo codes through ads, promos included vip levels and gear sets. When code is put in gives like 200 diamonds and rare food.

There is a know hacker/ exploiter with hundreds if not thousands of reports of NA-Ultra-56 server by the name of RastgeleBiri part of the reapers guild and despite this player not only having hundred if not thousands of reports and evidence of their hacking/ exploitation being submitted to the devs the devs refuse to do anything about him. This giy only has 200k battle power but one shots people with over 8 million battle power in the pvp areas.

Please do not spend any money on this game. The company admits of advertising problem but still will not give the rewards as advertised. We saved the screenshot.

This was a rather fun game until you go to get married. Apparently you cant marry the same sex in this game. You can in basically any another game thats just like this one. Lots of copy cats out there.

Cad o idioma brasileiro? Investi no jogo e no tem portugus. Por favor, so alguns MBS a mais.

Diablo has been worked on for 4 years its full name is Diablo immortal so this game Im running a review about has trash graphics copies part of the name of another game and copies the art style of another game its just copying a game that has been in success for 25 years this game is just trying to get popular off another game.

Rips off bayonetta and looks like it rips off a character off devil may cry. Come up with your own characters.

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