Detective Masters

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 05:25 pm

Detective Masters

Detective Masters

Detective Masters is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CRAZY LABS BY TABTALE , G.P., Detective Masters is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 11th December 2020 with the latest update 27th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Role Playing, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Detective Masters ?

33,103 people have rated 5.0.6

What is the price of the Detective Masters ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Detective Masters released ?

Detective Masters was released on 11th December 2020.

When was the Detective Masters updated ?

The latest updated date of Detective Masters on 27th January 2023.

Where can Detective Masters be downloaded ?

You can download the game Detective Masters from Apple Official App Store.



Interrogate suspects to find out if they are guilty! Can you punish all criminals?

Too many criminals, too little time. You’re on the hunt to pull the bad guys off the streets. Who robbed the bank? Who broke out of prison? Who caused this death? Find the hidden object or the clue to get crime out of your city. Incoming!

Evil characters from famous tv shows, and more are up to no good and it’s your job to get even those bad guys out of your city. You gotta hustle! There are daily crimes to solve and cases to crack on these streets!

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Updated on 27th January 2023

Bug fixes for undisturbed hours of fun

Detective Masters Review

It is amazing game you can interview people who camited crimes you have to choose the right choice to get the person to talk.

We love this game! It very addictive, would really recommend . Almost better then Roblox and fornite Almost Its also kid friendly! There are some adds tho But now and days Adds are everywhere At least there are not adds every second To be honest we love it.

This game is fun but the levels restart at level 140 all the way to the first and yes just for that Ill remove 2 stars.

Super fun but wayy too many ads.

Their is just TOO MUCH ADS every single time we try to play the game its just too much ads.

Lets just say im a one thats against racism nd we find it highly disrespectful that their first arrest was a black man let us just say this more white men rob banks than blacks the first men to rob a bank were two white men named James Honeyman and William J. Murray so if anyone is going to rob a bank it going to be a white man not blackwould give it zero stars if they would allow that.

We just start the game and it immediately blows an ad in our face! We tried to be patient but after that we finished one level and another ad! Im sorry but we hate ads and Im ok with a few here and there but that was ridiculous! – Sincirely Ex-installer.

You legit get bored after like the first 5 levels, not to mention how they were lazy because after you finish ALL of the levels they make you replay all of them over again.. And its all the same. We downloaded this game since we were looking for detective games and it looked pretty good based on images and some reviews, but then the ads are super inappropriate so thats also one of the reasons we removed it from our phone.. It needs more development too and needs to be made better.

Implicating a former president as a murderer. So edgy, so brave.

This game is awesome. We just started playing it and Im already addicted. We could play this game all day! Good work guys!

This game is very fun but we completed all the missions in only 1 week, we were hoping that you could add more levels to the game!

We played this fan on our iPhone it one remarkable video game ever that we played we recommend to everyone download it its has knowledge teaching how be socal and also find out the truth in game from the people in game.

This game is really fun you can do anything mostly its really fun well not that fun but its cool.

First: When we bought this we thought it would be fun so we start playing then it says that we can get a date we press the button and it says the ad is not available we confused so we closed it then open it again somehow it still doesnt work we got confused so we tried it over and over again and still didnt work second: we kinda start to thought the first levels are good then we got a little bored but its still good yall get a E for effort.

Ok so there was this level where we interviewed the suspects and the person said that they were forced to take a pic of Kim Kardashian naked. We dont think thats right because Kim k has already been raped and when kids play this game they are gonna think it is ok so please change that but overall it is a great game XOXO.

The grey book isnt on level 40 so we are unable to continue.

Its a very interesting game but every time we click the green arrow button it gives us ads. But its also free so we cant complain. We like the visuals though.

It keeps glitching on us and wont even let us open the game lately. Please fix the bugs!

We were playing every single second we always get addsPlease fix this.

None of the video ads will load, and we are on a screen pick the suspect. They forgot to upload the hair and face, so we guess we can go no further.

We love this game its amazing we feel so alive playing it.

Why is that after you did all the levels it just restarts levels you already DiD!!!!!!!! Like what anyway its an okay game. All Im saying is that it needs more.

Its A Great game The Graphics are Cool and You can Investigate and Stuff.

Though we realize the ads help keep the game free, they are still quite annoying. Plus the characters names and traits are lackluster. We can understand just making up stuff for the fun of it but a dig at the former President of the United States. Really dumb. Like-tell us you lack civility without telling us you lack civility. Its this game with that one level. It was a good way to waste 2 hours of our life waiting around for ads to finish. Thanks for the time killer we suppose.

Not a complaint, just statement. We enjoy FREE games because theyre FREE! However; we could see that we’ve ALREADY had it in the past. Now we know why: developers, ALL developers of FREE games, audience, whom ever reading,take heed. You have to add ads to make $, we get it. But you allow someone like us to comment; your WORST downfall! Now they can read MY REVIEW; warning them AWAY from the game. We NEVER spend on ANY games; you guys are good with the.. Buy this, game will be ad free. We’ve studied reviews; sometimes it actually does away with them. But after a few updates yall have done that bring them right back or adds glitches. Everybody listen up: MONEY does make the world go round and keep things moving. Understand that first and foremost, EVERYONE! But know that theres repetitive ads after everything, its how theyre allowed to make it free to us. Im writing this review because we’ve had it with ALL FREE GAMES! Its false advertisement: that should be in the clip/advertisement; free to you, but well bombard you with ads so WE CAN MAKE MONEY! No developer response required or desired. Out P.S.- side note , there are ad free games out there. And some that you watch WHEN you WANT. EIGHT BALL for example.

If you enjoy being forced into watching ad videos 95% of the time you’re playing, this is the game for you. Fun concept but all ads.

Ads. Its all ads. The game portion is stupid. You press random buttons and none of it matters. This app is just a way to get you to watch ads.

This game literally holds your hand and literally spoon feeds you. We found no enjoyment in the game at all, full of ads to the point were we couldnt play a full minute without an ad. We felt dumber just playing this game. We get it the game wants to appease to everyone of all ages but cmon we dont need a tutorial on how to do a puzzle on a hat. The game literally gives you all of the evidence but grayed out. Wow big achievement we found all of them without any help at all beside the game literally giving it to us. All in all worse game we’ve ever played.

We want infinite ads so we could do more things in it do it now please its a fun game.

We love this game a lot! We had accidentally downloaded while trying to update a game, and was interested so gave it a try. Let us say this is one of the best games we’ve ever played! Ads arent loaded on top of the game, graphics 10/10 the interactions are always so different and that makes it intriguing! We especially love the one where the wife that stole her husbands body and was previously a witness, had become to suspect, very creative and can be contributed to what usually happens in real life cases. Though it did get repetitive when it ran out, Im sure that new levels will come out soon considering all of these 5-star reviews! This was excellent when on vacation, so we totally recommend this along with chat master! We love how you have private interactions with your significant other and seem like a total different person, and how you included many surprise characters like the joker or Ned! Thanks crazy labs for this game and we hope you come with new levels soon! Its sooo addicting!

You know its a good game when you need to bust out google translate.

Its a great game just the adds we dont like.


Please we dont think that this game is bad but we will give it a one star review if not 12 and older ok.

It is a very good game but there way to many adds.

We like this game, but it wont let us do any of the dates :/

We kept on repeating the levels over and over again and then it started to get boring so and then we stop playing it for a while and then the levels are still the same so its still kind of boring but we think if they would update it it would be way more fun with a bunch of new levels and it would be cool.

This game is very easy we like hard games but we need harder games than this ;).

Lots of ads and it can be a little glitchy but other than that not bad.

Honestly, loved this game back in time but we just now realized kinda how inappropriate it got its really sexual but its the girls who flirt with the police officer, its just so disgusting and inappropriate it bothers us so much. This really bothers us about how kids play this game and how sexual this is like can you make it less sexual this is supposed to be a kid game but no this talks about murderer and killing people and also sexual interactions now dont get us wrong they have choices where you can decline but it costs so many diamonds and the only free response is yes if u want ur kid to download a sexual game with blood and murder with it? Im not gonna judge your parenting but we would definitely not recommend this for young children at all.

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