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DEVICE 6 is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Simogo AB, DEVICE 6 is a Books game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 17th October 2013 with the latest update 26th October 2020

Whether you are a fan of Books, Adventure, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


816 people have rated 1.5

You can download the game DEVICE 6 from APP STORE.


** Winner of Apple Design Award 2014 **

A surreal thriller in which the written word is your map, as well as your narrator.

DEVICE 6 plays with the conventions of games and literature, entwines story with geography and blends puzzle and novella, to draw players into an intriguing mystery of technology and neuroscience.

Anna wakes up in a castle on a remote island, with little recollection of how she got there. All she remembers is an unusually unpleasant doll.

Why are there two identical castles on the island? Who is the mysterious man in the bowler hat? And above all, what is the purpose of the tests Anna is put through?

Read, listen and peek into three-dimensional photographs to solve the bizarre mysteries of DEVICE 6.

"DEVICE 6 is designed to linger in the mind long after the last code has been cracked and the last sentence read. Spy stories – even traditional ones – often haunt their readers’ dreams once they’ve been completed. It’s only appropriate, really. Is that a final full-stop or a microdot? Is this the end of the affair or an invitation to go deeper?"
Eurogamer – 9/10

"In using its text both as narrative and as geography – and through its impressively restrained use of illustration and sound – it generates an almost unrivalled sense of place. It isn’t embarrassed to allow Device 6 to be a game when it needs to be, and yet it knows precisely when to let the story take over. The result is a sharp, striking mystery that is at once provocative, extraordinarily stylish and altogether essential"
EDGE – 9/10

"In turning a text adventure into a world map, Simogo has resurrected a long-dead genre with style and confidence. Great presentation and brilliant puzzles complete a stellar package"
Pocketgamer – 9/10

"Ever exceeding expectations, the developer has followed up one of 2013′s highlights with another title that can be classed as such. With a compelling story that keeps you guessing, and a pin-point utilisation of the platform, Device 6 is an accomplishment in games design, mobile or otherwise"
God is a Geek – 9/10

"DEVICE 6 not only explores the boundaries of narrative storytelling, it also demonstrates the creative potential of touchscreen gaming"
Appspy – 5/5

"Simogo’s doing something few others are doing, and it’s wonderful that someone is both providing great experiences and testing the limits of interactive media"
148apps – 5/5

"An ingenious slice of puzzling adventure that’s as imaginative as it is stylish"
Modojo – 4.5/5

Updated on 26th October 2020

  • Bugfixes and aspect ratios

DEVICE 6 Reviews

Yes, it is text based and subtleand also thoroughly compelling. We have a suspicion of clever games, but this one is really very smart! And funny, one of the highest forms of smarts. The layout references mid-century graphic art: the clean, no nonsense style of spy comics and cool record covers. The music, and audio in general, holds clues as well as being very good. This is perhaps the first and only grown-up game we’ve ever played. It makes you think and its deeply satisfying when you get the puzzles figured out. What a gas! As the hep-cats used to say. Please Send More~

We’ve always loved puzzles even as a kid! We love the challenges and how it gets us to think outside of the box. With that said, this is by far one of our favorite puzzle games! This is different from most if not all other puzzle games because it submerges you into a story. As you read you (and its best to play with headphones) you can hear the background noises as if you are there and youre trying to escape! We’ve played this game more than once and we’ve been waiting for this team to come out with another game similar! Wishful thinking, but we have high hopes.

Unique, beautifully executed concept. Reminds us a bit of analog horror (though this is more like analog mystery).

We just finished the game, and had to come give a review. This is the most unique game we have played in years, maybe ever. The gameplay and interface are unique, the storyline is fabulous, and we had a blast playing. The ending is brilliant and made us want to immediately replay the entire game with this new insightso much we ignored the first time became chillingly clear the second time around!! Do not hesitate, get this game now and prepare for a wild ride!!

We’ve played this a few times, and love the variation of puzzles. Our only question is where is the HAT follow up?

We normally dont write reviews but we felt compelled to write one for this game because it was a truly amazing experience. The stylization of the text was incredibly unique, and the puzzles themselves had a great difficulty that was never too easy or too hard. The narrative itself was fascinating to follow as well and it kept us hooked from start to finish. If youre not sure whether you should get this game, we can ASSURE you that its worth it. You wont find an experience like this anywhere else.

Its a really well put together game we just cant get past the first level. At this point Im going to have to look up the answers.

This game is a complete waste of time and money. Its clunky, stupid and non-intuitive. Whoever these geniuses are who think this is awesome, must be the development staff family , friends and investors .

We’ve played a lot of puzzle games, and we can without a doubt say that this is our favorite. Its unconventional, non-linear, and unlike anything youve played before or will play again. The puzzles are challenging enough to keep you engaged and give you that burst of excitement when you figure it out, but not frustrating. The atmosphere is unsettling and visceral, despite being communicated only through sound, text, and small images. Its impossible to describe how playing the game feels until youve done it, so we wont even try. Just buy it. You wont regret it.

We were randomly scrolling through the App Store the other day and came across this game. We were hesitant about the cost but it is absolutely fantastic. If you like escape room-type puzzles and intuitive game design, you will enjoy this game. Im sad that more people dont know about this game, but we are absolutely going to recommend it to everyone we know. We literally made our friend play it and she loved it and thanked us.

Just difficult enough to provide a challenge without completely frustrating you. Fantastic design and writing.

First of all we are trying to describe an app that is beyond words. This is an outstanding game/book/what-the-heck-am-I-supposed-to-do? But that is the magical part of it all. Most of the IOS games show you what to do and how to do it and Blah Blah Blah… Its like they think we are stupid or something (cough cough). Anyway, from the begining you don’t know what is going on, then the pieces start to fit together and youre like, "Yes, we get it!!" You will go through an amazing story and equaling amzaing "Puzzles". But the ending… Oh, the ending is Simply Brilliant. This game will change the way you look at life, love, and the way your younger sister eats her cereal. Yes, this game has little to no replay value but you don’t need it; it will completely satisfy you. All this to say… The game is worth it, buy it, injoy it, and never let you youger sister eat cereal again.

This game/story/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is delightful. Puzzles are perfectly executed to be challenging enough to make the player feel smart, while adding to the story and mystery. Really really a wonderful experience.

This is one of our all time favorites, and we really dont understand why it got so many negative reviews. Its story is compelling, its visuals are spectacular, and its puzzles are difficult and well designed. Overall 10/10.

We played this with our fianc trying to do a chapter or two a night. We liked the way it made us think and how it didnt interface like other games. Superb FUN!

Finally played the game in 2019. The story is great but typography in the game is truly amazing.

We wish we could forget this game, buy it and play it all over again. Fit and finish is impeccableso hip and cool… Sound and gameplay are outstanding… Quit reading reviews and get this game!!!

If you like books, thrillers, and puzzles with an old-timey feel, this game is everything you could ask for. We still havent found a game we like as much as this one & Im not sure we will! Would love for this company to come out with a sequel!

This game is amazing and you should get it. Review done. Need more? We LOVE these kinds of games and play as many as we can. This game entranced us like no other game has been able to do. The storytelling is great and gameplay is the most unique we’ve ever played. The puzzles were the perfect level of difficulty. Enough gushing. Just play it.

Engaging, beautifully designed, very challenging puzzle and logic game. Fascinating plot, if not a bit twisted. You should definitely buy this game!

This is 10/10 best mobile vn/adv we’ve ever played. Blown away. Please make more games.

We gave it 4 stars so we did quite like it despite what we are going to write. First, gorgeously done with regard to the linking of narrative and movement. Best part of the game. But we use the word game guardedly (which we suspect the authors might agree with). If you are looking for The Room level puzzles, this is not the place. Some clever mechanics but not overly challenging. Second, the audio is wonderfully done and adds a wonderful richness to the experience. Lastly, the ending is weak. We are not sure if there is more than 1 ending so we were going to go through it again. But the one we got was less than satisfying. There are plenty of common tropes that could have worked better. So in summary, a as game it is so-so, as an experience it is excellent.

Based on the reviews we purchased the game, the graphics are interesting but despite the warning that sound is critical to the game play, we cannot get any sound on our iPad Pro. The sound on our iPad works on all other games and apps. Would like to try this but cant.

This must be, hands down, the most boring and tedious puzzle game we have ever experienced.

We would like a refund. (iPhone 8)

Seemingly clever but ultimately annoying format intended to encourage one to read a mystery story by physically rotating your iPad screen with few touchable semi-interactive graphics interspersed between the text. The prolonged and non-skippable credits at the start was pretentious and detracted from the initial experience. Overall, this was not a delightful game.

This game is so tantalizing and genius, itd be crazy to give it a rating lower than 5! We love it!

We’ve been a hard core computer user for over fifty years. We can count the computer games we’ve enjoyed playing on the fingers of one hand. Adventure, Portal, Myst, Monument Valley. And now Device 6. Seriously, is that different, that clever and that entertaining.

Simogo make some incredible games; games that are artistic and creative and extremely well-polished that give you a unique experience unlike many thousands of other games. Of all of their games (and we’ve played all that are available on the App Store), this is our favorite. Its a clever, multi-sensory puzzler that ropes you in, entertains you, and keeps you (and leaves you) thinking. If youre tired of games that just require you to tap-tap-tap and you love a good noir/detective novel, try this game.

Immersing and engaging. Great concept.

This is the only puzzle game we’ve played on iPad that is worth the price. It’s both a legitimate challenge, where you have to really pay attention to the subtle clues, and a fun story to try to walk your way through. It is truly the most inventive puzzle game we’ve come across, including Monument Valley. We really wish it was ten times longer though. SEQUEL PLEASE!

The devs have updated both this and Year Walk with iPhone X support, and boy am we glad. Both titles are outstanding games made even better on the iPhone Xs larger screen. Incredibly immersive on any decide, Device 6 is a game that deserves your time and attention (and money). Buy it now, go in blind, and enjoy the ride – youre in for a great experience. Special thanks to Simogo for the quick update supporting new hardware and going the extra mile with the fix; no ugly black bars or poor cropping make this a must-have game on your shiny new iPhone X. Dont miss out on one of the best mobile games out there! Our previous review is below for posteritys sake. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dont buy this game (yet). Let us explain. We always loved Device 6 on our old iPhone, so imagine our disappointment when we unwrap our iPhone X, download Device 6, launch the game, and… Nothing happens. Stuck on the launch screen with then games logo and no ability to interact or move forward. We want to love this game, and we hate giving a one-star review, but unfortunately for now thats our only real option – Im left with an expensive icon, and thats it. The same thing happened to us with Year Walk. Devs, please update this game. We hear nothing but good things about it, but as of now we cant say we agree. We look forward to updating this review with a new (working) version of the game.

The only problem is we wish this game were longer! The graphics are absolutely stunning and it is just challenging enough to be addictive. Really beautiful game.

Device 6 tells one of the most interesting stories we’ve read, making full use of the form of electronic literature and telling a story that would be impossible to tell in any other medium. Without reservations, we highly recommend everyone should read/play this.

This is the best game ever made. Not lying. The story is well written, and the game is really challenging but very very fun and addicting. (Not that Im saying we want it to, but) This game should be more money for its quality. Why are you still reading this we think you should buy it . Its only like three bucks, so why not. You will get addicted, and it will be the best three bucks youve ever spent.

Just absolutely amazing. Graphics, gameplay, story. Also scared us half to death because Im a wimp.

This game is a game like no other. Through twisting puzzles, a unique storytelling method, and an amazingly catchy song playing on loop, you will like this game.

We want so much more of this type of game. The graphics, the storyline, and some well placed humor! It was wonderful. We kind of felt like we were being watched the whole time which made the game even more interactive. The puzzles really made you think outside of the norm but were so satisfying when you figured them out. Dont cheat. Learn.

HoL redefined the printed novel. This game does the same for the handheld game. Both this game and that book create a unique experience using text. The graphics are perfectly done The medium of a smartphone is perfectly exploited. The feel of the game is that of the Mid-Century aesthetic of JAZZPUNK crossed with the British reserve of the old TV show "The Avengers" (John Steed and Mrs. Peel). In closing we will say that this is the best game we might ever play on our phone.

We first downloaded and played this game 3 years ago. Being stuck in bed after a surgery we downloaded lots of games and plenty of them were entertaining. This app, however, is not only mesmerizing and inventive, but has remained one of our favorite games of all time. We can not recommend this game enough!

This game is so original we dont know what to do now. Everything else feels stale. We were so engaged it felt like the game wasnt long enough, but all good things must end. Im strongly hoping they are working on a sequel.

Absolutely mind-blowing. Never seen a game like this before. Played 6 hours straight.

Device 6 freezes on launch screen (red device6 logo screen) on our iPad Pro 9.7 inch . Devs please Fix (both year walk and device 6 freezing on launch on our iPad Pro even after latest recent patch on wed. Nov. 22nd 2017) edit: fixed after following devs advice to disable display zoom mode, both year walk and device6 now are working. Thanks devs.

This is the best game ever. Get it.

Interesting idea, well implemented. Bravo Simogo!

We play a lot of mystery games. This by far is our favorite! Its so out there!!

This is a Wes Anderson rip-off.

The game has a great story and is very worth playing till the end. We would give it 5 if they had continued the story and not leave some plot holes. It looks amazing and doesnt disappoint with great puzzles and a mind boggling story. The reason it is also sad is (SPOILER WARNING) you get to know the character and to kind have a sense of her unsettling circumstance. It was sad when she thought she was leaving and them got shot at the end. But over all a very nice story, good job. 4/5.

We liked this game. But its pretty short. Very clever and unique. But not worth the money. Not a great ROI.

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