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Last updated on June 7th, 2023 at 04:10 pm

Dice by PCalc


Dice by PCalc is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by TLA Systems Ltd., Dice by PCalc is a Utilities game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st July 2019 with the latest update 5th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Utilities, Board, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


219 people have rated 2.6.8

You can download the game Dice by PCalc from APP STORE.


Dice by PCalc, is a physics-based simulation of polyhedral dice for use in tabletop role-playing games with dungeons and/or dragons.

Featuring near-photorealistic 3D graphics, it comes with a variety of gorgeous dice sets. Throw multiple dice with advantage or disadvantage, and any given modifier, and the app will automatically calculate the correct total.

You can save named presets to quickly roll the attack of your favorite sword, or figure out exactly how much damage your bard took from those seventeen giant rats. Flick dice to fire them across the screen when the numbers don’t go your way.

Create custom dice with any text or emoji on the faces, or import your own images, and easily share your dice with friends.

Supports split screen and slide-over on the iPad, so you can put it alongside your other RPG apps, and speech synthesis that can read out the list of dice and the results. Also comes with a companion Apple Watch app, so you’ll never be without a D20 again. Even supports AR!

The ideal app for every member of your party!

Updated on 5th April 2023

Added a new bonus dice theme, “Vigilante”.
Added the ability to edit dice fonts and add your own.
Added two new dice fonts, “Borealis” and “Brakebills”.
The previously locked bonus dice theme “Battle Damage” is now available for everybody.
Option-double click any dice to remove all dice of that type.
Improved the dice image editor.
Improved performance.
Fixed a problem speaking Fate dice results.
Fixed a problem with lighting on the dice theme previews.

Dice by PCalc Reviews

Dice by PCalc is literally the best designed, most versatile and one of the most truly magnificent Dice apps available. Its perfect on iOS and iPadOS, but also recently discovered the joys of massive D20s, etc. On screen via Apple TV!!! What?? When we wanted to make a custom die with the 24 Runic symbols of the Elder Futhark, James (Dev) explained how to accomplish that; it worked perfectly. Dice by PCalc keeps getting better with consistent updates and improvements throughout the year. Highly recommend.

This is just a really nice app all around. You roll dice. Its like real dicenice expensive diceactually rolling. They behave realistically and are confidence-inspiringly for-real random: as far as we can tell, the numbers that come up do so because of actual, gut-satisfying, physics-based tumbling, not a random number generation algorithm you never fully buy into. They look beautiful and are very modifiable. Only thing resembling a complaint we have is that this app is a battery hog and our iPad heats up when we use it. We do not care and wouldnt have it any other way: beautiful, physics-based dice-rolling. If cool-running battery-sipping is top priority, find a non-physics-based app that isnt beautiful and knock yourself out. Theyre available and the good ones work fine, you just wont like them as much. We have suggestions/ideas, but theyre pluses and highly specific additions, not missing features worth dinging a superbly done app a half-star for. Our main suggestion is more dice please! Im becoming a little bit of a DCC/MCC geek lately, so itd be amazing to have 3, 5, 7, 14, 16, 24, 30-sided zocchi dice in the app. Our expectations are managed here: Im aware these shapes arent normal, simple platonics whose creation maybe isnt a trivial matter, and developers have to consider ROI. Just an idea.

Ridiculous graphics, physics, performance, customization, and price. Last dice app youll ever need. A++

Great execution on existing features, and seems particularly patterned to meet the needs of D&D players. For our part Iwish it had a little more power in the UI for common rolling patternsfor Warhammer 40k and other Games Workshop games. This would be a lifesaver for 40k, as ork players can easily end up rolling 50+ dice for a roll. For example, a common pattern might be 30D6(drop <5), reroll(drop<4), reroll(drop <6). Currently there isnt any way to reroll the existing dice on the table with drop settings. It would be great to see this added to the side similar to ADV/DIS (which we dont need). Another common pattern might be rerolling all of the 1s in the tray.

Our son and we started playing a little D&D type battle just because of how simply cool this app is. If you care about appearance and realistic physics, and prefer apps that are well-built, get this one.

We just bought this because we were excited about rolling dice on our wrist. Sadly the app barely works on the Apple Watch (running on a series 7, running latest watch os 8.3). It rolls fine once or twice and then glitches and stutters so bad you cant use it. Id love to give this another try once they fix the glitches.

Honestly one of the most technically and aesthetically impressive apps on our phone.

So much fun. Love the haptics! The joy of this app makes us feel like Im on an original iPhone again.

We’re sure cool things are coming. It’s a great app.

When its too dangerous or impractical to flip a real coin, use this. Also great for playing craps, farkle, or farfadfausen to take ones mind off things, even in zero g. If everythings blinking red and theres nothing you can do, then remember to open this app up. If nothing else, as a poetic gesture. And, at least the following moments will be somewhat playfully entertaining. If relevant, be sure to also get the macOS version of this app now, just in case.

This app is great but needs a shared dice roll mechanic so if you and others connect you can see others rolls.

This is amazing. We loved the original Dicenomicon (Pre +1 Edition) because of every little detail that can be tweaked. This is well on its way to being the best. It already surpasses 99% of other dice rollers.

We have no use for this app whatsoever. Dont know the difference between a dragons arse and dungeons vestibule. However its been some time since we paid for Pcalc on iOS or macOS so we bought it and tipped right away. Ill be looking for a reason to use this thing because it looks very cool. Hope we dont end up loosing the mortgage payment on an ill conceived craps adventure.

We love this app you can lots of dice at the same time and if you zoom out you see a banana and if you press on it lots of bananas its cool and the graphics are awesome.

Great dice app. So fun to just keep clicking reroll.

By default, the dice program counts a 0 on a d10 as a zero, versus a 10. That doesnt do much good when trying to calculate a 5d10 monsters hit dice. Yes we created a custom 1-10 d10, but then we have both your default 0-9 d10, and our custom 1-10 d10 loaded up. Thats odd. Im just not seeing any need for the 0-9 d10 when you already have a nice set of percentage dice loaded by default as well. Having a 1-10 d10, and the dual percentage dice loaded by default makes much more sense as a default than including the 0-9 die. Or maybe you could add a switch in options that reads the d10 as 1-10, versus 0-9 ? Otherwise- really incredible app overall – well done !

It really is way nice and all to customize your dice and have all the fun fx when rolling, but as far as usefulness goes Im mildly disappointed that basic necessities like stat rolling commands (or even the ability to set it up a drop the lowest command on your own) isnt available like it is in previous dice-roller apps we’ve owned. Its something we really expected to be included in a pay-to-use app. That said, now we have to download a secondary app just to do what we need to do.

We mean multi-sided dice with actual physics? Yes please! Pay the man so he can add more things. Also, we can final roll our 18th level rogues sneak attack plus poison in one fowl-swoop.

EDIT: we love you. Thank you. We love this app. Its a handy replacement for carrying around actual dice for those impromptu games of D&D. It has great visuals, and we can keep flicking the dice just because. We love the customization too. The only problem is, and here is our one stupid complaint, that there isnt enough variety of colors (especially green). As a weirdo who collects mostly green dice, we were hoping for more in that color pallet. Same goes for purple too. Theres 4 different blues and 3 different reds, but the rest get stuck with only one. There are dice that have two tones of color but you can only choose one color for them and it looks off. Please consider updating that part of the app (and maybe for your calculator app too, lime green is not the greatest pick). Thank you for your efforts.

In our opinion, this developer is easily amongst the best app developers out there. We know that its just a dice app and its just a calculator app, but clearly he doesnt do anything half assed. We absolutely love the attention to detail. We want to see and use more apps from this guy.

We’ve put our physical dice away after getting this app. We think the quality of the graphics, haptics, and physics really sets this apart from the other free options on the App Store that we had tried. We never really liked the two-dimensional or text-based dice simulators because we think part of the excitement in landing a roll comes from watching the die spin and turn, sometimes just barely missing the number you wanted or feared. With physics-based dice, you still get that! This apps option to save dice sets (allowing you to automatically roll dice combinations with the appropriate modifiers already added) for common rolls has made combat in DnD 5E faster and easier for us. The appa feature set also makes it convenient to roll with advantage or disadvantage, which we’ve really come to appreciate. All in all, we’ve got what we feel is as close a representation of physical dice as one can get. As far as Im concerned, they difference is that these are as fair as random (or pseudo-random) can get, and for only $2!! Thats a lot better than you can see about the vast majority of mass-produced dice, which typically favor certain numbers over others because of the quality of production.

This app is so much fun to play with, even outside the settings you might roll dice in, to be worth your time and money. The themes are great, the dice physics spot-on, and the options are numerous enough to occupy you for a long while. Highly recommended!

Its perfect. We give it five stars and forty-two bananas. With advantage.

We miss the formulas of Dicenomicon (if, then, else) but this is awesome. Great graphics, lots of options. Def better than most other simple dice rollers found here in the App Store. And cheaper than a gallon of gas.

The real time physics dont always roll the dice realistically but Im guessing that the random number generator is much better. The big down fall though is that the tray doesnt come in forest, dungeon, cave, pub and other settings. This has unsettled us very much as we would expect those in a dice program for dragons and dungeons. We also quite expected to see goblin hands or dragon claws grabbing onto the dice and rolling them when we flicked our fingers or clicked on the re-roll button which totally ruins the realism of this dragons and dungeons dice game. Im hoping people can tell but Im having fun in our review. The physics of the rolling dice doesnt seem all that realistic but it does have everything else and is done very well. But if they are looking for something to do (just in case they are bored or between D&D games, that dragons & dungeons to you and you and you, then that is something they could work on. God knows that we would be of no help with that. But everything else is great!

Thank you very much. We dont play DnD anymore but we love to have dice at our finger tips and on our watch!!!!!

Thanks for adding a traditional D6 design. Now its perfect. :)

When we first purchased this app, it took us 5 rolls of a D20 before our total exceeded 20. We knew right then: this was the dice rolling app for us, and our players. Mostly our players.

This is what happens when one of the premier indie developers needs a dice app.

Look, we dont really okay dice games much, but we still love having this app on our phone. Its a fun little thing to open it up and roll some dice. The dice look amazing and with this new update adding sound effects, its even better.

Gorgeous and functional by one of the oldest and best Mac developers.

We used this during a game of D&D and it made the game go so much more smoothly!

Even if you dont have a hot D&D date, this is still great as a fidget device. Physics are awesome. Haptics and bananas too! (Can you find the bananas?). Great developer support too! Very responsive!

And well worth the wait! The delight of tossing a dice around with our finger. The built in Advantage / Disadvantage dice. The thrilling tracking camera. An utter delight WITH ONE HUGE PROBLEM, THOMSON: Wheres our PURPLE dice?!

This is a much more convenient way to roll dice. They dont go off the table or land cocked.

We just spent 10 minutes flicking dice around on this app. We like the ADV/DIS and +1 features. Nice touches like haptics and the spoken results. We tried flicking one die into another to see if they affect each other; they do but not much. Shake-to-roll needed a hefty shake to activate. Neat little app that serves a purpose.

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