Dice Push

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:40 am

Dice Push


Dice Push is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Dice Push is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 19th February 2021 with the latest update 13th January 2022

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


23,634 people have rated 2.9.5

You can download the game Dice Push from APP STORE.


Play against millions of players and push them off the board!
Throw the dice to get units to push the bar over the other side.
Aim for multipliers and size increasing power-ups to take advantage of you opponent.

Updated on 13th January 2022

Bug Fixes

Dice Push Review

We love this game the thing is it always pairs us with people that have a way bigger army that has way more people so then we cant get more coins and we cant level up please fix this so we get someone who is on our level.

For the fourth time we’ve put in about a month of play time, working our way up to about 850 trophies, and about 85 strength only to log in today and get the blue screen. No matter what we do we can’t log in again unless we delete and reload to start from scratch. Any fixes for this Voodoo? Any way to unleash the dog? Let us roam past that 850-1000 trophy mark? Or are we doomed to get blue screened every few weeks like a twisted version of groundhog day?

This game is way to hard at the moment. We think it would be better to make it a little easier. Its a good game, though!

The game was great for awhile but one day the screen turned black and we couldnt see since. We tried everything we forced the app shut we restarted the iPad we even deleted the app and re-downloaded it! Does any body have a idea how to fix it?

We can the play game with out a adds coming up.

Started fun but just couldnt win anymore like there was nothing you could do plus lots of adds.

Wished we knew more about this game before we bought it. Now just wished we had a refund.

App isnt working on our phone, just freezes up every time we try to open it.

Lags terribly, launcher starts backwards, the pusher bar can knock your dice around to prevent it from ever landing, and despite there being a coin system you HAVE to watch ads to upgrade.

As we first started out its was fine, we made it to platinum 1 or 2 and then the opponents got super strength, we could understand the extra guys on the field as we maxed ours out but it seems no matter how much we upgrade strength theyre always way stronger, we even spent a good 15+ min just watching ads to get stronger but doesnt do anything especially since 8/10 times by the time we throw the dice and it lands Im already on the edge with no hope.

When game works, it’s great. Exactly as advirtised and mindless entertainment. However, right now is the second time we’ve had this problem. When you open the app it just shows a blue screen and never opens. Last time we had to delete the game after a couple months and it worked again – but you lose all your progress. Fix your bugs. The "app support" is not actually support.

After getting the max of both, the amount of characters and strength and reaching the last level possible, the game wouldnt load anymore and we had to delete it. Causing us to lose all the progress and, more importantly, deleting all the ads we had to watch so we could reach those levels. We hate this game. Watching those ads was torture. We see that other people have complained of the same thing on here. Our theory is these developers created the game to crash after reaching a certain level so you have to rewatch those ads so they get their money, because at the end of the day thats what its all about. Manipulative and greedy.

We played and it was horrible we couldnt even beat the first level it was so hard the ai was getting all the 2x and the bigger spaces we didnt get a single one on our side never download this game if you are a kid.

We beat the game (got the max amount of trophies and upgrades) and the game wouldnt open anymore.

Not fun at all bro dont get this game its not worth it.

Gave this a shot to kill some time and looked kind of clever, but locks up, screen goes black, or crashes, usually before loading up the menu screen. IPhone 13 Pro, with latest update definitely no excuse.

Dont install!! Just a waste of time. Unless you dont care about getting kicked out of app every time you get in a match.

How have you not fixed the freezing loading screen yet? Its been months and months.

After we watched all the adds to upgrade all our characters to the Max. The game then freezes and forever goes to a blue screen and no matter how many times we open the app it does not let us play. We redownloaded the app and did the same thing and the same thing happened a second time. There will not be a third. Thumbs down.

We had 180 trophies and then started losing every game before our dice even landed. Eventually ended up back at zero and kept losing to other teams that were also at zero even though we had maxed out on troops and strength was at level 40. We do not recommend and will be deleting.

We cant even play it anymore. Every time we open it to play, it freezes for a second, and then closes the app almost as soon as a game loads. We’ve checked for updates, there are none.

So we play this on our iPad we just downloaded it and when we got on it everything was dark we did not see anything so please fix this.

Its pretty fun at first, but falls apart pretty quickly. Despite what the game tried to make you think, the enemies are all bots, its not multiplayer. Once you reach a point the game starts cheating and putting you up against odds you cant beat, forcing you to either constantly lose, or bite the bullet and watch even more adds to get free level ups.

If we could give 0 stars we would. This game is the biggest pay to play waste of space game. We paid for ad free. But you have to watch 40,000 videos to upgrade your guys. If you dont youll get beat in 0.5 seconds every match. Uninstalling. Garbage game.

This used to be our favorite game and we used to play it for hours!!!! But now for the past month, havent been able to play it wont load past the title screen and idk whats up with that.

We accidentally blew up our house.

This game is terrible and there are a bunch of ads. First of if you have tons of troops out and the other person does too they throw it and it goes on the Barrier between each other you lose so many troops. You always get ones too.

This was a fun game but now its just a blue screen. Please fix.

Biggest pay to win scam we’ve ever seen. If you upgrade just a little you will play opponents that have double your troops and you cant even compete. The games over before you can throw the dice. Fix this. We hope no one downloads this game because youre scamming for people to buy coins. Also never written a review at all we just see through voodoos gameplan.

Well, where do we begin. The game is very easy to pick up. Its easy to play, with plenty of aids to watch. The down fall is matching making. 99% of the time youre match with a player at a MUCH higher level than yourself. Even with that perfect throw, which youd expect to knock out a quarter of their players, doesnt even have enough time to knock but a few out. The games end in about 2 seconds. All in all, if the match making were just a tad more reasonable, this would make a decent game.

We didnt even get to play this stupid and annoying game.

We tested out a theory, we made our way up to one of the higher ranks and then let myself sink back down to the lower ranks- once youve watched ads and or paid to get rid of ads, they just flood you with random AIs and they make them beefier each time to make you watch more ads to get more people. Its a sad joke, honestly.

Twice we’ve played to the max level and once you get there the app just stops working. Its a good game but its frustrating to work to a point that things are equal with the opponent and then it just gives a blue screen on launch and locks up. We have the latest iPhone pro so it isnt our hardware. 12/2021 update and still not working.

We have this game on two devices. Short ad btwn levels gives game devs marketing income which will allow them to edit and update the game as time goes on. They only last a few secs. Optional 30 sec ad watch for additional coins. Overall great game. Fun and challenging gameplay. Recommend for a short time killer.

We upgraded to 30 strength after spamming the free ad upgrade a few times then tried to upgrade our player start amount to level 7 then app immediately crashed before the ads. Load the app then it brought our strength back to 18, like why so our coins we spent are worth nothing makes us not even wanna play again. Still one of the best games we’ve played because of the type of how strategic it can be. We are still sad about what happened.

The more you upgrade your units the harder the game gets to the point that its unfair.

This game was addicting at first. Played it for several hours today and got up to platinum III level fairly quickly. After that it was all downhill. Not sure what necessarily changed but we instantly started losing 7 out of 10 games pretty regularly and to challengers who had less of a rating than we did. It got to the point that if we didn’t throw our first roll perfectly at the bar to wipe out some of our opponent’s players, forget about it. We couldn’t even get a second roll off before our players were pushed off the board. Even though some of our opponents had the same number of starting players as we did, they easily pushed the bar like our strength level 18 didn’t matter. It also didn’t matter what we did to upgrade the starting number of players or increase their strength. We don’t mind a challenging game or to increase the level of difficulty, but this got ridiculous pretty fast and we lost interest in continuing.

This is a really fun game and we like it but there are just too many game play bugs that make the game no fun. – dice boxes dont open once they stop. A opponent pushing should not stop your box from opening. – your players will some times just be running Around and not pushing. – players will just fall off the sides sometimes for no reason. – you should not be able to just watch ads to power up your team make us win to earn coins to power up the team.

The game is fine but Im not a fan of all the tracking you have to agree to in order to play the game. It should be an option. Some people dont want like the idea of someone always watching everything they do. Its super creepy and we wont play this game again. Do not consent.

There is no way to win last night we were platinum and now Im broke and cant even play anymore because everyone cheats and watches videos it s stupid.

Plain and simple, way too much dumb luck involved and just not fun. Swing and a miss Voodoo.

The game stopped working for us. It only shows a full sky-blue screen and nothing else. The game has been updated but no change. Went to the web site for App Support to find there is no app support, just a site to promote their products. So, how do we get the game working again without losing our progress?

We liked it at first cause it was fun but when we went to diamond stage which is a seems pretty good our luck went down they had more people to start off as which made it more harder to win. This would give the bots (your obviously not playing with real people) an unfair advance and now when we when one game we lost there past 5.

We paid for no ads and then after an update, all we have is a blue screen. App will not open.

The game is giving us ads while we watch the ad the other player is adding more people and when its over we already lost.