Dirt Bike Unchained

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:39 am

Dirt Bike Unchained


Dirt Bike Unchained is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Red Bull Media House GmbH, Dirt Bike Unchained is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 22nd April 2020 with the latest update 25th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


23,936 people have rated 4.4.10

You can download the game Dirt Bike Unchained from APP STORE.


Get your ride and explore a moto racing paradise in Dirt Bike Unchained!

Compete against other players around the world on the beautiful trails in the desert, swamp and forest. Engage with Red Bull athletes, get real-brand bikes & gear.

The lines get blurred between mobile and console graphics for two-wheel racing games. Feel the dirt fly and enjoy epic sunsets & vast landscapes as in real life.

Complete in-game challenges, gain reputation on the tracks and make your way from Dust Eater to a proud Red Bull helmet owner.

Design your very own collection of dirt bikes. Unlock & upgrade authentic KTM and fantasy off-road motorcycles.

Team up with up to 24 other dirt bike addicts to complete missions together and receive great in-game rewards.

Choose from a wide variety of bikes. Customize your rider’s look with branded gear from world’s most renowned moto brands such as Alpinestars, Kini, 100%, Thor and Leatt.

Prove yourself worthy and learn essential moto skills and tricks from real-world Red Bull motocross and enduro superstars such as Tarah Gieger, Cooper Webb, Jorge Prado, Johnny Walker, Glenn Coldenhoff, Sam Sunderland, Manuel Lettenbichler, Laia Sanz and Cody Webb.

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Updated on 25th April 2022

New feature:
BOLT RACE quick events. Be there at the right time and you can compete against other players for the top spot on the leaderboards.

Shorter daily challenges: The daily challenges are now shorter and easier to complete.

Dirt Bike Unchained Review

We’ve completed Redbull Reputation points and got the RedBull Helmet, whats next? Still hoping for weather elements and more tracksits getting boring now..

Think about it, youre not racing live against anyone. Im not sure if youre racing bots or if youre racing the ghost of real players previous runs. Either way, it doesnt matter. Because the game knows the times of the other 3 racers already. So with that foreknowledge, how does it select the opponents times that you are going to race against? And why does it select race times that are impossible for you to beat even if you play perfect? So, the entire game is set up for you to lose or win whenever they decide you should. Its all predetermined. If it wants you to win, it will select slower race times where you cant lose even if you race horribly. And when it wants you to lose, it will select race times that you cant possibly beat. And it does this back and forth so you think its random, but its not. And it makes the game extremely boring and waste of time when you think about it. It takes all the fun out of it. Youre not doing anything but holding youre finger on the screen and wasting your time accomplishing nothing in the end.

We really think this is a good game but we wish you could rotate the screen and that it had another option besides racing.

Some suggestions though make a new way to get chains like in races maybe add a friend list so you can play your friends idk what ever is fine but please look at this and at least consider it all in all a great game keep on biking.

We loved the game when we first started, but after a while we got bored. When you finish the game and all the challenges theres almost nothing to do. If yall could make more challenges, that would be great!

This was a great game until Apples buggy 15.4 update. Now the game is totally unplayable. Any time we receive an email or a text the game stops responding to input and glitches, which causes us to lose. If we were the devs we would be pretty unhappy right now.

The game itself is really fun and the gameplay is nice. Our one complaint is that the game will only let you win when it wants to. We’ve raced the same opponent on the same track with the same bike. First race we do everything perfect and they are 0.040 seconds in front of us. Second race we do awful and they finish 1 second ahead of us. Third race we had a rough start but was still ahead of them and was hitting everything perfect 3 star and they fly past us like im standing still right before the finish line and beat us by .005 seconds. Still a fun game with all that said. A lot of challenges to complete.

Game is really fun, until you get to a certain level as others have noted in reviews. Then does not matter how maxed out your bike is or leveled up your mentors are, you are racing for last place and it just becomes a waste of time. Too bad, game has a ton of potential if it would lose the hamster wheel aspect.

We love playing this game. Especially after we broke our wrist on a off road vehicle and cant ride for a while. But they shouldnt scam you on the in app purchases. We thought we were buying the rank tokens and would be able to apply them to our specific bike but no we bought and then it went to a random bike we dont even own. There is nothing more frustrating when you finally decide to spend a few bucks or so in a game to end up not getting what you actually want. Be a bit descriptive or actually change this so that we can upgrade the bike we actually want to compete with vs buying things we think will benefit to find out it doesnt benefit us and then we waste our money with no way of refunding it otherwise its good besides a few lagging issues.

The game is controlled with one finger, most likely the thumb. The controls are simple but ultimately boring. Its pretty much holding a finger down and knowing when to lift it up and put it back down. The difficulty is also just a very specific time. For the most part youre racing against a ghost, a non interfering time marker that looks like a player. But those ghosts have a set time, and if you dont do everything perfect when youre at the standard level for that point, youll lose. That means either trying again and again, or spending in-game currency on bikes and upgrades. The cheapest bikes cost 1000. The first upgrades cost around 1000 for the first round or two. Now if you want to buy in game cash, you need to buy coins. Now, the real currency to in game currency ratio is $2 for 3000. That means for $2 you can buy a starter bike and upgrade two pieces.

How come every single time before or after a race its takes for ever to load or reload appt and have to wait for ever to race again. Is there a fix iPhone 12 Pro Max tanks hello love the game to much to delete it.

Get ready to be frustrated! Why?! See title.

This game is trash, any bike we use the ai’s are some how 2x as fast as we am, we have a fully upgraded bike and the ai’s still blow right past us.

Terrible game, frustrating throttle. Dont waist your time.

Theres enough simplistic depth to the gameplay to keep someone engaged as a simple time waster but its clearly built as a P2W cash factory. Its been mentioned in other reviews but we had to bring it up as well since we’ve rarely seen a cash grab as poorly disguised as this one. We can outrank an opponent by 50 points and an entire tier of dirt bike and play 100% perfect (literally not a single mistake) and still get easily beaten because the devs want your money so badly but they dont want to put effort into making a game Id actually want to spend money on. Im not even opposed to IAPs when theyre done intelligently but this is so blatant its not even funny. Ill continue to play for a while because its a fun enough time just doing the standard races but theyll never see a dime from us unless they heavily rework the balance so that it can at least make some level of sense.

So this game is absolutely amazing we actually bought the premium pass and we dont ever do that with ANY phone games but it seems the connection time is taking longer than usual. We thought it was our wifi so we used our mobile data and its still doing it and we’ve also tried playing it in different parts of town and it still does it. Also Im a supporter and contributor to Redbull favorite energy drink. Im not gonna stop playing but we cant play if it doesnt load so we hope it gets fixed soon. Or else our money is gonna be wasted.

We have been tiring to find a good offline game so we thought to ask the makers of one of our Favorite games to make offline so we hope you like our idea.

This is the best game we have ever had who ever made this game good job!!!

This game is so amazing and we really love just the way we beat others and how we rub it in their faces LITERALLY LIKE BEST GAME EVER.

Its a well made game, but if you dont pay real money it will become very grindy and become boring quickly. Especially when your bike isnt good enough to get first anymore so you slowly collect more money just to finally upgrade the bike, so you can be just a little closer to first place. Not great design. But the game is free and fun at first.

Like most reviews the game is fun at first but it gets repetitive and boring we also dont like how every time we get a bike and use it later every other bot or player has it we like that it gets harder but it gets to repetitive and we would like something new to the game, we deleted the game a few months ago and think on installing it again but otherwise its a good fun game just to repetitive.

Kind of fun at first. But after a while its just the same boring tracks. You dont control anything but the speed. You can lean or anything a bike would do. And you cant earn hardly anything. Takes hours and hours and hours of play to earn a few coins, you cant buy hardly anything because theres never enough coins. This game is geared for pay to play. Im not paying to play a boring game.

0 Stars – Once out of fuel must pay to play. Yes, there are ads to watch, but they can freeze and crash the game. Joining teams is unfair as you cannot compete fairly with others who pay to play. That feature ruins mobile games. One more reason consoles will always win. 5 Stars – Graphics and controls are awesome. The strategy and AI seems perfect and flow of the game is great too. Nicely done developers. Edit: After playing for a week strait the game is addicting, but clear as a bell that you must pay to win. Nearly impossible to get a maxed out bike at the top level. If we wanted to max everything out it would probable be around 1k or more. Yikes! Update App crashes if you cancel pro membership. If you lose Wi-Fi connection the app crashes too and you lose whatever progress youre on. This game is fun, but good grief its an expensive pay to play system. Yikes! Last Update Im reporting this game for bait and switch tactics along with not fulfilling purchase agreements and consumer fraud. Literally, if you purchase items in the store and happen to cancel your pro membership the app continues crashing until your membership cycle ends. This isnt a big but rather a way to prevent people from signing up randomly as opposed to continuously. Emailing support receives a standard reply and zero action. And ever since the latest update Raw Race and Challenges fail or reset app when you win and then you lose progress. They only work and dont crash the app if you subscribe to the weekly pass.

This game is trash the pictures look nothing like the real game there is no shadows or the screen resolution is not good if the creator is reading this pls fix!

Every time you upgrade your bike, The computer AI gets faster so theres not a need to upgrade anything really cause you can never get ahead. After beating heartbreakers we didnt even get a leather vest to be part of the club, just a outfit that doesnt match. Cant change the paint of the bikes unless you spend which makes it not customizable. The AI racers cheat and disappear in and out and only appear after they get in front of you. Its just weird. Theres like 5 different currencies in the game which is another strange and weird concept. After 5 games it starts laggin due to a unusual amount of heat the game puts off. Im running iPhone 13 pro max so theres no excuses it should have a heat lag. This game really just gives your thumb something to do for 5 minutes because there is no steering. Its odd and weird game and setup.

This is like the best game for people who use their fingers a lot fun it can get hard it can get easy thats the good part.

The graphics are cool. Just like a comic book, we like it. AND ZERO ADS. Zero interruptions and it is just an overall fun game to play. Love it.

New update wont let the game load in, stuck on loading screen then force closes.

We have earned everything available in this game. We did not need to spend any real money. Dont miss out on this game.

Just saw the preview and it gives MAJOR Denver museum of nature and science biker game from the health exhibit vibes. Looks cool too.

Great game but crashes often before races and subtracts fuel as if you actually raced.

How do you change the point of view for the bike for gameplay?

This is an awesome game! But, whenever we try and open the app it logs us out. Then it didnt work so we had to delete it.

On iPhone, it keeps crashing when we try to open it. Please fix the bug. Thank you.

Since the new IOS update and game update, we have not been able to open this game. Its a shame because we were really enjoying playing.

This game is great, enjoyable gameplay, little bit of fun casual story and is a blast to grind through, for the most part. It unfortunately suffers from a few, fairy large flaws. One, The fuel pips/race energy dont stack enough only allowing 7 without some kind of minuscule purchase, and they take 20 minutes to recharge, INDIVIDUALLY. This gets very annoying because you can only race 7 times and if you want to race again once you have to wait 20 minutes. If you want to race all seven times in a row again, youll have to wait little over 2 hours. The second issue, challenges. You could use a higher tier bike with 50 more power and the AI will still be faster than you no matter how fast you ride or how proficiently. However the flaws are possible to ignore despite how hard it will be to do so. So have fun and do your best to pay no mind to these flaws. Thank you for reading!

Fun game. Temple Run style game with motocross bikes. Was hoping for ride skill/race style game similar to Trials Rising, which it is not. It has a energy system so if you want to play to level or grow, welcome micro transaction. We cannot stand games with energy mechanics link to micro transactions or wait or watch ads in order to play more. Granted it is free, but we feel these types of energy system games are money grabs.

After 3 days of playing we got to the heartbreakers challenge. We made it to Zak but after multiple attempts we couldnt beat him. We kept on trying until about the 20th try we gave up. We ended up deleting the game devastated that we had to delete such a good game. Either Im just bad at the game or Zak is just to good.

The game crashes everytime you try to open it. Only works once or twice a week . Its a good game but not worth it anymore. Just delete it.

Im here to balance out the ridiculous number of five star reviews. Obviously you have to pay so that the computer bikes dont pass you up even when you perform perfectly. Pay money, do well. Its how apps work, we get it. But this is an obscene violation of game theory. All pay-to-play apps should be reviewed like this. Its all a sham.

Great when we can play it; otherwise to just wont load and immediately crashes.

After the latest update, game no longer loads. When opening game you are greeted with the Redbull Media House screen and then app closes.

Since last upgrade not able to get on app!