DK Quiz Medieval Sport!

DK Quiz Medieval Sport!

DK Quiz Medieval Sport!

These are the answer for DK Quiz Medieval Sport! Question and Answers, Cheats, for Easy , Medium, Hard on all level of the game. This game is developed by Dorling Kindersley at Dorling Kindersley Ltd.

1. What is the medieval ancestor of ten-pin bowling?


2. Which modern game does the medieval sport of stoolball most closely resemble?


3. Which of these is a stick-and-ball game of Gaelic origin played in the Middle Ages?


4. Today an Olympic sport, how far back does the hammer-throw date in Europe?

The 15th century

5. Which of these terms is associated with medieval jousting?


6. Colf is the medieval forerunner to golf.


7. Which of these was a medieval form of football?


8. In the Middle Ages, what was a joust à plaisance?

A joust for pleasure

9. In the Middle Ages, what was a joust à l’outrance?

A joust to the death

10. Where would a bowman practise archery in medieval England?

In the butts

11. In the Middle Ages only boys participated in sport and games.


12. In which century did jousting tournaments begin to die out in Europe?

The 17th

13. What was commonly used in the medieval sport of stick fighting?

A quarterstaff

14. Which medieval people indulged in falconry?


15. Whom did the first Medieval Archery Law of 1252 require to be equipped with a bow and arrows?

English men between 15 and 60

16. Which country began medieval mock battles called carrousels?


17. The modern sport of bowls was first developed in the Middle Ages.


18. How many arrows could a medieval longbow archer fire every minute?


19. How many crossbow bolts could a medieval archer fire every minute?


20. What equipment does the medieval game of horseshoes require, alongside the horseshoes?


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