DK Quiz Wrestling

DK Quiz Wrestling

DK Quiz Wrestling

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1. Wrestling is known to be at least 15,000 years old.


2. Wrestling images have been found in ancient cave paintings in…


3. European settlers found wrestling popular among…

Native Americans

4. In which year was the first organized American wrestling tournament held in New York City?


5. Which year saw the first world women’s wrestling championship?


6. In which country was it held?


7. How many recognized international wrestling disciplines are there?


8. In Greco-Roman wrestling it is forbidden to hold the opponent below the belt.


9. Which style of wrestling allows the use of legs?


10. What does MMA stand for?

Mixed Martial Arts

11. What kind of wrestling is MMA?

Combat Grappling

12. Beach Wrestling can be performed only by men.


13. Who was the first African-American world wrestling champion?

Ron Simmons

14. Which year did he win?


15. In which country is olive oil used as key wrestling ingredient?


16. “Professional Wrestling” in the US is staged entertainment with a predetermined outcome.


17. What have been banned by many wrestling coaches and trainers?

All of these

18. What is blood commonly called in wrestling circles?


19. What is Mexican professional wrestling called?

Lucha Libre

20. A Luchador’s own wrestling style is known as “Estilo de lucha”.


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