Dodge the Prank!

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:31 am

Dodge the Prank!


Dodge the Prank! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by HENN Inc., Dodge the Prank! is a Trivia game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th March 2020 with the latest update 31st August 2021

Whether you are a fan of Trivia, Family, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


7,637 people have rated 2.7

You can download the game Dodge the Prank! from APP STORE.


The boy plays a prank on girl he like.
Dodge boy’s pranks!
Boy’s prank is escalating more and more!

-How To Play-
Tap anywhere to find out items!
Drag and drop to use it!

Updated on 31st August 2021

Small bug fix.

Dodge the Prank! Review

Hi we are Olivia and we love playing it is so much fun to see him get back fired and it makes to your brain think what do we do and it is so fun to play you get hints and we wish you bowmloud this game you can do this on a friend or a family member it is so fun one more thing bownloud it to have fun :)

So we personally liked the game too so we want more levels we understand that you worked hard on making it but we love the game and we request that the boy ask the girl out and she says yes but he loses the present but uses materials to make a new one.

We want a mod of Kick the Buddy where instead of the buddy, its the boy. We hate him with a burning passion and we want to see him suffer.

The game was just garbage for us this one with the hardest level get the stuffed animal that was hard until we realize something we realize that there was a slinky lion we dont know what we were going to use for it but when we got the slinky The boy grabbed onto it and guess what happened he got smacked in the face that is why we like this game.

We love it its really easy just going to say the ads doesnt matter bc we should be used to that and the game is great we love it bc you actually get to solve things and thats our opinion what we think about this game.

This game caught our eye as a add for some reason so we download it. And its a nice little puzzle game with some pretty clever bits in it. Its has a bit of charm to it too. All tho the only bad thing about it is the fact its kind of short. We wish it was longer. But then again theres only so many original and fun ideas you can have before starting to run dry. Other then that, its good!

The game is very stimulating and we completed all 20 levels; then went on to play Beat the Robbers.

We love this app so much we highly recommend you download it you will have so much fun!!

Honestly we like this is inspiring us to write a comic about this.

Five stars! Im always busy doing something and our mind is always somewhere else during it, especially other games. This really keeps us focus and has our brain exercise! We totally recommend it to everyone who has a hard time with attention and focus, as it helps us with it.

This is such a fun game. Our only wish is that there are more levels.

We absolutely LOVE this game ! All the surprises are fun to watch and getting the boy revenge is hmm. Uhh.. Really makes you feel good, we guess . And it really gets your mind thinking . A nice way to start your day and get you really just to think more ! Although we have some small things Id like to say First of all, there are SO. MANY. ADS!!!! It makes you really frustrated ! All you press is a button like the 3 lines in the top corner (I think those are for the settings) and then NOOOO ! ADS AGAIN!?! And it really gets you angry . So Id recommend less ads. Second, a RE-START button. Like, if you accidentally pressed a thing you didnt want to, youd like to start over, right? But then OH NO ! Theres NO RE-START button!! So then, you get the whole level wrong . Last thing, if you REALLY LOVE THIS GAME (like me) youd like to keep playing right? But after the 20th level, it just says, Congratulations! You finished the game! Make sure to see our other escape games! And you get SO DISAPPOINTED . Yes, there are more escape games, but you like this game SO MUCH! So we recommend MORE LEVELS. Thanks for reading!

This game is really fun, addictive, and very entertaining. Its not like those apps where very second, you barely move a muscle an ad pops up. We also like how there is picture ads like on the screen and not video ones? We dont know how to describe it but we feel like once you install the app you’ll get it. Anyways an ads pops up only when you play every 3 levels , thats kinda good because the levels are pretty fun and kinda long. Other than that, we really recommend this app! -coming from a person who doesnt usually give reviews.

How are you supposed to do the next one when your finish 20?

We really liked this game its really funny and challenging it makes your brain think harder it wants to make you rage but all you hav sot do is think harder and look around for Stuff bye :)

Devs please respond its good but the ads are so bad. Please Are it 1 ad per 3 levels or smth.

Ads ads ads ads ads ads! Also way to little levels! You need to watch an ad every time you quit a level or start a level.. Pretty bad.

Maybe a level where she tries to swim in the pool and air pranks a lot tries to pull her in so you give her a pool float.

This game is so fun the little boy is so annoying which adds humor to the game.

You need to grab to chalk for the boy dose not get it.

This game is so fun but we know you want money but so much ads! We almost deleted it. Also please add more levels.

Super fun , uses your brain a lot not easy but tricky.

The game is really fun but we have seen more ads than levels in the game.


No hate but could you please stop playing so many ads because even if we complete the level it still shows ads every single level.

This is a good game, and it challenges our brain. We would give it 5 stars other then the fact that there is only 20 levels, they only give you adds every few levels. But other then that, nothing else is bad about this game, we absolutely loved it!

We would give this game a five star rating if it didnt have so many ads why does it have so many ads and the title screen you have an ad like theres like ads everywhere in this game whats this ad behind this corner because if theres so many ads you lose a star but we like the game thanks concept and it is fun.

We went very far and it is very hard we have not played this game in a Long time but we still like it and it has a lot of ads but we dont care:/ So give it a try! 4 stars are ok:)

ItsNot that good theres so much ads but we like it its like a puzzle.

We just got the game and Im on level 3 and the hints just don’t work!

This game is really fun, dont get us wrong. The constant ads are annoying though. Every time we finish a level there is a ad. It can get a little annoying.

Hello! We really enjoy your game butat the salon part where the girl gets her hair done, after the two 10 minutes later we see the boy looking straight and the mirror looks like the boy is looking at the girl. Its really weird. Please fix it! Ill still play. The adds dont bother us its the mirror thats weird. Have a nice day!

Totally would give five stars the reason we did not is there is not enough levels and after every single level there is a ad even if you do not finish the level you still get a ad so it makes the game frustrating and difficult. Please can you change this if you do many more people will play the game.

This is a great game but the rings we would change is how many adds there are. But this is very fun and we love the animation. We would recommend this game if you have no WiFi.

This game is very addictive, but the adds are a little too much, please add a feature where you can play offline, thank you.

There is way to many ads every level there is an ad and thats why we gave it a three star rating.

Dont get us wrong m, we like these types of games but this was just straight annoying. After every level we dont need an AD. Its adds to the frustration. Also, it can get quite difficult trying to figure out how to stop his prank but we dont want to have to watch an Ad on top of an ad just to get a little help.

Every level we play and finish a ad pops up it gets annoying for us but its a really good game.

We really love it but 11 is so hard how do you do it.

We overall like it and in our opinion its a pretty good game.

You cant even play the game to many ads like we can understand yall need to perform the ads but its way to many love the game though.

Ok so dont get us wrong, the game was absolutely awesome!! But there are only 20 levels witch we were kinda mad about because now you just have to delete the game. And its not going to be fun to get it again because we already know how to solve the levels. So please fix that. We just wanted to say to fix that we dont usually read the reviews so we didnt realize this problem. And thats all we wanted to say we feel like our reviews arent that helpful.. But we how this was!

So we love how you get surprised when he comes out and he pranks you its really fun and when we win we love his face its priceless we love getting back at him so its pretty good upset theres always like a little thing that pops out and we dont really like that but otherwise we love it its super good.

It not really fun but kinda is, we just hate that the fact it takes up space. We would love a ending though.

Its fun but to many adds also most of the adds are bad.

We love the game itself but its almost unplayable, theres way too many adds. Levels are short and you get an add after each level no matter what, if you win, lose, or go to menu. Theres probably an option to buy and remove adds but Im not spending money on a game thats already clearly begging for money out of the adds.