Doing It Right

Doing It Right


Doing It Right is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kostiantyn Aleksandrov, Doing It Right is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th June 2020 with the latest update 24th February 2021

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Music, or Music games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


8 people have rated 1.3.2

You can download the game Doing It Right from APP STORE.


Headphones are required.
Audio game fully accessible to blind and visually impaired people.
Doing it Right don’t use Voice Over, so you should turn off it.

Doing it Right is an audio puzzle with brain-busting challenge. Test your hearing and logic.
Follow the sound instructions and win the game. With each chapter and level instructions will become more difficult and mental discomfort stronger. Try to test yourself. It is harder than it seems at first sight.
The game consists of two modes: an endless and a normal one. A normal mode includes 11 chapters (60+ levels), while an endless mode can be played endlessly.

How to play?
In Doing It Right you need to follow some instructions, for example:

  • Left – swipe left.
  • No up – swipe any direction except up.
  • Repeat and Inversion do not apply to the entire instruction chain, but only to the last one. For example: if it was on the down, then Inversion means on the up.
    Sometimes, the levels can be marked with a marker, color or sound. In this case, you should remember what a certain color corresponded to.  For example: in the Right is Red level, all instructions based on Right will be replaced with Red. The same is with the sound.

Updated on 24th February 2021

  • minor bug fixes

Doing It Right Reviews

We love to play. Wish there was a demo mode to learn what the motions are. Cant seem to figure out what (no left and down) etc. Means. Everything we try it says its wrong. Also would like it if noises were not so much alike and had more of a different sound for each one.

We installed Doing It Right and played chapter 1 a couple times. Nothing we did would get us past the repeat prompt. After that, swiping right would not start classic mode and swiping left did not start continuous mode. We tried with 1 and 3 fingers. We could also not find any help files. We are using the game with students who use Voiceover and need to learn "the cardinal directions of the phone". If Voiceover needs to be turned off, that would be good to know.

This game gives you instructions or commands and you have to follow them. It gets increasingly difficult with each level that you complete. Very fun and addicting!

This is a very good game, especially for those with possible cognitive delays. We would use this game in our future teaching career in the following ways. For those with blindness and/or low vision, Id make sure the directions can b followed. This would take into account things we wont get into here. However, these certain things are great for the person to learn. The concerns we have are that the drum beats and possible other sounds might startle those with autism, so try thinking about that for your update. Other than that, its a good game. We do have a question, though. How do you complete the steps with and in her direction? Of course, Im speaking of the female TTS who helps you along? We cant seem to figure it out. Also, why does she say no twice for yes on some directions. For example, shell say no no red, and you have to swipe in the reds direction/the correct choice. Maybe, the multiple utterances of no were a program error?

We could not get the game started. The demo we heard made it easy to began play. Swiping didnt work. Attempts to contact seller got us nowhere. If things dont get better, refund will be requested. Our review would change if game works.

As you get further it gets harder. You have to slow yourself and go against your reactions this a great game!

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