Doodle Creatures™

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Doodle Creatures™


Doodle Creatures™ is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by JoyBits Co Ltd., Doodle Creatures™ is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th April 2014 with the latest update 19th December 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


67 people have rated 3.2.0

You can download the game Doodle Creatures™ from APP STORE.


Play God & Create an Amazing Creature Universe!

From the creators of the award winning puzzler Doodle God, comes a new
ALL ages adventure!

What happens if you combine an elephant with a flamingo?
In Doodle Creatures you can find out as you create hundreds of fantastic and unique Creatures by combining different animals.
Play Doctor and scan hundreds of animals DNA which allows you to combine different animal traits to create new Creatures.
Take the speed of a cheetah and combine with flying ability of an eagle.
Awesomeness awaits!

Along the way, build and upgrade your own genetic laboratory that gives you the power to build an even more spectacular Creature Universe of your imagination!


>”Wonderfully unique concept! –
> It’s addictive. Insanely so! Lots of fun.” – 148Apps
> I would recommend buying it, definitely worth it!” – 



  • Puzzles for All ages and skill levels.
  • Create hundreds of different Creatures in cool sandbox game play.
  • Clever Quests designed to test your skill.
* Build and upgrade your own genetic laboratory.
  • Cool “Did You Know That” feature that tells you about your creations.
  • Intuitive one-click game play encourages thoughtful, creative play.
  • Hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings.
  • Kid-friendly and educational game play!

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Updated on 19th December 2020

Fixed and stability improvements!

Doodle Creatures™ Reviews

You think you can pay and get no ads, but no. You still have so many ads and its not even a good game. You have to pay to get lives so that you can keep playing. Spend you money on something better.

We beat the game in a day. We beat the puzzles in 2 minutes add stuff please otherwise it is a great game.

At first thought we hated the timer, we thought it was gonna get ridiculous, the thing is, usually its not that bad. The way we see it, it actually works out, it makes you think more before you just go randomly clicking everything, the dna usually only takes about a minute to make, and the more animals you get the easier it gets to obtain it, Its not that bad once you get the hang of it, plus you can just try matching other things while you wait on dna, All in all we still like it a lot and its a great addition to the series. Now all we need is a remake or an update for doodle farm :) this will always be our favorite iOS series we’ve been playing them ever sense Doodle God first came out.

So yeah we love this game the only problem with it is that when we watch the ads and videos for the Dna pills it doesn’t give them to us. . Pls fix it then it would be perfect. Super addicting!!

Where is the foking bloodsucker gene talked about on the Internet. Still a good game.

It’s a wonderful game, once you buy it you really don’t have to make any in app purchases. Our only problem in the woman that is the mascot for the game. Kids play this game. We understand you guys want the "sexy nurse" but just make the waist a little wider and the boobs a little smaller. This is an image that kids should honestly not see.

We always love doodle god and another game came out and we love it.

The mutants; Long Neck, and long tail constantly at 0 or 1. Even after half an hour, they do not produce genes.

It’s not a terrible game, but they really did amp up the money sucking features. You waste a lot of time waiting around for things to scan. The mini game puzzles are also awful.

They treat it like a free to play with in app purchases and time delays. But it costs money! You should get instant results and less pressure to buy in game. Poor business plan.

This game costs too much too still have in-app purchases. Also, this is am still an unfinished game. It needs to have prettied up text instead of a filler font of Arial. Since this is a beta app, we have an inkling towards the fact that you will most likely take our money and run.

This game has a cool idea and it’s fairly well executed, but the special systems and extra complications are unnecessary. Not to mention the pay-or-wait system. Great idea that isn’t as good as any other game.

The scanning of the animals is tiresome. And once they are done scanning and you get a new element you don’t have unlimited use of it. You get 1 element of "small" each time you scan a hamster. If you want to apply the element "small" to 10 creatures you have to scan that hamster 10 times to get 10 elements of "small" Also in app purchases for s game we already paid $1.99 for is wrong. You already got our money – there should be no in app purchases.

The game forces you to essentially pay insane amounts of money for premium currency. You need it for everything and nothing is free unless you have insane amounts of time on your hands. DO NOT BUY! Not like any of the other doodle games this is all in app purchases and there is an option that makes it so you don’t need to pay for more currency but that costs $99.99!

Five minutes in and we’re done. The basic mechanics that made DG and DD great are gone, and replaced with opportunities for microtransactions. Instead of just combining two elements to get a new one, you scan elements to collect properties ("cute," "flying," "rodent," etc). Then you drag creatures over to that property to form new ones (hamster + flying = bat). It’s not what made doodle god so good, but we can work with that. Except you have one scanner, and it takes twenty seconds. But you can speed it up with DNA pills, which cost money. And you only get one "furry" every time you scan, so essentially they artificially slow the game down to force you to pay to play at the same pace as previous entries in the series. You can unlock other scanners, which also costs DNA pills, which also costs money. That would be okay (paying for more DNA pills on top of paying for the app can be avoided with patience), but you literally can not progress without DNA pills. We tried three combinations in a row to see what animal it would result in, and instead of some clever answer like in Doodle God, we got a lazy "_____ mutant." Which you have to keep in a flask. Which costs DNA pills. Which costs money. Tl;dr earlier entries were great, then they sold out and destroyed the game as a quick and lazy cash grab. 1/5 do not recommend.

This app should be free. It has very expensive in app purchases to do anything in this game. Dont waste your money. Im requesting a refund immediately and we just bought it.

You can not play this game without buying extra things. This game shouldn’t be apart of the mobile "doodle franchise". It’s a very low stab at anyone who has enjoyed the other doodle games, it is deceitful and one of these reviews is incredibly misleading. You can not enjoy this game without buying things within the app. We’re glad we didn’t pay for this game separately or we would have our money back for it. Terrible game, shouldn’t be in the App Store. The other doodle games are freakin awesome, especially doodle kingdom.

Of the four "Doodle —" games we’ve purchased and played, this is by far the lamest. Why? Way less content than the other Doodle games. There is only one section to the main game, 132 or so elements total to discover. And for the privilege, you have a timer involved with every new element that costs currency to rush through (no your $2 doesn’t get you that automatically). There are only 3 other bits of content to play- 3 extremely short "puzzles" that are about 5 reactions total to finish, with no setup or story or anything to add to the puzzles. No other quests. No "artifacts" or other content to explore. As is custom, there are a couple premium currencies available for more of your real money. If you buy the "disable repeat reactions" option, that’s 80% of what you start with. We’ve enjoyed the other Doodle games (God, Devil, Kingdom), although they have sometimes felt overpriced, but this game was a total disappointment and waste of money in our opinion.

We loved all of the other Doodle games but this one is beyond disappointing. We bought this one because we have played almost all of the other ones and very much enjoyed them. There isn’t a way to earn the Dna pills that are the currency for the game unless you buy more. And literally 3 puzzles that take you maybe a minute to complete!? If they added way more puzzles and made a way to gain the currency for the game without having to pay more than the initial cost of the game, then we would enjoy it. This game needs more work before they can ask people to spend $2 on it.

We can’t put it down! We love all of your games. Please make more.

It’s a great app, but whenever we navigate to another screen then come back, the game crashes.

Besides the app crashing all the time, this is the worst of the pay-to-win examples we’ve seen. There is a currency in-game(pills) that can only be purchased with real money, and if you don’t use them, you really have to resort to using an online guide.

With none of the charm or fun of previous games, and a desperate ‘pay to play’ system based on wasting your time until you agree to pay $99.99 to ‘unlock’ the unlimited version.

Hatred it for many reasons. The major reason though, is its just to confusing. It’s really strange and not like the other doodle games (different in a bad way). We downloaded it and deleted it about 5 mins afterwards.

This game has more options to create more creations. The DNA scanner is cool!

This app deserves alot than ever. We just downloaded for fun but when move forward playing we were not able to put our iPhone down for a second. We are now addicted and recommended all to try out this app as we are sure it will gonna make you crazy.

We absolutely love this app. Creatures illustrations are adorable. There are a lot of funny combinations. And "Did you know that" is very interesting feature. Our only concern is different prices for iPhone and iPad versions.

Very interesting,my boy love it.

Why do we need to buy a starter pack? Didn’t we just pay for this game? The is DoodleGod except the combinations are inflated to take a long time and you have to pay real money to speed them up. GreedyGod.

Finally we found a new game concept which totally unique and really awesome.

Pretty cool game. This is an interesting and challenging puzzle game. We will get our friends know about this game.

This game could give you a fresh UI because it is optimized for IOS7 and have a beautiful background picture. As a adventure game, It has a good music and could let you have a fancy. Playing it is not easy but you still could do anything you want. Also it fascinates us so much, we don’t feel it we will indulge in it. Controling yourself and enjoying yourself and have fun, which could be a good memory.

The concept of genetic breeding is a fantastic idea. The DNA scanner is a great tool for it as well as the grouping of the DNA. We’re barely starting the game but so far we like it. Keep it up, and hopefully come up with new Doodles. :)

U get to play god with animals, check and swap their DNA all in the form of a game with sensational graphics and killer music. Simply amazing.

We like all the combinations you have to try, but we were a little disappointed when we dragged rodent on an elephant. It didn’t do anything, and we were excepting an elephant shrew. Still a really good game.

Namely the Game Center Achievements dont sync!!! We completed the game but its not saying we did! Only 4 achievements. Also its a PAID game why is there so much IAP???

We like the game, but can u make good improvements and games for doodle god and doodle devil? We’ve been waiting for these updates with new episodes, quests, and puzzles for months! Can u please makes new chapter for doodle god? It will warm our heart if u do.

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