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Dooors 4 Level 40

Dooors 4 Level 40

Dooors 4 Level 40

Dooors 4 Level 40

This is the walkthrough for Dooors 4 Level 40 Solutions, Cheats, Answers for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, iPod Touch and other device by 58 Works.

  1. Understand the clue on top.
  2. Now insert the trident into the hole and slide it towards top.
  3. Now collect the clue color ball on top left.
  4. Tilt your device towards left now, the ladder will move towards right.
  5. Collect the yellow color ball on top right.
  6. Collect the grey color ball on bottom left.
  7. Collect the green color and pink color ball.
  8. Now replace all the balls to the correct position like the picture showing.
  9. Open door.

Game Levels

The game "Dooors 4 Walkthrough" contains 40 levels, you are in the level 40. If you found out that the answer or solution is not accurate, please leave comment below, we will update to you as soon as possible.


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