Draw Joust!

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 10:05 pm

Draw Joust!

Draw Joust!

Draw Joust! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Draw Joust! is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th February 2020 with the latest update 5th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Draw Joust! ?

276,814 people have rated 3.2.6

What is the price of the Draw Joust! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Draw Joust! released ?

Draw Joust! was released on 8th February 2020.

When was the Draw Joust! updated ?

The latest updated date of Draw Joust! on 5th April 2023.

Where can Draw Joust! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Draw Joust! from Apple Official App Store.



Draw your own cart and defeat other players!

  • Axes, spears, cannons, swords, all sorts of weapons attachable to your cart
  • Hundreds of cart types
  • Multiple Arenas
  • Endless enemies

Updated on 5th April 2023

Minor fixes.

Draw Joust! Review

Perfect game and time consuming.

We loooooooooove this game like a lot we love it so much thank you so much whoever made this game.

Im so good and this is a good game1000000/10 would recommend the game creators did such a good job and made a good game you should try it out.

This is the best game we’ve every play.

Its so funny but have some bugs Like when you have win doesnt go next mission and should close app and open again. Please fix this problem. Thanks.

This game is ridiculously funny and fun.

Its sooooooo fun to play whenIm board.

This game is awesome it has like no ads Thank you lord!

This game is specific but you need more pastas.

That all we got to say. Great game!!!

We like when we get victory thats the part where you have to work hard the levels get harder harder and harder so you would have to be really confident to do this but Im nine years old how is nine years old cant play this but 12 year olds and plaster are allowed to play thats just not fair.

We love the game and everything about it,but we just don’t like the ads that pop up every few seconds. We’re not saying to stop ads altogether, we are just saying we would like it a lot if you coud make them not pop up so much.

Happy love good game a lot of adds.

We liked the pastor the game we liked when it did not have weapon boost the customize thing and old textures like old fight button and when no death match appears when you stay in game for a long time.

Something is wrong with the player we name we put in Isaiah Glitch Werewolf Dragon and it put Player 685 so if you please fix that player name bug problem.

It is a really cool game and we used to play it all the time but now there are a couple glitches like how now whenever we play its really laggy and the second bar of ink doesnt do anything.

The reason why we gave this a 4 star is because their are bugs and the shop needs more cool stuff this game needs a update thats good we usually play this game when im bored like the game is cool and all and we also think flappy dunk needs a good update too.

Great graphics so fun only downside needs Wi-Fi.

All we need is more ink thats all.

First off we love this game and we love it so much we got to around level 500 and after that the game started to lag a lot, we also wish that there was a online or local mode so we could actually play with people around the world, and with our friends from school, we also wish you could add friends and play duos, trios, and even squads, lastly we wish they would add more stuff to were you can customize your character because we have only been playing this game for around a month and already have all of the stuff to customize your character unlocked.

We dont like 2 rounds ad 2 rounds ad.

Amazing game! We play every day! Here are a few suggestions: 1. Ads. This game has just too many! Every time we play a round, its another one! Please tone it down! 2. Lag. Once you get 30+ ink, the game has a seizure every round. Its super annoying! Maybe fix the water? 3. Graphics. The designs are cool, but its all white and the water looks weird! Unrealistic maybe? And maybe make it harder? Most of the time you can just shove them in the water. Easy win! 4. 2 player. Please make it two player! Also, we noticed that the opponents movement is always mirroring yours! 5. Seizures. Not the eye one. The vehicle one. A lot of the time, our vehicle starts jittering around and we die instantly. Really annoying! 6. Names. Every time we change our name, the next round, it instantly goes back to player(number). Repetitive! 7. Menu. There random objects on screen sometimes. Like refrigerator looking things and sometimes the opponents weapon! 8. Restart. The restart button doesnt work sometimes! 9. Last one. Repetition. Make a difference in the boss fights! Also, make some opponents harder! Some of them dont have roofs so we can just flip them over! Thanks so much for reading! This is one of our favorite ipad games, so thanks for making it! Have a great day!

Its fun but needs more stuff than just drawing.

Its a good game but the game is too easy can you make a challenge?

Great game overall but literally an ad after every single fight.

This game was very fun to play when you are bored and stuff but the problem is the ads in this game its just the ads come after every time you lose or win and the amount of ads is just so annoying maybe try to put less ads like maybe an ad after 4 loses or rounds but if youre gonna keep it like that then this game will still be a problem.

The ads are ridiculous. And ignore anyone who says you can turn off wifi and cell because if you do that, they wont let you play the game at all. Also, it gets very repetitive after a while. If they reduced the number of ads and made the AI not just mirror your movements, this would be a better game.

There are to many ads in this game.

Too much ads too much ads too much ads too much ads too much ads too much ads too much ads too much ads too much ads.

The game could be amazing, the idea is great. But, everything thing is ruined when you get an ad every ten seconds, its ridiculous at this point. You can even play with out getting an ad every round. We want to like this game, its just impossible with ads. Voodoo, make one game where you dont throw up ads all over it.

This game used to be fun until they decided to make a sudden death future did we mention that this feature isnt optional you are forced to play with it on and only have 20 seconds a match which is very Annoying on top of adding this awful feature they decided to make this game unplayable without internet just so they can bombard us with annoying 30 second ads after every 20 second game.

It has the gay flag which is bad and gay is a sin to nature.

There is so many adds it drives us crazy all we ask is to decrease the amount of adds thats all please please please.

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