Dream Hopper

Last updated on May 23rd, 2023 at 08:20 am

Dream Hopper

Dream Hopper

Dream Hopper is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Protostar Games PTY LTD, Dream Hopper is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st April 2022 with the latest update 17th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Music, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Dream Hopper ?

4,593 people have rated 1.5.9

What is the price of the Dream Hopper ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Dream Hopper released ?

Dream Hopper was released on 21st April 2022.

When was the Dream Hopper updated ?

The latest updated date of Dream Hopper on 17th April 2023.

Where can Dream Hopper be downloaded ?

You can download the game Dream Hopper from Apple Official App Store.



Calm your mind and enter a world of dreams.

Hop along to the groove of hypnotic rhythms to reveal technicolor dreamlike visions. Bring the true meaning of whimsical shapes into vivid focus as you discover a dazzling dreamscape of memories.

Dream Hopper is a zen-like experience of flow and discovery. Simply tap to hop from shape to shape and let your mind reveal a beautiful presence of calm.

Updated on 17th April 2023

Some minor bug fixes and improvements.

Dream Hopper Review

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love this game so much we cant stop playing it! Not even one hour of playing it and Im in love with it! It has so many fun pictures on it the music is lovely especially the chimes of it. The reason why we rated It 5 stars is because just you get to calm down!!!! –

Good game for if you need a break from everyday stresses and the music and visuals fit well with the puzzles. Only thing we wish is that new puzzles would show up more frequently than they do. Kind of tired of doing the same ones over and over again.

This game is so incredibly pretty, from its art, to its music. We really love everything about it. We love how most of the time you’re hopping along with the music, and it makes the game a sort of a rythm game, which makes it much more fun for us since we love those. All around gorgeous.

Amazing! Beautiful! Calming. The light music the animal sounds. Everything about this is just amazing! We read dreams and our clients that come to us with anxiety, I, staring today, will be asking them to down load this. To see if it helps them. We love this game as well as your other one Super Starfish. Just amazing calming and for ALL AGES. Not to many of those. Next client of ours, Ill be asking them to see how this works for them. Allot of the time, the dreams or nightmares they have, they come to us to find the meaning and to calm their anxiety.

Wow, this game makes us happy, and feel calm and peaceful, and inspired.

Wonderful experience, beautifully executed, super soothing and a great way to unwind the brain especially before bed. Our only complaint is that its a little repetitive, we wish it were easier to discover new dreams without having to do the same ones over and over.

We were searching for apps to relieve stress and boredom, and we were surprised to have found something so perfect. This app is so peaceful and beautiful. We entirely recommend.

Its so relaxing and fun you should buy it its all so free.

Such a fun and colorful game, we find myself playing it and enjoying the neons and calm music and sounds. Definitely recommend.

As an anxious insomniac this game has been the only one that can put us at ease! The sound design is wonderful and its very fluid and satisfying. More than suggest giving this a try, especially, if guided breathing apps arent working for you :)

Im not a mom lets be clear this is awesome very family friendly too. Our mom definitely approves and its a game for when you have trouble sleeping like us.

Probably the most relaxing game, we really love the amount of dreams there are.

This game is so relaxing and has stunning images.

The game is very good and calming.

So we started playing Dream Hopper as a game to kill time. In the end, it became more than a time killer. It became very mesmerizing world to keep searching and relaxing its music is amazing we highly recommend it.

It is very soothing and relaxing. The free to play options are decent and ads dont interrupt your game but you can choose to watch them for rewards. It is really a lovely game. Try It!

Helps us fall asleep and everything pretty nice.

Ever since we started playing this game we have like VERY vivid and emotional dreams.

Most relaxing music, sounds and gameplay.

So one time we were rly scared of storms. Like REALLLLY SCARED. So we downloaded this app during a bad storm, or shall we say, hurricane. And we were godly after that. We felt like we were in heaven. Im not scared of storms anymore because of this beautiful game. If we could rate higher than 5 stars we would.

We still have no idea how the game calculates when a new dreamsphere will unlock, whether its total plays or time. This makes the level repetition even more obvious (not that thats necessarily a bad thing in and of itself) and also makes us wonder if its in part designed to convince more people to buy the dream master upgrade. Regardless, we just concentrate on riding the pretty lights to build lovely pictures inspired by adult coloring books. The other major concern that we have is: now that all thirteen spheres are filled on the dream catcher, will we still be getting new levels? We could see there being reverse worlds, so that we could use the same map. Also, have you considered contacting other companies to do collabs? These event dreams could be accessed by exchanging glimmers+gems, and completing the set awards a new guest hopper. Disney might even do a whole sequel(I know, wishful thinking, right?)

It’s a great game but once you get to a certain amount of dreams it doesn’t give you any more and just keeps repeating the same ones.

What should be a relaxing game is ruined by the sheer randomness the ball decides to jump to. Its incredibly frustrating and kind of destroys the joy this game could have. Cause this game is art. Dont get us wrong.

Honestly we were obsessed with this for a while but after a bit it got repetitive. It wouldnt save the dreams that we had done so we had to redo them 4 or 5 times before we could get a new picture. It is also extremely rare to find a different section let alone actually get a picture in that section.

Could only enjoy three levels because after making us select a new hopper it didnt have any indication on how to move forward after selecting. Tried clicking everything on the screen and eventually reset the app for it to waste our trials to select a new dream and not letting us play. Deleting the app sadly even though we wanted to play.

This game is very calming and very nice it has nice music and nice little photographs if you dont understand what it is at the top when youre finished with it will tell you what it is.

We’ve been trying to find a fun game with no ads and we finally found it! So cute and simple yet addicting.

BEAUTIFUL GAMEEEE we hope it keeps getting updates!!!

This game brings us into a different world! Honestly this game is incredible! The music, the pictures, the relaxation. Honestly this is our dream game,I never want this game to end!

This game is really fun and caling.

We love this game its really fun and relaxing its very simple and we like that.

We play this game every day to pass the time at work, and its one of our favorites. The beautiful art that you travel through is like stained glass and its very cool to look at, and the little characters are adorable!! Plus, the ad experience is great. Never too in-your-face, and it still leaves the majority of the time to the gameplay. Plus, we like to watch the ads so we can get a new dream bonus ;) 5/5 stars!

We FREAKING LOVE THIS GAME!!! As someone who struggles with over stimulation and under stimulation its hard to find games that are engaging and stimulating while also being by myself. This game is a 20/10 will recommend to EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

We absolutely loved Super Starfish for the graphics made by the same company. So when we saw this game, we knew Id love it. It hasnt disappointed. The graphics are great: theyre bright but contrasted with darker backgrounds they are easy on the eyes. The music is really fun, interesting, and has a nice range of variances. (My favorite so far is the forest ones where we can also hear birds and the wind in the trees). We love the little different orbs that you control. They all have their own personalities and while we tend to stick with our couple favorite ones, we like seeing all the options. Before bed is when we usually play this and it helps us unwind. We concentrate on the music and the chiming sounds when our orb hits a new shape. Bonus for no forced ads (though you can get some extra currency from watching them). Its a simple game; there is no timer, points, or upgrades. It is just a beautiful experience progressing through artistic themes with music.

Great game very relaxing . Only problem is after watching the ad it keeps freezing and not giving us the reward . Have to exit the game and restart but the rewards is gone . But other then that Im really enjoying it .

The sound is amazing and the quality and graphics are also amazing because it just feels so lively and calming. Thank you for this amazing game!!!

If Im stressed or Im about to do our therapy or we are simply bored, we play this game. All you do is hop from one place to another while listening to relaxing music. Thats pretty calming to us! We also like how you can choose different little character thingies to hop around with. We recommend getting this game for stress relief or maybe even boredom!

Such a great and relaxing game, love to play it before bed time!

Our teacher told us about this game and even though we just started it is so calming and relaxing to play and the dream dust system so you dont play far to much is very good for all players to have and overall the fluidness and relaxation is beautiful.

This is yet another incredible game by Protostar, but they really outdid themselves here. It’s one of the most unique and beautiful games we’ve seen on the App Store. The gameplay is very simple and easy, but it’s a very relaxing and even meditative game. The art style is absolutely gorgeous and some of the soundtrack is quite good. We actually really want the soundtrack to listen to (some are really good! Like the Summer levels), and the background images (Space especially!) to use as wallpapers! We literally have just one problem with the game, which is the controls being a little janky; the ball goes in random directions sometimes and it can be occasionally frustrating when it doesn’t go where we want it to/goes where we don’t want it to. But it’s a very small issue compared to the awesomeness. We wholly recommend this game, it really is a wonderful and unique game that we love and would love to see more of, and we very much want to support the devs. Get this game!! We guarantee you that you won’t regret it. We originally had a gripe with the ‘new dream probability’ system. We felt it wasn’t mathematically correct, and that it decreased far too much, far too quickly. However, after playing it as much as we have these last two weeks since we got it (I’m almost done now), we’ve changed our mind. Even though our base probability is currently only 12%, the extra +10% that you can get by watching a 30sec ad seems to be enough, when added to the +10% from the bundle, that we were still getting new levels fairly regularly. Of course you’re going to play primarily old ones, but it’s all a part of the game. Also, as a side note, we absolutely love the different ball types!! Most of them are incredibly gorgeous, and we love how easy they are to get. You dont have to pay a single penny if you dont want to. You get more than enough coins simply by playing that you’ll be able to unlock most if not all of them by the time you’ve unlocked every single dream. Thank you Protostar for this awesome game! Keep it coming! <3 we hope to see new levels some time in the future, maybe? :) (Also, please let us get/buy the soundtrack!!)

Not that bad music and not much ads also looks nice when you finish a level.

We absolutely love this game. Its super relaxing, ethereal & just overall unique. Thank you to everyone involved in creating such a beautiful app!

Not sure if any of you all found this game because of Literally it’s Just Mowing or not, but there were some little details of that game that made us wonder who the devs were. Between the cat breeds, birds, and butterflies they clearly appreciate the little things. Being impressed by that, we looked up their other games and WOAH. Not one has disappointed so far. Just tried this one and immediately had to put a rating up. Amazing sound design that you can interact with thru play. All of this complemented by a mesmerizing visual feel. We have a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation on your work. Well done guys. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Its so soothing on the mind, its literally helped us calm down after our shift. Its great for just letting your mind wander.

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