Drive to Evolve

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 12:05 pm

Drive to Evolve

Drive to Evolve

Drive to Evolve is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Drive to Evolve is a Racing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 2nd April 2022 with the latest update 15th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Drive to Evolve ?

7,190 people have rated 1.50

What is the price of the Drive to Evolve ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Drive to Evolve released ?

Drive to Evolve was released on 2nd April 2022.

When was the Drive to Evolve updated ?

The latest updated date of Drive to Evolve on 15th June 2022.

Where can Drive to Evolve be downloaded ?

You can download the game Drive to Evolve from Apple Official App Store.



Pass through gates and evolve your car. Race with opponent car and win the race!

Updated on 15th June 2022

Performance improvements!

Drive to Evolve Review

Thank you very much like very much Im a not long.

It is a very fun game it is just so laggy all the time we could barley play it is so annoying. Please try and fix this.

This game is so addictive and we really like it we’ve only been playing for two weeks but cant stop playing. The thing we dont love about this game is is has so many adds we think people should get at least two rounds to play before a add pops up its gets very annoying sometimes. We think you should add more cars cause if we get higher than 2055 than there is no more cars to drive which is annoying because you get the same cars over and over again. We really like because it is interesting to see what will or use to look like it is pretty realistic. If you like cars or like seeing what things will or use to look like we think this is a great game for you. This is worth trying out if you dont get to annoyed by adds. Overall we think this is a great game hope this was helpful.

This game was really fun. We downloaded it because we saw an ad about it and it had seamed interesting, the game is fun over all but the only problem we had with t is the amount of ads. Every time you would finish something in the game, and ad will pop up.

This game is fun and good…… Except for the lagging and bugs. We passed our first level and the second one glitched every second! We think the game is fun, but we wish we could play it with no lagging! It paused then resumed , then paused a agin! So many bugs lags and glitches!

This game is ok but it is REALLY BOARING.

Its a fun and simple game but the majority of your time will be spent watching ads. Everything you click is at least a 30s ad. If the ads were shorter, we wouldnt mind how frequent they are, but you spend more time watching ads than playing the actual game.

We played it for a while and then it lagged so bad on ads it would have a black screen and its to laggy so we dont recommend getting this game and its to much ads every single time.

We purchased no adds, still adds like crazy.

Would be a fun little game to play, but you watch 10 minutes of ads for 3 minutes of game play. Uninstalled after about 45 minutes.

We understand to keep the game free they do adds, but you cant even enjoy playing it due to every five seconds there being an add. Cut down on the adds so people can enjoy the game.

The game is copy and pasted (not literally) from other mobile games, and depending on what car you are trying to build, the game does not let you pass a certain year unless you get lucky with time machine. For example, if you are working on the 2010 bmw, the game doesnt let you pass 2005 no matter how well you do. Its a lazy design and you can tell it didnt take much effort to make.

The is sooooo laggy its cool but why.

Okay an ad every so often Im fine with but this game has an ad after every single game. Seems we spend more time in downtime on here than actually playing it.

We pay for no ads, and they still.

One thing we hate on mobile games is pausing gameplay to watch an ad every 3 seconds. Usually ad free options come with some bonuses so we usually do not mind spending a couple dollars to enhance our enjoyment and support the devs without having to waste our time. Once we bought no ads to do anything you still had to watch ads. Finish a race? Ad. Want to do your multiplier meter? Ad. Please do not offer purchase-able ad free options unless it makes your game truly ad free.

We wouldnt even give it one star. Theres way too many ads on this game and it kept freezing up on us. DONT DOWNLOAD!

The game is loaded with ads every round and crashes 90% of the time when you try to open the app.

It has so many ads it makes us wanna kms .. The cars barely change and u dont get past like 1950s.

In the beginning the game seems fine, but the designers of this game allotted to much ram space for the advertisement companies. The banner on the bottom of the game as you play it lags the game to a screeching halt after the first couple levels. The game mechanics are simple and there shouldnt be any reason a phone cant handle it, but the advertisements they are allowing to play on each level and during the level are eating up all of the ram space.

Its not that bad of a game but you can tell Its built around forcing people to watch ads which insane.

This is an advertisement game, where you get to watch advertisements and as a reward you get to play the game a little bit at a time. Ours as well fine a job watching advertisements to get paid than to just play a game that you play for a minute. This game is a 50/50 app, 50% game play and 50% advertisements.

It feels like you have more ads when purchasing the no ads package. Stay away from that. We deleted the game when we found out we still had to watch an ad to save the game.

Saw an ad for this game and it said ads free (I have a screenshot of it) but alas it has the same number of ads as any other game. Bad advertising!

So many ads and so long. You literally spent more times watching the ads than playing the actual game. Uninstalled immediately after getting our first car. Too boring and annoying of waiting for the ads to finish.

Game could be fun, but the issue is a ad every 2 seconds on here. Then you have a option to remove ads and they still make you watch them every 5 seconds instead. Waste of $3.00 to remove the ads if your still going to show them. Find a better way to make money you losers.

Even the ad free has a ton of ads and you can only build 5 cars. Pass on this app and get one you can enjoy for longer.

The game is too repetitive thats why youll get bored in a matter of minutes, in addition to that you get about 6 skip ad buttons per level and yet they still make you sit through another 20 second ad.

Ads with every 3rd tap we swear.

It is very fun very fun indeed.

This is a good game overall but we dont like how after every level you have to watch an add.

Average game just we would ger away from the the dumb adds like people should know there math would leave better review if made better ad.

Youre forced to watch an ad after every race and before upgrading anything at all.

We want a refund on our purchase. Im still getting videos forced on us. Refund our purchase.

The ads make this game almost unplayable, super annoying.

Good game but the game needs to have more cars there is not a car after 2040 we have gotten to 2110 and it is still the 2040 car and that just makes it hard to get the other cars other than that though its a good game.

Watch an ad to get this, then watch another ad immediately after to get that. Then after choosing to watch an awarded ad, you get forced to watch a non awarded ad after watching those ads, which freeze up and you have to restart the glitchy game. Do better.

Terrible gameplay, awful time jumps, ads after every level. Just a cash grab with no real merit.

Game was fun at first and definitely helps waste some time. After about 5 levels the game began to lag constantly and freeze making it frustrating to keep playing. We know most of these games revolve around ads but this one plays an ad after every single level, they cant even give you a 2-3 level grace period every now and then. Was fun for a little while and lost it completely with the poor functionality.

Its a fine game but whenever an ad pops up our phone just breaks and it takes 5 minutes just to turn off our phone.

There a way to get rid of ads other than that great time killer.

This game is the same but the end is the complete opesit we thought it would be so good and it is for the first of it then it not but if you want to get this it is okay.

Worst game ever full of ads and every round you loose.

Ad shows you driving through a course leveling up your vehicle, then you race an opponent afterward. That sounds like fun but thats not this game. Another game company who cant seem to accurately market what game they actually made.

So the app is great and all love the new update but we have a car from the 2000s and it totally just reset our car.

Exactly the game youd expect, just another cookie cutter game of this type, down to the fact that it runs like garbage on even the newest iPhones. Cant play more than 2 or 3 rounds without the game completely lagging out and heating up our phone. Severely takes away from the experience and leaves us feeling bored and frustrated.

It kicks you out mid game and there are so much ads and its retartied and its does not evolve that myck and its a scam.

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