Duck Life: Retro Pack

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Duck Life: Retro Pack


Duck Life: Retro Pack is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MoFunZone Inc, Duck Life: Retro Pack is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th June 2015 with the latest update 20th October 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Adventure, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


149 people have rated 2.1

You can download the game Duck Life: Retro Pack from APP STORE.


The cutest animal champions of racing are back in action with Duck Life Retro Pack!

Start your adventure today with the 3 original Duck Life games remastered for iOS. Raise, train and grow your pet Duck and race your way to the top of the ultimate Duck racing tournaments!

Please note: This game pack includes 3 full games.

This where it all began – train your Duckling to become the supreme champion of Duck racing and save your farm from total mass extinction. Train up your pet Duck in running, swimming and flying skills by playing various mini games to level up in hopes to race your Duck to become the fastest little duckling ever in the sport! Collect hats along the way and customize your cute Duck just way you like it!

The sequel to the Duck training phenomenon! You must now travel the world racing your pet Duck to become the World Champion. With greater fierce intense competition your Duck has learned a skill that no Duck has ever learned before, will you be able to release the power?

With the popularity of the sport at an all time high, a breakthrough in Duck racing technology has happened, the scale of which has never been seen before! Take on the adventure with a modified Duck that can evolve to new unchartered heights. Teach these Ducks new skills and master all the new capabilities of your amazing pet Duck!

These 3 revamped versions features higher quality graphics made for retina display, a smoother frame rate and a complete new set of touch controls! It also includes a brand new challenge gameplay mode where your training mini game skills will be tested to the ultimate max… Just try and keep up!


  • 3 Full Games
  • Full High Definition Graphics
  • Smoother Game play at 60fps
  • Brand New Challenge mode to test your Duck Life Mini Game Skills!
  • Over 45 Total Races
  • Universal app: buy once and play on both your iPhone and iPad!

For any additional help or concerns please leave us a message at — and we will do our absolute to address any issues… QUACK ON!

Updated on 20th October 2020

Bug fixes

Duck Life: Retro Pack Reviews

Now our duck (birdy duck)s wings get de-attached in climbing training if you can fix it Ill be happy.

This game is absolutely amazing with the packs evolutions world champion and racing in different realms. When we saw this at first we thought we would not like it, but we did a lot!! Now this is our favorite game and hope to do more updates for duck life. Thanks game for coming out and being so good. But we really hope theres more of this!!

So back in second grade we saw the OG 4 Duck Life games and Duck Life: Treasure Hunt on a website called ABCYA. It looked interesting so we started playing, and we fell in love with the series. So then a few years later we see that the games got removed off of ABCYA, and we’re not that upset because we knew that we could find it on another website. So we come across wixgames. Co. Uk and the games are great but loading takes forever. So, while we’re there we come across more games in the series, Duck Life Space and Duck Life Battle. They are very fun. So then the flash crash of 2020 happens. And we’re like, great. What now? So a couple years later of not playing, we’re scrolling through the App Store and we find MoFunZone’s Page and we are just jaw dropped. There they are, The Retro Pack that is mobile ports of Duck Life 1, 2, and 3, Duck Life, which is a mobile port of Duck Life 4, and we see Duck Life Treasure Hunt, Battle, Space, and a one that we had never heard of before, Duck Life Adventure. Our prayers have been answered now that this team/person has done. Now we can play the games again, and at our fingertips instead of with a mouse cursor. So thank you for remaking these games, and anyone curious in these, we would recommend spending the money to get this game, it is worth it. Although, while we are here, I’d like to make some suggestions for future updates. 1. Maybe let people choose if they want to carry their progress and cosmetics in between games 2. Maybe have an online mode to allow players to race with people around the world, especially in Duck Life 2 because you would literally be the World Champion 3. Maybe add some customizable options, like music, and let people listen to their favorite songs from any Duck Life game Anyways, 5 out of 5, we appreciate these games.

Well we had to rate it five stars because of its amazing gameplay. Well Duck Life 1, 2 and 3 are in abcya But not buggy. And we are 9 years old and love it.

We are going to put this in a quick summary because our previous draft got deleted. 1: Challenge level difficulty. Mini games like the swimming in duck life, evolution where you must get 7000 points just needs a control fix, it starts to not react when we swipe up to jump. Also, running in duck life, evolution ( The third one ) needs to have the difficulty taken down a bit, when playing the mixed challenge stage B4 becomes the most difficult thing we’ve ever played in a long time. Instead of reaching 25 mph, instead you must reach a speed in which is more than doubled. Why this is so difficult? As by the moment you reach 27 mph+ is that the obstacles become to fast to react, basically becoming a challenge that majority people cant complete. One quick bug we found is when playing the the challenge levels ( Mixed levels ) the background music combines, making it sound like a war between music. This game is great overall just we hope these get fixed and honestly this game would be so much more fun than it already is. Thank you!

While we were playing Duck Life 2, (the red duck with the top hat) Let us set the scene: we got to the semifinals, got 3rd place, and then… We beat the entire game? We didnt even win the semifinals, and now it says we beat the finals?! Also, we got the ponytail, the Japan duck skin, A crown, and 200,000 coins. Im very confused because when we went to the finals page, we were so much slower than that duck. Later Im going to challenge him with maxed-out-stats because we wanna 100% the game, and Im not gonna let one fluke ruin that.

Not worth it is wrong it is worth it two dollars for two games that sound about right not including the first game.

We were in duck life world champion and we won the semi finals then we beat the entire game!!! We didnt even have perfect stats yet when we beat the semi finals it only showed one duck that got disqualified and then it said you are now the champion. This is a great game and we like that it came to mobile but could this have been fixed.

We know its 2 dollars and all but the games are so much lower quality than their flash equivalent, duck life 3 is always slow janky and is EXTREMELY bad in quality, an example is in the climbing mini game the duck kept getting stuck on obstacles when you just SLIGHTLY touch them the same thing happens in swimming, the races are very bad and boring, the animations for the screen where you choose whether to train or race in all 3 games have ZERO effort to capture the same feel as the originals. The same problems are evident in all 3 games and the only reason its not 1 star is because it at least lets us play the games we loved.

What we dont like about this is that you have to swipe to make the duck move so can you put in the old duck life 4 mobile pad and our final you should improve the art of the birds if you are hearing then Im happy From person.

This is a good game because the game is 3 duck life games in 1! Awesome! The climbing is our favorite, and the races are amazing. Never stop duck life!

We would give you infinity stars if we could, but the maximum amount is 5 stars. We heard that there is a bug that is lying. Name dose not work but who cares? ( we are talking about duck life 2) That is about it – Jaden Martin.

Everyone who says that the music is off just tap the sfx thingy we loved duck life when we were a kid and we are a kid at school we did it but there wasnt enogth time to finish it and we are on iPad so we couldnt do in on abc ya and this is our dream but another thing at advanced when you train there is a duck morphed in that duck we were using please fix overall its still five stars.

We loved playing this on cool math games back in the day. We’ve seen a lot of reviews saying they had problems with glitches however after playing all 3 of them the entire way through we never found one. Very fun and would recommend for an offline game.

We love the game but we wish that you could play a duck that you were before On duck life evolution.

We think this game is awesome and is perfect and this is our favorite game we hope you guys like it too!!!

Its emotional from our daughter it is sturdy. But it doesnt feel like a duck life. No music. End of the training instantly if you failed on the original. Just retro or not a thief becoming a foolproof.

Wow us buyed this wow :/ not good swim train it bad (actually not good training swim)

Here are the glitches, in duck life two you cant type in your name, in duck life three in Advance flying, climbing and swimming and professional flying, and climbing if you play as flying type duck you get a other duck planted in your duck and if you go professional running the little ramps wont work if you fix this we will rate five stars.

When you get to advanced leagues in duck life 3 there is a random duck planted in your duck. No matter what kind of duck you pick. And in duck life 2 you cant type your name. Fix dis and we will rate 5 star.

This game is good but the only bad thing is in duck life 3 there is a glitch where when you make a new duck it deletes your old one and you have to go all the way back. (I didnt do it yet)

Every time we try to jump on duck life swimming its hard to jump we flick it up but it doesnt jump please fix that but if you do 5 stars we mean sometimes it doesnt jump.

There are 3 games in one game! We never thought that the duck life series would make a game like this. But Duck Life Retro has a small problem you can finish all 3 games in 1 day. But Duck life retro is good! Keep making games Mo fun!

We love this game. A lot. But there is one small glitch that makes this a four star. So basically when you play Duck Life Evolution and try to go back to the other games you can’t. The main menu button doesn’t work. It’s honestly not that big of a deal. We just have to close and open the app up again, but if you can fix this issue it would be a perfect 5 star.

We like the game but theres something wrong with it, on Duck Life World Champion its not letting us win, we’ve gone to the maximum,please fix that so we can rate 5 stars on the app.

We love this game and all but it lags when we were in the advanced league we got a duck planted on our duck and it was really anoying.

Our previous duck and present duck show at the same time. Plz fix the glitch.

When the duck gets trained there is another duck covering it , no music and is too hard.

We played it and we couldnt get back to the menu. And we also wanted to be able to pick what kind of training you do because it was getting boring and we deleted it.

Look, it’s like that because it is the very first ones. They couldn’t have changed it even if they wanted to. Besides, we’re not having any problems. And if you do have any problems, tell them what you want them to fix kindly.

A classics return in a good pack of classics of duck. Racing Ducks is very fun and our son is a good. This is not a bad and it is a good. -Mace Windup.

We liked the game but It is to short we beat in.

At the start, it gave us a good recap of all the titles of which we played on the computer. But now,I can play it on the go! So thank you, the creators of the duck life series! :)

We play a game on it then when we go to the main menu it tells be to buy the full version which we already have, also we try to press the back button and nothing happens. It is super annoying! Please fix it, or get rid of it! ( But is is very fun)

We found a glitch in the duck life origins with the level up bar. We got to level 27 and the bar was at the edge of our screen. Please fix this and play through the game and fix any other bugs, then we will rate five star.

The game is a good port from the computer to the mobile device. But it doesn’t feel like duck life. No music. It would end the training instantly if you failed on the original. And the animations too. Those problems are small though. Although we would like those to be changed!

When ever we try to redo a mini game it crashes and the controls could you some working on.

1.99 for a game that will last about 2 days is way too overpriced. We would like it if the price lowered. The swimming training is also kind of finnicky.

The game was nothing like the original duck life! It was boring and we deleted almost immediately. Complete waste of our money!

This game doesn’t even save and it keeps saying we have to pay for the game when we already did!

We beat the entire game in one day. If it had more levels and were less glitchy it would be way better.

Duck Life should be a five star game but we won’t give it because there is a problem with Duck Life 2. We cannot play the game. We’re sad to say we wish we could get our money back. Use to love this game.

We love this game, but we can’t play Duck Life 2. There is a bug at the start of Duck Life 2 and we can’t move on when we type our name in. We really want to play the second one. Please fix this bug!

This game brought back major childhood memories. This is the duck life we all know and love and it’s great! With the exception that we cannot play duck life 2. The screen where you enter your name is broken in the sense that when we enter a name and hit done nothing happens. We’ve hit return as well and still nothing. It would be great if we could actually play all the games we payed for.

Great way to implement the old duck life’s into the new!

Fix the Swimming, when we swipe down or up sometimes it doesn’t work.

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