Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 08:05 pm

Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games

Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games

Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Amanotes Pte Ltd, Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd January 2023 with the latest update 25th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Music, Casual, or Music games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games ?

39,842 people have rated 1.1.9

What is the price of the Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games released ?

Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games was released on 3rd January 2023.

When was the Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games updated ?

The latest updated date of Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games on 25th May 2023.

Where can Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games be downloaded ?

You can download the game Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games from Apple Official App Store.



The music world of cute cat are out now – cat music game. Let’s control the hottest popcat duet ever. Who will be the diva cat in this cats tower?

Duet Cats is the perfect mix between cats funny and cats meowing, relaxing and challenging of the music rhythm, and the popular virtual cat game makes you can’t stop, it really addictive!

All you need to do is feel the rhythm of the cute cat songs and control your 2 hands so the cats are all fed. Simple gameplay, anyone can join in on the fun. Cute popcat all out fun meow


  1. Cat music: Feed them and Pop cat will sing to you with cute sounds.
  2. Cats food: A food store dedicated to your cute pop cat
  3. Upgrade Pop cat: Various kawaii kitty cats to collect!
  4. Popular music: Cat singing – Remixes of popular songs with cute cat sounds.
  5. Cat Game pictures: based on the famous meme – Pop cat, cat sound music and cat cartoon concept game ..meow~

LET’S GO Cat Games!!!

  1. Duet with all funny cats
    Not one but a duet! Your 2 funny cats (black cat and cat kitty) are singing their adorable meow.. together into a hilarious ensemble. You can fatten them up by feeding them all the falling food. Oops, may they become obese?

  2. Simple but addictive with 2 hand control
    Left, right, and…center, with 2 hands. Use your hand and your observation to move through hundreds of levels of music rhythm falling. It’s not easy, but if you get through it all, clap hands kittens

  3. A cats food store dedicated to your cute cats. Play songs with their voices, to get more food for them. The food store has cafe, sushi, candy cat, cake, ice cream cats… And you can shop for your cute cats, too.

  4. Various cute cats to collect
    If you’re bored with the grey and white cat you started with, it’s time to change its look! You can pick from many skins to change the cat breed: cute kitty charm, black cat, monty cat, Upgrade your cute cats and feed them through DuetCats’ musical challenges. This list goes on!

  5. Remixes of popular songs with sounds for cat
    More than 1000 popular songs are waiting for you to unlock. With the latest version, Cat Duet has added many new, better and more fun songs. Join your cat in feeling that diva tune. Can you imagine what it would be like to combine with the “meowing” sound? I can not ??? Hurry up and be the first to hear it.

  6. Stories in Duet Cats. The cute cats told their "hungry" stories through the diva cat voice. Don’t stop feeding the cute cats or they will get mad at you. And you don’t forget have 2 funny cats

Whether your cat loves to meow or simply you enjoys listening to the sounds of other cat, Duet Cats has got you covered. The app features a wide range of cat sounds, including cats meowing, cat meows, and even funny cat memes that are sure to make your furry friend look beautiful.

In addition to sounds for cats, Duet Cats also have shop with variety breeds of cat cute a funny cat pictures. You can browse through a collection of the cutest cats and kitties, complete with costumes and hilarious antics that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Are you someone who is looking for animal games or funny cats picture with a variety of music genres? Those who are looking for relaxing games, cat games, or role-playing games? Are you looking for more addictive games in this genre? Duet Cats game is the perfect gift for you

Lead your pop cat into shining diva cats like their meme.

Updated on 25th May 2023

  • Optimize performance & Fix minor bugs

Duet Cats: Cute Cat Games Review

This game is so much fun!!! You should definitely try it. Catching the ice cream its a little tricky, but that is what makes it fun having a challenge is so much fun!!! We think your son or daughter would love this game if they dont enjoy it well, thats their opinion but we dont know what to say its just so cool you get to earn the skins, buy them or watch ads for them the ads arent bad its just like music ads. Nothing bad nothing inappropriate amazing game you should try it!

The reason why we got this cuz we LOVE CATS!!!! Meow.

This game makes us happy but too much adds.

Well of course we would give yall a 5 star rating the cats are so cute but we want a new cat skin we are new to the game but we looked at the avatars and there was no super cat to save the food so we thought should we have drumroll pleaseSpider cat! Spider cat will save the day pls could we have that and if all the duet fans could agree with us write a review saying add spider cat we need a hero to help the cats out they are desperate ^._.^ and us too and we love cats but we cant have a cat in the house because our mom is allergic to cats sadly we love them we have a blankets that has cats all over! We love all the ideas that yall get this from food cats and Soooooong! Hope you use this idea.

It is so amazing and we hope you get it and the songs are amazing the skins are amazing everything is amazing.

We love this game but if we want to get a cat or a treat we will have to watch a ad the same thing with the songs thank you for making this game take care bye.

Duet cats deletes bits of ensiety so Im happy with it.

So, we’ve tried everything. We cant hear the music. Our brother can, so we know its just us out here. But, its not as fun without music! Overall though, really great game. Thanks for reading this short article!

Its fun to play when your board or if your stuck at a graduation practice. We will worn you there are lots of ads.

Great Game we play by our self but still Great Game 100 out of 5.

This game is amazing and it is so fun and we love it!!!!!!

We got it yesterday but its already our favorite game!!! We got it because our friend has it and loves it and we got to try it and loved it but its awesome!!! Idk what to complain about this is our fav game?

This is the best app ever! It is so cute! We love this! Im just making a bunch of!s for some reason! We dont know we just like screaming! Yeah!!! We love this! We already said that! We will be the craziest person youve ever met! Our name is Reagan Rumley! Put on your headphone for better experience! Duet cats rules! Send!

This game is absolutely adorable!! Fun to play when bored, but a couple bugs. We were playing one day but it wouldnt let us move the cats at all, or one time it did not make a sound when we played. We hope that the developers can fix these bugs! Besides the glitches, 5 star game. Cute and yummy !

We love this game we wish there where more cats and food. If there were more songs that would be great to.!!! Thank you.

This game is adorable it even has our fav food sushi.

To people willing to download: About the game? Your came to us? Wow, Im flattered! We LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. Its so much fun. It has some challenges here and there, adorable cats, outstanding foods, and of course, the music. Probably the next big music game! Love it!!! We highly recommend downloading this game. If you dont like it, Ill try not to take offense. To developers: Thanks you for the fun! Its been such an amazing experience to be playing this game! We love it! Its an awesome game. We cant think of any suggestions, but of course people have complaints here and there. But Ill assure you, we dont. Its just fun playing with our family. The songs are awesome! You put so much time into this game and its booming! We love it. Thank you! Emojis! (had to put the cats, of course.)

It is the first time in a decade that a game of song has smooth animations.

We love your game we wish we were in it! Good job on the game.

We think this game is really fun its a challenge honestly we wouldnt change everything but we’ve been playing only a week or so and we havent seen any problems we have with it.

1:nothing to pay for 2:game is soooooo fun and after u read this download it Bye bye nothin else just sooo delish.

The best game ever thank you for making it Kauai theres not too many ads and theres so many kitties you can choose from and so many songs thank you!

We love this game so much and would love there to be less ads so its more game than ads. Also why are the cats eating ice cream we feel so bad for the cats beacause sometimes they rub their tummys and are fat after the song . And we would love there to be a custom cat maker. And can we ask for a update for more songs because we have completed all the songs other than the instrumental songs and now Im bored because there are no more songs that we havent done. And in the meow shop you get to hear the cats meow tone but then you equip them and if theyre on the left its high toned and right is low toned we would like if the cats you equip meowed to their tone. Other than that this is definitely % the best musical animal game we’ve downloaded. Keep up the good work!

Its just so funny and fun !!!!!!!

Jo//y goodddd but keyboard g/itched99.

We love this game its so fun and all ages could play its like a cuteness overload!

We normally do not actually leave reviews on games unless they are really good, so this deserves one. The game is really cute and there is a large collection of songs available so far as well as 33 different cats you can collect and use. Among our favorites are Shiro, Tom, Joey, Pumpkin, and Japanese Bobtail. Not only this, but there are 5 different food your cats can eat in the gameplay as well! The idea is fun and it was well made with a cute, happy looking art style and design, and the game is fun to play as well. People are complaining about ads but there arent that many, and the game is free meaning there needs to be some way to get money, so that isnt a problem. There are no glitches we are aware of and we havent seen anyone else mention glitches either. Overall, its a really good and cute game with so many fun, cool, and exciting aspects to it. It deserves all 5 stars we and many other people have given it. Great job on making it!!

We’ve been playing magic tiles and lots of other music games. When we found duet cats. A perfect experience to bond with other people and not just playing it by yourself. Make amazing sounding harmonies with just meows. We recommend duet cats to replace any other of your music games.

More songs and have people write the songs they want and make up songs.

This game is really hard but very fun so if you play this have very much fun.

This was a really cool game with a lot of different sounds to it, the kittens singing are adorable.

We love this game when we are down we just play this game and it makes us feel a lot better we just got a new cat that is so cute.

We love it all the people on our bus play it and there’s 40+ people!

Ill give it a five star review but it had a glitch we were watching a ad then this happened the ad would not close.

Im new to this game and its all ready so fun! We just picked the cats that looked like our cats and boom! We started playing!

We play it a lot and we love it already.

Great game and all but we always cry of 5 minutes when we lose because the cats look so cute but when they cry we start bawling our eyes out. btw we have a HUGE heart for animals please fix it.

First or all this app is free and really fun! The cats are so adorable we just love the music to, its the cats meowing the songs. The way they eat the food is so funny, there mouths get so big and chubby. We also love this app because you can change what kind of food they eat. There is sushi,ice cream, candy, and some other things if you like cats and music this is definitely the app for you! The only thing is sometimes when you watch an add then come back to the game, it makes this weird glitchy creepy noise. But other than that its AWESOME.

There Floppa. Us love Floppa. Cat too cute. Awesome music. Us love this app.

We rated 4 because there should be more songs on the cat album like Wellerman juke Box Hero one kiss all that stuff. Thank you, Sam.

Game is soooo cute! We’ve been playing for 2 hours strait & there are no flaws. You can play with your friends or by yourself too! We just wish that you could change the background of the levels so its not this ugly beige color. Please add this and Ill find a way to give 6 stars XD.

This game is super fun and relaxing with suoer.

So this is really a great game and if you ask us we would tell you to download unless youre not on Wi-Fi.

We love bury cats because its great for your left and right sides of your brain.

We love buey cats bc its really cute music.

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