Dungeon Warfare 2

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Dungeon Warfare 2


Dungeon Warfare 2 is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Jin Man Kim, Dungeon Warfare 2 is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 3rd April 2019 with the latest update 1st May 2019

Whether you are a fan of Action, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


331 people have rated 1.0.2

You can download the game Dungeon Warfare 2 from APP STORE.


Dungeon Warfare 2 is the definitive sequel to Dungeon Warfare, a challenging tower defense strategy game where you become a dungeon lord to defend your dungeons with the deadliest of traps and insidious contraptions against greedy adventurers and wannabe heroes.

Game Features

  • Physics-enabled tower defense mayhem
  • 33 unique traps with 8 unique traits for each trap
  • More than 30 unique enemies, each with a special trait
  • More than 60 handcrafted levels + an infinite number of procedurally generated dungeons
  • 5+ boss battles
  • Progression with experience providing passive upgrades for the traps as well as skill points
  • Three skill trees with 11 skills on each tree
  • Equipment system with more than 30 unique items
  • Mix your own difficulty by combining difficulty mode runes for more challenge & reward
  • Endless mode
  • Environmental Hazards

Updated on 1st May 2019


  • Added a feature that allows players to rapidly allocate skill points (press and hold the buttons)
  • Added S-Pen support
  • Improved app startup time and reduced memory usage
  • Various bug fixes

Dungeon Warfare 2 Reviews

This game is worth the asking price. Interesting towers. Good gameplay. Look forward to more from this developer.

We did not believe the reviews that said DW2 was better than DW1. Well it is. DW1 is a fantastic tower defense game, among the best. DW2 is a masterpiece of the genre. The game designer not only understands tower defense games well, he or she expands gameplay in new and interesting directions forcing you out of old tactics into new ones. Really the total package. If you love these types of games, download this one.

This is a great and challenging game. No iaps or ads, just hours of TD fun. Unique yet familiar and highly addictive.

Still looks good on current Gen screens too. Wish it still got content but this is still the best out.

This game is an incredible game and it doesnt pressure you to use real money if you want to win. Its fun and addictive and well crafted. GREAT GAMEEEE! We’ve spent A LOT of time playing this. Please let us sleep!!!! :D It has old school vibe and we adore it!

Played the crap out of this during the year of the COVID. It was fun and wasted time.

If you like tower defense at all, just buy this. It is incredible. We basically never leave reviews, but this is so good we had to do it!

Worth every penny. The game has a lot of content, so many maps, towers and skills combinations. One bug to report though, the skill called manufacturing allows you to reset the consumables, but we can’t seem to find the button to do it when playing.

We love this game, but: 1. Theres a bug that prevents completion of the Old Road map (tier 6, volcano map) 2. Crafting equipment seems broken. We hope the developer fixes these problems!

Every TD game seems to play the frustration-relief addiction con that makes people pay for the missing thing they need to win. Not this game. This game has deceptively old school graphics because the maps are huge and contain many units at once. We’ve played tons of TD and this game and its predecessor are the ONLY one we really enjoyed.

If you like TD games its well worth it!

We have spent more time on this than any other iPad game. Love it!

Great game. Definitely worth a download.

We thought we had played all the td games and then stumble across this hidden gem. What makes it so unique to the genre is the physicality of the traps, combos, and interactive maps. Top 5 td game in our book.

One of the best games available on iOS.

Behold! A fun game with no IAP that gives hours and hours of playtime. Great tower defense with cool skills and bonuses to unlock. And we will never get tired of hearing the bad guys scream as we shove them into pits of fire. Cant beat that.

One of the best tower defense games out there. The first game was awesome. If you’re coming from that the changes take a little getting used to, but it does make a better game. Lots of content and fun maps. Cool level up features. We love it.

Awesome game. No micro transactions or ads or paygates to speak of. Innovative, creates new and novel concepts. Every victory brings something new and creates new goals. Finally, a game on iOS that isnt a dumbed down clone of every other innovative game. A real, deep, strategic game that feels like a Triple A game release . A true rarity for a mobile game Developers, we commend you! Keep it up.

We’ve played pretty much every tower defense out there and this is it, boys, this is the best.

Wow, amazing, very very worth is 3 bucks or so, if youre a fan of defence games youll love this.

This game didnt even ask us to rate it. But it is so amazing. Best mobile game we’ve ever played. Beautiful sadistic dungeon making without the tedium.

This is tower defense perfection.

Can a tower defense game show off maximum iPhone graphic capabilities? By all means it can. Should it hour after hour, day in and day out? Most designers think so. Glad this one has strategy and not pretty battery-killing graphics as the most important part of the game. Big points for a ton of replayability on even the earliest levels, swashbuckling audio, a great layout and so much more. A+. It does get a little time-consuming figuring what items are what… Could you add a run number to each so they could be sorted by time acquired? Also The Grim disappeared after we completed an ethereal dungeon. Will it be back with more ethereals completed or is this a bug?

So many challenges, options, traps, items, power-ups, maps, enemies… We could go on. All of this WITHOUT the universally hated in-app purchases and/or ads.

We’ve been playing tower defense games for around 10 years now and this is the best one we’ve ever played. We love that you can customize the difficulty level using runes. It means that if you like a particular map, but its a little too easy you can replay it on the higher difficulty. While theres no story element, the game keeps you interested with different types of maps and end goals. There are maps with bosses, ephemeral maps, permanent maps, moving element maps, etc. In general, for every element in the game, theres a large variation of that thing. For instance, – tons of levels – loads of towers: fire, ice, spikes, hex, lightning, pulley, shredder, rocket, etc., etc. – different types of towers: apply on walls, apply on floors, temporary towers that disappear on activation (on a timer, dont have to waste money) – surfaces: walls, moving walls, temporary walls that can blow up, barricade tower that you can put in the way then build another tower on if you upgrade it enough – enemies, balloons (assume shout out to bloons), cars full of mobs, giants, rodents, soldiers, etc. – skills (yes on top of everything theres a skill tree and leveling system): 3 trees, upgradeable towers, difficulty gems, skill gems – pits: lava, black holes, water And we could go on. Im sure Im forgetting an entire section of game elements, also we dont even have time to describe how much you can engross yourself in the customization elements. We also love that theres no ads or add-ons, just good fun.

Will not disappoint. No in game currency traps. Just a great game thats worth the money.

Honestly we’ve played a ton of TD games even stemming way back to when it originated with Starcraft mods. The dungeon theme fits oh so well with this genre and Dungeon Warfare (2) doesnt pull any details. With this version, the addition of a skill tree is an awesome way to tweak the gameplay. The best part is if you dont like a particular setup, you may reset all your unlocked skill points with no consequence. Just plain fun. No micro transactions which to us is quite refreshing and reminds us of the way games should be.

We were a bit thrown off at first by the difficulty spike in this game but once we learned the new strategys we had a blast trying to figure out each level. This game is an amazing tower defense game and we cant wait for the next installment!

This is such an amazing game, great work guys!

Title says it all, have played tons of TD games and none have sucked us in like this one. No IAP, endless customization, tons of QOL improvements over the original. If you get at least one TD game this is it folks.

Im so used to being disappointed by iOS games that we couldnt believe how badly the first Dungeon Warfare game sucked us in. Dungeon Warfare 2 is a beautifully crafted sequel that, like many classic sequels, shows a developer fully coming to grips with his own game design. The first game was very fun and replay able but some aspects of the gameplay – especially towards the end of the game- were a bit rough. The second game has many cool new designs for enemies, traps, skills and other layers of managing your dungeon, and many of the rougher aspects of the first game are addressed directly by these changes. This is a great sign of a developer who lives and breathes his own work. Finally, the Dungeon Warfare games are perfectly suited to the iPad. (They work well on the larger iPhones too, if you need to kill some time, but its just better on the iPad). This game deserves a try from anyone who wants to support those guys who work hard to craft mobile games, even as they know their baby is going to be set adrift in a vast flood of half-assed mobile games. They have faith in people to spread the word about their game. All in all, cant wait for Dungeon Warfare 3.

This game is worth $5 and has a lot of replay-ability. Its a lot like gem craft. Update: we finished the game after a month and we probably have more things to explore but we maxed out a few fun traps like the dart trap and spinblade. Once we got enough levels we removed skill points on traps we didnt like and moved it over to better ones. By the end we had dart traps with 4 times the normal range and over 120 starting damage. We got soul steal and eventually had 633 attack damage. We also got the mastery skill up to 20 that increases damage by 100% for frozen units at max level Now that Im at level 200 we can focus on testing difficulty runes as we only picked the easy standard ones you can always select.

We just finished the level Dark Dungeon where we whacked our first boss and earned an extra consumable trap slot, when we were prompted to rate the game. Well played, good developers; well played. Allow us to whole-heartedly oblige. We’ve played our fair share of TD games starting back in the old days when Newgrounds. Com was just starting and we gotta tell you, this hits that craving we’ve been looking for of endless slaughter fests, intensive point distribution management, and placement strategy without sparing any of the tried-and-true TD mechanics one expects in this genre. We love the ahifting enviroment gimmick brought out in this game and the plethora of diverse traps; especially traps that move the enemy into the clutches of another trap. It all gives us a fair amount if play in strategical approach, providing more than one way to skin a cat (or peasent, warrior, etc). A solid purchase, well worth the money and a good dopamine for a gamer on the go :)

Credit to CGP Grey, this app got another $5 Seems nice so far but the graphics are a bit painful to adjust too Best on iPad 11 or larger IMO Thanks Grey!

The game is fun and much more challenging than the first installment. The only problem is that the game mechanics are not explained (not well enough in the Tips or Encyclopedia) and that impacts the ability to complete challenges. For example, getting the correct wrath level with no indication of where it is visible or how it is controlled.

We would pay for an upgrade to better HD graphics.

Adds so much good stuff. But this is more than counterbalanced by the bad. The maps just get dumb. 3 entrances and 3 exits. 15 different paths to protect. Oh and looks like you didnt notice wave 20 was flying units sorry. Waste an hour. You end up having to not make one single mistake which is so frustrating. You spend most of the game pausing. All the joy is sucked out in this version. Oh theres great things. But the best of it is when it plays like the first game. Its a shame. Because you really see what could have, should have been.

As the game progresses it becomes less and less stable. Playing on iPad Pro. Playing maps ranked in the high 60s and each one of them is unplayable. As soon as we get more than 200-300 concurrent baddies on the screen the game locks up frozen and then crashes. Sometimes we make it 100 waves or more and other times we barely get to 50. We tried ensuring we did not use any boosters to increase enemy count but alas each game crashes. Really enjoyed it for while it worked.

After playing DW2 for a few days, we realized how much we like the original game in comparison. This game, like a lot of sequels, tries to outdo the original. However, the result is not as fun to play. We can beat the levels and progress through the game, but the gameplay is more frustrating than anything else. Im all for a game trying to change some things up, but the changes were at the expense of what made the original fun to play.

We gave two stars because we loved the first game so much and we hope you fix this one. Game crashes when we select items. Please fix or refund.

This game is a hot mess compared to the first game. Developer’s making TD games sometimes go too far and make the mistake of going overboard with their creation. Too many choices and not enough stat points makes the game a major hassle to play. You have to reallocate tower and stat points to pass maps. Not a good design IMO. Nice try to improve your game, but some of us just like to play, not reallocate stat points because you decided to be cheap on handing them out. It’s not strategic, it’s a chore.

After tutorial it crashes. If you click "items" it crashes. We want our $5 back. Scam.

This game is one of the few mobile games that we feel like the price tag is much more than reasonable with how much there is to do. The amount of different strategies one can employ with just a handful of traps is staggering, the branching skill tree, and the equipable items give you anything from more life to a better chance of getting rarer equipment and rarer runes. The runes add a risk and reward system that gives you various negative effects in exchange for a larger multiplier of experience for the selected level. Our only wish for this game is for more traps because more traps has been proven to kill more adventurers.

Builds on everything in the already amazing first game. Lots to love here!

Buy the first one, play it all, then buy this sequel.

Let us start off by saying we are a long time fan of tower defense games, both on PC and iOS. We have played just about every TD game there is and Dungeon Warfare 2 is hands down the best one ever made. We have countless hours sinked into their first installment and loved every minute of it. This game is just like the first but amped up in every way possible. In depth trap upgrading systems, passive skill trees, items dropped for extra bonuses built around a magic find system, complex transmuting, a ton of exciting traps and well thought out levels. Even more ways to add experience bonuses by calling waves early, new enemy abilities to make you think even more about how to overcome them and beat the level. If youre a TD fan this is a must have. Developers are genius with their design and do not trick you with IAPs. One time buy and youre set for countless hours of challenging gameplay. 5/5 keep up the great work!

This second version of the game is miles ahead of the first one. Great RPG elements let you play the game on your own terms. Talent trees, gear, trap leveling, extremely entertaining. Just buy it!

Honestly, a super amazing game!!

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