Escape Challenge Level 8

Escape Challenge Level 8

Escape Challenge Level 8

Escape Challenge Level 8

Escape Challenge Level 8 Walkthrough for iPhone, iPad Android to help you solved this level.

  • Check the upper part of the cabinet on the right.
  • The clue is showing 5483 if you look carefully.
  • Tap in 5483 and collect a red color block.
  • Place it into the slot beside the cabinet.
  • Now check the lower part, it is showing degrees.
  • So tap and change to 135, 180 and 45 degrees to open it.
  • Collect a green color block and insert to another slot on the right.
  • Now check the upper part of the cabinet on the left.
  • Play the puzzle by spinning it and collect a star shape block.
  • Insert it into the slow beside the cabinet too.
  • Now check the lower part.
  • The puzzle is asking how many side of each shape.
  • Answer is 3, 2, 1, 5 and 4.
  • Tap in and open it to collect a blue color block.
  • Insert into the slot too.
  • Now tap the ball in the middle and it will turn on the power.
  • Collect a key from top and use it to open door.

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  • Gerald Banks

    I cannot figure out how to “SAVE” MY GAME PROGRESS. I keep having to start at the beginning when I come back to play.

  • mimmod

    Who is this smart ass who made up A=1 B=2, etc.?
    A man with some culture would think this makes no sense, whereas DD X and C can be interpreted as roman numbers.
    I like this game but this was the most stupid thing to guess.

  • Shaylala

    It’s 2131

  • tooo much time

    It works. Keep thinking

  • 7soon


  • Sam

    There is no screwdriver behind the 4 number code, but there’s a wrench

  • kp

    Can’t get passed 2103. Its not working

  • Sheila

    Please check this game because on level two some of the objects that is shown in the walkthrough is not showing on my HTC phone. In the second level there is no puzzle on the wall to change the value to 2103 or anything like it. I really like this game: so, please fix it. Uninstalling until fixed.

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