Exposed – Who’s Most Likely To

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:35 am

Exposed – Who’s Most Likely To


Exposed – Who’s Most Likely To is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Behind The App, Exposed – Who’s Most Likely To is a Trivia game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th March 2021 with the latest update 22nd November 2021

Whether you are a fan of Trivia, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


37,251 people have rated 2.0.1

You can download the game Exposed – Who’s Most Likely To from APP STORE.


Find out what your friends think about you and who they think is most likely to do absurd things.

Add each player’s name and let’s all be EXPOSED ! You just have to follow all the dares and challenges written, and this will spice up your parties, and even more!!!

To achieve this, all participants must download Exposed from the App Store. One player creates the game and invites friends into the party with the game PIN. Whether you are physically together or connected remotely with friends.

Exposed is :

  • a new way of looking at party games
  • +5000 truths, dares and challenges
  • 4 game modes to fits with every situations
  • an efficient clash generator and icebreaker

Updated on 22nd November 2021

  • add questions

Exposed – Who’s Most Likely To Review

When we tried to add our photo it wont let us and we deleted the app and downloaded it again and it still ain let us das a L.

Very severely good good makes us wanna.

Amazing fun game to play with friends late at nightalthough the best questions may be overpriced amazing game .)

We dont how to share the game pin without closing the app.

We think the idea is great itself but sometimes people dont have others to play with. So we think that they should do random servers. Yes we understand that question but how will we know them well enough. Well we think its should either answer some starter questions just random ones. Or that they should have a voice chat option that way they can talk their ways through the thing or they write a paragraph about themselves on their profile remember this is just a suggestion. Though we would be happy to find that it happened. Thank you for your time.

Great game so fun to pass time with friends.

This is the game Exposed. We would say its for 9+. You can play with your friends and family. The game is also very appropriate for ages 9+. You dont have to play with random people either! We let our 9 year old play with our 8 year old. Sometimes our kids cousins play the game with them! This game is very awesome for kids!

It was sooo fun to play with our friends!!! And theres a title so its age appropriate!!! Thank you !

Love the game great to play with friends.

It splits our keyboard so its limited letters and we cant join mucH games.

Its a good game but we wish we can do more people like 4 or 5 maybe 6.

We have a question how do you start.

The game is a blast and would be SO much fun to play with more people but we dont wanna have to pay $10 a week. Or even have an option for a lifetime purchase.

There’s some inappropriate question and this app is for 12+ so why are there inappropriate questions?

Its a good game but you shouldnt have to pay to get better questions.

Some of the questions are inappropriate, even for a 12 year old, but very fun to play with friends.

We were gonna buy your subscription because we thought it was 4.99 a month but then we saw it was 4.99 a week, which is very unreasonable for an app that we wont be using that frequently. Until you fix the price we wont be buying the subscription.

That was such a weird app we had some weird moments the caused us to feel weird so then we try to stop being weird but that is weird to bring this to concussion it was extremely WEIRD!!!

We mean kinda alright but pretty boring we guess its whatever man had fun for one time one time, sucky overall 2/5 (per the rating) will be removed from our phone now. Thanks for everything exposed. Till next time our love.

Not the best, they say its 9+ but it has some innipropite questions in there. We think there should be a setting to turn that off for kids. Also we should be able to write the. Questions themselves and have templates. But we do think the game looks nice and you can make a pfp, Wich is nice.

Its super fun but you have to pay to get more so thats a horrible thing to add.

We had a few simple laughs, but we found myself often confused and embarrassed. Id say it was decent but not great by any means. Hopefully, you can make more free subscriptions cause we cant afford them subscriptions.

Im giving it this rating because we only have one other person to play with, there no direction on how to start the game, and us and our friend couldnt play it at all. We havent even played the game at all yet.

The game is good, we tried out the free trial for 3 days. A week later im charged $10 FOR A 7 DAY FREE TRIAL. We had NO CLUE that this was going to happen, and we didnt put our card info on this app either. Do not download if you want to have a good game but pay a butt load of money for it.

When youre asking questions about porn, sex, oral sex. Etc it should say something. This is a young adult game.

Tested to see if this would be a good game for a party- its trash. Clearly designed to trick middle schoolers into subscribing for $5/mo.

It’s not letting us add a picture, you shouldn’t have to add a picture to play if it’s gonna bug out and make it unplayable.

It literally called us a slave.

We’ve gotten this app 3 times before and worked great up until now, when we purchased a 9.99$ subscription paid for it then removed the subscription so it wouldnt bill us again. We can no longer download apps because its still billing us for something we’ve paid for, to fix it we paid for the subscription again and and declined to see if it would work, NO it took our money and we cant download apps until we pay for something we’ve spent 20 dollars on we want a refund dont download this.

You want us and all of our friends to pay $4 for a game with typos and glitches every 4 founds? Simply not happening. Do better.

We were very unsatisfied with this app we saw the add on tiktok for your app. Us and our friend were board and we decided to get the app. We were instantly livid at your app we had to play money? For this app??? We didnt know we had to pay money. It should have been said in your add instead you wasted our time we could have spent doing something else. Very bad app 1-10 would not recommend. Dont download app its a scam. Quandale said he doesnt like it either and your a scammer.

You guys and your stupid trial took our money and we wasnt able to afford Christmas presents hope the worst for yall.

We hate it. You have to pay if you wanna play longer than three days. Not even a fun game anyways. Dont waste your time.

You cant have two iCloud connected on separate phones. Good job developers.

This game is advertised as a kids game and 12+ but there are many questions that are VERY inappropriate and we would not let our 13 year old play this game. We do not mind this game for older teenagers or adults but this is advertised to younger audiences. Not only that but they do not show any inappropriate questions in the advertisements so nobody knows about the inappropriate questions until they download the app so thats makes this harmful to young teenagers. If you are a parent PLEASE do your research on games before you let your kids use it. Please make the age rating higher or take out the inappropriate questions. We will make sure everyone we know who wants to download this game will know exactly what this game includes. Safe to say we were VERY disappointed.

Thats all we have to say. It will randomly stop working for some people in the middle of the game and its really hard to get more than 3 people to join. You have to reenter the code so many times to get in and we couldnt create a group but our friends could?

Tried all the categories several games with family. The questions are either extremely depressing or way too secsual. We give it 1 star because just because.

Some questions were inappropriate for younger children.