Extreme 500

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Extreme 500


Extreme 500 is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by James Swiney, Extreme 500 is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 18th December 2013 with the latest update 26th September 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Card, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


530 people have rated 3.7

You can download the game Extreme 500 from APP STORE.


Extreme 500 is the classic game of 500, with a fresh elegant simplistic design.

Bid, Pass and Trump your way to victory, playing the traditional 4 player partnered 500 or a cutthroat 3 player solo 500. With and against intelligent and challenging Ai.

Play your way! Choose from three different scoring systems and choose how many cards in your deck.

Updated on 26th September 2021

Extreme 500 now runs at 120fps on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Extreme 500 Reviews

While there are issues (original scoring is wrong, misere bid by opponents locks game after first hand, etc.), its still an enjoyable version of the game.

Wont let us change type of 500 Vjsggeez.

The computer partner does not play to win. We can not figure out why it plays the cards it does at times. For example the other team leads with a joker, computer partner plays the right bower. The opponent then plays the left bower and the computer partner plays a queen of trump. We could have won a trick if played the other way around. Seems like doesnt play lowest card if cant take the trick.

We are still unhappy we cannot move our cards around before we bid. We like to put our cards in the order we want to see them to bid. The only time you can move cards is if you take the bid. We have not played the actual card game with friends for quite a while. Rather than 3 cards to change when you get the bid, we thought it was 5. Hope you can change these things because we love playing the game. We like the new changes you have made to show bids on the table. Why doesnt your player give you 3 of her cards when Nelly or misere is bid? That is what happens in the real game.

We dont know who wrote this program but they obviously have no understanding of how to play it. All our comments are with us playing the computer only. The programmer has no comprehension as to how to make bids. For example we may only need 10-30 points and the opponent is way behind, and they both have passed, so logically you would at most make a 6 bid to win the game. But not this programmer he has our so called partner bid 8 and then really didnt have the cards to bid even 6. Then as previously stated in a review our partner will play a card that the hand is already ours and then cause us to be set. It is very frustrating playing this game with the programmers total lack of understanding on how to play cards!!! We would recommend this game only if you are going to play online and then that brings another total set in illogical programming idiotic things.

Please fix the app so the partner does not come back immediately with a joker when playing a no thump hand. Very annoying to bid no trump and have a hand full of a suit and then have the partner put a joker on it taking the trick. There is no way to get back into the bidders hand when this is done. PLEASE FIX THIS FLAW! Thank you.

Are there any real people that play against each other. All Im seeing is a computer partners on both sides. The computer takes all the good cards and leaves crappy ones for us like almost every hand. Thats not right. We paid money for this game. Its not even a challenge if computer going to win all the time.

Love playing to hone our skills!

We are interested to know what the S, A, B and F ratings mean. Love the game.

Love the game and play a lot. It is the best 500 bid game we’ve found. However theres a couple of things that need fixed in the algorithm. Computer players can bid Misare (we always called it Nello), even when its a lower bid than our bid. No matter what we bid, if one of the computer players bids misare they get the bid. Also, would like to see your computer partner not play the joker on No Trump when we play an ace. Happens all the time on No Trump. Those are the 2 biggest flaws that we have found.

We LOVE this game and definitely appreciate the app. However, the computer sometimes makes plays that would make no sense in real life…. 1. Computer will lead off a new hand with off suit aces instead of playing the joker first to start to draw trump out. 2. When opposing team is obviously out of trump, computer/partner will pull us out of trump even when there are boss suit plays (they have an off suit ace, off suit king is good, etc). This happens even when it is shown/known opposite team is out of trump (not just because of the card/trump counts). 3. There are lots of issues where no trump or misere is called. Partner will use joker on our ace (messing up a run) or will use joker instead of throwing off on a misere defense. We’ve been trying to particularly practice those types of hands so we can play better the next time we play with our family and its hard to hone tactics when the computer will make bad plays.

Game mechanics work fine. Half the achievements do not trigger. Glitchy when you navigate away from the game and back.

  1. Option that requires winning contract to win game doesnt seem to work. We won our bid but the opponent reached 500 in points and was declared the winner. 2. Winning Misere does not credit us with an achievement. 3. Would like to see score persist on all screens. When we have the bid window theres no indication of current score. 4. Would love to see win/loss record and other stats.

There are some serious issues with the algorithm. No-Trump: The joker is always played by the computer players when you play a spade. You can play the ace of spades and even your partner will take the trick with the joker! (Not how it should happen). It goes vis versa as wellyou play the joker and everyone else plays a spade if they have one. Oh, and the opponents wont play the joker until the last card, if you happen to not play a spade in the round. There are other quirks as well, but we dont have the time to get into it. If you play this app too often, you might forget how to play in real life.

This game is not worth playing. Cards are always generated in favor of the house. Dont waste your time.

Excellent AI, and the computer makes fewer mistakes than the mugs we play with in real life. A couple minor changes would be really nice, in order of most wanted: 1) auto ordering cards in our hand. 2) when deciding which cards to pick from the kitty, we cant manually order cards. 3) allow 6 bids to be called but not played (inkle bid) 4) puts some smarts behind previously-played cards. For example, if Im the only one with hearts left and pulling in tricks, dont have our partner trump that run.

Really enjoy the game. Its one our family always played growing up. Only significant problem seems to be with the misare bid, especially when the computer bids it. Once the computer bids, you cannot win the bid, no matter how high you take your bid. Recently we bid 8, then 9, then 10 No Trump and the computer kept bidding misare.

We’re all for supporting creative small businesses and innovation, but we think this app could use a lot of help. First, it doesn’t seem to allow you to play other live players, which is disappointing. We guess we’re spoiled by the big companies like Zynga. Secondly, the algorithms for both partners and opponents are not particularly intelligent, so it gets frustrating fast. If the game was at least sharpening our skills, we might play it to improve our own game, but intead we’ve found another app.

We love the game of 500, but we hate honestly playing this application. Our partner (computer) doesnt understand the concept of not playing highest card, if we already am winning the round. Especially, when he comes back out in the same suit with a smaller card, then loses. Not to mention, the other team ALWAYS seems to beat our ace (not trump), with trump, because they never have an off suit. Same with the joker. They ALWAYS have the joker.. Every single time. Just frustrating. Same crap every game. Dont get this application. Save your money and just play with friends.

Good practice for playing. Had not played in years and this is helpful for bidding and score. Worth the price.

We’ve played 500 bid all our life. This game is so frustrating. So many glitches to work out. Start with bidding. If your opponent bids 8 spades, it wont let you bid nello. If your partner bids 7 diamonds and you bid 8, and you get the bid, and you both are the only ones with diamonds, it keeps leading diamonds, drawing all your trump. The computer will throw out a guarded king first and so many other bad moves. We scream every time we play. Your partner will bid 8 diamonds (or any suit) with no bowers or the joker and lead with an off trump suit. Uggg.

Great ap. So happy to play the game as we learned it decades ago. Scoring options, game options, very good. 3 handed Cutthroat mode is a blast.

The fundamentals are there and it is the best 500 card game out there, but there are definitely some improvements that could be made. It would be nice if you could adjust the AI skill level and aggressiveness. Currently, the AI follows basic playing fundamentals, but lacks the more advanced strategies. Also, the AI almost never bids! Part of the fun is taking bidding risks!

Best cards at consistently dealt to the opposing team. Bets are unrealistic (too high for actual hand composition). It can be fun to play, but we frequently quit mid-game because of the consistent junk Im dealt when the opponents are being dealt all the great cards.

Hi James – great work on the game, its awesome! A few minor improvements to the partners game-play could make it so much better however. 1. Calling as many tricks as needed to win: Why does our partner insist on calling the highest number of tricks possible when we only need a smaller number to win? Example – were on 490 points, no one else bits yet our partner goes straight to 8 hearts (invariably losing) when only 6 was needed? 2. Wasting high cards. The partner seems to play their highest card even if it is going to lose. Example – the opposition plays the joker, although our partner cannot win they still play a jack/ ace etc while they hold lower cards. The next hand the opposition plays a lower card which we could have beaten… 3. In line with the above, when the opposition is leading our partner seems to treat jacks of the same colour (left or right) as regular jacks – and as such throws them off instead of the queen, king or ace trump cards (if theyre holding any). Thanks.

Why oh why does our partner keep pulling trump when we are the only ones with trump left in our hands? So when there are 6 cards left to play, we only get three tricks instead of a potential of 6. It doesnt make sense!

How do you sign in to save your achievements A player would never lead with a joker when playing no trump.

It would really be nice if the cards were put in a suit order. And the trump Suit place at the right side. Also, when trying to set the one that has the bid, when the trick is already won by someone who isnt the bidder, the remaining players still try to win the trick. It is very annoying. Please do something about that so the game will be realistic and a lot more fun to play.

Does not play correctly with partner. Does not give the right cards in widow. Needs improvement.

Happenened again. Bid 7 hearts made 8 and was given the score if 60 ??… Dont know if it means anything to write you because this is our third time to write. After paying for your app you would think you would do something about the errors on your app. And also about your partner pulling all your trump out of his partner when the opponents are out of trump. A. [email protected] could be a good game and app if you would just correct a few things.

Had other 500 game that was not nearly this good. We love a five card blind and this game has flexible settings!

Im really enjoying the app, its good for us to keep us in the game between get togethers with friends. Its simply designed and it works easily. We would like to see a review feature. There are card game apps with the functionality that reviews the hand played as its played, and after the hand as a review. The game goes around so fast, a look back on what cards were played would be very helpful. Also, a running score as the game progresses. But mainly the review of cards played. We think that would be a great addition. Thanks!

Not bad but there a couple things we dont like. Its almost impossible to win with a partner. Our partner is constantly making bids where he gets 3 tricks but he bid 8 or 9. Its ridiculous! Also, sometimes your partner plays cards very stupidly. Anyone who plays the game holds onto higher cards when they dont lead. Our partner always throws high cards no matter what. One game we threw a card in the suit and our partner threw an ace in another suit. The next hand we threw a card that was in the suit he threw previously, he threw a 4 in another suit! No one who plays the game, whether throwing off or not, would not play the game that way!!!!! You make the partner super dumb and the other computers super aggressive and smart. At least smarter than our partner.

Its a good game. Also really appreciate the updates.

The free 500 we were playing before this had better gameplay but chose not to continue updating. So we ended up buying this app. We like that you can customize it so that it fits the way we were thought too play. We dont like that it doesnt arrange the crew for you depending on what is trump.

Wish the strategy of this game was better, especially when playing in the partner mode. There is no need to continue playing your trump when your opponents are out of trump. All that does is take you and your partner out of trump when its unnecessary. Also, when playing misare, you only need to play a card thats under the highest card, doesnt always mean you have to play the lowest card in your hand. A lot more bids would be won if the strategy of this app was improved.

Last update fixed one sorting problem, but created another. It now doesnt sort the cards when they are dealt. It now is really hard to bid.

The app is alright for the most part. We agree that the cards could be a bit larger/ easier on the eyes, the cards do go off to the left of the screen, the AI of the partner could be better ie. Bidding without the bars, but the the most annoying thing for us is that we cant bid no trump. Our only option is misere.

Please include six handed five hundred with the 4 handed five hundred and 5 handed five hundred and 3 handed five hundred card games with a opinions in the game menu.

We like the fact that there is a 5 blind! Would be nicer if the cards were a tad bit bigger hard on old eyes… Would be nice when you accept the blind cards that they would go into the correct order instead of the suits all over the place. Other than that its a good game and the ai isnt bad.

We enjoyed playing 500 but some of the things needed: 1. The screen overlay when you are bidding tells you the highest bid but also HIDES your partners bid – which is a very important thing to know when playing 4 player. Also helps to know any other bids for planning strategy. 2. Cards still move off left of screen 3. Rearrange our cards in a meaningful way. If you take hidden cards, they are place where the cards you replaced were. So, you wind up with the joker in the middle of your diamonds and spades and your heart run looks like 6,7,8, 5 of spades, 9, 10, queen of clubs. Diffuicult to plan out when you cant areange your cards. 4. Partner has bid 8 of a suit with no jacks or jokers in their hand. Not good AI.

Things that need to be fixed. Nullo bidding is broken (e.g. Will not let us bid over a nullo bid like 9 )! Bid dialog hides current bid, score, and who bid what so there is no context for a bid. Touching a card in the hand forces some cards off screen and are inaccessible. Partner draws us out of trip when E/W is out of trump. No support for inkles. Partner wastes high/cards when we have a trick.

Basic 500 game works quite well and is easy to play. Would like to see options such as speeding up dealing, sound toggle, more aggressive bidding.

We cannot recommend this app to anyone as there are no options to change anything. And by anything we mean anything! You can’t even change the sound to turn it off with in the game, let alone any of the other options that a serious 500 player would want to have in a game! For example, not being able to limit a bid to seven, not allowing rebids within a hand, and not allowing miser to be bid. Really regretting the 2.50 we spent on this one.

We love 500 Bid. Have played it since we were a kid. We’re glad the writer tried but it’s just average. We would rate higher if you could see all four cards that were played instead of on a pile on top of each other. It’s so fast we can’t remember what card our opponent just played. Each card played should be put down in front of the player and when all four have played the four cards would form a + sign so all four can be viewed at the same time. Also PLEASE regroup our hand by suits and in descending order after swapping with the cards in the nest. Also the Ai is horrible. Our partner trumps us and NEVER has he won misere, yet he keeps bidding it. Come on bro fix these issues. We paid good money for this junk!

Things to do to fix the game 1). Scoring for misare (nello) is wrong. If bidder fails, his trick totals should be points for opponents. 2). Computer strategy for misare is non existent. It plays lowest card no matter what. 3). Your partner almost never bids. He had joker, right and left Bauer, and several lower Damond’s and passed. Easy 8 or 9 bid. 4). Partner play is sometimes good and other times terrible. He ducks tricks he can take. Pulls trump when opponents are out. 5). No trump hands should make you follow suit when you have joker. You play ace and AI plays joker and then leads king. Things to make it better. 1). Allow 5 player call your partner. 2). Allow double misare (double nello). 3). Misare should allow partner give you one card like Hoyle. Double and you get to pass kitty to partner after hand is set. Also 4). Computer needs to learn to short suit. Computer seems more likely to keep 2 kings than one king and protection for king and ditching the other suit. 5). Computer never keeps protection. If computer has 2 kings and protection card for one of them…. With both aces out there. It will keep both kings which will lose without protection instead of one king and the smaller card of same suit.

No user controls. No speed control, no animation control. Slow play, slow deal, AI partner never increases bid of partner. AI makes conservative bids so not very challenging at times.

Product not as advertised. We want our money back. You cannot play multiplayer. The scoring is incorrect. The team that does not make the bid does not get 10 pts per trick when the other team makes their bid, only when the other team does not make their bid. There is no link to game enter as promised. Many promised features simply do not work or do not exist. This game does not HAVE ANY OPTIONS… ZERO DON’WASTE YOUR MONEY.

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