Family Feud Buzzer

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Family Feud Buzzer

Family Feud Buzzer

Family Feud Buzzer is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Imagination Entertainment Pty Ltd, Family Feud Buzzer is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 22nd May 2019 with the latest update 16th December 2020

Whether you are a fan of Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Family Feud Buzzer ?

252 people have rated 1.1.3

What is the price of the Family Feud Buzzer ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Family Feud Buzzer released ?

Family Feud Buzzer was released on 22nd May 2019.

When was the Family Feud Buzzer updated ?

The latest updated date of Family Feud Buzzer on 16th December 2020.

Where can Family Feud Buzzer be downloaded ?

You can download the game Family Feud Buzzer from Apple Official App Store.



Use the Family Feud Buzzer app to play along with the Family Feud board game by Cardinal and Imagination Gaming.

There are two modes within the app:

The host mode can be used during all rounds. Only one player can be the host at any one time. The host reads the questions and reveals the answers and point values. To use the app in host mode, select from two sound options to confirm if an answer is the correct answer or wrong answer.

The player mode can be used during Face Off rounds. Multiple players can use the buzzer to ‘buzz in’ with an answer during Face Off rounds.

Updated on 16th December 2020

Added Gamestar Notice

Family Feud Buzzer Review

Whoever says this app has no sound all you need to do is wear AirPods or wired headphones or if not then turn your device off silent mode. In silent mode the sound of this app wont work. You need to turn off silent mode or wear AirPods or headphones to hear sound from this app.

We havent even opened the app and we can tell this is meme worthy.

This is the only thing in life we can rely on these days. Our girlfriend dumped us, our dog died due to swallowing a Lebron James action figure, and Steve Harvey got cancer for the 8th time. When we saw this app, we were wondering… Will this app betray us like everything else in life. We downloaded it hesitantly… Watching in desperation, wondering if it will live up to our high expectations. Needless to say it worked flawlessly and fulfilled our highest of expectations. 2/5, could have better graphics and more emphasis on multiplayer.

Just a red and green square. No sound effects.

Just buttons no actual game WHYY!

This is EXACTLY what we were needing for our family games that have 2 people or teams playing against each other to answer first. We love that the sounds are actually the same ones you hear on the TV game show. This is perfect. (I too, was about to delete the app thinking that it didnt work because we had increased the volume all the way but couldnt hear any sounds, but you have to also make sure your phone isnt on silent mode.)

Alright so this app is really good, for the people who dont understand its literally a buzzer app for a card game its not a video game its a app for a card game so dont be confused its really kinda useful.

This app has everything but an automatic timer that would make a buzzer go off if someone is taking too long to answer.

We dont know why people dont like it. Its perfect for the game or even just a question game by itself. We like the host mode and the player mode and they are just like the game. It was perfect for a question game that we did with our family. We had so much fun! Also, there was not a single ad! Get this app! Its perfect!

THIS IS FOR THE BOARD GAME YOU RETARDS we MAY SOUND LIKE A KID JUST WRITING REVIEWS NAW NO be smart guys this is for a board game retype your review and try again.

Many people think this a game by itself but its for the family feud board game And it really helps.

We think it needs the winner sound.

Buzzer works and everything else works! You need to make sure your sound is on tho.

All this app is supposed to do is make a sound when the user clicks on one of three buttons. Make sure your phone is not on Silent!!

We open the app, cant play. We can toggle between player mode and host mode, but cant get beyond that. What am we doing/not doing? Help.

We cant get it to play all it gives us is player mode and host mode how do you get it to work?

There was absolutely no sound. We turned our volume all the way up and then reopened the game. We have no idea what is wrong with this app!!

You need to make sure your ringer is not muted and the sound effects will work. It sounds just like the real game and the kids had a blast while playing .

We play this with our kids and we have the upmost of fun and we play all the time and we like to look at Steves cute face and listen to the buzzer and the amazing sounds that we can listen to for hours.

Used it for an at-work round of the feud. Buzzer and answer noises worked well and added to the enjoyment. Thanks for the app. :)

We can hit the buttons but no sounds are being played. This app is terrible.

The only semi accurate sound is the buzzer. Waste of storage!!!

How can you not have 2 buzzers????

There is no sound. Disappointing.

Disappointed with the app. Bought the game because it said we can download the buzzer app. We wanted to use it for our Christmas party.

No wonder it downloaded so fast it only has unaccurate sounds and doesnt even let you play.

We would pay money for the real sound effects… Thank God it was free. Deleted.

Why canit we play the game it stuck on the red buzzle.


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