Family Feud® Live!

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:48 am

Family Feud® Live!


Family Feud® Live! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Umi Mobile Inc., Family Feud® Live! is a Social Networking game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th May 2017 with the latest update 13th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Social Networking, Trivia, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


43,480 people have rated 2.19.9

You can download the game Family Feud® Live! from APP STORE.


Play Family Feud any way you’d like! With 6 game modes to choose from, there’s something there for everyone!

Answer the best Feud surveys and play in the best gameshow ever! Master the questions and win all the coins for yourself!

Rather play Fast Money Rounds? Now you can! Win more coins per minute, and get a bonus if you and your opponent’s score combines to over 200 points, just like in the show!

Prove that you’re the ultimate Feuder to win huge coin prizes and medal awards. Play against the best of the best to get the gold medal!

Pick someone to play and chat with in friendly games together. With over 1.5 million new friends made while playing, Family Feud Live! is the best way to connect with someone YOU want to play with!

Win matches to gain experience points. Can you reach the exclusive “superstar” level?


  • 4 game modes!
  • Test your Feud skills and take your opponent’s coins
  • Over 2,500 Brand New Surveys
  • All-New Live Gameplay
  • Laugh with your opponent using our FREE In-Game Chat

Are you and your match ultimate Feuders? Play NOW for FREE!

Family Feud Live! offers monthly subscriptions at USD $4.99

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Updated on 13th April 2022

Family Feud Live is back with a brand new update!

  • Bug fixes, gameplay enhancements, and optimisation for a smoother experience.

Survey says… AWESOME!

Family Feud® Live! Review

We think its a fun game it can get tricky at times but overall its a cool game you can actually learn alot off of it! 10 out of 10.

We love this game. Only one problem. It freezes mid game. We are not able to answer or continue the game and still takes our tickets. Thats such a bummer.

But we updated it yesterday & it won’t let us access our account (it just shows our level?) nor invite/text anyone, it just shows "friend" under everyone… … Anyways main thing is that we can’t play with any of our friends now :((

The new update freezes up, has a glitch, move slowly.

Lately, there have been so many glitches. It subtracts your coins as if youre going to play, then it freezes up so you cant even play. It also takes one of your playing tickets when that happens. It only started happening with this new version. They need to get the bugs fixed.

We love playing this game. However, after the latest update (2.19), there have been small problems. When we start a game, it ends up taking our coins and not taking any of our answers. The X isnt even popping up. Please fix this, thank you !

The game itself is fun, but the tickets you need to play most of the games take a long time to regenerate. Also, the game crashed in us quite a bit and anytime it did we would lose the coins we had used to play the game it crashed during. We got frustrated enough that we uninstalled even though we enjoyed the game itself.

The spin that you occasionally get for more coins or tickets only lands on about three different options every single time. It also doesnt recognize correct answers. One examplethe answer was break bone, we put broken bone and it didnt accept it. That would have been a clear correct answer in real family feud.

Why make us buy coins if we can only play with tickets. What kind of game is this. We wasted $5 to play again a d the coins can’t be used – please explain or give us our money back.

The game is ok but since the update it froze multiple times. There arent many tickets to use to begin with so its really annoying when they are taken but the actual game doesnt happen.

Family Feud is a fun TV show but the game, leaves a lot to be desired. 1. The keyboard is outright AGGRAVATING. Typing on the Apple keyboard is a pleasure compared to the outright hellpit that is the Feud Keyboard. The keyboard magnetizes to typos, even when you think you hit the right letter. (Devs: FIX YOUR BLOODY TAP TARGETS OR SWITCH TO APPLE KEYBOARD!) 2. The tickets refill way too slow for the industry. Comparable apps like Wheel of Fortune and others recharge tickets in a half hour per ticket. Two hours is ridiculous, one hour seems more sensible, 30 minutes is generous. (Devs: 7 ticket bump is nice. Now make them recharge a bit faster. 1 hour recharge is our recommendation.) 3. The questions are ridiculously monotonous and repetitive. This distorts the gameplay by practice memory effect becoming a major player. There is not enough variety in the questions and often times answers are horribly specific. If we answer Violin, it means Playing Violin or doing anything with the Violin. Yet Feud demands Playing Violin for the answer. This is just one example of answer relations being absurd. A perfect hallmark failure is typing in diapers and having it give clothes for an answer on the board, because since when were diapers clothing?! (Devs: Seriously? Redo the entire question pool from the ground up. Rip the database out of the app and redo it because what youve made is garbage.) 4. Again the monotony and repetitiveness, this game offers no board maker or round creator, such community sourcing of puzzles might be helpful. Even having like Wheel of Fortune ability to create and share custom board links would be a step in the right direction. (Devs: User created content. Wheel of Fortune features puzzles from users. Wheel of Fortune is constantly expanding the game and the puzzles.) 5. Buggy tired interface and application. The application has constant issues with users showing up as Apple or Guest. This is a bug and should be fixed. The design of the app is dated and the keyboard design is woeful to the point we must mention it twice in the same review! This app can be enjoyed in its current state BUT it is very annoying in gameplay so dont expect to have long sessions with it. We can only handle about 15 minutes before we want to throw our phone in the trash.

We hate hate hate the in game keyboard its clunky and squished together we want our own keyboard. Also the game isnt compatible with smaller phones there needs to be a patch for the iPhone mini phones because a lot of the content gets cut off.

We get frustrated with this game because if you dont have the wording exactly as the answer is written, its wrong. For example the given answer was baby seat but our answer of car seat was incorrect.

We love playing this game but periodically the game will freeze up and we wasted a whole ticket for nothing. Its happened to us at least a handful of times. Its annoying to say the least. We wish they would fix that.

Tickets take wayyy too long to refill, and theres a lot of stupid questions that often repeat; doesnt simulate the original Family Feud whatsoever, but its a great time-passer.

Its a fun entertaining game but our answers are either too specific or not specific enough. You can say using phone for one question and it will take it then if you say phone for a different question it would want you to say text or call.

We wont leave a long review like everyone else. Its fun! We like that during the game you can interact with the other player by texting with them. Although, after the update we’ve had a hard time being able to invite people to play with. The ticket system is a bit frustrating because of the long wait when you run out. There are some repeating questions but we mean its not all the time. Last thing, we’ve been having some trouble connecting and logging onto the game. Maybe something with the server.

We like the game, its almost like the real deal. However we absolutely despise the keyboard used!!! We wish it would let us use our own keyboard from our phone. The keyboard absolutely lags & it misses so many letters or outs the wrong one that we end up taking too long for an answer and miss it or spells it incorrectly. Definitely need to fix that, we deleted the game because it was so frustrating typing. If it wasnt for that Id score it way higher because its a fun game.

Since the latest update to the app there has been lots of glitches. Sometimes it will freeze mid game and we would end up losing those coins and there is no way to get them back and because of this we’ve been playing the game less. We have an iPhone 12Pro Max with iOS 15.4.1.

We agree that they should just have one – tickets or coins. And that they should have the game sequentially the same as the Feud on TV. But we still loved it a lot. But we get frustrated when Im winning and the game stops working and we can see the opponent score but it wont take our answers. We restart and nothing helps. And now the new UPGRADE (while it added some good things) made it worse. It does the problem described above way more often! Every other game! And now it takes a lot longer to find an opponent. What happened?

The game is okay but its taking our gold coins while playing and freezing in the middle of a game.

Its fun to play, but there are lots of glitches in the game. If it disconnects for some reason or glitches in the middle of a game, you lose the coins you were playing for without actually losing to your opponent. We used to play this every day, but Im done playing cause of all the glitches. Its just frustrating. Try a different game. We lost 26,000 coins to glitches tonight.

The game was ok at best before the update with some glitches. Since the update its been glitching a lot more and freezing up. Suggestions would be to resize the game so it fits on multiplayer screen sizes and is not cut off on the side. Another is to have the speak to text option seems only fair being the actual game is played by blurting out answers. Not sure at this time if we will keep the app due to recent freezing and answer response issues. Maybe dial back the graphics to free up more processing code for the actual game to run properly.

This was a fun game until the most recent update. You cant chat with people anymore. Also we always get paired up with Guest.

We really enjoy playing this game, however it freezes / glitches very often. We’ve lost lots of tickets and over 300,000 coins due to mid game glitches. Very frustrating.

Game is fun, but gosh darn it we cant figure out how to play with our buddy Armando. Good guy, great head of hair, enormous head size. We just want to have some fun. Extremely annoying . Im in disarray.

The game is fun but they have too many technical issues that we just cant get pass which made us delete the app. While youre playing after, so many games youve played youll experience the keyboard not picking up your answers you type in which will cause you to lose. It happened to us plenty if times and it was very frustrating when we were playing for 60k. You dont even get your money back. Though its just a game we dont want to lose if we couldve won. Thats our only issue with this app. Fix it please or youll lose lord customers.

If you dont have the proper connection you will begin a game and can not participate. Which means you lose coins and tickets (which are hard to come by). You just sit and watch another player get points while you lose.

We love playing this game dont get us wrong. There is nothing wrong about tickets or anything. Its the fact that it glitches a lot! We would win our coins and try to play until it glitches and we loose about 8,000 coins. It is so annoying and it hasnt been the first time!

First off we really like the game but every time we try to play certain ones the whole game just closes completely so we lose our coins and a ticket. Problem 2 is it takes too long to reload tickets like 15 mins would be a great time to reload each ticket. Besides that its good we dont wanna delete the game just get those problems fixed. Problem still not fixed a year later !!! The games crashes too often and you dont get your coins or tickets back ! And on the iPhone 13 pro max the game board doesnt fit on the screen properly its zoomed in and you can never see the complete answer or how many points you get. We love the game just the minor things yall dont seem to care about!

Fix it Im tryna play with ppl n it dont let us fix it it was fine how it was.

Its fun when it works. Was forced to update the app for continue playing on Wednesday. On Thursday, after using 20k coins, the app freezes and our responses are not being recognized. We watched as the other player wins the round. But nothing happens after. The screen freezes for over 5 minutes until we force close the game. We go back immediately & can play but lost the 20k in coins. We play with small amounts to test and everything seems to work fine. We open the game tonight and bet 6000 coins. The game repeats the defect. We cannot enter answers we lose the round and wait t see if the next round will start. It doesnt. Lost of play and coins. So we wont pay for gameplay again until the issues are fixed.

We love the game but it glitches all of the time. Sometimes your answers dont process or the game just freezes and you cannot continue to the next round. So there go your tickets and coins for nothing.

We really enjoy this game as just a mindless thing to do. Yeah, the answers repeat, but its a free game so we dont expect endless content. However, we cant recommend this game to anyone because of the bugs. Maybe 1/3 of the time that we play a game, in the middle of a round, we will suddenly stop being able to enter any answers. They just dont register, while our opponent keeps being able to play. If its a tournament, we end up losing, and if its a normal game, it totally stops working after that round. With the way the game refills tickets so slowly, its incredibly disappointing to be losing games, tickets, and coins because of this constant malfunction. We even got the VIP free trial because we wanted to be able to play more often but theres no way we can stay subscribed when this is happening. We’ve probably lost at least 20 tickets this way in the past few days.

Tickets run out quickly and they take to long to regenerate. They also are way overpriced to buy. Also we experienced a time when we were playing fast money and wagered 2500 coins and only had one ticket left. We typed in answers and submitted them and they would not let us respond. It would only let us pass the questions. We lost our last ticket and 2500 coins for a game we could have won .


Ever since we were forced to update this app, it now has a glitch where that annoying page flipping sound (that plays when selecting your opponent) plays through the entire game! We have to turn our volume off bc we cant stand it.

When we type in answers it wont let us press it. Lost a lot of coins and tickets.

Had no option but to update the app if we wanted to play, and now it glitches. We will start a game, can still type and select answers, however it doesnt put any of our answers down, we even use our coins to get a freebie and nothing. It takes our tickets and our coins. Then we have to refresh the app to play again. Its now happened 4 times today.

After the update 2 days ago we started having problems with the game taking our wager and then stalling, not matching us with anyone to play or not allowing us to enter any answers and move on to the next question in the fast money game so we ran out of time and lost. This didnt happen before the update. The message that pops up with some opponents that says Sorry Im busy right now is also new and strange. Please fix.

It was great until this last update. Now the game freezes, wont post your answers, wont add to your stars and steals your tickets. Highly disappointed.

Frozes in the middle of the game.

We hate that there is no sound. We hate that the keyboard is awful. We hate that when you play fast money you can get an already answered on your answer. But also get it more than once. They couldnt have answered two things. All in all it was fun for a few minutes but its really not worth it. Id rather watch reruns of the actual show rather than play this.

You need a fly swat for this game bc there be more bugs than in a dirty basement.

Too many bots in tournaments that know the #1 answer and cause you to lose.

It constantly freezes, kicks us out and gives errors.

What was the purpose of the update? Theres more delays than ever and we’ve lost so much money because it freezes and doesnt let us enter our answers.

Love this game. But more times than not it doesnt work. Wont let you submit answers and you lose tickets.

The app needs to be updated asap. Im getting annoyed. Ill play two games and itll go fine then by the third or fourth game it stats off well and around round two it just freezes. Like the other player is still shooting out answers and the timer is still going, but when we type our answer and hit ok they dont go through and when we spent coins in a match they dont work. We have to close the entire application and restart it but when we do Im no longer in our match and all our coins is used are gone and no given back to us. This is getting annoying, we’ve lost a lot of coins for issues on your behalf.