Family Feud® Live!

Last updated on November 23rd, 2022 at 03:15 pm

Family Feud® Live!

Family Feud® Live!

Family Feud® Live! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Umi Mobile Inc., Family Feud® Live! is a Social Networking game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th May 2017 with the latest update 8th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Social Networking, Trivia, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Family Feud® Live! ?

46,622 people have rated 2.20.7

What is the price of the Family Feud® Live! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Family Feud® Live! released ?

Family Feud® Live! was released on 24th May 2017.

When was the Family Feud® Live! updated ?

The latest updated date of Family Feud® Live! on 8th June 2022.

Where can Family Feud® Live! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Family Feud® Live! from Apple Official App Store.



Play Family Feud any way you’d like! With 6 game modes to choose from, there’s something there for everyone!

Answer the best Feud surveys and play in the best gameshow ever! Master the questions and win all the coins for yourself!

Rather play Fast Money Rounds? Now you can! Win more coins per minute, and get a bonus if you and your opponent’s score combines to over 200 points, just like in the show!

Prove that you’re the ultimate Feuder to win huge coin prizes and medal awards. Play against the best of the best to get the gold medal!

Pick someone to play and chat with in friendly games together. With over 1.5 million new friends made while playing, Family Feud Live! is the best way to connect with someone YOU want to play with!

Win matches to gain experience points. Can you reach the exclusive “superstar” level?


  • 4 game modes!
  • Test your Feud skills and take your opponent’s coins
  • Over 2,500 Brand New Surveys
  • All-New Live Gameplay
  • Laugh with your opponent using our FREE In-Game Chat

Are you and your match ultimate Feuders? Play NOW for FREE!

Family Feud Live! offers monthly subscriptions at USD $4.99

  • Please note prices may vary depending on sales taxes or countries
  • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
  • Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
  • Subscriptions will be renewed within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
  • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings on their device
  • Cancellation of the current subscription is not allowed during active subscription period
  • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription

Our Privacy policy can be found at

Our Terms of service can be found at

By installing this application you agree to the terms of the licensed agreements.

Updated on 8th June 2022

Family Feud Live is back with a brand new update!

  • Bug fixes, gameplay enhancements, and optimisation for a smoother experience.

Survey says… AWESOME!

Family Feud® Live! Review

We love this game we play all the time.

Very fun!!!! And challenging, and well our, our, our, we DO love a challenge!!!

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This game is so much fun we love to play this game when we are bored we like how you can play with someone our sister and us always play this game when she working but on break it is so much fun we love the categorys we recommend you to play this game if your bored or if you watch the show and you wanna play then download this app/game its our favorite you will probably love it like us So DOWNLOAD THE APP/GAME WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR SILLY and also have a great day sunshine.

We beat the same person 4 times lol.

Wonderful game we just wish we had more time to think an answer.

We would love to play fast money!

The app seems to load the other players to play against very slow and when you invite people to play no one responds and it indicates there online and we literally invited over 10 and no response. The app was much better before this KUMA software came into play.

We have written a one star review on this app, but we love it now. We can tell they fixed bugs so you dont lose tickets when it glitches you out of the game. And we understand why they only have 7 tickets and they take a couple hours to get; if we kept playing and playing wed run out of questions. Which is why Im giving 4 stars because some of the surveys could be better and there could be more. Maybe yall should start giving us surveys and that way you would never run out. And a trick for those who need more tickets, you can technically have three accounts. Your main, your guest, and your apple account. We switch between the 3 and we have plenty of tickets throughout the day. Keep feuding!

This is our favorite game but lately its been making us upset. The answers will be too sensitive and sometimes they are too easy. This round we just played said Name a reason neighbors might get in a dispute about (something like that) we put loud said it was wrong well time runs out and its actually too loud ?? Like we get it but we dont then theres times ill put a vague answer and itll give us something similar. Like thank you but make it fair.

We love the game we mean some of the answers are dumb and the game itself doesnt follow the show but our main thing is it glitches mid game and wont put our answers through causing us to lose.

There should a feature that allows you to buy tickets with coins or watch ads for tickets.

This game is getting more buggy. The circle barely move after every win.

We need more tickets to play longer!

Nice game but glitches and makes our phone heat up.

Game keeps freezing during play on both our iPad and iPhone. Have to restart the game and this causes loss of tickets and lots of coins.

Lately ( in the last couple months) while playing the game it glitches and we cant submit submit answers. It gets stuck. Then we lose all our coins we wagered. We loved the game before this issue. How about allowing more tickets or no tickets at all!

Its fun game and we love playing it. BUT the ticket system is way too much. There should definitely be more free tickets especially when this game freezes and takes your tickets and coins that you probably paid for.

This game is addicting and fun, but the limited amount of tickets is kind of absurd. You can only play 7 times at once. Do you want us to play your game or not? It might be fine if the game didnt crash 2/7 of those times and you lose your tickets. Fix it somehow.

Overall, really like the game. Our issue is sometimes when we start a match, the game completely freezes and we have to exit out of the game. No biggie, except every time this happens we dont earn our tickets back nor the money it costs to get into the game in the first place. Ridiculous that the game doesnt credit you back with your wasted coins nor wasted ticket. This issue happens just about every few games as well. Waste.

The game itself is fun but if you spell it wrong even a tiny bit or you dont word it right it gets marked against you in the real show that would never happen in the answers are not realistic to this day.

Its fun but the app crashes so many times. Its so frustrating to start a game just for your answers to disappear along with your money.

Bugs needs to be fixed. The game freezes mid-play and doesnt return ticket not coins.

Dont get us wrong we love the game but lately its been stealing our tokens Ill be in the middle of a game and all of a sudden cant type our answers its really annoying and we would like our tokens back . The app will crash and Ill still lose our tokens and TICKET to play what a bummer!

We love this game. We play this on our free time, during our lunch breaks and everything; but every time we try to play the family feud classic we always do higher than 1,000 coins but its always buffering, its always freezing and MAKES ME LOSE ALLLLLLL MY COINS, BUT WHEN we DO LIKE 50, or 100 coins it doesnt? LIKE IT DOESNT BUFFER OR FREEZE? We dont understand. We lost like 60,000 coins already. THIS IS BULL$IT.

  • The game itself is a lot of fun and pretty similar to the tv show minus a few things, but the changes make it better for app play. – The tickets and coins are annoying, yes, but like any game, you have to wait unless you pay to keep playing. We dont use really money on here, we just wait. You get up to 7 tickets at a time for waiting or an extra one or two if any for a spin a day or one or two for leveling up. – sometimes the questions are repeated, but that makes you have to remember stuff, whereas if its something new you guess like in the real game. Very fun gameplay The cons that seriously need changing: – the bots are awful. We understand bots are needed so people can play anytime, but they either are terrible and barely answer so its no competition, or they get every answer back to back with no chance for you. Theres no in between – certain answers should be taken as the correct answer, like if someone types someone and the answer is person it should be taken. Or if someone misses a letter like quiey and the answer is quiet it should be taken (the keyboard is hard to type on anyway) – the most annoying thing is the fast money. Its you versus another player and its lot of fun. However, if someone puts an answer and you put that same answer (even though you dont see each others answers til the end) it says already answered and you have to guess something else. In the show this works because youre working together. In the app it is awful because youre competing, and you may have won but lose because they took the answer and you couldnt use it. Also whats worse is if youre against a bot in fast money, their answers are put in right away, so its not even about being fast, if the bot puts down several answers youd use you wont be able to use any – if the game crashes while youre in a match or even at the end game screen (even if you won) then youre money and ticket is taken – also if you choose to bet 500 coins, if you have more coins than that, the next game will default to that and youll have to remember to switch it (pretty sure the defaulting is so you use coins and may lose them then have to spend money (but not gonna do that)) If these things were fixed the game would be an absolute blast. But because of these things it can tend to get quite annoying But fun for an every once in a while game.

Fun to play with other people. Though, can only play for a few minutes at a time before the 5 tickets get used up quickly. Tried numerous times to invite others online to play without tickets, to no avail. Glitch? Also, got the 7 day free trial for VIP and it only lasted 2 days and we were cut off from accessing the VIP perks. Deleted subscription and will not pay after that.

The game will freeze in the middle of a round, we can still see the other person getting points, but when we try to enter our answer, it doesnt go through and we can no longer play that entire game. Then we end up losing those coins we spent to play the game, very frustrating.

Opponent answered whipped cream to a question. We answered Ice cream and it wasnt accepted. Two completely different things. Happens way too often.

The game is annoying that you have to wait 2hrs j just for more tickets to play another then it pricey to get more we feel like the tickets and coins should just come with wins at least we also feel that fast money should not be separate but overall its okay and a fun game just very ANNOYING!

Good game, just feel that 2 hours to receive another ticket to play is way too long.

This game is fun but it freezes all the time and you cant even exit the game.

The app will literally freeze on us during a game, causing us to lose all our coins.

The game glitches sometimes and makes it to where we cant answer at all. Ill be submitting the correct answers and it does absolutely nothing. Which wastes the tickets AND the coins that we spent to play. It would be so much more fun without the tickets. Which is why we play more on the Arkadium website than we do on the app. 2 hours to get ONE ticket? Seems a bit ridiculous to us. Its just a money grabbing scheme to try to get you to pay for more tickets. We love Family Feud but the way its set up on the app makes it less fun. Plus theres no fast money round after you win like on the show or arkadium website. Its a whole separate category which costs tickets. Idk why Im even leaving this review. We see others saying the same thing we are and they clearly havent made any changes and are not planning to.

Tried to sync the app with our Facebook account and lost all our coins and progress. Needless to say, we will be deleting the app. Fun to play but The app needs a lot of work.

When you play classic mode you should get a fast money round if you win!

This game has too many glitches. You can play at least 2 good games at the higher coin levels and then it will stop mid game and freeze up. This will force you to exit the game and restart it, however, you lose your wager and the game. You do mot get the coins back. The game will not end or restart itself, it leaves you with a frozen screen until you decide to end it.

About 1/10 times we play the system glitches and it still takes our tickets and coins. It either doesnt load a game or doesnt let us submit answers.

Its a great game but the ticket system is awful. 2 hours for you to get 1 ticket? And the VIP isnt any better and not worth it.

The game can be great, but every few games we play, itll either time us out for no reason or our answers just wont go through. Because our coins are taken out up front, we lose them because these glitches count as losses. Not a huge deal because we get our coins for free from the ads, but this would be really frustrating for anyone who paid for coins.

This game severely limits tickets and coins for lengthy times, preventing you from playing unless you spend money. Our husband already deleted it. Make it easier, do better for your customers.

We love this game but its always freezing in the middle of a game and it takes our coins and tickets we used.

We just played a classic game and wagered $ 20,000 coins for 40,000 coins and the game crashed on us. Lost our 20,000 on round 1 because it froze and we had to back out of the app. This happens at least once a day. We really like this game but absolutely hate this. We went to see if our app needed to be updated but its up-to-date so..

This game is pretty fun however it freezes a lot and takes our tickets as well as money without crediting it back. We cant play a whole game without game freezing.

Family Feud Live is a fun game, we would give it 5 stars but every other game, we use our tickets and money but it glitches. We cant type in answers, we cant use hints. We end up just wasting all our tickets and coins. Its hard to get tickets too, so its just a waste.

This game is almost addicting to us. We hate having to wait for more tickets. But sometimes the game freezes and wont let us answer questions or move on to the next round, which usually wastes one of our tickets and just makes us mad.

Easier way to earn more tickets. Buy with coins etc.

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