Farming USA 2

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Farming USA 2


Farming USA 2 is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bowen Games LLC, Farming USA 2 is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st December 2016 with the latest update 10th December 2021

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


3,370 people have rated 1.79

You can download the game Farming USA 2 from APP STORE.


Plow, fertilize, plant and harvest your own crops on 9 different fields across 250 acres. Grow and sell corn, wheat, barley, soybeans and hay. Play cross-platform multiplayer with your friends, lending them a hand on their farm.

Feel the landscape as you roam in your tractor with realistic wheel physics!

Raise livestock in four unique ways!

  • Cattle can be raised by pasture (where you can breed your own cows with bulls) or feedlot (for faster growth).
  • Take ownership of a Dairy Farm to raise dairy cows and sell milk.
  • Purchase the Hog Barn and raise up to 2,000 pigs!

On your off-time, head over to two logging forests where you can have a totally different experience as you cut down, haul and sell logs!

Use the market to control cash-flow as you see real time fluctuations.

Watch the weather as rain and sun affects the growth and harvest of crops! Too much rain and your fields become muddy. A hard snow in winter will require you to hook up the snow plows to get out of the lot.

Farming USA 2 is the sequel to the popular Farming USA, but with 4 times the farming size!

Control over 115 different vehicles and equipment while you expand your farming experience.

Features include:

  • Hire workers to help to increase productivity time
  • Unlock and expand your fields to make more crops
  • Control realistic tractors while you tend your land
  • Log trees for quick cash
  • Weather impacts fields
  • Full controller support
  • Realistic day/night cycle
    -Full seasons with mud and snow
  • Control your settings to increase/decrease crop and animal speeds to fit your playing style
  • Use tilt or slider steering, whichever you like best
  • Change your graphic and resolution quality to heighten player experience
  • Quickly teleport between tractors
  • Manage fields, equipment and animals with a user-friendly menu

Updated on 10th December 2021

-Updated game engine
-Added equipment pack 16
-Added snowmobile
-Added sleep option at night at house
-Added manure bunks to feedlot and dairy
-Fixed resolution for some devices
-Updated double-crop soybeans

Farming USA 2 Reviews

Hi we love this game and the idea of weather, and seasons. But what bothers us is how long it takes for one day to pass by. We will put the time speed at max and sleep at night, but it still takes so long for the day to go by and get to the season we want to plant in. So if its not too much can you please increase time speed settings, or find another way to speed up time? Please and thanks you.

We wish you would let us go in the house and interact with things in the house.

Would like to see if we could update game make it where we can buy shops or build and make it where if tractor brake down we can fix it if possible thank love game.

Anyone able to tell us how to plant the hay cause it wont let me.

We would like to see a dozer and a skidder for logging it can be a cable skidder or grapple skidder which ever is easier ;)

Be nice if you added like a nice truck or two or where we have different options for the trucks like rims and stuff or bumpers. Also be nice to see on some of the trucks the rims dont match and are different colors.

But one should be fixed one attachment when you should be able to use altos.

This game is the best game for farming we love it but we wish there was boats and river because we like fishing and the hunting thing Is the best but being able to fish would be fantastic and we wish there was bumper on trucks and you have to be able to get out of your truck and hook the trailer up to the truck to make it as real life we have been playing this game for a long time and we love it and we wish you can go inside house and you can get bigger shops because we have a lot of stuff that can not fit in our shop can you add newer trucks like fords because we love fords it would be awesome and have it to where you can make your own farm and there is a landscape tool. Hopefully you can read this thanks for the the game we love the game.

Great game but we would love to be able to get in the camper.

Hi, Can you please add a few things to this game that would make it awesome, here are 3 things that this game should have. 1: Better customizations on vehicle would be a great idea, so you can do awesome tricked out trucks or semis. 2: Custom maps for better experience’s for in game fun, and with that can you add peaceable sheds, barns, shops, houses you can enter. 3: Helicopters to us would be a great idea, for fertilizing crops, hauling cargo, and just getting to fly. Please read this and thank you so much if you do add these to game.

We love the game we would really like to see some new combines in the soon future the two that are on the game are very out dated, new one such as s series and x9 1100 John Deere with the fold down grain tank extension and the folding unloading auger. We would like more tire options on the 4wd tractor like 8 wide tires or 8 narrow tires. We would like to see poultry house. A silo or feed bunker at the feed lot , and more equipment storage would also be nice, or even larger shed beside the wooden barn. A pulling track for the pulling tractors and trucks would be great and a semi trailer to hall the tractor in would be great also.

Can you make the camper where you can go inside of it at night.

We use loader pallet forks but it would be nice to have them for the skid steer also.

Great game would like to see more logging equipment in the next update.

The game is a good game but we wish there was more logging equipment and more cars but overall its a good game.

Great game love it, but honestly, theres two things missing. Starter sounds and graphics. And also we really really wish you could install straight pipes on some of the tractors like the big blue tractor, which we guess is a ford tw35. The ford has to be our favorite tractor on the game. And we also wish you could specify either 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. That would please us very much. Again, great game . Keep up the good work.

We love this game but we would like to see see where it it has different trucks more realistic in MX like 20 farming simulator 2022 but different because its on a phone or tablet make it look for McKinley 2022 please.

The games amazing but we could use Some characters on the vehicle.

You should add winches on the pickups add more trucks and add a sled deck for the snowmobile.

You need to add boats and lakes and more brands of atvs.

So do you think we can have a build mode so you can get rid of some of the trees and you can change your driveway with other types of driveways and can you also have it that the planter and anhydrous toolbar can go over little hills and stuff like that also can you kinda make it more realistic with stuff when your planting like population and acres in the fields and have the screen in the tractor too see the acreage and if in third person you can also see it too and can you buy rock and have a small dump trailer for the pickup trucks and semis for rocks and can you have a rock place to get rocks from that place and can you have it so we can jump and customize our character and go into third person with our character and also have some more case stuff like the quad track and the 4wd and Magnums too plz have this in the next update plz kinda make it quick.

You should be able to rent/lease equipment so you dont have to spent thousands of dollars on a small job or add a new crop plz and thanks for the great game keep up the hard work (and will there be a farming USA 3 in future years?)

Great game the only thing that would make this game more fun would be dirt bikes, and the option for the trucks to be a regular bed,dually, or flatbed. Other than that we love the game.

This is a really good game a couple things we would add. One would be the new mother bins that are being used today. And if you added where you could work on your tractors to where you were just adding duals or taking them off Itd be neat. And if you had augers to unload with.

So we like the tractor we mostly use it for the big planter and big disk its a very usefull tractor but for the suggestion we were thinking maybe ad a option where you could ad single wheeles dual wheeles triple wheeles or tracks. If u guys could do that we appreciate it but its a very good game if we rated 1 through 10 we would pick 10 (if we misspelled by accident its bc im like 9 years old)

Would like to see cotton come to this game cotton pickers the whole nine yards we love this game and have spent alot of money to keep it up.

Love the game but we think with your starter vechiles you should get a small truck like ford ranger instead of the four wheeler also make it so we can mow anywhere to bale it but if you plant a hay field you make more bales, it would be nice if the tractor loader lifted a bit higher since its sometimes difficult to load logs, while we like the gravity wagons it would be great to see an in between such as a dump truck or a gooseneck grain trailer, we would like the jacked up trucks lowered or had a rear tailgate changed so that its easier to attach gooseneck trailers.

Its a great realistic game but we would like to be able to build sheds and be able to get mods on it. As well as a loader for the 4020 and also be able to change different things on the 4020 like duals to single wide front and maybe front wheel assist.

We love the game and the logging is awesome . Maybe you could make a logging USA.

This a great game would like to see a dump trailer for manure. And faster trucks.

Can you add a second gen dodge?

It would be really cool if you could put ai traffic in the game and like beacons on big machinery so cars will stop and a new combine like look up online for 7720 John Deere and if you could add that in the game that be really cool.

Its been 1 month since the new update and we can not load into our map we try over and over and over countless times finding myself spending half the day trying to load into our game and we can not please help!! We have alot of money and time invested into this game we love it we just need help.

The game should update more often.

We love the game but we wish there was an option to rip or VT maybe even no till just thoughts Im not sure, your the developer any way great game we love it keep up the amazing work.

Great game needs a fuel trailer though.

Hello Bowens games we feel like that there needs to be big heavy duty tractors with out the equipment pack and also like a razor sxs. Umm we should be able to crop dust our own fields thanks that is all we have to say.

Love this game we wish that some things could be better about it Im great details we just wish you could buy a chainsaw at the stores Think this game is great again we wish that you can buy chainsaws at the store scheme is great love it all we wish that the packs didnt exist you have to pay $15 to unlock a pack or multiple packs lovers game really hope you can help us with the chainsaws and that other people can enjoy this game to the great game for learning how to farm all the attachments and little details are in it hope you enjoy the game.

Ad more trackers and Mabe work on the graphics alitle by making it brighter and less laggy and to beable to rent stuff would be amazing.

Add light switches and gps screen inside tractor and make the tractor lights brighter and led.

It wouldnt allow us to restore our previous saved file and we had money invested into the file that we were not able to access.

We would like a ford F-750 service truck and a D8T bulldozer and a CAT excavatar PLSSS ADD THIS PLSSS and a John Deere 4755 and some new machinery and more often updates.

It would be cool if you had character customization so that you can be bean our not.

Great game dude keep up the good work the only prob we ever have is the 4430 loses sound sometimes and a have to sell it and buy it back but we have all the dlc plus the hunting(great touch btw) we do have one question tho and that is what will the next dlc or add on be thanks-dylan collins-service tec at farm depot Caro Mi.

We love the game and it is so realistic but we would like it if you could have more tractor options without paying for the packs and we would really like to be able to play multi player for free and not have to buy it. We would also like it if you could go inside your house and have like actual furniture and other decor so that it looks like a house on the inside. Better sound effects would be nice also if the truck had jakes. The map itself could be bigger with more town or different grain elevators. Please read this and hopefully make these changes soon.

Have been playing games by Bowen since the first Farming USA. Bought Farming USA 2 and have been playing with a friend. Had a couple of issues that were resolved. Bowen came to our server and helped to work the problems out. Support is second to none. Much better than other farming games. Definitely worth the price.

We would like to see a pull behind triple axle diesel trailer and we would also like for you to add more logging equipment and we also would like to see a dump truck and a pull behind triple axle dump trailer and we would like for you to add places to get dirt and other materials and would like for you to add pallets and pallet forks for skid steer and telhandler and forks for it thanks you.

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