Fashion Doodle

Fashion Doodle


Fashion Doodle is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Shoe the Goose, Fashion Doodle is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd May 2013 with the latest update 4th July 2020

Whether you are a fan of Education, Role Playing, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


110 people have rated 1.05

You can download the game Fashion Doodle from APP STORE.


***** 2013 Parents’ Choice Fun Stuff Award winner – Parents’ Choice Foundation ****

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"Fashion Doodle is intuitive, creatively designed, and entertaining. It encouraged imaginative and creative play as my children put together a variety of outfits and imagined what their models were going to do in them."
Parents’ Choice Foundation – 09/12/2013

"Love this! This app finally gives young girls a chance to creatively design appropriate and fun fashion. The silhouettes are human dimensions. Our daughter loves to design but almost all of the games we’ve seen have featured heavily made-up impossibly slender yet curvy mannequins."

Let your little one design clothes you’d actually let her wear!

Design skirts, dresses, blouses and pants with a variety of styles, sleeves, collars, lengths and pockets. Further tailor your clothing with a rainbow of fabric colors and patterns, buttons, appliques, rhinestones and other frills. Once you’ve designed the perfect piece, try it on your model, which can be customized to look like you or one of your friends. All of your creations are automatically saved in your closet, so you can mix and match for splendid or silly outfits!

Fashion Doodle brings out the fashion designer in everyone!

Updated on 4th July 2020

Updated for latest iOS version.

Fashion Doodle Reviews

This is a great game it could use a bit more outfit options like Jackets, Swimwear, etc. But overall its a good game and a nice way to pass the time.

But we do wish you added at least 1-2 hijabs to the accessories section where you can add shoes and jewellery to your character. We are not Muslim but we think it would be nice to represent those people and allow them to recreate themselves. Also, we wish we could paint on the dress like you can do with tie dye doodle, so we can make rainbow outfits. P.S, we wish we could decorate socks and make booty shorts. Also, you should give the model a more genderless fit so people can create boys that look like boys or create non-binary people. This will also prevent you from needing to create multiple people bases or adding extra sliders that would make it more complex. Also, for the skin tones, can you add an option that is vitiligo? It can be a button that allowes you to select 2 of the skin tones, and it will have different size patches of the first color y ou selected spread throughout the models body? Since you said that you can recreate yourself, we think its only fair if you actually can do that. Also, can you add an button that allows you have different eye colours for each eye?

We really like this game, its fun and it helps us to pass time away. But we have a few suggestions that could make the game AMAZING. 1. Different clothing types. Things like jackets, swimsuits, coats, sportswear, maybe hats would be cool to have. 2. Male models. Maybe this game needs a male model, dressing a girl all the time gets old after a while. 3. A little bit girly. All the frills and collar types and the slip on shoes are very girly. Maybe add some cool stuff like basketball or soccer frills. High top or running shoes would be AMAZING! 4. More hair styles and body types. Most of the hair styles are shoulder length. Maybe some should be longer or shorter or have bangs maybe so we can customize them to look more like us. Also the model can only look skinny. An icon to make the model have a wider width, shorter and taller , and different postures would be very cool. 5. Shorts, Skirts, and Dresses Lets be honest, the length limit to he shorts, skirts, and dresses isnt as short as girls our age would normally wear. Even though we think they should be shorter, it would also be SO COOL if you could make the skirt and dress length longer so you can cover up the shoes. We love this game but we really hope you consider some of our suggestions! Thank you shoe the goose, this is a fun game.

It’s a waste of money we are 9 and our sister is 7 year old she hates it.

Dull colors and ugly shoes! Don’t waste your money! It is terrible, maybe add some characters like Star Wars and our little pony.

Love it so much fun. We love to design. Emili.

This is a great app! So much fun to play. Though it would be cool if we could also design hats,coats/jackets, our own shoes, and jewelry. Denim looking pattern would be great too. But other then that, Great app!

You can design fashions, and do other things too.

Need more stuff !! Like leggings , jackets , ect ect . But besides that awesome so make more shoe the goose apps !!!! A shoe the goose fan ! Aka Nini.

Awesome app! But needs more designs.

This app is 100%a okay evrey thing is free we can size,dasine Avery thing and any where.

This app is awesome. We can never stop playing it! And thanks SOOOOO MUCH for the addition of the color wheel. Here is five stars as promised . It still really needs a couple more things tho. 1. Needs more clothing types! Leggings, jackets, hats, and more shoes/accessories. 2. Needs male models! We’re getting tired of having to dress a girl EVERY TIME. 3. Needs more variety! All the clothing the app has currently is very girly. We would appreciate if you added more things to make it so it isn’t as boring. Also we would suggest being able to make shorter skirts/shorts. Otherwise, great game! We would recommend to anyone! Another great game from shoe the goose.

You guys need to make us design shoes too and more designs to decorate.

We love it. We have always wanted to be fashion designer now we can we think you should get it. We love it.

We love this game but think it needs more garments. Jackets, ooh we think you should make a Jewelry Doodle.

Make your own clothing like in cake doodle. More styles, colors, patterns and more clothing to decorate.

It’s great but we wish there were a few more clothing we could do. Personally, we would really love to design a jacket. Also we would like to have the option of the material we use and an option to order what we have made. Thank you for reading .

Good game !!!!! We have a suggestion that you could let us design the accessories and the shoes.

Great app. The person playing should be able to design the shape of the dress and different textures of the dress. Otherwise the app is great.

Good App :) needs more clothes to design like tank tops, skirts more jean styles tie dye rip up jeans etc and let there be more then one model to choose from needs more of a excitement factor to make more interesting .

We love this app! We love it so much! BUT we WISH YOU COULD BUY THE THINGS YOU MAKE. This is the only thing we recommend. Please make this change. Thank you!

We think you should add more pant options as well as creating shoes.

We love it. But should be able to have sleeveless dresses and type on the clothes and have feathers and boot and swim suit.

Love it but please make it easier to scroll up and down.

This app is very good. Our daughter loves the color and patterns. She would like to see new options for changing the colors. She would also like to see fur options and leopard prints. Thanks!!

We love this app! We play it all the time and even our brother likes it! The only thing that would make it better would be a way to put text on clothes. Other than that this app is great!

We love all the shoe the goose games! We have 7 or 8 of them. LOVE this game!!!

This app is the best it is very unique.

We love this app! However there are some things we would like modified. We were hoping you could have the option to write on the clothes and maybe be able to design your own shoes / accessories. Also we would love it if you could add boys! Other than those few modifications, this app is great!!!

We think you should be able to buy your clothes.

Shoe the Goose’s app Fashion Doodle is good but they should add more lip, eye, and facial effects. Swimwear and shoes would be better. We agree that there should be more hair styles, as well as animal prints, clothing styles, such as leggings, jackets, sportswear, sweaters and background in the model stage. The model would be great if you could name it and let it make different postures. We don’t seem to see a very large selection of shoes and accessories either. Why not make our own? One thing that would make this app awesome is to let us convert our stuff from other Doodles like ShoeDoodle and CakeDoodle into FashionDoodle so we can access it and put it on our model and in backgrounds. Thats what would make Fashion Doodle the best Doodle ever!!!

This game makes you feel as if you are a fashion designer. We highly recommend this game to people who love creating new things. Shoe The Goose has many great apps. This one by far is the best. We have one recommendation to Shoe The Goose. Please have an update for hair accessories. It would be cool to see different hair styles with the unique clothes we make. And one more thing, please fix the scrolling problem. When we try to scroll for a new accessory or new shoes, it always puts in the shoe or accessory we don’t want. It doesn’t let us scroll. So if you can Shoe The Goose, please fix that problem. And please add more Frills to the frill section please. Over all a great app for everyone! Enjoy it and have fun making your very own fashions.

We have almost all the Shoe The Goose apps, we love this app but it needs more. Suggestions: Swimsuits, tank tops, shorter shorts, skinnier pants, ability to write on shirts, stickers (like animals and hearts), ability to design shoes and accessories, more patterns, and male models!! Thanks for reading, hope you can make this app super special!

This app is great! The only things missing are, swimsuits, hats, strapless, and skintight options.

We can see how this would be fun, but this game makes no sense to us and is incredibly difficult to navigate. We are unable to have the model wear more than one clothing item at a time, game keeps starting over. We really wish we would not have downloaded it. We can’t figure it out, and our four year old and we are both frustrated.

We are in love with this app! The last and final touch you’ve gotta make are main characters when we try on our clothes!

It would be cool if shirts and dresses could be strappless.

We love it but, they give you shoes to pick from and we would like to make our own shoes and accessories.

We love this game, and all the other ones by Shoe the Goose. Thank you!!

This game is so fun. We can do so many fashion designs. We wish we could do shoes and accessories too, though!

It’s an amazing game but we really really really really really want some jackets and shoes and hair to be able to design. Other than that its an awesome game!!

We love this game! Just a thought but maybe you can order the clothes you make! Also it would be fun if you designed swimming suits. Really fun game! We’re in love.

This game is so fun you can mix and match it is so fun!!! If u like this game you should play other games by this brand cookie doodle is so fun too!

We love the game we just got it yesterday we just wish you could make your own hairdoos and different clothes and add bathing suits.

This is so cool. We like that we get to make fashions!

Love the shoe the goose games this one is our favorite.

What more can we say? Perfect! So much fun!

We think it’s great for kids that are into fashion just like us!! You can make your own clothing!! We have never seen something as cool as this!! Thanks guys this is great!!!!

It is really fun making the clothes. Tori.

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