Final 5: Survival!

Last updated on June 2nd, 2023 at 05:25 pm

Final 5: Survival!

Final 5: Survival!

Final 5: Survival! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by IFUN SINGAPORE PTE LTD, Final 5: Survival! is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th November 2022 with the latest update 25th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Final 5: Survival! ?

290 people have rated 3.6.02

What is the price of the Final 5: Survival! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Final 5: Survival! released ?

Final 5: Survival! was released on 24th November 2022.

When was the Final 5: Survival! updated ?

The latest updated date of Final 5: Survival! on 25th May 2023.

Where can Final 5: Survival! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Final 5: Survival! from Apple Official App Store.



Tik tok…5 MINUTES….Tik tok….Can you save the world in only 5 MINUTES? All you can do is try to survive and defeat the boss or die trying to give humanity a second chance.
Final 5 is a fast-paced, fun shooter, melee, time survival, adventure, action RPG game with roguelike elements.

There’s no place else to run or hide, survival is your only goal.

Join the action here today!
Facebook: or search “Final 5”


  • One-handed 2.5D survivor gameplay
  • Fast and casual play sessions available for busy players
  • Choose between easy/hard game modes
  • Intense battles against epic bosses
  • Distinctive abilities and unique skills for each hero
  • Fuse and upgrade weapons to deal even higher damage
  • Randomised item drops and power-ups during gameplay
  • Wide range of power ups and upgrades once you level up in the game

The world is now swamped with massive hordes of mutants, zombies and rampaging robots, and their goal is to wipe out all of humanity! It’s up to you to save the world!

Many challenges lie ahead of you, but fret not, the Clockwork system will aid you in this quest to save humanity from destruction! Make use of the Clockwork system to rewind back time, right the wrongs, improve your tactics and weapon combinations and shoot your shot at saving the world again!

There are various classes of heroes to join you on this epic adventure. You can choose to be a core or tank hero such as an Archer, Soldier, Samurai, Assassin or become an eccentric hero like a Rockstar, Cyborg, and many other heroes are waiting for you to unlock.

Choose to wield deadly weapons like the bow and arrow, shotgun, plasma mine and katana OR defend yourselves with everyday items such as UV Lamps, Cue sticks, and Electric guitars. You can even fight through hordes by doing a Hadouken; the possibilities are endless! Upgrade through battles, combine and strengthen different skills, and fight your way to become the strongest of all!

The world is on the brink of destruction.
A few months after the outbreak, the Tusten Tower became the last refuge for human beings.
However, a tidal wave of zombies and other mutant creatures broke through the defenses and attacked the building.
The fortress was lost, and a refuge no longer.
You have no other option but to retreat to the roof.
But before being overwhelmed by the tide of corpses, the Clockwork system, a prototype on your wrist, is activated.
Time quickly rewinds, and the Tusten Tower returns to its original state as it was 5 MINUTES ago.
Armed with nothing else but together with the Clockwork system and your trusty bow and arrow, you are now granted 5 MINUTES to save the world!

Updated on 25th May 2023

[New Content]

  • Sweet Home x Final 5 Collab
  • 3 New Limited Edition Survivors available through 23 June
  • Reimagined Green Gate Gameplay

[Game Optimizations]

  • New mechanics for the “Time Gear” item in regular gameplay
  • “Personal Information” is optimized for better readability
  • “Plasma mine” Skill’s freeze timer is now affected by Luck

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed area of damage on some skills not being consistent
  • Fixed Bazooka not hitting targets sometimes

Final 5: Survival! Review

We just got this game, Im not even able to log in. It wont let us check the we agree button for the terms and conditions.

Good game really fun they just need to up the exp income or put a x2 mode so we can speed up some of the stages otherwise really goodall units are unlockable and all skills are also unlockable with skill and decent in game planninggive jt a try.

This game is so addicting and fun. It’s a great time killer and makes you want to get better each time you play. We love it!

Yeah we know every other game has weapons, but this game actually have some pretty eccentric skills and weapons like cue ball stick LOL. It may seem like it isnt much but the evolution version is really cool and helpful. You wouldnt really find this sort of weapons in other game, which really makes this game unique in our opinion.

We love the casual app style, it’s not to hard but it makes you think a bit. The game is also very cool in general, we’re looking forward to future updates! :)

Be prepared for fast-paced action in this game! There are some really intense battles and a ton of enemies for you to defeat. Highly recommend for those gamers seeking an adrenaline thriller game.

We played this game for a couple of weeks, and we have to say that it is very well made. The storyline is great and the graphics are awesome.

We really enjoy this game. It is challenging but not too challenging where we get frustrated and quit playing. We love the graphics and storyline – it is very engaging. The controls are smooth and easy to use, which is also an important part of a game for us.

There are tons of enemies in this game which we really like. We never get bored while playing this game. A perfect blend of bullet Hll and survival horde killing elements into 1 game.

We’re always on the edge of our seat whenever we fight our way through hordes of enemies. We would really recommend it to those people who are fan of horde killer genre games.

One of the best casual shooter games we’ve played. Can’t wait for future updates and new levels!

To complete every level in this game, you would have to engage the boss in an epic final boss fight. They can be really hard to beat sometimes but with the right combos, its actually not that difficult, and its actually a great way to test your skills.

Great game. We’ve played the vampires survivors on PC and we like this just as much. Looking forward to future updates!

This game is insanely addicting, it’s so fun to play. The level design and game mechanics are very well done. We would recommend this game to anyone looking for a new and exciting game to kill time on.

We are actually really invested in the storyline of the game itself. When will the next part of the story be updated?? The storyline made us want to keep playing to see what happened next.

We only played the game for a while but we are loving it so far. The graphics are great and the storyline is actually pretty good. It has an actual story, not just a bunch of random fighting like some other games.

We love the game so far, every time we play it we have a blast. There are so many different things to do and collect, we would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a fun casual shooter game.

We feel like this is a game that could be fun for all skilled levels, for casual gamers looking to pass time or for hardcore players who are looking for something more. Im a relatively mid core player myself and we would say that it kept us engaged throughout the entire game.

This game is amazing! The graphics and gameplay are great! We can’t wait to see what else is in store for this game.

App is great! Great concept and super fun, we love that you can actually kill the boss with so many types of skills instead of jut shooting them. That’s a genius idea that really made this game stand out.

The game is easy to pick up and play, but now its hard to put down! The bullethell aspect really adds alot of excitement to the gameplay itself. We really like it so far!!

Although 3 large purchases are being posted to our iTunes account, they are not accredited in the game (error 425-7). Tried to get help, but no. Money pit.

We have not been able to log in for a few days since the update.

We’ve played through the entire game and beat all the levels. It has lots of different heros and a decent amount of events. The only issue we’ve had with it, is the difficulty in getting the skills we want in game. Ill get the same 3 skills we dont want 3 levels in a row. We always end up using all our skips and re-rolls and can still never get the skills we want. Its so frustrating. The game just has too many. There needs to be a way you can pick at least 3 active skills and 3 support skills you dont like so they dont ever appear in game. A way to cancel them out. Id seriously pay for this feature. Please add it!!!

Seems like theres a million of this exact type of game on the store right now. This one is fine. Its slower than most, with lots of level gateways so the difficulty curve feels off. Also theres either a bug or a third-party registration requirement for the events. Pass!

And now it made us restart we are mad we will not re play this game it was a waste of time we have been playing for. 3 weeks straight.

Life steal problem. Only heal 1hp every time with full life steal set and item.

This is just another Archer Hero clone with the exact same scummy mtx shop. Waste of time.

Loving this game so far although we would love to see leaderboards and maybe clans where we can compete in kill counts.

We’ve been playing similar games but the 15 minutes can be time consuming so this is great that it only takes 5 to get to the boss. We would have given 5 stars but the only downside is it doesnt save our position. Like if Im in the middle of playing and get a phone call by the time we get back to the app its like we have to start over. But other than that everything else is amazing so far.

Guess Ill be first to leave a review. Never do. Game is fun. Havent had an issue. Level up quickly. Kinda reminds us of Astro lol not that old but we’ve played it before. We recommend giving it a try.

We think from the title of the game Final 5 and the rest of the game story is all based off its title we were wondering why they named it that until we finally got a chance to play and the levels arent 15-20mins like other games in this genre these are quick (5 mins) and the abilities/skills are crazy the design is nothing ever seen before we got our first skill in a mission and when it deployed/ activated we were in shock on how clean, clear, and collected it was we say this game is worth giving your final 5 mins before the end of your day or even the start Enjoy!!

Loved this game! Graphic is so cute especially the character design.

We’ve played multiple games that are similar to this game.. But this is one and only game that we find a lot of joy in! Great music, effects, easy UI to navigate, very rewarding! Looking forward for future updates!

5 star all the game play, the graphic and non intrusive ads!

Art, gameplay, controls A1 steak sauce something we can jump into quick at our own pace loving it so far! Already bought the nurse character.

We had reserved the game and it is allot of fun with great music, characters and atmosphere. There is a delay with connecting on making a purchase snd or receiving daily rewards where it says working on network connection BUT with patience it does process the sections but hopefully with upcoming patches those places will become better to make a 5/5 experience.

It is an ok game. It gets too difficult too fast however. Only on stage 3 and its already feeling like Im extremely underpowered. Great graphics though, could be amazing with a few tweaks.

Survived. Io + Archero = This game, if you like those youll like this.

We have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. We can play the game as long as we want until we close the application. Once we close and restart the game wont load. Dont know what the issues is. Fun time killer game if they end up fixing the issues we would change to 4-5 stars.

Like the game so far but the iPhone 13 Pro has the notch on the top and we cant see our gold count, the timer when in game, or our energy count.

First off dont listen to reviews saying game is to hard or progression is slow. The game was enjoyable and doesn’t seem PTW. Put a lot of time in and was progressing pretty well and noticed that we hadnt logged in or linked our account so we did and it deleted all our progress. We had to start back at the beginning. All the time we put in gone. So Im done. We dont want to start over and have to go through everything again.

Sorry if its a good game, but even with a newer iPhone it just skips frames way too much. For launch its pretty terrible. Not playing.

Stop forcing us to do tutorial and let us play the game. Stop forcing us to upgrade talents. Stop forcing us to level up character. Stop forcing us to equip items.

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