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FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered is one of the best $20.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd., FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th March 2021 with the latest update 31st August 2021

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


249 people have rated 1.0.1

You can download the game FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered from APP STORE.


・ This application requires approximately 2.55GB to download. Please be sure to allocate the necessary amount of time and space on your device before proceeding.
・ Only one download with a large amount of data will be required while progressing through the game.
・ Since it is a large application, it will take time to download. We strongly recommend connecting to Wi-Fi when downloading.

[Please read before playing]

  • Entering or leaving vehicles such as cars and the Garden may occasionally get your character stuck between the vehicle and terrain features, or freeze the vehicle in place. This seems to happen more often when you leave your vehicle in close proximity to impassable terrain, or when you try to enter or leave your vehicle during certain scripted events. Currently, the only fix for this is to reload a previously saved game, so please make sure to save your progress often.

  • Some locations may be difficult to navigate using the Speed Boost (x3). We advise you to turn off this feature in such cases.

  • Make sure to check the FAQ section of our support page for solutions to common issues:

We apologize for any inconvenience these issues may cause, and thank you again for your interest in our product.

FINAL FANTASY VIII was first released on February 11, 1999. Beloved by fans, this title has garnered a great deal of popularity even compared to other installments in the FINAL FANTASY franchise, selling more than 9.6 million units worldwide. And now players can enjoy FINAL FANTASY VIII on their smartphone! With renewed character CG, the world of FINAL FANTASY VIII is now more beautiful than ever before.

This installment is a remaster of FINAL FANTASY VIII for PC. This application is a one-time purchase. There will be no additional charge incurred after downloading.

It is a time of war.
The Republic of Galbadia, under the influence of the sorceress Edea, mobilizes its great armies against the other nations of the world.
Squall and other members of SeeD, an elite mercenary force, join hands with Rinoa, a resistance fighter, to fight against Galbadia’s tyrannical rule and to prevent Edea from fulfilling her ultimate goal.

■FINAL FANTASY VIII: Release Features
・Guardian Force(G.F.)
G.F. are summoned creatures in FFVIII used to protect the protagonists. Call upon them in battle to unleash their might and to increase their power alongside player characters. By junctioning G.F., players will be able to enjoy greater freedom in how they approach battles.

Obtain magic in FFVIII by drawing (extracting) it in battle. MP does not exist and players are limited to the number they have in their possession. Magic that has been extracted can be released on the spot or stocked for later use.

・ Junctioning
This system allows players to equip G.F. and stocked magic to characters in order to increase their power.

■ Additional Features
・ Battle Assist
Max out HP and ATB gauge during battle and activate Limit Breaks at any time.
・ No Encounters
Players can choose to turn Battle Encounters on or off.
・ 3x Speed
With the exception of certain cutscenes, players can choose to proceed through the game at 3x speed.

[Minimum Requirements]
iOS 13.0 or higher

Updated on 31st August 2021

Version 1.0.1 Released

[1.0.1 Changelog]

  • Added cloud save functionality
  • Added controller support
  • Added UI help screen
  • Added UI layout customization option
  • You can now tap the screen for Limit Break interactions
  • Added other minor fixes

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered Reviews

We have nothing else to say except ignore those who have given reviews about lack of controller support as they are brining the rating of this game down. It has full controller support. We use the backbone one controller which is amazing and we recommend you get it to have a better experience with this game as well.

The only reason we have this game on our phone is for our 4.5 year old son. He LOVES the intro and the music and will see it and listen to it over and over. Initially, we would play it on the PS when he was 1.5 to get him to calm down so that we could change his clothes, diapers, or feed him since hes autistic. But we soon realized that that prevented us from watching anything else since he really liked and wanted it to be playing constantly. Now we got smart and we have the game downloaded on our phones and switches. A huge shout out and thank you to the game developer and composer since our son is big fan! Yall didnt know it but yall are lifesavers!!!

They finally added controller support.

This is our childhood and what a nostalgic feeling for us to be able to play it again..

Its one of our favorite final fantasy games, very under rated in our opinion. Now the update has put in controller support so its a no brainer to buy this if you like RPGs. Game is just as fun as we remember. Worth buying now.

Game runs and works as expected. Havent had any issues. Works well with XBOX One controller. One minor quibble we wish the devs would fix is to get rid of the white home screen bar at the bottom of the screen (when on iPad Pro 5th gen).

The controls are solid. We really appreciate the MFI support. The game itself is great. Its not our favorite Final Fantasy but it is in our top three. Our only ask from the developer is to please allow us to change the image around the screen overlay to something else or even nothing.

We havent seen this game in decades, not sure if we’ve ever even finished it. The mechanics made for iphone work flawlessly. The story for this game is memorable, and actually makes you want to play through. The card game is fun in its own. The efforts into the art direction and story from this game make it unique in its franchise. And as always the music is perfect.

So glad to see this game finally added to iOS. Controller support is here! Could you also use machine learning to update the pre-rendered backgrounds into 4K? Plenty of people have shown its possible and it would be great to have an official version rather than resorting to patches. Time to start our no level up playthrough on mobile.

We were worried that we were gonna just be throwing away $20 because of some of these reviews here and just looking online. Although it seems all complaints were about a year old. We just got to Timber and so far Im not encountering a single issue. Iphone 11, no overheating, or freezing or automatic shut down. We also have this game on our PS4 but couldnt push myself to actually play it. Having it on our phone is a different story, Im outside a lot so its become our main game. Very happy with it, thanks.

A final fantasy game with controller support. Perfect.

We have iCloud Drive enabled on our device and we just lost two hours of gameplay after exiting the game to recover an Ifrit we lost in a card game.

Game is amazing! Love playing it when we were younger and still love playing it now. Only problem with this version is that its glitchy. The sounds dont work and it sounds like theyre trying to catch up with the game. Its really annoying so if you guys could fix that, that would be awesome!

Great port and its almost perfect, but only three cheats are offered. Please add the card game cheats and others that the PC version got. Thanks!

UPDATE: 2021-09-01 Gamepad support has finally arrived! Updating our rating and this review as promised. Im playing the game on an iPad Pro and displaying on an external monitor via HDMI. The graphics have some rough edges but considering the original game source we are happy with it. ******************** we truly cant understand why a game like this would be released without gamepad support. In our opinion it ruins the entire experience and makes the cost of the game not worth it. We’ve read that gamepad support is supposed to come in a future update but that is never a guarantee. If gamepad support was important to the development team porting the game then it would have been included in the initial release. Square Enix has done this before the Dragon Quest games are a perfect example to this day theres no gamepad support for the Dragon Quest games and we worry that it either wont come for FF VIII or it wont come soon enough. If gamepad support arrives we will definitely update our review but until then we really feel it destroys the entire value proposition of the game. The same game is available on Nintendo Switch so if you really want this game now and gamepad support is important to you then consider not buying it here yet.

Has two horrible borders on the side. Outside of that excellent game. They could had spruced up the environment with more graphics.

This is by far our favorite final fantasy out of all of them. It also happens to be the first we have ever played. As stoked as we were to be playing it again on our phone, it is seriously under developed as a remake. Upgraded graphics, and playing it on our phone as opposed to an old console is great, but emulators have been allowing that for years, and with much better playability due to game hacking within the emulators. It wasnt until we moved to IPhone that we lost the ability to play it on the phone. Adding a new game plus feature seems like it would be an easy feature to add to stand out above and beyond emulators. We dont normally hack games, but we have spent 100s of hours playing this game to have all cards, weapons, level stats, gf and abilities, and rare items. New game plus would make it so we dont have to do that every time we want to play through again.

We love Final Fantasy 8 along with many others but its not fun when you cant play it without worrying if your phone is going to over heat. Hope this issue can be fixed iPhone 11 Pro Max.

When your FF games get bricked by iOS updates, it would be tight if you could update them to be playable w/out forcing a million 1 star reviews like w/ff9, which is finally playable again, but now ff8 is not, and that’s just a totally avoidable bummer and we gotta say we resent yall for that.

The blurry backgrounds completely break the game for us. Its called AI upscaling. Since you guys are too incompetent or lazy to figure it out just pay a 14 year old modder to do it for you. Should have just ported the 2013 steam version over to mobile.

This game is only playable for the first hour and then when you get to the train puzzle the button mapping will cause a game over every time because it isnt accurate enough.

Using iPhone 12 Pro Max and app still unplayable. Please fix guys. App loads up with no sound, can minimize the app open it back and hear sound for a sec then get to the start screen and things seem to goto 2-3 FPS and freeze up after hitting new game. Tried redownloading. Ill come back and fix review. We have been waiting on you guys to release this just please finish making it stable. Edit update 9/17/21 Game still loads no sound, cant get past starting menus. Please fix guys iPhone 12.

Right after Laguna has his crippling leg cramp. Crashes on both iPhone and iPad in exact same spot.

Black screen after title screen.

The only reason Im still forcing myself to play this is the premium price we had to pay for it. If it was a free app we would uninstall and forget it. The controls are so clunky and the only thing that makes it bearable is the sped up option and no random battles for traveling. Im okay with the junction system it seems interesting but the story is meh and the gameplay/controls are garbage. We’ve loved every other final fantasy we’ve ever played and thought Id give this one a try but that was clearly a mistake.

It worked well enough last summer. But this isnt launching either our iPad or our iPhone with the latest iOS version.

Come on how are you gonna releases this port in 2020/2019 and the game take up only 1/3 of the screen. We get you havent updated the other port that take up a third but you guys release this when modern iOS device where out and it take up only a third of the screen. Square enix is going down hill.

We grew up with FINAL FANTASY VIII it was our very first RPG we own it on our Xbox and to see it on here made us so happy. Our childhood in our pocket ready to be go anytime we want. Im so happy.

Just completed the game and, we can report NO CRASHES, NO GLITCHES! Yes, our phone got hot (but we were also live streaming on Twitch). It still didnt drain our battery (I was using iPhone 12 Pro Max). The game looked great! Was worth the purchase price!

This is the best video game the ever made. There is a bug in this version, though. The final boss theme The Extreme cuts off the first 20 or so seconds of the song. We wish this could be fixed so that this were the clear definitive version of the game. That song is so good and its sad to see it broken in the game.

Love the game. So much nostalgia. But it needs controller support.

Thank you. We LOVE Final Fantasy – we didnt finish playing through this when we were younger & rejoice at the opportunity. ALSO – this is a much needed respite for us from in-app purchase games, which is pretty much everything on the App Store that isnt in Apple Arcade. Anyway THANK YOU Square Enix!

This is bar none our favorite Final Fantasy game. We would buy it on a Toaster if Square Released it. If we could have this and Chrono Cross on our phone Id die happy. Thats said… Why is there no controller support for a game… Made for a controller? We feel like this was a HUGE oversight. And yet another example of a trimmed development in FFVIII. If it would get added at some point we think that would be amazing. Beyond that the port is solid. The FMVs are a bit choppy. But the soft controls work well and the ability to speed up combat to get through drawing to max faster is appreciated.

We’ve wait for so long.. Im so happy we could cry.

We love this game with all our heart, but we can tell the screen size is smaller than most final fantasy games on ios. If they made an update where the screen size was longer to fit larger iphones like how Final Fantasy 3 did or even make it the same length as final fantasy 9, then it would be amazing!

We’ve been looking for updates on FFVIII for years and it finally happened! We hear theres no controller support but we dont care. Its finally here so Im giving it 5 stars for effort.

Weve only been waiting for this for almost a decade. It broke our heart when they released FF IX and not FF VIII.

We have loved Final Fantasy 8 above all other RPG games since it first graced our PlayStation back in 99! We have purchased and played this game on every platform it has ever come out on and absolutely adored the remaster on the Nintendo Switch! To have this wonderful game in our pocket and available at all times is exactly what we’ve been waiting for! Thank you Square Enix! Now we just need Final Fantasy X, X-2, and XII on iOS and Android and the collection will be complete!

Final fantasy 8 was one of our favorite games growing up! We cant believe it is available in the app store_ WOW!! We cant wait to play it again, thank you! :)

Its about time!! We saw it on Facebook and immediately bought it. Im ecstatic we can finally play this masterpiece mobile. Endless card battles and GF summons from here on out! Cheers to all you Final Fantasy 8 fans out there. The wait is over.

We have been waiting for this game for a long time now! We are a long time Final Fantasy fan and cant wait to see more come out! Keep up the good work!

We play this game at least once a year since we were six years old. It is literally our favorite game. We didnt hesitate when we saw this in the App Store. Its literally just the same game that we’ve played over and over again except now its in our pocket.

We wont say our play through will be like yours but this games port gave us no issues , it was a trip down memory lane and is it perfect no port ever will be in our opinion but trust us its worth the buy, no ads or in app purchases and you get the full game , so enjoy.

We are a huge Square Enix and Final Fantasy fan. We have FF VIII Remastered both on our PS4 Pro and now on iOS. We are more than happy to financially support Square Enix by purchasing both versions of the game. Our one ask is that when a cloud save feature is implemented, that it be a cross platform cloud save feature. For example, it would be nice to start a game on our iPhone or iPad on the go, and pick it up on our PS4 Pro or PS5.

The onscreen controls are fine most of the time, but they could use refining.

Always wanted to play this since its famous as a giant step in RPGs. And it works! About 1.5 hours in, controls are fine and no glitches. We appreciate the honest pay once and dont bother us again pricing too.

Thank you for this release we’ve been waiting for it for years. We purchased it, but Id really rather play it with controller support. Please work on enabling Bluetooth controller support, bonus points if the update is Xbox Elite Series 2 controller compatible.

Was the source code missing? Was there legal issues? 7,_,9 never made much sense and made us and Id assume many others feel left with a sense of wanting. At last that wanting can be remedied. We actually even tried to play a rom of this recently only for it to crap out on us like 10 hours in. What Im trying to say here is 5 stars simply for existing. Better late than never.

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