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Fish is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MOBIBRAIN TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD., Fish is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 28th December 2021 with the latest update 21st April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Fish ?

28,059 people have rated 1.7.3

What is the price of the Fish ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Fish released ?

Fish was released on 28th December 2021.

When was the Fish updated ?

The latest updated date of Fish on 21st April 2023.

Where can Fish be downloaded ?

You can download the game Fish from Apple Official App Store.



Have you played Fish Eater? Take a deep breath and delve down into an underwater world!

You start as an ordinary fish.
Your goal is to battle, eat, grow, and evolve!
Until you are the Lord of the Sea and have conquered all!

Merge, evolve, grow in power, and devour your foes!
Explore the depths, fight sharks, and take your place at the top of the food chain!

Can YOU become the true overlord of the ocean?!

Terms of Use:

Updated on 21st April 2023

Bug fixed

Fish Review

Great game we wish you luck Even if Im ten Im still nice.

Its pretty decent needs longer battles.

It is amazing but the only thing that we dont like is that there is a lot of ads.

Ridiculous number of ads seriously destroy the gameplay experience.

They used a different gaming clip on Facebook ad and tagged it as their own game. Just another io game. Not worth it!

False advertisement. We got this game then it looked nothing like what it showed in the adds.

WAY TOO MANY ADS even for a free game!!!

Do NOT download or try to play this game. Its literally non-stop ads. Its not worth the headache.

This game is nothing like the ads. You have to watch like minute long ads every time you click on something. Its also not an io game.

Game would be decently addicting but for every minute you get to spend playing against real players (they are obviously bots) you have to watch a 30 second ad. You literally spend 1/3rd of your time on this app watching ads. Its not worth it.

Love it and really challenging.

Love this game! Its super addicting lol! Glad u guys fixed the bug in last update that made our ads come back! Thanks.

Just need more sharks after 43, we need more sharks and beasts, maybe leviathans. But great game for sure.

We are just making sure your not mad for nothing.

Survive mode really needs to be optimized.

Bought both of the packs to remove all add and pop up ads from the game. Then there was an update, and oh look more pop up ads. Im the game it shows we own both packs to remove ads and yet Im getting them. Fix your game.

Our daily rewards do not refresh so we’ve not been able to get the benefits.

We paid to remove adds and yet im still having to watch adds. Also we get to certain points in the fusion and they no longer fuse together. We were stuck at one point for weeks before it worked and im there again Oh and a lot of times we watch a add even tho we paid to not and we dont always get our rewards.

This game is a complete scam!! We paid $3 for no ads and we continue to be forced to watch ads after every battle. DONT BUT ANY ADD-ONS.

Downloaded this game from Facebook because the game they showed looked fun and this is not even the same game.

Put phone in airplane mode and still played against other players. You gotta watch ads all the time un-installed.

They showed a ad that we were going to jump out the water fly to a pond eat fish and so on. We download the game after playing the game for a lil bit we said its not wat they described but its ight so we played on but we spent more time watching ads then playing games smh it ruin whats left of the game.

We get you want people to buy the no ads. We understand development takes time. But Jesus there are a billion ads, endless. Ads for bonuses sure understandable. But random ads for combining fish, eff right off.

Great game but we give it one star because the amount of ads.

We purchased a package for no ads. Now that this update is current today-1.71. Im getting ads now. Please honor your commitment for purchases. Or Ill ask for a full refund.

Fun game but if we paid to not get ads Im confused why Im still getting ads after paying for both vip options.

We bought the no ads for a reason, we want to just play the game without any interruptions. Honor these purchases and remove the ads for people that paid for no ads.

We purchased both of the no ad packs and Im still getting ads. It may not be as often as it was before we purchased the packs, but we are still getting ads. We should not be getting them since we paid the $9.99 for the absolute no ads pack. We love the game, but we expected to get no ads since we paid for that. Very disappointed and am out $9.99 for not even what we paid for. Please fix this problem.

We purchased the no ads content because the amount of ads are ridiculous and there are still just as many ads, if this doesnt get fixed Ill be forced to report.

Paid for no ads still have an excessive amount of ads. Would be fun to play without them but a waste of 2.99 and scammed.

The game is good but we have paid for vip and svip no ads and expect NO ADS. Why are these ads still popping on our game? Will 5 star once devs fix this issue.

Is exactly what ads show, but we spent the money to play with no adds and now after every game we play we have ads. It dumb.

The game is loads of fun but we paid the 9.99 to remove ALL ads and we were still getting them so we paid the 2.99 to remove ads and still getting them!! Like wth we paid the fees to remove ALL ads please fix this.

So we purchased the premium VIP to remove all ads & now we have pop up adds trying to force us to spend more money for something we dont need or either watch compromising 30sec ad videos that can plant viruses & bugs into our device Also we have to give even more personal information by logging into our social media via App Store to their app support for any reporting options. Why so many third parties ? Why scam chump change from players ? Over all was ok for a pooper app but wouldnt rate it youll spend more time watching videos youve paid to remove then Playing the game!!!!

We paid for no ads. For the past 2 weeks we have not seen one ad. Thats what we expect when we pay for it. Since the new update the ADS have been ridiculous! When people pay for something thats what they get right. We hope this is just a bug. If not this is very upsetting and we would like our money back!

Fun game without the ads bothering you every second. Purchased the Remove all ads bundle and enjoyed it for a day or two. There was a new update and now we get ads even though it shows we own the no ads bundle.

Paid for no adds. Still got pop up adds. And theres no support. Fix it.

Good app way too many ads we paid $2.99 for no ads and am still seeing them.

We payed the 2.99 to remove ads and to our surprise nothing changed. We still receive ads after every upgrade, we got scammed. Not enjoyable.

This game seems like it could be very enjoyable and fun, but sadly its riddled with ads. We understand they may need to put ads in but if they made it so that the ads had some incentive to get rewards, it would be much more tolerable. We shouldnt have to watch ad after ad just to upgrade fish and other things. It makes it unplayable and we will sadly probably just delete the game that we couldve really enjoyed. This is absolutely a company/game that prioritizes ad revenue over the user experience and thats sad. Good thing there are many games that dont do this.

Paying for ad free doesnt actually do anything at all. Still getting an ad after every game.

Dont buy the No Ads packages. We are definitely still getting ads even after buying both. Very misleading.

We bought a pack for 2.99$ USD and got charged for 8.51 USD its going to take years to get our money back but hey go ahead and play and be scammed for ad removal and get over charged can you say selling by misinformation?

We earned our way to play as the squid but no videos would work. It wasnt our service either. We had to close the game and reopen for it to work. We like this game but that was something we were looking forward to.

This game is amazing 100% recommend this game.

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