Fishing Clash

Last updated on June 10th, 2023 at 03:00 am

Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ten Square Games S.A., Fishing Clash is a Sports game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th October 2017 with the latest update 2nd June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Simulation, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Fishing Clash ?

121,025 people have rated 1.0.224

What is the price of the Fishing Clash ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Fishing Clash released ?

Fishing Clash was released on 24th October 2017.

When was the Fishing Clash updated ?

The latest updated date of Fishing Clash on 2nd June 2023.

Where can Fishing Clash be downloaded ?

You can download the game Fishing Clash from Apple Official App Store.



Have you wanted to catch a fish, but you couldn’t go to your favorite fishing spots? Have you been dissatisfied with casual fishing games? Play Fishing Clash – a free multiplayer fishing game chosen by millions of anglers and bring fishing and life together!

Fishing Clash mixes the best features of multiplayer fishing games: the realism of simulator games, the competitiveness of sports games & the social aspect of fishing and hunting apps. With fishing spots from all over the world, it’s the most realistic simulator amongst multiplayer fishing games.

How to quickly catch a fish in Fishing Clash?

  • Launch the game.
  • Tap the ""Cast"" button in the bottom-right corner.
  • Tap the ""Strike"" button continuously to ensure the line tension indicator is in the center of the top bar.
  • Enjoy the look of the fish on your fishing hook!

What’s next?

  • Relax, catch more fish, or win matches in exciting multiplayer duel mode.
  • Take part in multiplayer challenges and championships.
  • Upgrade your lure cards to level up and unlock new fishing spots.
  • Conquer the fishing world!

Fishing around the world
In this multiplayer simulator, you can find a fishery almost everywhere: from the Florida Coast and the Kenai River to Lake Biwa, Galapagos, and Loch Ness. Here you can find a fishery almost everywhere in the world! Catch lots of fish like bass, carp, trout, and even some monster fish from the Deep Sea!

Collect and upgrade lure cards
Winning duels or getting top positions in championships will reward you with packs of lure cards. Collect them like in collectible card games and upgrade them to catch bigger fish! The bigger they are, the bigger the chance to win competitive multiplayer games and fishing world cup tournaments!

A simulator with real-time duels
Feel the thrill of multiplayer games and play a fishing duel against other anglers. You’ll need not only skills but also your wits! Become a fishing master, get the biggest catch on your fishing hook and win every fishing battle.

Take part in live events
Every day you can hunt for amazing rewards like new rods, lure cards, and skill tokens in daily or weekly events. Pass the fishing trial, challenge angry sharks, become a catfish hunter or a traveler catching the biggest fish on a few different fishing spots!

Join or create a clan
Although Fishing Clash is a simulator at its heart, it enables ways to socialize like in free fishing apps. Meet fellow anglers, chat, exchange (or donate!) lure cards, and work together for great rewards in multiplayer Clan Wars.

The better the skills, the better your catch
All fishing spots have their skill tree. Use skill tokens to unlock new skills and get bonuses for fish of all rarities, and more!

Breathtaking fishing locations
Whether you prefer fly fishing, ice fishing, or trolling, you’ll admire the look of all fishing spots. Every fishery in Fishing Clash features beautiful 3D vistas and hand-crafted fish you’ll love to see on your fishing hook. It’s a realistic simulator, after all.

Fresh, new content every week!
New fish, new fishery, new rods: in this realistic simulator, you can find new content every week, so there’s no shortage of fish to catch! Bring fishing and life together!

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a multiplayer simulation games fan, Fishing Clash is a great casual time-killer. With dozens of fishing spots worldwide and hundreds of fish species, it offers an excellent experience for anybody looking for a realistic fishing simulator. DOWNLOAD NOW!

Updated on 2nd June 2023

Get the Latest Fishing Clash Update!

You can now:

  • Hunt and catch Bosses with exciting new additions to the feature.
  • Get the most out of the latest event window functionalities, including a shop tab and offers conveniently accessible under tasks.
  • Experience improved, lightning-fast lure upgrades.
  • Enjoy smoother gameplay and bid farewell to annoying visual bugs.

Dive into the reelvolution and enjoy the ultimate fishing experience.

Fishing Clash Review

Its a good game. We like the graphics it is well made.

We Found out about this game from watching Dude Perfect.

This game is one of the most fun fishing games we’ve ever found. We’ve played it a couple times but the only bad thing about it. We cant get our old account back but its an amazing game. We couldnt ask for a better fishing game.

So simple and so addicting after only having the game a couple of days.

Our mom said we are not allowed to fish eny more so this app is a pretty good game 10/10.

Let us pick any fish for duels.

Just coming to say the new update ui in the rods is so much better we can understand it.

We spent money 2 different times recently and then they raise the prices to $99.99 to get a upgrade. Then also we get 11 star catches which is the normal highest and it loses every time. It really appears when we spent money that they raised the cost to crazy numbers. And that our 11 star fish which typically are good catches are nothing. We have never seen any coat for any upgrades at $99.99 till we spent money.

We’ve had the game awhile and we cant get any coins to upgrade anymore. The game gives like 150 coins each time u log on and open a card pack but the upgrades are at least 1000 a fish now so yeah its ridiculous. About to delete sadly cuz we do love the actual gameplay and graphics.

Your game is such a joke. For some stupid reason because we quit spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on this Pay to Play scam that someone decided we no longer had VIP access. Now, the stupidity level is increased because of your terrible customer service and support so no one ever replies. Get a clue, learn how to treat customers properly and now since youve cheated us for the last time you can go ripoff new players. What a clown show this is.

This game is so good it actually feels like Im fishing wich we love its so realistic and so fun we’ve recommended it to all our friends and they love it just as much as we do!

Its a very good game for when you cant fish in real life.

The game is a lot of fun, if you pay to play the game. We’ve tried to play without buying anything and its almost impossible especially starting out. Once you get lures built up its a little better but theyre constantly adding new fish and fisheries so the vicious cycle repeats itself. We partly blame myself for being the sucker thats buys stuff sometimes to reinforce their greedy behavior.

The game crashes all the time cause they dont update their survers. You have to pay to win anything nowadays. Not worth the headache.

Game frequently crashes, thus requiring reboot & losses in competitions. Only way to excel in the game & to achieve high rewards is to spend $$$s. They rely on automated responses for non VIP players that often do not address the specific issues, thus your questions & issues do not get resolved in a timely manner.

Unless you are willing to pay do not expect to be home gilt successfully. You can still play but it will be hard. The events are set up so the pay to play clans have the advantage. We have played for close to 7 years and with every updated it just goes down hill more.

Use to be a great game ,but the buy everything players ,spending hundreds weekly have ruined it for all . Dont even bother starting this game . Also customer service takes like 2or 3 weeks to reply to a problem. Thats why they laid off half there employees,and there stock is dropping ..

We dont really do fishing a lot Im not really into it but this game is actually really fun and is really fun.

We love this game it is so fun can you make the game so that people can buy pearls for coins in the game please write us back.

This game is so fun there are so many fishing poles and fish that you can catch. We love it there are a lot of fishing games that we play but this is probably our number one favorite. This game is so good you guys really need to download it we love it its the best game our full whole family has it first we saw it on YouTube but now Im addicted with it. We cannot stop playing it. We love it.

Enjoy the chase to catch the big one.

This game is so much fun 10 out of 10.

Best game out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An a amazing game and is really fun and not that much problems.

We dont have to say any reason because its good.

Great game keep up the good work.

The best fishing game we ever. Played.

Nice relaxing game, love the competitive side of it.

We had this on our old tablet and it was downloadable and we love this so much we gave it a five star rating it calms us down so much thank you so much.

So we follow bass production on YouTube and Bobby said this game is fun we download this game it it is an awesome pass time thank you so much for the suggestion.

Its graphics are the best and we just love fishing in real life so when we cant go this is the best game and.

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