Football Head Coach 23 – Game

Last updated on June 3rd, 2023 at 12:45 pm

Football Head Coach 23 – Game

Football Head Coach 23 - Game

Football Head Coach 23 – Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gamebasics BV, Football Head Coach 23 – Game is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st July 2022 with the latest update 31st May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Sports, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Football Head Coach 23 – Game ?

6,211 people have rated 23.5.0

What is the price of the Football Head Coach 23 – Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Football Head Coach 23 – Game released ?

Football Head Coach 23 – Game was released on 21st July 2022.

When was the Football Head Coach 23 – Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Football Head Coach 23 – Game on 31st May 2023.

Where can Football Head Coach 23 – Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Football Head Coach 23 – Game from Apple Official App Store.



Create your own franchise and start your career as the coach of the team! Lead your favorite players and manage your entire roster with custom tactics and formations that show your own play style.


  • Through a sophisticated and robust simulation engine, manage your team in a league and the playoffs against other coaches in this truly unique multiplayer competition and claim the bowl!


  • Unlock all the pro players in this NFL Players Association licensed game and create the perfect roster to win all of the football games!
  • Need a new Quarterback or Running Back? Visit the player market now and make a bid for the next star of your franchise.


  • As the Head Coach you will be to manage your team tactics, be able to surprise your opponents each game and score a touchdown.
  • Use all the well known formations in American Football or try a crazy combination to have the edge for the next down!


  • Play the special Quick match game mode to test new formations and tactics to see how they fit your football team.
  • Train your players every day to make sure they are at their best for the next match!

Download Football Head Coach 23 NOW and be part of this beautiful game together with millions of other managers.

Please Note: Football Head Coach 23 (FHC 23) is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. Check our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

Updated on 31st May 2023

Hello FHC fans!
It’s time for a major update! This version contains the following:

  • A brand new feature called Player Trade Challenges! This feature enables you to trade in players with specific requirements for great rewards. Have fun!
  • Unsellable Players.
  • A big revamp of the market filter.
  • We’ve added status indicators on the market for players you already own and for players that are an upgrade to your roster.
  • We’ve added a draft comparison to clarify if a new player is an upgrade to your roster. We also show your previous draft picks there now.
  • Stability and performance updates.
  • Various bug fixes.
    Thanks all for your passion for our game and your thorough feedback. We appreciate it, and hope you’ll enjoy all this!

Football Head Coach 23 – Game Review

Great game but we wish you could join a league with your friends. Otherwise its a really fun and addicting game!

Cool game. Definitely comes off as pay to play. Super glitchy.

Amazing game if u want to feel like playing an old madden game . But one thing we wish the devs could do is maybe make the tips more specific.

We love everything we just dont really like the prices.

Need to do an upgrade so that duplicate players are able to be combined into one player.

Amazing choice of game style get to pick ur team name has it like a league its amazing we get so pumped when its our turn to play but one thing is please make things less expensive please.

Its good game so far. We wish futbol manager games were this simple and fun.

We like how at the end of the games it tell you what you need to improve on and it is really fun to play and we have no problem to talk about.

Been playing this game for weeks now, we really enjoy the concept of managing your own team. The game play is entertaining to watch and the collecting of players is extremely fun. A few recommendations. 1. Card details: should add some additional basic info about the player them self, for example their current NFL team. 2. Market place filtering: need to add a more filters to identify cards, for example a filter one time left or choice of multiple positions. 3. Cards percentage: Im not sure the rate of reviving rank cards but it needs to be fine tuned. If 75 rank card has a 6 percent chance of being pull then a 70 rank card should not be 100, it should be 94 percent. 4. Add a few more daily missions or other type of objectives. At a certain point the game because stale as you get stuck in a gray area where you cant collect more cards or buy cards cause of the prices. Your pretty much in a gray area just hanging around. 5. Market prices: market prices of most cards is unrealistic. Even if a have a high rank card to sell, most players cant buy it cause they dont have the money or dont have another high rank to try and sell, so youre stuck in a loop. Again the game is great, we love the concept but it needs some minor tweaks to keep the player involved.

We gave this game a five star for a reason. Its simple, this game has nothing wrong with it. Prices might be a little high but thats it.

The only problem we have is that it takes forever to get energy back.

This game is a 9/10 because its a good coaching game but you have to wait 24 hours per 3 games unless u buy energy.

Wish you got energy way faster.

Good game entertaining but we’ve run into an issue where we are not getting our card rewards. Won 40games was waiting to receive them and it reset and said have to wait another 7 days. Idk how to fix it.

The game is enjoyable itself but its definitely buggy and has its problems. The actual games are the main issue with inconsistencies and some questionable things happening like when a team goes backward when the other team got a penalty. We’ve had some issues with the mission rewards but still always got them eventually and otherwise we like the idea of the game!

This is awesome but there is one thing you can only play one league game every other day.

Sometimes the ads dont load thus causing us to miss opportunities. A lot of the time we are unable to tell who the rookies are so this causes us to not be able to do some of the missions because we cant tell which ones are rookies. There has to be a better way to determine which ones are rookies.

We really enjoy the concept of the game. There needs to be a way to actually upgrade your players when you train them. Also the game gets boring there is literally nothing to do but wait. So it is a great game to just spend a few mins on here and there.

We enjoy the game but after you get through your energy for quick games theres nothing to do. 1 energy every 8 hours is insane and extremely limits what you can do in the game without spending money.

We like the concept of the game but seriously over 5 hours to get back energy to be able to play a quick game and then over a week we have to wait to open the reward pack we get from winning quick games like that is so stupid how am we supposed to play the game. Its clearly set up for people to get annoyed and spend money there is no reason it should take over 5 hours to get energy especially when theres a cap limit of 1. At maximum it should take an hour to get energy back and thats even long. And as far as the packs go when we achieve a reward we should be able to open it or claim it not have to wait a week.

Good game good potential but we wish u could play and have more on the field experience and we wish there were more packs.

First Id like to say the game has potential to be really good. At first we really enjoyed playing this game. But the ratings they give some of these players isnt accurate. For example sauce Gardner is rated 77 and this is out of 100. They recently released rookie packs that have rookies from recent draft to got on our team. And Joey porter jr is rated 79 and has never played in nfl. Thats just one example of many. Some of the rookie qbs also are rated higher than many established starters in the nfl. We hope they get better at this as the game continues. You dont have to spend real money but youll find you need to to get a chance at higher rated players.

In 1 week they keep on resetting our mission and not giving us rewards for anything dont waste your time or money on this game guys.

Sorry, couldnt find customer support or a contact us link. We accidentally quicksold our 83 ovr Ceedee lamb, we had him on the auction for 47,500 and we double clicked on him and he was just in the right spot for where our double click sold him. He was the cheapest one up. We were just wondering if we could get our coins for him being sold or just get the card back.

This game is trash. We have been stuck at overall rating of 78 for two months. They literally will not give you players on purpose above 79 just to keep you from advancing. We bought over 15 packs and the players are always between 75-79 if they are gold. When it come to us playing quick matches they keep giving us players that are at a rating of 80-85 and you cant beat their team.

Why does it take 8 hours to regain to play 1 game?!?!? That is absolutely ridiculous you can only play 3 games per day. Also you don’t actually to get play anything you just simulate stuff which is lame.

We love the game formate but when playing a game sometimes it will cut out or struggle to load. We bought a premium pack and it decided to cut out right after purchase. Still charged our card but didnt give us the packs. Tried called for support bug there options were not in English. If they can fix this it would easily be a five star game. Hope this leads to fixes and we can change our review.

We love this game! Other than the fact that u cant actually play the games, we really enjoy collecting players in this game!

When we were getting our weekly award for getting 40 wins in the practice games. We now have to wait a whole week to get the reward.

We like how you can build your own team and we like the league set up. We just cant seem to get into a quick game.

This is the best game of all time. We’ve never had this much fun playing games against real people.

We Love this game! It is just a very good mobile football game. On the auction house we can only find players under 95 though. We just want more excess-able high overall players. Thank you in advance.

We enjoy the game. Thank you for the timely fix.

We’ve been in the last season 22 our user ID # 227337. As we gotten the update we seen that our 100k plus coins where gone also our gold bars Ill like to know what happened to these currencies? Because the newsletter did state that the only thing would change is the team we were even at a level 5 now Im back at a 9 how!? Please explain to us and help fix.

Love this game, but theres a few things off Like Michael Thomas is listed as a Safety and rated a 68 Hes a WR and probably in the low 80s Im thinking they got #CantguardMike and the Retired safety confused. Also, seems to be a lack of some players. Maybe they didnt sign to be on the game? But game play is a blast and we enjoy it.

Its a really fun game if you like strategy. But the rewards system just glitched on us for the first time. The rewards counter reset but the game didnt give us our cards.

Addictive yet not going to force you to buy things its very well balanced and gives or planning and preparation wins games so remember to train.

We won 40 quick games and at the end of the week instead of having our player packs claimable it says they are claimable in 7 days. We do enjoy the game and we will change our rating when fixed.

If we have a way better team with a good formation and strategy we should blow out a low overall team but we dont and whats the point of playing if we can get beat by a low overall team.

We like this game but the energy points you got 7to8 hours for one 1 at a time we dont like it you should change time for the energy time to 30 minutes for every point so it dont take too long to wait thats all Im saying.

Its a nice grind and fun to play for 10-30 min if you have plenty of stamina, but im experiencing what we think is a glitch involving our weekly rank packs (for winning 40/40 quick games) saying that we to wait another week to claim them even thought 4 hours ago it said claim in 1 hour.

The game is very slow and is a long waiting game. You have to wait 3 hours to earn a single energy to play online and the max you can get is three. We think the game should make it a 2 hour wait for energy or make a larger storage for energy so that we can actually play the game more.

Its a pretty fun game, but we dont like how you cant play any actual games, its only quick play. But its overall a pretty good game.

Love this game. Perfect for people who love fantasy, dynasty, randomized teams, etc. Only thing we dont like is it doesnt seem you can actually improve your players ratings or skill. Seems like a pay to win game as you have to buy cards and chance getting a good one.

Energy should be less time and training should do more and a 10 overall less shouldnt beat me.

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