Found It! Hidden Object Game

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 11:05 am

Found It! Hidden Object Game

Found It! Hidden Object Game

Found It! Hidden Object Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lion Studios Plus LLC, Found It! Hidden Object Game is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 21st October 2022 with the latest update 25th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Board, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Found It! Hidden Object Game ?

4,371 people have rated 1.7.406

What is the price of the Found It! Hidden Object Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Found It! Hidden Object Game released ?

Found It! Hidden Object Game was released on 21st October 2022.

When was the Found It! Hidden Object Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Found It! Hidden Object Game on 25th May 2023.

Where can Found It! Hidden Object Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Found It! Hidden Object Game from Apple Official App Store.



Are you ready to experience the most addictive hidden objects game right now?

Find all hidden objects by moving around the interactive maps and completing quests to unlock new colorful locations. Found It! is a fun and engaging hidden picture game that exercises your brain and promotes problem-solving skills.

Found It is a new search and find bright hidden object game where you should solve the objects puzzles and unlock new maps for free. All you need to do is to focus on the requested item, do a scavenger hunt, step inside various locations with engaging scenes, and complete the tasks. Use hints to put your target and find it. You can also zoom in, out, and swipe through every corner of the map.

Search, seek and find out fantastic graphics. Hundreds of hidden objects await you to collect and unlock new levels. If you are fond of playing detective, scavenger hunt games, finding hidden objects, and puzzle games, then this brain teaser is your best choice. Playing Found It you will train your brain and improve your searching skills and attention.


  • Enjoy the pleasure of playing the hidden object games for free!
  • Relax with the best Found It game anywhere & anytime!
  • Simple gameplay and rules. Observe the scene, find the hidden objects, and finish the scene!
  • Suitable for groups of all ages. Play the picture puzzle game with your friends and family members.
  • Various difficulties. The more hidden objects you find out, the more intricate maps you can challenge.
  • Powerful tools. Use helpful hints to find the hidden object when you get stuck.
  • Zoom feature. Zoom in and out at any moment to see the well hidden objects!
  • Multiple scenes and levels. Playground, animal park, ocean world, and more destinations are waiting for you!

Improve your concentration, attention, and observation skills with Found It!

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Wordle!, Match 3D, Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass and Cake Sort Puzzle 3D!

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Lion Studios

Updated on 25th May 2023

Bug Fixes

Found It! Hidden Object Game Review

Hey Everyone, we love this game so very much but sometimes we wanted extra help, so we purchased some hints. Now, when we try to complete an episode (after we’ve run out of said purchasedhints) and have only 1 or 2 items left to findthey will NOT drop on the screen! ALMOST as if the game is now forcing us to want to buy hints again BECAUSE you get so frustrated because u cant do another episode UNTIL you find that 1 thing THAT IS NEVER DROPPED ON THE SCREEN! Rip off? Rigged? Force spending? Im NOT SURE BUT THEY ALL FEEL AS IF ANY ONE OF THESE EXAMPLES COULD BE TRUE. We really hope notwonder if we get a response from the developerslike we said NOT sure BUT SURE FEELS a bit rigged UPDATEI never sent this reviewits been just sitting , waiting for us to hit sendin the meantime we had still been playing the gameand we think we simply got frustrated because sometimes the last items you need will NOT drop! However, we decided this time not to PAY ANY MONEY AGAIN for hints AND to SEE if the DEVELOPERS would eventually put those items on screen?? Im HAPPY to say that THEY DO! You might have to simply WAIT! Which isnt the best option but its better than what we previously thought!!! Yaaay! GREAT JOB to whoever came up with this game!!! ITS ALL we PLAY NOW MY FAVORITE GAME.

We loved this game until our hints ran out by watching a ad. We think it is a scam to make you purchase hints because there is no way that the last object is there. We bet if we bought hints it would be there. We already paid for no ads. Time to move on to something else. Very disappointed.

We would have rated this game 5 stars but they will remove or hide items and then put them back. We had a few items we were looking for and one of them magically appeared on the screen and was highlighted to get our attention after we left our phone open for a few moments and came back to it. Another time, we were searching for our last item for almost 30 minutes and it randomly appeared in a spot we looked at several times. If they made it fair this game would be a lot more fun.

Love this cute little game, however there are wayyyyy too many ads. Cant get through one search without numerous ads. Uninstalling. If they ever cut down on ads Id get it again. Hence, only 3.

The only way to play this game is if you pay money when you are stuck we would suggest playing another game! Developer is cheap pay money to play our game, ridiculous and the ads that something else.

We LOVE this game we spend hours playing it. We purchased extra helpful tools to find things for $5.99 we accidentally deleted the game and now our purchase is gone, really mad that we did that we had 3 game scenes open too.

We love hidden object games and this is the best! The game requires the player to not just search,but interact with the game board. Touch the ant hill and see what happens! With games like this, we dont mind paying a few dollars for hints. Its worth it and we want to support developers like this. We’ve played every level 12 times so far and cant wait for the next level! We hope its coming soon!

This is a fun game and it can get you so look hard and do not give up on the game.

Hello we just wanted to say thank you first of all for this wonderful game, we have been hooked on it for about 6 months now & we had completed around 25 levels on the first areas & we enjoyed it so much we purchased the game & now you have released two more new levels & they are just as great as the previous levels, we cant wait for the next one to be released on the 21st. Keep up the great work & thanks again for creating a wonderful game that really keeps you thinking & your mind busy for hours & sometimes days!!

We play all kinds of games but this one has us completely hooked! The imaginative ways they introduce some of the items has us laughing a good bit of the time. Its not a difficult game and if you take your time (and put your reading glasses on) you will find the items. The helping items are easy to earn and are a quick way to finish up if you are not in the mood to go over the scene with a fine tooth comb. Its a challenge but a very fun one. Im anxiously awaiting the new scene and hoping for lots more! Well done!

We have played many games over the last several years, but this is one of our all time favorites! We are nearly 70, and we enjoy going at our own pace and love the clues and animation aspects! Thanks for creating it!

Love the challenge of finding the items and that are not always in the same spot.

This is a fun game that keeps you thinking butI am not happy that we paid for no adds and we still get them in between every game.

Game is fun, but the ads come too quickly interrupting play.

This is a real fun and soothing game to play. The only issue we have is that the game will occasionally close and or a black screen will appear m. No longer allowing access to play the game which can last up to and some times over an hour. If and when they fix that the game will be perfect! Oh and add additional boards.

Just wondering why there is a barely visible space ship in the Polar Station. If you tap it, you can see the lights flicker on the outside rim of the saucer. It does not do anything else. It has no bearing on the game play. Looks like the designers left it there accidentally while putting the game together.

We enjoy playing the game as it is relaxing and has interesting investigative aspects. We know the creators need a way to recuperate the cost that went into developing BUT an ad almost every minute breaks the flow you have going. We love playing but we are so aggravated we may delete the game.

Its fun playing but we realized that objects dont exist at first and they are added along the episode as you go. We checked one area it was empty and as we were finding objects in a different area and returned back we saw that they added objects. This is upsetting since we bought the no AD version and now we dont feel fair playing no more.

After you get through a handful of games in each episode, the challenge just loops. The release of new episodes is VERY slow too. Disappointed.

Adds interrupt game every 10 seconds it seems. Spend more time seeing adds than actually playing game.

Theres way too many ads and even if you can instantly click out of them it still ruins our immersion. Also, this isnt a true search and find game. You can completely clear an area. Come back 5 seconds later and its full of stuff again. Just feels disingenuous. Deleted after about 30 minutes of play time.

A fun game thats absolutely RUINED by its excessive ads. It is literally unplayable when there are ads every 2 minutes. They must be paying for reviews because youll spend more time watching ads than playing this game. The game is fun but its not worth paying for. We wish we were exaggerating but the ads are relentless.

Why am we still having to sit through ads when we’ve paid for no ads???

Between ads and ads and purchasing bundles that dont work. What more do you want us to say?

This game could be awesome if they didnt have multiple ads running in the middle of every game. Put them in between levels like every other game to make it manageable. We have to delete this game as its really no fun to play this way.

Love this game! But we wish it had newer locations to search, instead of us keep doing the same ones. But other then that we really enjoy this game!

We love hidden object games and this is the best! The game requires the player to not just search,but interact with the game board. Touch the ant hill and see what happens! With games like this, we dont mind paying a few dollars for hints. Its worth it and we want to support developers like this. We’ve played every level 12 times so far and cant wait for the next level! We hope its coming soon!

If you want a hidden object game that is fun and challenging, this is the one. There is none better. We love it, kudos to the developers, great job!!! Tony Palloni.

Dont pay for no ads because then you cant earn power ups through commercials.. We wish we could reverse it we feel like it get more for nothing. You pay for no ads and the game value decreases.

We think this game is really fun it keeps our brain sharp during the weekend it is also super fun to play 100% get it sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is a little harder but over all good game.

When will there be new levels?

The programmers who designed this game are geniuses. Its the only hidden objects game we know of where the hidden objects dont all appear at the start of the game. You have to go back over the scene again and again because we think the way it is set up is that some objects appear only after other objects are found. Sometimes you can actually see the objects fading into the picture- you can watch them appear out of the background. And we are SO THRILLED that two new scenarios have been added since the last time we played the game. We hope you guys make a lot of money with this game and make more like it. Its just AMAZING!!!

Things here move around, it makes us giggle as we play it! Love the little people and how hidden some things are! It gets progressively tricky as you go through the levels but is such fun!! Not everything hidden is disclosed at first, you have to keep going over and over the territory to discover everything! Greatest seek and find we’ve ever played!! Thank you for a great game!!

These kinds of games are so fun.

We love scavenger hunt type games but get so tired of the repetitive play in those games. Finally a game that lets us just look for items but each episode level offers something new. The unique way in which the developers have created this game makes it even more fun. Searches within searches and moving items that when tapped offer unique ways of locating objects. Our fear, the developers wont be able to keep up with our game play. Fingers crossed. And while we hate spending money on apps – totally worth the cost to get rid of ads! Love this game!

When will there be new levels?

Great for decompressing your brain!

This game is incredible. The functionality, the way you find certain objects, the detail in each environment – its all just mind-blowing. Also super fun and dangerously addictive! Around 10 years ago, we worked in an ad agency that was just dipping its toes in the water of this new interactive technology for a project and it was a disaster. Extra help, working nights and weekends, you name it. That experience just reminds us of how difficult this stuff really is, and Found It! Is the absolute best representation of when an interactive game is done right. We dont know if there are awards for this sort of thing, but if there are, it should win the top prize! We love it!

We love this game. One of our favorites. The puzzles within the puzzle are extra fun! We do purchase some of the puzzle helpers like the compass, etc. Now there are puzzle wands. Where do they go when we buy them and how do you use them?

This game is so addicting! We cant wait to the next level!

Absolutely love this game. Enjoy the interaction with the characters and would like more of same. Thank you for such an interactive gaming experience. Hope to have more episodes shortly. Waiting for River City, currently.

We really enjoy this game, but their are not enough areas to unlock. We’ve been waiting for the last one. Still says coming soon. Overall it is fun to play.

Im addicted to scavenger hunt games. The graphics and music puts this one at the top. We especially enjoy the subtle animations they put into the objects, people or animals in the game. As you advance some of these thing will do something you never saw before and you click it and an object is surprisingly revealed. Kudos to the designers and programmers on this game!

We have a ton of finding/scavenger hunt games and this is by far our favorite. The ads arent as frequent and long like others. The only downside is we wish they had more levels more often!

We really enjoy scavenger hunt games and we have to say this is our favorite one right now. Its super cute and we love the interactive aspect of it. Our favorite worlds are the ones that have you go into a building and work out how to find certain objects. We wish there was a lot more of that. We paid for no ads and it was well worth it. We delete most games that have ads, but this is one of the very few we deemed worth spending the money on. Kudos to the creators of this game. Its fun and keeps us coming back! We hope they will add a lot more of the interactive buildings and structures and would love to see it added to each world/scene Thanks for making such a neat game!

Best find it Game – ever! We have played hundreds of these games but have never found one so interactive before l love it getting into to the houses and tents and do different puzzles to collect stuff, ingenious! Keep up the awesome work. This is the game to play if love, you love find it games.

We love love love this game – so much that we have it downloaded on every device – cant stop playing! Really Great Game !

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