Freediving Hunter Adrenaline

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 06:00 pm

Freediving Hunter Adrenaline


Freediving Hunter Adrenaline is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Strongbox3d, LLC, Freediving Hunter Adrenaline is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 6th December 2018 with the latest update 5th March 2019

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Sports, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


56 people have rated 12

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Freediving Hunter Adrenaline is the ultimate spearfishing challenge!

Master the electrifying sport of freedive spearfishing! Discover the thrill and challenge of relying on your own virtual breath-holding ability as you patrol reefs, shipwrecks, and other marine environments in an exciting hunt for prized saltwater fish. Earn money with each fish you spear and buy new masks, fins, and guns to gain more advantage over your prey. Develop your “lung capacity” to conquer the depth and capture the biggest fish… but keep an eye on your lung capacity monitor – you don’t want to have a deadly underwater blackout!

Updated on 5th March 2019

What is in the update:

Finally you can look down while swimming on the surface

While aiming at a fish info about the fish appears above the fish Type/Weight
Fish can be stoned now to get extra experience/money bonus
Sharks will eat your fish if you fail to reel-in correctly
You can change the color of your fins and mask
You can buy wetsuits with 20 different camuflages
The icon for reeling-in changed to a reel and it is above the fish you are fighting
There is a new map at night
You can buy flashlights with different light intensities
Better water surface with snell window effect


Aiming is dead on now
Now when you shoot a fish you have to reel-in while the reel-in icon is on the screen
Added "Shots fired" and "Shark steals" to the stats screen
When a fish gets shot it will keep running at all time and stay away from you
Now when you unlock a new map the word "NEW" appears over it in the Location Selection

Freediving Hunter Adrenaline Reviews

Best spearfishing ever! It took a while to level up and figure out how to work the fish but its great. We hope they continue to add masks,guns,cammo suits, riffe,mares, and other manufactures need to get in this bad!!!

This update has been great. It is much more enjoyable to play. We find myself coming back to the app all the time to play even though we have maxed everything up. Keep up the great work.

This is a Great game and great time waster plus chances to win real prizes worth way more then the asking price of the game which is $5. The game its self is worth $5 but one crucial thing missing is WETSUITS!! How can you not be able to buy different types of camouflage for the wetsuits add that in and for sure you would have a winning game.

Best Spearfishing game we’ve played for sure get this game its worth it.

Definitely the best spearfishing game by far. Our only critique is that there is a limited number of locations to unlock and once you reach, LEVEL: MAX theres not much left to the game. Very excited about future updates.

Solid game overall. Pretty realistic and the update definitely improved on the graphics and even some of the shot placement issues. Reason it doesnt get 5 stars, is we’ve already maxed out on gear and levels. Also since the update when we try to change location the app crashes. Maybe the addition of a tournament mode or online competition would make the game top notch. Look forward to whats next.

We honestly have been waiting for a spearfishing game for a long time and especially a good one but after playing the game for a little while we found a couple of things that need some work or would be beneficial to add. We would love to see the hit boxes actually be consistent, there has been many times where we have been very close to a fish and our crosshairs were right on it and we seem to somehow miss, also we think different button layouts should be added because for our phone we always seem to resurface when Im trying to look around. These are only minor problems but the game is still loads of fun.

The game LOOKS promising, however it constantly crashes after we select a character (making it unplayable) The game is compatible with our iPhone, so we dont know what the deal is. If this was fixed then our review would be much better.

A fun way to pass time when youre not able to get under the water! Keep up the good work.

First off congrats to the developer for making a full release to Freediving Hunter. Also we must thank him for actually taking time with listening and responding to the community and actually making recommended changes. We dont review at all usually with apps but this one is too good not to! We really loved the original and we are excited to have new adventures in this new and improved Freediving Hunter! Thank you again!

This game is super addicting! As soon as we started playing, we did not want to put it down. We just wanted to catch more fish and see all of the different species up close. Dont even get us started on the games graphics It truly looks as though we were at the bottom of the ocean with all the fish.

Game is awesome, you guys should think about adding a hawaii location with new fish like uluas (giant trevally), omilus (bluefin trevally), ukus (green jobfish), and more! Also maybe wetsuit customization, more gear. Also some tweaks would be nice, smaller fish take too long to reel in, maybe behavior tweaks for the fish and more size variations, rarity levels for certain fish and behaviors, bigger maps, more fish! Thanks.

Im updating our review on this and am sorry we made a terrible one before. Though previously we did have an issue the creators reached out and made good on the issue. Therefore we felt it necessary to post an update. This game is so much fun and have enjoyed every moment we’ve played it. We cant wait to see what they come out with next!!!

We made an in app purchase and it wont redeem it. So essentially we just gave it money for absolutely nothing.

Would not give us our in app purchases and charged us for two items we never selected. Would never recommend.

Big fan of the older version. Movement controls pretty much nonfunctional for this version. Could even get through the training.

We rated it as high as we could because Its exactly what we were looking for. First of all, its obvious that the developer is a diver because so many details were got right. Its really as good as the real experience. As for some criticism, the cash score is a bit lame but we dont have an alt to suggest aside from tokens. We really love seeing stoned but hate seeing that it was worth $5. To be honest, a more detailed fish id and behavior profile would be more motivating. Thats it! Thanks for efforts.

We love thIs Game. We just have a question…. We caught a FISH TYPE Grouperiousagous (Clone) FISH WEIGHT: 400.00 LB why dont we see it in the fish tank? Thanks, Shane.

When will there be a new update? Its been over a year and its getting kind of boring because theres no new places or new things we can buy. Also it would be very cool if there where Pole spears and if you fixed that black spot on the screen with the last mask. And it would be awesome if there was a stringer so if you stonekill or land a fish before having to get up for air you can take another shot at a fish.

Love the game but it seems like it hasnt been looked at in awhile and we’ve already unlocked and done everything we could in the game. So our question is will there be any updates this year?

Loved this game for years, definitely could use touch ups here and there and possibly multiplayer lobbys, atleast Local LAN! -Would love to see updated graphics (since these new phones can handle it) -possible game modes or challenges to unlock certain gear -More size/weight variations in fish -more fish variety in Some lower lvl maps -an increase in money/Xp (would obviously need more maps and items to buy for people who wanna grind out the hard stuff, but for a casual player its hard to stay engaged with mostly everything being a grind) Lastly, we totally understand its a one man band for development and not entirely sure if its ever gonna be revived since the last update has been 2 years+ but this game would definitely blossom if small tweaks were made and added.

We really love this game.. We would like if you added like multiplayer where you can play with your friends that would be very cool if you add that and also every time we catch couple fish then we go up for air and come back down the fishes disappear and the sharks heading up out the water that need to be fix!!!!! Other than that we give this a 5/5 star rating good job making this wonderful game we really spend our money on something spectacular but add more things to it boost the game up some more and also let it be able to like sell the fish instead of getting the currency for spearing it.

We feel like having 2-3 sharks constantly at every spot stealing 1-2 out of every 10-20 fish you spear is annoying. The spearing gets repetitive and it takes forever to get money to buy new things. It has room to grow and be a great game but the sharks are too abundant and take too many fish a online game mode and maybe challenges to earn extra money to get gear faster would be nice, after playing the game for a while it get repetitive. Good work could become an amazing game.

Game is really good but fish dont spawn at lighthouse.


We love the game but we would love it even more if you added some dogtooth tunas thatll spice up the game some more! Overall fantastic game.

We love this game but it takes waaayyyy too long to level up. We were willing to grind and play the same levels for a long time but it is taking us hours and hours and hours to level up one time. Its getting boring and we hope you fix this issue.

The sharks are just to much. It would be fine if you fought the fish and lost it. But the sharks thing is getting old. Didnt the old version not have sharks?

This game is awesome and we love the mechanics, and the graphics are pretty good, but this game could be so much better. There is still a lot of room for improvement. For example, every fish seems to act the same. Hogfish, get spooked immediately and it is very unrealistic. Also the shark mechanic is broken. Every fish we shoot it always getstaxed and it is annoying and again unrealistic. If there was a bigger shark bar, so that it would take longer for the shark to aggro to the fish then it would be much easier. Another thing is that, we wish you could change the color of your guns and we wish there were more fish to shoot. But its a great game and we wish we found it sooner.! Hopefully you do a big update and make the game a little smoother, because if the graphics were better and more detailed and more changes were added this game would attract so many people.

This game is amazing only downside is fish tend to not spawn so we havent been able to really level up not sure why but other than that game is pretty legit co parrs to any other diving games.

Good game however the sharks are kinda annoying if we spear 5 fish 4 of them gets eaten by shark and the shark are always there!!! If the shark were less annoying definitely 5stars.

Thanks too the first guy who commented 2 hrs ago now its literally impossible not too loose your fish too a shark when your at deeper depths. Thanks!!

Starting with the positive. Graphics are good with multiple maps. Really like the ability to purchase gear but items look nothing like what real spearfishing gear does. Would be nice to have more options that are also not so expensive. Weird looking fins and spearguns that take away from realism. Controls are great. Worst part of the game is the reeling in option. You spend more time reeling in fish than spearfishing. We would enjoy the game much better if the reel system did not exist. It gets super frustrating and takes away from the fun. Hope the developers think of a way to fix this. Would love to give this game 5 stars if a few fixes were made.

We love the game but you should add more fish species and make the sharks way less aggressive. We shoot a fish and then it runs which is not realistic and you need to fix. But out of like 3 fish a shark takes it. Thanks.

This game in terms of its graphics and real life spearfishing scenario is great. Only down side is the sharks, we truly find no point in sharks eating what youve just speared. We think its ridiculous that you try your best to aim and catch these fish and to have it get taken away by a shark. Thats not real spearfishing. This scenario only happens rarely. If we were the developer we wouldve done this differently, we wouldve only added the shark at very rare times. For example, you shoot and catch a few fish and reel them in. Then for a very short time a shark circles your territory for maybe a good 1-2 minutes and then leaves for awhile. But having a shark(s) on your always is absolutely ridiculous especially when you pay 4.99 for this game. We suggest either updating the game having this shark appear ever so often or not even having the shark at all. Thanks.

No instruction how to pull the fish in. Way too long between levels.

The shark literally eats every fish we shoot. This is not realistic at all. Im Haley we payed $5 to watch a shark eat every fish in the entire ocean.

Do not buy this game under any circumstances, the positive review is clearly a plant from the game designer, worst 4 dollars we’ve ever spent.

It wont go past level14. Keeps restarting from beginning.

None of the mechanics are balanced. We feel properly yet a shark steals our fish and theres nothing you can do to change it. All gear functions the same. Many times the dart cannot be reeled back in unless you go up for air. Absolute scam.

This is the worst game ever the shark catches the fish every time theres no point in getting the game almost impossible to land a fish unless u stone it the shark gets it everytime.

All we can say is Im 10 and this might be a bad review but we honestly love the game definitely buy it. Its worth it!!

We love this game , we’re in level 95 we have a lot of money all the gear.

If we could we would rate 3.5 but 3 seems too low. The game is great fun and props to the developer on the graphics, they are excellent. Heres a few things that could be done to improve gameplay: difficulty/skill – basically anyone can play this game and succeed (shoot fish and reel in said fish over seemingly unlimited amount of time), so where does strategy and skill come into play? How about the potential to lose a fish in structure or to a shark, or the longer the fish fights the more chance you have to lose it (as in other fishing games) – thus making your reeling vs wait time actually matter and could actually cause you to lose the fish. Also, the holding breath aspect is a bit unrealistic as you can just wait until 1 sec left no matter the depth or situation and get to the surface. Shouldnt your breath time decrease faster while fighting a fish or at depth? And the seconds required to surface vary at different depths? These features can be added with difficulty levels so anyone can play at the appropriate skill level. Lastly, not enough consistency in the fish and weights and structure – kinda gets boring over time. Make these changes and keep adding locations and gear with updates and this is for sure a 5-star game!

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