Gaia Project

Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 12:20 pm

Gaia Project


Gaia Project is one of the best $9.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Digidiced UG (haftungsbeschrankt) i.G., Gaia Project is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th November 2021 with the latest update 30th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


32 people have rated 1.8

You can download the game Gaia Project from APP STORE.


In Gaia Project, each player controls one of 14 factions striving to peacefully colonize the Terra Mystica galaxy. Each faction has different environmental needs to survive on a planet. These needs have led the factions to master terraforming, enabling them to make different planet types habitable for themselves.

This is the official digital version of the board game Gaia Project by Feuerland Verlag.

Minimum RAM: 3 GB
Recommended RAM: 4 GB
Gaia Project is a graphics-heavy board game with advanced AI opponents. Your gameplay speed and AI strength may be limited with older devices.

Updated on 30th May 2023

We added a new scenario feature! Beat 14 challenges in 4 different difficulties to receive rewards.

  • Added a new feature: scenarios
  • Added new scenario achievements
  • Added new profile customization tabs (avatars/frame/corner/badge)
  • Added Avatars, a profile frame, corner and a badge that can be unlocked in scenarios
  • Added Lobby game settings and filters

Gaia Project Reviews

We are enjoying playing the game, but if you arent already well aware of the game flow, it is probably going to be tough. Even after knowing the game, we spent a lot of time trying to find some information. Sometimes the help text wont display, so if you forget an icon, you may need to look it up on the web or a physical rule book. Generally, there is just too much information to keep track of and it all needs to be behind menus due to space constraints. We played it on steam and the info was easier to see. The iPad is just a little too small so it appears they needed to make some compromises and our iPhone was virtually unplayable. Also, we encountered a bug which required screenshots to properly explain. We tried to log the bug but got no response. We dont know if the game log made it possible to see what we meant or not. But there was no feedback. So far, we have only noticed two bugs and those werent likely to be common. Overall, good for people who already know the game and have the discipline to look at all the places they need to.

We have bought the game with our phone,but when we use our iPad to download it, it tell us to pay another money to buy it? Its quite ridiculous!

It will cause loading forever then dead game, please fix the bug.

This is the first review we have written but felt that it was important enough to say a something. Gaia is one of our favorite tabletop games so we were excited to be able to play it on mobile. Hands down we would rather play the game in person rather than in the version of mobile. It is a game that does not translate well. There are too many menus and sun menus(it felt like we had to search for everything that we needed access too). The inconography that attempts to simplify things makes the game more complex than it already is. This is the rare case in which if we could get our money back we absolutely would.

Have played a dozen games versus the AIs with no issues. The difficulty of the AIs is scaled well. Very addicting and challenging game.

Perhaps Im a dunce in this game, but the AI (playing only against the Cheater difficulty) opponents give us some pain! We love the challenge, and we wont let it stop us from improving! It also seems this time the AI isnt so scripted in how it plays. Pax Christi!

Pretty solid game! Im glad to see that Gaia project was turned to an app. Solid artwork and fantastic AIs to play against. Been playing for a week and noticed a terrible bug – and this is in the against-AI mode – sometimes undo button will make the game stuck (loading forever) and the only option is to restart the game and that means losing all progress. It is extremely frustrating – please please please fix it.

Another horrible implementation and presentation by digidiced.

Game sometimes crashes when you undo a move. Ex: if you place a gaiaformer and the game asks if you are okay with removing power from bucket 3 if you say no it will crash.

Feels more like a beta test then a actual proper release. The words are super tiny, and all buttons are super tiny. Also there should be a quick check on how much income you are producing instead of having to find all income and calculating it ourselves. After playing the Board game arena version its hard to not complain. So many missing features. Hopefully some Future updates will fix the game and make us want to come back to it.

It seems like not everything in the tutorial is displaying. We were able to follow the first part about the planets, but only because we know Terra Mystica, and it took too much thinking and trying to figure out what the screen might be telling us in relation to the words. Once it gets to power tokens and Area I, II, etc. – we dont see anything related to what the tutorial is telling us. In our mind, this is unplayable until thats resolved.

The Apple Store stated playable on this tablet. It wasnt until after we started to play we looked again on the apple store. Min 3mb ram!? IPad Air is only 2. Why so much? The board is blank on our iPad and the game is unplayable. We really hope the devs look into this and make or playable for older generations. We’ve bought other new board games recently and do not have this issue. This should not be an issue here.

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