Garbage Truck 3D!!!

Last updated on August 3rd, 2022 at 09:00 pm

Garbage Truck 3D!!!

Garbage Truck 3D!!!

Garbage Truck 3D!!! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by TAP2JUMP PTY LTD, Garbage Truck 3D!!! is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th February 2021 with the latest update 5th December 2021

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


20,820 people have rated 4.7

You can download the game Garbage Truck 3D!!! from APP STORE.


It’s time to become the best garbage collector in the world! Collect the trash, upgrade your truck, and earn as much money as you can.

Upgrade your truck with vacuums, new claws and even helpful birds! Visit all the routes and collect all the garbage! Hours of fun and plenty to unlock!

Updated on 5th December 2021

Bug fixes

Garbage Truck 3D!!! Review

The reason is because this game is funny.

This game we like very much and its a fun game to play. And also the imagination of making the trained bird is really fun and cool so theres not a mess on the floor. Thats all we wanted to say so hope you enjoy the game just like me.

Its so cool and addictive and we like.

Great game we love it but we have a idea you should add a big trash can and when you go next to it it show the back and you can dump it with the controls and when your done there should be a done button, and you back to the other screen.

Hi Im 9 years old and we love this app You can do so many things.

Ok this game is pretty cool well about. What we wanna know is when were not playing and come back why do you give us less money then when we ARE playing the game. Think about that now. So give us more money when were not playing. Example: Lets say we’ve been playing for about 1 hour and we have 765 dollars. But when your not playing and the game plays it for you kinda you only get 120. Does that make sense. We dont think so. But we guess that is what yall want.

This game is awesome and we about suffocated laughing.

We got this game as a joke but now Im in love with it and totally addicted! 10/10.

We love it and it looks like a lot of people.

We love this game, and its really fun to pass the time. But, we see two problems with this, one being a glitch, one being an idea. 1: This happened to us recently, so we used a double time, and got that thing that allows you to have bonus time, right? Well, when we were in that, it reset our truck progress, and when we got back, it still was like that. We dont know if this has happened to anything else, but we almost uninstalled the game, knowing we spent over 10+ hours on this game. 2: This is more of a suggestion, but, make this game more chill than grinding. The prices increase WAY too fast. Also, $1000 for a single upgrade for a claw? Thats kind of a ripoff, seeing you can only get about $150 at most from a single premium bin. So, please take this into consideration. Again, this was not made as a hate comment, but if this game made these fixes, it would be a lot more fun, seeing as the ads ACTUALLY DISPLAY the game. So, like we said before, love this game, we just think it needs a couple fixes.

Fun but Compr basura azul, no es tan bueno encontrar que son todas las latas bsicas, apenas las encuentras. No us gusta esta cosa. Siento que es una estafa un poco, por favor, arregla ms cosas como tal vez cuando compres el pase, conviertes la basura al color de la basura que compraste, as que s, arregla eso, por favor. Us encanta el juego, es adictivo, pero arregla que us estafaron un poco :3 s, as que arrglalo, te lo agradecera gracias por tu trabajo, us encanta el juego hasta ahora, as que Dios los bendigan a todos, por favor, hazlo.

When we get to a stop sign we would just have to back up and it would not let us get through even after we try to exit the app and reset it it wont let us so if you can please fix this then that would be awesome but other than that we wouldve gave you a five star review.

We like the game but we think it would be cool if you could increase your claw width.

The game is good and you should get the game but add the one update to have our respect and it with the gold bin and the magnet thing its that the gold bin has a lot of stuff so when the magnet gets it it doesnt go straight down and you miss a lot of bananas so if you see this pls fix gold bin and magnet doesnt work pls fix if your seeing this.

Its good. Not much to say. Pretty fun.

Enjoying the game so far, so much so that we want to pay to remove ads, but the remove ad buttons both say $0.00 and neither of them work. We want to keep playing but the ads are ruining the game for us.

We really enjoy the game. However, when we press the option to purchase no ads it only displays the price as $0.00 for both options and wont let us tap anything.

We think it is really fun and children friendly. You get to go broom broom and fling garbage cans LOLZ!

Ok, this game has too many ads.

We’ve recently become addicted to this game. Its a really fun grinding game, and rather chill too. Our one big problem, however, is the progress. Progress is slow at the start, but as soon as you buy the 5x truck, it gets even slower. Whenever you start getting 5x profit, all of the upgrades are multiplied by 6, so you go at an even slower pace then before. If the devs would take into consideration that the new trucks make your progress slower, and maybe do something about it, then this game would easily become a 5 star game.

We got this game and it is a really really fun game because we really like how it was made and we like the physics but literally EVERY 2 SECONDS IT JUST LAGS AND IT FREEZES FOR LIKE A MINUTE STRAIGHT AND IT MAKES THE GAME SO UNPLAYABLE AND IT IS SO ANNOYING SO PLZ FIX IT BECAUSE we HAVE ALREADY DELETED THE GAME SO YEAH. Hope you see this and we hope you fix your dumb bugs in this game.

We downloaded this app for our son who is five years old , because trash trucks are his favorite thing in the whole wide world. The other day he accidentally deleted the app and lost all his progress. Now we understand he shouldnt of done that but hes only 5 year old. What we do understand is adults make these apps and to have it delete all the progress you make which should be saved on the iCloud is just not right. You have a horrible glitch in this app if it does that it should be fixed ASAP.

The no ads option was there. You click it and it shows two things for $0.00. Give us an ad free option. This game would be worth it.

The first thing is the money every time we get money and log off our phone and then play the game again our money is gone the second thing is collecting money is kinda slow although Im probably being impatient but still it takes a long time so. Maybe hear us out on this.

Our 4 year old son loves this game but the ap wont let us purchase no ads! When we click on no ads, it has no options to purchase. And the amount of ads on this app makes us want to delete it! Please fix!

We got to the rich district in 2 days its so easy and we have all upgrades pretty simple game.

Great game, but deleted it a while back and just downloaded it again. Now the restore purchase button doesnt work, It doesnt even give us the to option to pay for it again. (Which we would be willing to do at this point) So now we are stuck with ads and no option to get rid of them. Unless Im able to restore our purchase or buy it again, Ill delete for good.

We have been playing this game for a while now and every time we leave the game to close it an come back to it we resets our truck back to way it was when we first started playing.

This game is a one star Im trying to buy something we already bought but it is not giving it to us game is a scam.

So we enough to Travel to a new world but it resets our progress and we start over this bad game has done it to us all the time never ever in the world should you install the game.

We literally just downloaded the game and it was fun to start but then after five minutes it started to lag really bad and it even froze like ten times! We checked our internet and it was perfectly fine and our other games were running like they normally do. We got back on the game after deleting the tab and it raras es all of our progress. So we restarted again and the entire game froze and when we went out of the app we could still hear the app running. We dont know whats happening but it needs to stop!

For some reason, you cant buy ads. As someone who likes rewards and no ads, we find it disappointing that you cant buy ANY form of No Ads. Please fix this bug, since it is annoying and tricked us into thinking that the options were free but they didnt work. Not even the Restore Purchase option works! Please developers, fix this.

Our son lives this game but why cant we buy no ads? Soooo many ads. The option is there but you cannot select it.

Why it dont let us purse the no ads our love this game but there to many ads.

To show ads that have a sniper shooting a hooker or how to be the next marijuana king is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!! They pop up constantly.

Usually in mobile games, you cant mess around, and you have to play a certain way. Thats not the case. We’ve messed around on this game a lot. You get to throw the trash cans, and steal them, if you want, and thats what we love about the game.

The game needs more bonuses other then the bouncy ball garbage bonus and the basket ball bonus.

Really fun game. Good graphics too.

Our brother showed us this game and Im obsessed with it.