GeoGuesser 2

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GeoGuesser 2


GeoGuesser 2 is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Shogo Studios LLC, GeoGuesser 2 is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th July 2020 with the latest update 25th February 2021

Whether you are a fan of Education, Trivia, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,024 people have rated 1.3.1

You can download the game GeoGuesser 2 from APP STORE.


Do you love to travel? GeoGuesser is a game that shows you panoramic street views of places around the world and challenges your ability to guess where they are!

GeoGuesser 2 is completely new and redesigned! If you’re looking for the original with the classic game mode and unlockable levels, you can still download GeoGuesser Classic on the App Store too!

Choose from multiple game modes:

Standard Game – You’ll be shown random locations and get get once chance to guess each location, then the actual location will be revealed

Accuracy Game – Keep guessing until you get it right! Each guess will give you a hint but also cost you extra time!

Endurance Game – Every correct guess unlocks another new location, but a wrong guess will end the game! See how many you can get in a row!

Download GeoGuessr now and see how many places you can recognize!

Maps from Google Maps SDK for iOS
Icons from Icons8

Updated on 25th February 2021

  • New custom locations option – Now you can choose specific countries!
  • Added button to enlarge guess map

GeoGuesser 2 Reviews

Its a very fun way of testing your knowledge on the world.

Geoguessr has a subscription thing now which is annoying. We used to play it until then. This is great and it’s just like the original all except for the layout. But this is still good. $2.99 is way worth it.

Pay the $ get a full game. No sub. If you love GeoGuesser this is a worthy at to play.

Sadly there are not many areas in Africa and the Middle East so usually you are in Europe.

We like the update to #2! But wish we could still to some verses games!

Great game would be amazing if they can add a game mode for beginners like pick the right state / country to win or something.

Great game, but would be great if you could adjust the sensitivity so that you didnt have to swipe 4 times in order to turn 180 degrees around.

The fam is hooked on this game. The only thing we wish the app could do was reduce or filter the random locations that have no discernible features for miles. Leaves too much up to luck rather than being able to really narrow down the possibilities. We guess the word Im looking for is curate? Devs should curate the questions to eliminate the impossible ones.

We downloaded the first version and quickly became hooked, but the subscription to unlock unlimited play is a bit much. Thankfully we discovered this before our free trial was over. This game is just like the original but unlocked, unlimited play is much more affordable. We only have one complaint, and we are not even sure if it is fixable. Most of the time, the locations we are given to guess are rural locations with no nearby clues as to where the location is. This is only a minor annoyance though, as long as we are able to play a few recognizable locations.

This is a great game we are having a lot of fun you sure get this if you are debating on getting it.

Ok so first things first, this is a knockoff of the game GeoGuessr. This game doesnt connect to that site or leaderboards. So before you pay up, be aware. Secondly, Im on our 3rd day of play. We have been given the same locations so many times that we basically have half the game memorized. There is one image in downtown DC that we have gotten at least 4 times. We dont even have to look at the street signs to find the location, we just know now. Which is too bad. If you think its truly giving you random locations out of the billions of images it has in street view, you are wrong. Its a collection of certain ones they have for this game. Which begs the questions why if they are cherry picking the images, do they have so many crappy ones as well. There are a few images that are so blurred you cant see anything.

The app works fine! But every now and then the same street view will get stuck messing up our streak.

This game is fun at times, but you will quickly gain an appreciation for the number of ugly, flat, nondescript roads that criscross this planet of ours! It would be nice if the game showed more interesting features of various places, and less heres yet another random dirt road in East Nowhere, Boringland.

Add multiplayer mode on one device!!

Great game. But the point system makes no sense. It tops out at 1250, and if you guess within 500-1000 miles, it makes almost no difference to the score of your guess. The problem with this is that even as you get better at the game, you really wont see that reflected in your high scores. For example, we made an educated guess that put us 445 feet from the location we were dropped at. We still only scored 1243 – only about 50 points more than we would have scored if we had guessed a completely different ISLAND (this was in hawaii). It just makes it seem that you cant progress in skill, because it is never reflected in the points. The point curve needs to be reversed – with point value decreasing faster with very bad guesses, rather than decreasing slower with extremely good guesses with a hard cap at 1250 points. Whoever designed this did a great job with everything BESIDES the curve of their point system. If you guys could fix this, we would give this game five stars, but this seems like a MAJOR oversight with a very simple fix.

So, this game works, and it can be fun, but there are a few things you need to know before you make a purchase. 1. This is not the real game, and does not seem to be affiliated with GeoGuesser in any way. 2. The game will glitch out, and ruin your game progress. Happens a lot when zooming too far into the map. 3. The game does not respect country settings very well. We often limit it to US only, and get placed in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. We just played a US game and got placed in Czech Republic. 4. You will get lots of repeats. And we mean a lot. Ask our how many times we have been placed next to the worlds largest thermometer in Baker, CA. Of all the places in the US we could be dropped. It still may be worth a few bucks to purchase, but please understand these gotchas before pulling the trigger on this one.

Most of the time it drops you on some road in the middle of nowhere. We guess if you were dedicated enough you could figure it out from there but it gets old quick when the only clues you have are the colors of the road lines. However when it does drop you somewhere better like a town or even just a building its more fun.

Pretty standard, very similar to another game, no idea who was first. When navigating around the map, it doesnt always work, so sometimes its near impossible to make an educated guess. When the Nav goes out, no idea how to get it back. Some small bugs like time tracking. Id play it more if the nav worked.

We dont understand why we have to guess the exact city in order for it to be considered correct. In the actual game online of GeoGuesser, you only have to guess the country. This makes no sense.

Just dont get it please its a knockoff and it drops you at some road in the middle of nowhere and its just terrible please dont buy it.

The old game app is crippled so even maps we paid for dont work. Then they just happen to offer a new improved paid version. Well the new version is junk. Limited maps, no famous place or city maps like the old version. The map now takes up half the screen. No pass and play, etc. They just put out crap program to get money from suckers who liked the old game and hoped this one was good. Dont waste your money.

We bought this on our iPad an hour ago and we realized that we cant see the picture so we cant even play the game that we spent money on. Is there any way to fix this?

Such a fun idea, we were excited to play. We thought we would get to see interesting cities around the world. Unfortunately we the game drops you in the middle of no where. 90% of the time all you are able to see is grass, trees and rocks. So you are forced to scroll forever hoping to see a road sign or car for clues.

We never played the first GeoGuesser, so we dont know what the other reviewers are complaining about, but this game is rad and admittedly a lot more entertaining than we thought itd be! Its a great time killer that not only challenges your geographical knowledge, but also challenges your perspective on what other countries are actually like beyond our own ingrained stereotypes. Awesome idea, and very well executed! Ill be playing this for a long time :)

We like this game as an app, but theres some flaws. We noticed when it switched to a new location it was a location we couldnt actually move around in? It was at a harbor at a bench and we couldnt move in any direction so that sort of hauled our progress. This is trivial but the home page is off center on our screen, like its shifted down so some buttons are cut off?? We hope there will be updates to this app. Its good fun for the price but improvements are always welcome.

We got this game recently and the only problem is that most, in fact almost all of the locations in the game are fields of roads with no cars or buildings, maybe a house or two. There is also no flags, it would be a lot easier if there were flags which the game isnt supposed to be that easy but we just have to make a wild guess most the time and cant get a very high score because as we said its all fields mostly. And Im a pretty big Geography nerd.

It does what it says. But with limited criteria narrowing options, like famous landmarks, or big cities, its mostly nearly impossible to be very accurate. It gets old fast.

We downloaded the new version because the Classic version stopped working. We relied on the compass and the flag in the Classic version to get back to where we started from. Those are both missing in this version so its not obvious how you figure out where you are – especially after you travel for a while to find clues. We will go back to the Classic version as soon as we figure out how to get it working again. Update: Much better now with the compass and flag restored, but why combine them? We upgraded our review to reflect how much better it is, but we still prefer the original version.

Could be great but not if you cant hit the guess button as it is barely visible but mostly obscured. You can barely get it, but usually not.

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