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GeoGuessr is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GeoGuessr AB, GeoGuessr is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 18th December 2015 with the latest update 29th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Education, Trivia, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


15,833 people have rated 0.81.0

You can download the game GeoGuessr from APP STORE.


Embark on an epic journey that takes you from the most desolate roads in Australia to the busy, bustling streets of New York City. Search for signs, language, flags, nature, internet top domains, or just about any clue that helps you to find where you are.

Compete against other players online in our popular battle royale modes and find out if you have what it takes to rank among the best players in the world. Or challenge yourself in Streaks or Classic and see if you have what it takes to get a perfect score. Either way you all share the same mission – to find where you are!

Do you have what it takes to find the correct locations?

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Updated on 29th April 2022

This release bring badges to to the game! As you play the various game modes you will earn badges for all sorts of things, there are loads to find and they’re all listed in your profile.

The profile screen has also had an update and now includes the ability to update your profile picture.

GeoGuessr Review

Used to be able to play with our girlfriend but now we cant do that at all AND they want us to pay monthly to access some of the features. Greed always ruins good things. If we could give negative stars we would.

Its not israel its Palestine dont ever disrespect people like that by putting Al-Aqsa Mosque and writing that.

This game is amazing when theres nothing to do or if you just want to do something fun and its not a waste of time if you like seeing how well you know places.

Id give this a 5 star easy if you could do duals through play with friends on the app. Website is more polished, app needs to catch up.

When we first discovered this game we were intrigued. Once we played it we were hooked! It is so fun to see the various parts of the world and its crazy how you notice things that you never would if you were just casually walking around in the given place – thats the truly amazing thing about this game. However, despite how fantastic and amazing this game is, we frequently run into a problem (almost every time we play now) where the Street View just freezes on us and we have to abandon all the progress Id made during that round. If it only happened occasionally, we probably wouldnt be even writing this review and Id be playing GeoGuessr instead. Sadly it happens far too often.

The game if fun and all, but you have to pay to play.

It used to be so fun. You could pick maps and do country mode and you could do all sorts of different modes. But now you have to pay for it because they dont run ads. Id rather deal with an ad or two between games instead of paying to play. Or even if they had energy and you could watch ads to replenish that.

We play global places and often there are scant clues. But with reasoning over vegetation, shadow direction, poverty level, and other tiny clues you can get to a continent if not a country. Stronger clues can get closer (a road sign or a phone number). A lot of fun. Wish – the next game is 24 hours so inevitably the time of play slips later day by day. Make the next game 15-20 hours. With more play, finding some serious bugs. After a game play, the next scene is from the game just played although the new game is somewhere else. Also, the game sometimes drops a pin and finishes the game uncommanded spoiling the whole set of 5 games.

If we could downgrade to a previous version we would. Sure, it was missing some modes and features, but the game was straight forward, very fun to play, and free. Now they limit you to 3 free games and if you want to play more than that, they charge you a monthly $3 subscription to play unlimited. We could understand paying a fixed fee in order to download the game as a whole but $3 a month in order to play? You think this little game is so good that people will pay ~$30 a year for a simple game like this when other free copycat versions already exist in the marketplace? We dont know if theyre greedy or just clueless.

Been playing for about a year but recent updates have ruined it. Theyve severely limited game options, map types, and now it crashes every time we finish a game and press match summary so we cant enjoy our final results… Sucking all the fun out of a good game and leaving a sour taste in our mouth every time.

The app developers certainly didnt want to create a game thatll keep you engrossed for hours, well that is if you wanted a free game. Nope. Fork over some cash if you want to play this game more than 1 game per day. We dont get it. So many free games out there. We downloaded this game because it looked cool, and it is. But you play once. Then after that game, it prompts you to hand over cash in order to keep playing or you can come back tomorrow. What a gyp. Throw some ads in or something but make this game free.

Used to be free and fun, and was a trend. Now that you have to pay, nobody plays, simple as that.

Pay to play game theres no point in downloading this POINTLESS game.

We looked at the game and we thought it looked fun but when we tried to sign in it didnt work we are older then the age requirements and it still didnt work so we cant even play it!

Rip off. Great game and we would gladly pay a one time price of $5 or $6 for a game like this. Never would we pay a subscription for something that is most likely not going to add more content. It’s a game, not Netflix or Disney+. Get your heads out of your rear and realize not everything needs to be subscription based.

U literally have to pay to play the game for longer than 15 min.

This used to be a great free game. It had some minor annoyances like throwing you into a country road or field with no chance of guessing where you are without moving down the road for 10+ minutes. Now you only get a few free plays and then you have to pay a recurring subscription. When it was free, we might play 20 rounds in a day and then not play the game for 2-4 weeks again so a monthly subscription is terrible. We would gladly pay a fixed price, say $9.99, to permanently play the game whenever we want.

The game lags so much, neither the map or street view loads. We were excited but now Im just disappointed.

The game gives you 1 free game per day. You have to wait 24 hours to play a 5 minutes game. Its ridiculous.

Love the game played it back when it was free now u get two games a day and if u get interrupted or click off the app u lose ur game and one of ur two games, if it is two might just be one per day and have to pay 3$ a month to play it which is beyond rude charge 5$ Ill pay that and play but 3$ per month is ridiculous just find a dif app to use or something idk devs hope u get COVID.

We have to pay just to play a game.

Epic Failure. This was free FOR YEARS with the exception of paid upgrades like cities. Bet the people who paid for those upgrades are downright furious that you deleted the content they PAID for in hopes that new users wont realize this was a FREE game before they found it. You literally added features NO ONE wanted or asked for and added a pay to play model that the WORLD HATES but gives us no choice aroundoh wait, there is! Identical copy cat games that are STILL free to play and good old fashioned capitalists that offer premium apps for a SINGLE PURCHASE PRICE WITH FREE UPDATESyou know the way the world USED TO WORK just fine before reset elitists decided to nickel and dime everyone into poverty?! These devs have sold out and should be ashamed of themselves DELETED.

Not even actually free. You need to pay a SUBSCRIPTION for this app. You get 5 guesses a day. If you even remotely know geography you can play all 5 times in 5 minutes. 5 minutes of gameplay a DAY. Utter crap.

Doesnt even email you when subscription is going on have been paying for 4 months not knowing and it a scam anyone have any clues on how we can get our money back.

We use to play this game a lot but we started to doubt the data. Then, yesterday, we played a game that had 3 identical locations in 1 game. However, it geo located the cities in 3 different locations (Albania, Macedonia, Italy). Lame! This game only has 1 purpose and its clearly broken. What else does it have wrong?

So we have to pay to play more than one game a day, yikes.

The game looks nothing like the photos in the App Store. Theres only one main menu with a single option. Repeats the same missions every time.

So was just playing. Then we clicked classic mode. Five minutes later we ended it and it just show the timer. And we had to wait 23 hours :(I want the developer to not set a timer. Please!!!!!!!

Correct The Answers Of The Countries Of The World, And After You Correct The Answers Of The Countries Of The World, You Won!

Do you enjoy traveling? Are you feeling cooped up in your house wishing you could travel more? Or simply wish to approve upon your navigation skills? If you are feeling any of that give this game a try!

GeoGuessr is such an outstanding game. We have learned so much from it and is very addicting.

We love this game as it tests our geography skills. We just wish you could do more for free and not have only 5 minutes of free play time.

We dont pay for the premium version so we are limited to one game a day – fine. Today we started our game, about 30 seconds into it our phone died. Plug our phone in, turn it back on, and open the app to find that apparently our unfinished game with 30 seconds into it counted as our free play for the day. Plenty of other apps are able to remember where you left off if your phone dies, and at the very least it could just reset.

We are SICK and TIRED of not being able to see the borders of the states and countries. You have to zoom all the way out, and by then you’ve lost where you were looking. It would be so nice if all the borders were a dark red or black line. Other than that we love the game.

We really like the game and we think that its really fun when you ACTUALLY get to play. We really dont like that you have to wait 24 hours to play the game again becuase Im not the best at guessing where we are in the game and Id like to get better at it but its really hard to get better at something when you get it wrong and cant do it for 24 hours. We hope yall can do something about this and thank you.

Love this game but the map doesnt zoom in and out anymore. When you go to check your result, the map doesnt allow you to zoom out or in, so you cant even tell where you are.

Game crashes sometimes and gives us repeat locations.

This is a great game, but you can only play once every 24 hours unless you pay for unlimited. We feel like they could put ads in and we could play multiple times while they still make money but whatever. There is a problem that we have run into now a few times. Whenever we have internet issues or the game wont connect, the game just kicks us out and we have to wait another 24 hours. Understandably this is frustrating but there is an easy fix. Just put in ads. Other than that its a fantastic game.

Obviously the app is going to be limited in what it can do but there’s not nearly the same features as on the website for both pc and mobile. But we hate that the app forces you to be in landscape all the time. If they could make it portrait mode work on browser, it doesn’t make sense for it to not work in the app. The other thing we don’t like is that you don’t have the full menu in the app like you do the browser. You can’t even access custom maps on this app.

Too often it brings us back to the picture of the past game when it should have moved on.

Used to love this game but putting it behind a pay wall was not wise, and is very annoying, we really hope no one is paying for it.

Ok. We love this game. We really do. But, the payment is a big issue. We want to play the game but after a game, we have to wait a whole day. What if someone has no money and just wants to play their favorite game and plays it once and has to wait a whole day. We think you should remove the subscription.

We used to play this a few times a month, with friends or family in our downtime as it can be great competitively. We paid for some extra content too, unfortunately now they have added a bunch of new features and also added a $3 monthly fee or you get ONE free game a day. We miss the old app. UPDATE 03/2022 Went back to see if there have been any changes, unfortunately there havent been. This game used to be a lot of fun when you were able to play unlimited games for free and unlocking specific geographical areas after collecting a certain amount of points. There were still in app purchases. Unfortunately, we’re still going to keep our rating of this app at two stars. We will never be paying a subscription for a GAME, if there was an option we would rather buy it once. Like most, we try to keep our monthly fees low, makes life easier to keep track of. We would never recommend a GAME charging a monthly fee.

It hurts us to give Geoguesser a 2-star review but we played this game with one of our friends for years and we recently came back to find a pay wall around multiplayer :( why? You made enough money from ads before right?

Used to be fantastic, now its garbage. Going to delete.

They really messed this one up.