Get It Right!

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:54 pm

Get It Right!


Get It Right! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Get It Right! is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 19th December 2020 with the latest update 29th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Entertainment, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


13,867 people have rated 1.1.5

You can download the game Get It Right! from APP STORE.


Can you solve it?

How to play:

  • Guess the right code
  • Green – Correct
  • Yellow – Wrong place
  • Red – Incorrect

Updated on 29th April 2022

  • Bug fixes
  • Game Improvements

Get It Right! Review

Based on this title, youre thinking Im some bot writing this review. But nope, Im a real human. This game is actually pretty enjoyable. We often play it whenever we are not connected to wifi because that way we have no ads. Game is very repetitive, but thats kind of the point. Im past level 300 and we’ve noticed how good Im getting at guessing and noticing patterns. We feel like we’ve gained something and for that, Id give this game 5 stars.

You need to allow more play before you ask for an evaluation.

This game has the most racist ad ever istg.

We dont understand the concept of the game. What am we supposed to do?

You dont even get to play after the first try because immediately there is an advertisement! We cant wait to see the tons of ads that are going to persist. If we do see them, Im deleting. What greed!

Yeah we spend more time watching ads than playing the actually game.

To many adds we get 3 a whole round its annoying we just want to play. Its a ok game but it says green means right yellow means switch and red means wrong but in the game red and yellow are the same thing for some rounds its not working.

Why does it fill the things in for you we dont like that.

Every time you solve a puzzle an ad plays, even if you solve it in 10 seconds. Its incredibly annoying!! We deleted it after reaching level 5. This isnt fun at all.

Dont bother, its so full of ads, you spend more time waiting to skip ad than you do actually playing!! We love this concept but holy crap its unbearable the amount of ads you have on top of the voluntary ads you want people to play!

Its not that good dont download.

We love this game so much. It is a very nice game. Bonus levels with animals, different kinds of decoration for the colored balls, and its a challenge! It is our favorite game. Thank you developer!

So fun!! Helps you be a good clue finder.

Okay we have been playing for some minutes now and we can say it is hard and fun.

This game is so fun we would recommend it to someone that loves games or for some road trips.

This game scratches our brain good.

We think the game is fine we have no problem with ads when we first started playing and till now we still don’t but there should be challenges or like minigames to play if you don’t want to watch a ad for coins.

Overall a good game but had a few things wrong but its actually pretty fun definitely recommend if youre bored and like kind games.

Ok so the game is fun and all but plz stop with the annoying ads like there so annoying plz fix this.

We’ve only done a few levels but we think its good the few issues could easily be with our phone or our fingers.

Not necessarily a hard game but keeps you thinking. As one poster noted you can game the game putting in one color but you dont have to be that sly to have fun with it. One cheat – the bonus levels never use the rabbit. Maybe the programmer will change that after this review.

This app has way too many ads its becoming a big problem. We wish that there would be more to this game instead of placing balls into slots. We are giving this 4 stars so people can see this. Our real rating is 2 stars.

Addictive, but your app is frozen.

The concept is pretty decent. It makes you think which we enjoy. The main problem is once you reach a certain point in the game it automatically makes you watch a video after every board. When a game does that to us its always time to delete it.

We like this game, and have actually tried to click on a couple ads, but it goes to the App store and immediately back to the game, then freezes. We have to reload it several times in a row because reloading it only once doesnt seem to work. We even tried to buy the no ad package, and it froze Please fix.

This is a super fun game! We would recommend to pretty much anybody. However there are some things wrong with it… First of all, the levels are way too easy. We’ve only had the app for 4 days, and Im already on level 138. They just dont get any harder as they progress. If anything, they get easier because you (the player) get better. This is the main thing we have an issue about. Secondly, the shop is super limited. The price of all the items combined is only 2,250 coins. Theres only 9 items you can buy in the shop, which can definitely get a little annoying as you get further in the game. Considering the only way to get coins is to complete the levels, it would almost seem like this game was intended to be difficult, or for people to only get so far and never get to a high level in the game. It would seem like this because you continue to gain coins, but have no way to spend them after a short amount of levels. This issue is not as important or pressing, but its still something Id like to see fixed. Lastly, the actual game itself might need a little of tempering. Whenever you get a color in the right spot, it forces you to guess that exact same color in your next guess, which makes the game a lot harder when you have limited spaces to guess. This might be intentional, to motivate the player to continue the game because of its difficultly, but its also annoying because it may completely stop you from completing the level. What we request is that even if you get a color right, you still have free options to not guess that color, or remain true to guessing that color. Overall, this game is amazing, just besides these few issues.

The game is pretty boring after a couple levels. Basically just seems like it exists as a way to show people ads.

When we first started playing it it was fun and easy but after a lot of challenges there was ads. When we opened a present it was a minute long.

On level 57 and it still hasnt gotten any more difficult than level 1. Fun concept, but waste of space on your phone.

Easy puzzles that require the same tactic to beat. They also lose points for baiting kids to pay for the ad free version by covering up in game pets with ads.

Cant undo a placement no reminders on what the rings mean. Frustrating. Game is fun.

The game itself is just ok. The ads however are ridiculous. We played 15 levels. We spent more time in the ads than the game. Not worth it.

You asked for a review after we’ve played 3 levels of the game. Isnt that a little silly? So the one star is for the review request, not the game. You see, we cant really rate the game yet because we’ve played it for about 30 seconds.

Cool idea. Deleted on level 10 after getting frustrated with watching an add after each level.

This game is v fun but the amount of ads is absolutely ridiculous, we spend 30 seconds watching an ad just to play a 20 second round.

Lower the amount of possible guesses, but stop locking in correct answers. We like this game, but its fundamentally broken because of these two issues.

No challenge, just a money grab. Huge waste of time.

No instructions. No tutorial. Nothing makes sense. U somehow have to guess the code without any clues. Just dumb.

Is that when you get two of them correct and it copy’s it and puts it the same to the bottom.

Spend far more time watching ads than playing game. Two banner ads at all times, minimum of one ad between games, often 2. Idea for game is fine, but to simplistic early on, maybe gets tougher later, but Ill never know as cant stand the excessive ads.

When we saw an ad for this game, we were intrigued. But after 5 levels of playing, we were left disappointed. The game provides no challenge, and it doesn’t take long for it to feel repetitive. It saves the ones that you got right, and specifically tells you when one is included in the code but just placed in the wrong order. This makes it very simple and easy. If it didn’t save the correct one and labeled the wrongly placed as incorrect, it would be slightly more challenging. The game would still be lacking in difficulty though. Besides the main thing, there’s not much to do. After a certain amount of levels, it offers you a gift. We were excited about the reward at first, but immediately let down by the fact that you had to watch an ad for it. We reluctantly watched the 40 second ad, only to be given a flamingo. It just sits in the corner of the screen while you play, sometimes swimming around or flapping its wings. Overall, we wasn’t impressed. Even if the game was changed to be slightly harder and there was a little more to it, it would still be pretty boring. The only way to make it fun would be to change the core aspect of the game. It’s really not worth downloading.

Keeps popping ads up and wont stop when data is off.

The game freezes after each move and we cant advance past level 6-it just keeps throwing confetti. Even the ads glitch.