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Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, GOLIATH! Developed by the innovative team at SHD Games Inc., this Simulation game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 17+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 5th January 2024, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 25th April 2024.

Are you a fan of Simulation, Action, games? Then GOLIATH is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of GOLIATH

Over 804 players have rated GOLIATH. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does GOLIATH Cost?

Good news! You can download GOLIATH on your iOS device absolutely free!

GOLIATH Release Date

Eager to know when GOLIATH first graced the App Store? It was launched on 5th January 2024.

When Was GOLIATH Last Updated?

The latest version of GOLIATH was updated on 25th April 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download GOLIATH?

To get started with GOLIATH, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into GOLIATH

"GOLIATH Actual, be advised… We need immediate close air support! Friendly ground forces have multiple enemy hostiles moving in hard & fast on their position, over."

Take command of GOLIATH, an infamous AC 130 Spectre Gunship, also known as the "Angel of Death."

Be advised… the enemy forces will throw everything they have at you to win the battle. Our only hope of bringing the friendly ground team back home alive is you and your air crew. Use your arsenal of heavy explosive ordnance and support units to hold off waves of enemy attacks.


  • Highly addictive gameplay, you will be hooked.
  • Incredible graphics. You will feel like you’re operating a Gunship.
  • Thunderous sound effects that make every bomb mighty.
  • Intense & exciting combat with various enemy forces.
  • Massive variety of bombs, military vehicles and upgrades.
  • Compete for the high-score in Survival mode.
  • No forced ads!
  • Play OFFLINE!

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What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of GOLIATH updated on 25th April 2024:

  • Prestige mode for more challenge
  • New Mission "Heavy Cargo"
  • Ultimate Weapons for extreme damage
  • New exclusive Prestige Missions
  • Prestige 4 Iron Horse fixed
  • Broken Trials fixed
  • Bug Fixes & More!

User Reviews on GOLIATH

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of GOLIATH below:

Literally played a bunch of games like this, gunship support or something whatever. BUT THIS ONE!!! Takes the cake for sure!

We are big on all things military. So genuinely nice and smooth gameplay, sound and visual effects are cool and realistic in our opinion. Missions are tough enough but not impossible so you can enjoy the game. There is big variety in all the tacticals, support units, boosts, ultimates and so on. NO unnecessary ads which is a big plus, and made us purchase the $10 worth premium account, best spent money in a while (e.g. Its literally 1-2 items in a starbucks so dont think its a lot of money). Also no need to spend too much on the game thanks to challenges on the gems to open crates get boosts. – – for the devs: keep doing what you are doing, add new missions, maybe some interesting seasonal events. Keep the game interesting. Let us know how can we help! Great game!

Decent game, would love to see done updates. Thanks.

For all the extra 5 gem missions a manual on what each enemy is would be helpful. They show you it once and then you have to recall which they are to win.

This game is very fun. But theres one problem. A fuel system??? Thats stupid. It hinders the game as it stops us from even playing. Too many games like this do it and its a horrible system. Please remove the fuel system and let us play your game.

This would be a 5 star game if it wasnt for the stupid gas. One: it take an extreme amount of time to rechargeone bar, two: it costs 10 dollars to have infinite fuel its such a scam.

We have this game on our phone and really enjoy it. Thought we would try it on a bigger screen with our iPad. 1- When you buy munitions sometimes you have to press it several times before it does it. 2-I completed The Highway. No more bad guys coming. Sat and watched as the health of our protectee went up for several minutes as we flew around. We got bored and fired off our remaining rounds at some buildings. Then it flashed we were out of ammo and treated us like we lost because of that. 3- Left side of border looks like mashed together codes in red letters. 4-Also, on the phone version we were able to get support items quickly like a mounted machine gun, Blackhawk support, Humvee support and later fighter support. This version has just given us different rounds and and a fire canister that seems to do nothing as they run through it and nobody dies. Could be five stars if they can fix the issues.

We’ve been noticing as we’ve been playing the last couple days, some serious bugs. We’ve had tactical cards just vanished out of our inventory. We’ve lost quite a few gems out of no where even just now after we finished 7 special ops and watched ads just to boost them from 20 to 30 gems. All of the 210 gems from these special tasks all just disappeared after reopening the game and now we cant get those gems back from redoing the missions, since theyre single reward missions. If it wasnt for the Biggs happening quite often we would give this game a perfect score. We hope a dev sees this review so we could at least get a refund on the special op $5 reveal charge since It was wasted by a bug.

Very cool concept with radio chatter operators audio and could have had potential to be very good. Start of the game is very slow paced for progression. Deleted it shortly after three games downloading it.

Would love to see more AC 130 simulation games like this one. Update: Im on prestige 4, Ironhorse and it stops at 96%. Its like the last enemy wont appear and nothing happens.

This is the best game as an AC-130.

When you advance into higher prestige levels, the progression is very bugged where there isnt any enemies spawning but the percentage is stuck at a certain value, preventing any more progress.

Our game is completely frozen on mission 3 at 96% complete level 3 prestige. Other than that we love it. Please fix it!!!! We love the game but please fix it.

We wish the developers would fix the controls on the game itself when trying to launch LTM missiles sometimes it shoots 2 to 4 missiles at a time when youre only trying to shoot one very glitchy.

You literally have to grind the 6th mission for hours before you can defeat it and it gets harder everytime you play it. Waste of money. Goes from being super easy to literally impossible even with the premium.

How do you get the new red crystals and if it is from the prestige missions, how do you get to those. Thank you.

We really love the gameplay and the graphics are good our only real complaint is how long oil takes to get. A better way of getting oil would just be just make the ads you watch for oil infinite instead of only being able to watch two ads every few hours. Other than that we love the game and it feels like one of the highest quality mobile games we’ve played in quite a while.

Bullets miss even if they’re standing still, why is the spread so harsh we havent gotten through the first level because of this awful spread, it feels so random if you even kill someone its a gamble if you even hit even if you have the crosshair on the enemy and they’re shooting at the target.

This game is unnecessarily hard it doesnt explain anything whatsoever dont get it.

We have beaten the game. Please update !!! :)

Make more missions or second game please.

The game is very cool we like the guns and the many different options for weaponry overall 10/10.

Great game! We love all the customization and progression.

We paid the 10$ for premium and you progress faster cus you earn more coins. The most trouble we’ve had is the mission with the running suicide bombs and cars. If you unlock augments for the machine gun turret you can get better accuracy.

This game is really cool, Its difficult but in a good eay!

Great game, but it needs a more efficient way of achieving gems, which are VERY important to unlocking new Cards and what not, but a very fun game. New maps would be great too.

Minus 1 star due to lack of additional levels. Otherwise, excellent!

We would love to play this game on our other devices, but it doesnt have account feature to play the game with the current progress you have on your main device. There should be accounts so you can save your gameplay progress.

Good game but waiting 30 mins is way too long just so we can progress a little bit more especially early on.

We think this game is really good and has potential but the problem is the damage we dont think enemies should have health bars we want it to be realistic other than that its really good.

Ill pay the $10 when our ammo actually eliminates targets. Other than that the game is awesome and has great potential!

Game fun but here game problems – content get bored very fast after main story completion, the survival mode can only carry out a few minutes maybe an hour or so of somewhat challenging gameplay. For an ac130-esk game, we were disappointed when there were only 3 main weapons available, vs the multitude of interchangeable wps on the actual 130. Im only truly salty about how the mini gun is a tactical thats only a one time use instead of an actual main gun AND you have to unlock it by lootbox gambling!!! – progression A and B guns take absolutely forever to get any good, around the level 100 mark they start to feel somewhat solid. The only problem is, is that once you complete a level you can no longer earn the currency to upgrade said guns. You can take on trials but they dont provide enough currency to go anywhere. – stability bugs are everywhere in this game, sure its fairly new, but most of them are fairly small details and dont have much impact on gameplay. There are a few that completely ruin gameplay and downright punish you. In example, IED Bombers, they like to not detonate when reaching ground team so they just stick around until you just maybbbe spawn in a support unit and it turns around and ends up game ending you because the IED Bomber didnt detonate at the beginning. Most of the bugs are visual though. – biggest gripes The control and buttons mapping and layout is absolutely horrific, the support units menu is bleh and in the way. It requires you to manually open up a menu and tap on each and every unit you wish to summon. Keep in mind, this button to open the menu is literally in front of the Bravo gun button. So if you make a miss input youre going straight to the supports menu whether you like it or not. Loot boxes, they truly make the game feel like we need to dump money into the insanely overpriced gems just to get anywhere with the lack of content and means to get the gems. You can argue oh yeah just do your challenges or mission challenges you can only do mission challenges once vs regular challenges. Then after completing so many, they just stop. Around challenges IX and X (9 and 10) they reach a limit and dont increase anymore. We believe the way to fix this problem is daily challenges and weekly challenges. Loot boxes and the incredibly frustrating process to earn enough gems for one box is time consuming and unrewarding, and at some point in the game the only way you can truly earn credits at the end of the game is through the luck of loot boxes if you even have any gems left from lack of challenges making the game very unenjoyable. The developers stated they would fix this issue with credits later on with a prestige mode but we have yet to see any progress on updating this game with content. Conclusion- The game is very fun. As it is new, dont expect much from it. Until the developer decides to put work in and actually update the game with more content, Ill have our honest review at a 3/5. Needs work!

Its a well developed game but the gas system where you can only play limited amounts of rounds is pretty stupid.

Love this game but until the major bug is fixed it really effects the game play. While normally playing the game you accidentally hit the pause feature 20-30 times and its very disappointing. Its been like this for weeks so far. We’ve emailed them with no response.

Another great game by SHD, along side Sierra 6 and GunSim. Totally worth the premium upgrade just as previous releases.

Good game could add more stuff but overall a really solid game.

Look, because when we did the first mission, it looks like we will never finish it and plus why the heck do you have the aiming and still it cant hit the target just gonna hit every where else.

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