Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 01:05 pm

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by TAPBLAZE, LLC, Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd December 2014 with the latest update 15th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Food & Drink, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Good Pizza, Great Pizza ?

144,171 people have rated 4.24.2

What is the price of the Good Pizza, Great Pizza ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Good Pizza, Great Pizza released ?

Good Pizza, Great Pizza was released on 2nd December 2014.

When was the Good Pizza, Great Pizza updated ?

The latest updated date of Good Pizza, Great Pizza on 15th May 2023.

Where can Good Pizza, Great Pizza be downloaded ?

You can download the game Good Pizza, Great Pizza from Apple Official App Store.



Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own Pizza shop? Now you can with TapBlaze’s newest game, Good Pizza, Great Pizza! Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from customers while making enough money to keep your shop open. Upgrade your shop with new toppings and equipment to compete against your pizza rival, Alicante!


  • Featuring Pizza News Network (PNN), the first newscast about all things pizza.
  • Over 80 customers with unique pizza orders and personalities.
  • Pizza toppings including pepperoni, sausage, onions, and more.
  • Equipment upgrades to help you become the master ovenist.
  • Simple, fun and challenging gameplay.
  • Created by pizza making professionals; the game designer worked in a pizza kitchen for four years!

Can you become the master ovenist? Only time and your pizza skills will tell!

Download and start pizza making now!

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Updated on 15th May 2023

Fixed minor bugs.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza Review

THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!! Its so good, fun and addictive! We spread the tomato sauce* on you, TAPBLAZE!!! *Sooo much love Also, can you please add sausage and bell peppers? We LOVE it when you add new ingredients into the game!

This game is definitely worth your time! We love the art style and it is very aesthetically pleasing. There are sometimes ads, but not enough to where the game would be unplayable. Its very enjoyable and we really enjoy the storyline and the characters! We are never bored when playing this game, and it can be hours of fun. You can also play offline, which is perfect for traveling on a long road trip. Not a lot of mobile games are worth playing, but this one definitely is. We highly recommend! :)

Best mobile game ever. They keep updating it and it keeps getting better. One request, after giving a customer an order that they are disappointed with, can you please add a why button or something so we know what went wrong with it? Sometimes we make a pizza wrong and we dont even know why. Also, it would rock if the customers had a profile so they seem more 3D, because our pizza shops have regulars and reappearing faces. So if they had profiles we could see their names and maybe their favorite order. Maybe a couple of customers had a simple usual, maybe one character has a complicated order that you get a reward for if you remember it correctly. Thanks.

We love this game sins we were younger we played it on our dad’s phone.

We used to have this game a while back and got rid of it cause we kind of got bored of it. But we got it back cause it was so hard to find an we die game that looked this good and worked so well!!! We love this game cause you do t have to buy anything and that there are barely any adds and getting gems isnt hard at all!!! Plus theres fun little characters that pop up and a tone of really fun ingredients like pesto basil and like gluten free dough and idk we just really like this game. No glitches too which is AWESOME and theres like a little side story but its not obnoxious like in other games and you can skip it if you want. We really like this game. GREAT JOB game designers and creators its really awesome!!

We love this game so much. We’ve been playing it for years, but im really disappointed. We got a new phone and ALL we had on the game didnt save even when we signed into our account. Really am upset.

Im so happy we found this game its so addicting And cute but if your looking for realistic games then you might not like this. But Its worth downloading!

We love this game so much we’ve been playing for a bit now and absolutely love it. Its so fun and addictive. Its witty and theres so much too it and everything is so well thought out and has great detail in it. Im very glad we found this game.

We have played this game for over 4 years and it only gets better.

This game is calm for at night.

This is a great game, but Im waiting for chapter 5!

If you bored this game is perfect also the storyline is the cherry on top but we think we need more of the homeless guy.

This game is the best mobile game out there its not repetitive the dialogue is great and funny and the ads are reasonable and not annoying at all its definitely the best mobile game we’ve played ever and its very addictive. Get it!!

We havent even had this game for a month and we’ve already fallen in love with this lovable little indie simulator. This review is for the developers but ESPECIALLY towards people thinking of playing. To those future players: play it. You wont regret it. The designs of the customers are our favourite and so charming, but the other art is also phenomenal. Who would have thought just a little game where you make pizza would become our favourite game. But its not just a game where you make pizza, its also a game with a compelling storyline. Sure, the story might be slow, but we personally prefer that over: STORY. STORY. NO PIZZA MAKING BREAK. STORY. You know? In short, Good Pizza Great Pizza is an amazing game with amazing art and a flowing story fit for all people, no matter your gaming interests. We strongly recommend you to download this game. Our compliments to the chefs :)

Some orders call for onions and sometimes we put bell peppers on them sometimes when we do the order is either fine or they take money and say its wrong. We dont understand overall though very fun game!!

This game is literally so cute and addicting. Even tho you do the same thing over and over it never gets boring because there is always a little story line or character to make it interesting. Plus there are so many different options to collect and make. Definitely a game thats worth getting!!

Really fun game and a fair number of ads, kind of gets repetitive after awhile, but not much you can do there. Would recommend playing.

Making pizza and meeting funny folks. The simple things in life in a game!

We have played this as a kid we loved it very very much, we have forget about this game in years! This game is very awesome for kids we figured the game we were 3 or 4 when we were playing this game we saw someone played it and we figured out the pizza game we were doing the pizza all correct when the customers came when we were first starting this game like 3 or 4 Amazing game!

This game is amazing the story line is great we did have problems with the money early on but thats part of the game we love the art style , the charecters its really funny the only problem is that now the news has stopped reporting so idk what im doing wrong anway the game is still really fun . So go download this game and remember good pizza great pizza.

Can you please add controller support we feel like it would be a great addition.

We love this game. Im 35 years old and this game taught us how to properly portion a pizza into 6 slices lol. The diversity of customers actually made us want to cry. So many people develop games and forget about real life differences like people with amputations or people that use wheelchairs. Thank you so much for INCLUDING everyone. You make everyone feel represented. Our wife and we love this game and will get it for every platform we own.

We really love every part of this game. The ads arent in your face, the art style is pleasing to the eye, the gameplay is very relaxing. There are also a lot of great jokes and puns. 10/10 from us, eggcelent game!

This our current favorite game. We love the characters and how they talk. Our only complaint is that mushrooms have never been on a supreme pizza we thought it was something we just hadnt heard of so we looked it up and we couldnt find a single recipe that had mushrooms on it. Lol thanks for such a cute game.

Our kid has this game and she loves it she almost hates every game but not this she loves it so much shes 13 so shes picky with games.

This game makes our happy its very interesting and we play it all the time we like a the details about it and we just love itI love this game so much! God Bless you all! Dont forget to always smile and remember that Jesus Loves you! Live Laugh and Love for him. He is powerful!!!

Getting tired of ads after completing each day. If we make a purchase through the game will it get rid of the ads?

Need more toppings and new chapters soon.

Our only complaint for this good game is that when people say they want meat on their pizza, how am we supposed to know if they mean sausage or pepperoni? We had a customer ask for cheese and meat pizza, thought they meant sausage. Nope! Pepperoni. Had a similar customer and guess what they said to us? They wanted meat on their pizza. So, from previous knowledge, we gave them a pepperoni pizza. Nope! Sausage. Please fix the dialogue so we know what pizza to give. We dont like asking what? Because it lowers the time we have to make the pizza.

This game is 5 stars until the customers form a line. They now start at 80% patience. Also they order pizza with literally every topping and they get impatient fast.

Im not gonna lie we really like this game! Its satisfying, fun, and overall great. But sometimes the costumers order kinda confusing.. Not to mention there are quite a bit of ads but a lot of games we know are like that. But besides that Im really happy with this game.

Long-time player, was excited to see new chapters. Love the delivery and garden aspects but have lost some playability on behalf of the garden. Because ingredients take so long to grow, we will quickly run out and customers cannot be satiated. We wish there was a way to either turn customers down when we do not have specific ingredients so we can continue playing, or maybe shorter waiting time / more abundant harvests. We can only play a few days before running out sometimes and we hate to see our loyal customers upset D: Overall love the updates and this game, keep up the good work!

We love it. It is draining our life source deliciously, so thanks for that! Only one problemo, let us close the freaking ad when it is done. This arrow and third party app jumping and then second load is very annoying. Sometimes the arrow is on a install object and we literally cannot close the ad and have to lose progress in a session. Love the gameplay and cute wordplay, otherwise.

Im so upset, we hadnt used the app in a while and had probably gotten up to who knows what level because we’ve been playing for months but when we recently logged in it made sign up and make an account and now Im in chapter one. All the time we spent playing the game is just wasted. Is there anything that can be done so that we can get our stuff back?

We loved this game until we reached day 19 it started to get annoying we have no idea why we keep getting people order wrong they seem to complain over the tiniest things like there no enough onions or the pepporani is all over the place.

We keep losing our progress every time we reset the app and have to start from the tutorial again Im even signed in so we dont know whats happening.

We really loved playing this game, had a lot of time and money put into it. We were on day 300 something, chapter 4. The recent update deleted ALL our progress! All our help is gone! Whats weird is that all our progress badges show up, but we have to start on chapter 1 day 1 PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE AND REPLY AND PLEASE GET THIS FIXED!

Horrible game! When it comes to cutting the pizzas it is pretty much impossible due to you cant drag the pizza cutter across with out loosing the lines you have set to cut along and it going back to your spot! Whenever you try to swipe you finger across to cut it either moves the cut line or the pizza cutter goes back to resting on the cutting board!

Za. Mm. Nothing else. Amazing.

Cheese is not vegetarian , so why would it be ok on a vegetarian pizza?

They are so mean if we get one thing wrong even if they make it so confusing even if we say what alot. Also the ingredients need to be cheaper like 100$ for bell peppers?!. Homestly the costumers are just confusing and rude exept poor customers. But we rated 2 because we love the art style and sound effects (but the noises the people make are kinda weird lol).

Lets start with boring,its plain BORING and we cant even do anything. 2 frustrating the customer asks something we make it perfect and she still complains and that pizza guy next door makes us feel stupid and like Im a horrible cook. Weird, you make a pizza PERFECT yet they still complain. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME WASTE OF TIME.

Really great game. There are very few random adds, the only ones you get are if you click the Watch an add for cash/diamonds. The game itself is really cute, and its great to get to know not one, but TWO homeless guys you can help out of poverty. Good game, great game!

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