Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:54 am

Good Pizza, Great Pizza


Good Pizza, Great Pizza is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by TAPBLAZE, LLC, Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd December 2014 with the latest update 4th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Food & Drink, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


110,411 people have rated 4.7.1

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Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own Pizza shop? Now you can with TapBlaze’s newest game, Good Pizza, Great Pizza! Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from customers while making enough money to keep your shop open. Upgrade your shop with new toppings and equipment to compete against your pizza rival, Alicante!


  • Featuring Pizza News Network (PNN), the first newscast about all things pizza.
  • Over 80 customers with unique pizza orders and personalities.
  • Pizza toppings including pepperoni, sausage, onions, and more.
  • Equipment upgrades to help you become the master ovenist.
  • Simple, fun and challenging gameplay.
  • Created by pizza making professionals; the game designer worked in a pizza kitchen for four years!

Can you become the master ovenist? Only time and your pizza skills will tell!

Download and start pizza making now!

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Updated on 4th May 2022

Fixed minor bugs.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza Review

We played this game when we were a kid, and now Im 18 and resurfaced back to it, and to say so much has changed, and added it feels more alive than ever! Binging it so far, we love the non forced ads, a game where they put a ad in your face after every thing you do gets severely tiring. We love the dialogue, we love everything! You guys doing a great job keep it up Im proud to see it still updating and going, this is the only game Ill actually use money for.

We love this game! Its a little addicting but its one of our favorite games! There are no adds blocking the way of your game. Our friend introduced this game to us and we started playing it and got obsessed! We really recommend this game!

The game is simple and interesting. The picture looks good. The plot is very interesting. There are many kinds of pizzas. Fun!

We love this game but there is one change we want it is that the girls are such Karens and if u like put somthing to close to the other thing like olives and they will get so so so so mad but everything else is fine we love it and we need the developer to resend that bc we cant see what he said or she idk.

This is a warm and healing little game. The style of painting is good and the plot has its own characteristics. The version in China should not be maliciously reported and removed from the shelves. This event will lead to rampant pirated games. Hope you all support this hard-won game.

With a lot of mobile games, we find that gameplay gets old very fast, and on those rare occasion it doesnt, you have to pay to play the game. But this one is different. We love this game. Everything from the goofy storyline and characters to the authenticity of owning your own pizza shop, we find little to critique and enjoy it through and through. We often find myself saying good pizza, great pizza with the news anchors, and laugh whenever a customer says they ran 14 blocks for a bacon pizza. The only one thing we can think that would be rlly cool is owning a pizza shop in different locations, like by the beach or in a small forresty town. Developing these locations and their uniqueness would be alot of work, but it would be super cool. And this is just a thought, the game doesnt need this to be good, as its already great :)

This game is highly addicting, we just wish there was more chapters faster, an that we had more interactions besides making pizza. Like maybe drinks added to the order, or bread sticks. Maybe the house special on the zazoom orders, or more play. An menu switching between projects. Take multiple orders instead of just waiting for one. Otherwise this game is amazing an we cant get enough of it.

We absolutely love this game, it is so much. There are a few glitches but otherwise its amazing!

Im 19 years old, and our 14 year old niece introduced us to this game. She was introduced to this game by our younger niece (her sister) who is 4. This is a really addictive game to play, we play it everyday sometimes it gets us distracted at work, but its pretty fun if youre bored or just want to keep busy. Basically what im trying to say is it can be for all ages, we think im more addicted than the 14 & 4 year old lol.

We named the shop Buddys Pizza after our buddy and this is a fantastic game. Its super smooth gameplay and of course the minimal ads is super sweet. So many games these days you have an ad with each movement you make in game. We also love the story and characters, theyre so fun especially Mr. Buddy (if you couldnt tell we love him). The characters are diverse, the gameplay is fun, and everything is just exciting. Thank you for a very fun game!

This is the best game ever and its our absolute favorite, BUT we are upset with the new update bc the kitchen where you make the pizza is zoomed out more so its harder to place the ingredients in the right spot! Please zoom back in again. Also, we are so far in the game that theres no more story lines.

Its an awesome app we are in love with it and it kinda taught us how to bake pizza but can you add like drinks and some other foods? That would be amazing please and thank you.

This game is a very good pizza making game. The designs of everything is so lovely and it dosent take a lot of time to get pretty good at it. We love the characters too like the homeless guy, its so sweet! The events are also pretty nice too, our only real issue with the game is that some specific orders are RLLY hard to prepare (like the girl who asks for equal slices but gets mad at the slices even when you have the automatic slicer on) but other then that Id say its pretty good! 10/10.

This game is absolutely outstanding and we could play this all day! Thank you for making this game it makes us delighted! -sincerely your customer.

Its really easy to play, and getting diamonds is not hard at all.

We like the game so much we play it for 3 hours a day.

The game was fun until we got the sausage assistant. The assistant was not helping and we had to put the sausages myself. We checked if we really purchased, and yes, we did. We tried restarting the game and restarting the ipad, nothing helped. Maybe there is a bug in the game, but we got annoyed so we delete the game. Still 5 star, though.

So we tried this game out after our coworker told us about it and its a good game to play on break. We like that it has a cute story and characters. The pizzas are fun to make and we enjoy everything about the game so far. We only wish the plants in the garden grew faster and the quests could be canceled. Our quest options are stuck on oven boosters and Im pass that part of the game. So now we cant accept more quests. We hope this will be fixed in future updates to the game. Over all this is a great free to play cooking game.

This is so much fun and Im so obsessed w making pizzas now Also super relaxing and calming. If you are a bit anxious, go play!!


We’ve been playing Good Pizza, Great Pizza for a while. Ill just say we cant remember when we first downloaded it but we’ve had an on and off relationship since then. We love the upgrades that have been made since we first started playing. Keeping a recipe book of the specialty orders was helpful when we first got back into the game and couldnt remember the exact recipes. The gardening aspect of it is fun and Im looking forward to unlocking all 4 plots as opposed to the two we have now because we run out of the vegetables so quickly! We like being able to interact with the special characters and being able to make decisions which affect the gameplay (investments, loans, etc). It spices things up a little. We wish there was a way to unbox a pizza once youve put it in there. We’ve many a time accidentally dropped a pizza in the box when we meant to place it in the warmer. We will say that its a lot more entertaining when youre still in story mode. We’ve hit the point on day 298 where every new day we start is the same making pizzas with no surprise appearances from in game characters like the Bechemel lady or the homeless guy turned ring-leader from the very beginning. We enjoy playing to pass the time and its fun to challenge myself to see how many pizzas we can get out as quickly as we can, but we still wish there was some kind of goal Im supposed to be working towards. All in all this is the one game we’ve come back to over and over. We’ve had other games when we were younger and had more free time that we’ve completely forgotten about and wouldnt bother attempting to play again, but theres something about this one that just keeps pulling us back!

This is a good game, iv been playing it since it came out. We figured by now a lot more would have been added to the game. You all should add deserts, and drinks and stuff. Options of buying like a brownie pie or cookie pie, maybe 2 sodas with it or one. It would add more dialogue, and more food types, more stuff to buy from the store, we dont know. Yall probably wont even read this lol. Good game though.

We want to recommend this game to other people! This game is wonderful, and we enjoy how challenging it is, but we do have a problem with this game: the gardening takes too long! The only way to get the vegetables faster is to pay with the gems? The eggplants growth are based by in game days, but the farm is not? Or even, why is there not an advertisement option to shorten the time it takes by some increment? We would be incredibly grateful if some variant of that feature could be added.

This is a good game, no. A great game! But seriously, it drives us crazy because we’re going to give you an example that has just happened, basically a customer just came in and they ordered green peppers and onions with the green pesto sauce, so we gave them that, they didn’t ask for anything else and we gave it to them with the exact number of slices and they didn’t give us a tip because we didn’t add pepperonis, when they didn’t ask for pepperonis, this happens all the time! It annoys us a lot. Please fix this bug because we really like this game otherwise.

There are no mushrooms on supreme pizza.

Love this game! Our kids and we take turns playing together. We had it on our old phone and recently ran across it again. One thing Im not seeing, and maybe its because we just restarted it again, but what happened to the Social Media site on the game where the customers would sometimes share the Pizza pictures?! We dont know.. Kinda liked that part and Im missing it. Other than that, its a fun game.

So we were playing the game yeah yeah but then it is night and it was day right but it played the same level JSUT because we have no funds?! We JSUT got this game so yeah.

We love this game but we wish there was an option to tell the customers no or that you dont have a certain ingredient. Like with the garlic or tomatoes, those take multiple hours to grow and or cost lots of diamonds to speed up the process and we wish we could tell the customer no we dont want to make that or no we dont have the ingredients pick something else because if you dont have the ingredients you still have to make the pizza and then you lose money and get a bad review all because you cant put a certain ingredients not by you just messing up, its because you cant get it quickly in the game. But other then that we love the game!

We try to put the amount that they tell us to put on the pizza and than they say more and then we get negative money its crap we mean its fun but it gets annoying sometimes.

Im playing this game and its pretty fun but sometimes its a little annoying.

Good and fun game. We dont mind ads, but some of the ads are inappropriate.

It’s a decently fun game and the artstyle is nice. We played it for a couple of days and deleted it because honestly, the customers’ attitudes were just getting on our nerves. Not even when you mess up their order, just when they’re telling you what they want in the 1st place. We wish they were either programmed to say "please" once in a while, or you had the option of responding to "pepperoni. Cheese. Go." with "not with that tone, try again or get out of our restaurant." Lol. We’re happy for those who can enjoy the game without being too bothered by that aspect, but we don’t like being reminded of our days dealing with entitled retail/food service customers when we’re playing mobile games. 3 stars for realism though.

You need to make it so you can use your hard earned in game money aka pizza funds to buy gems. Instead of actual money. For that not being a thing, we give it a 3. If that gets added, 5/5.

We lost all our progress in the weekend and we did not have a tap blaze id when we started we created our tap blaze id after we lose our progress can you help us please.

This game is great and making pizzas is fun but theres this one bug and its really annoying. Lets say for example, the customer wants 3 Pizzas, Ill make all the pizzas and put them in the oven one by one. Ill cut one pizza thats done and put it in the box, expecting another box to show up for the other pizza, and then another box (3 in total for 3 pizzas). Instead of opening another box for the next pizza, it immediately goes to the screen at the counter where the customer is waiting. We just made 3 pizzas but only one went through. Why?

Honestly we really liked it at first and then we started getting all the toppings and it got really hard and we just stopped enjoying it.

Only Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year exist. If you dont disagree go back to school.

Why is a standalone game banned? We don’t have any violations.

We have loved and played this game for years. But after the last update we hate it. Why why did you make the kitchen where you make the pizzas so small. You cant hardly see where to put the toppings anymore. We dont want to have to strain our eyes to make a pizza on a game. Fix this please. Change it back.

We used to love the game. But it restarted and we lost months worth of data. Tried to contact someone using the in game instructions. Never got our game back. The developers do not care about you or any problems that you have. They just want your money. Dont download, this game is a scam.

Game is trash man before it was a decent game before they became like all the other developers and became money hungry. Embarrassing.

Our daughter has played for 8 hours so far? And shes REALLYY interested if the community made another game kinda like this one! A sweet shop.

It is soooo fun. One of the best mobile games in our opinion.