Goodville: Farm Game Adventure

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 07:25 pm

Goodville: Farm Game Adventure

Goodville: Farm Game Adventure

Goodville: Farm Game Adventure is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Stork Limited, Goodville: Farm Game Adventure is a Health & Fitness game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 11th November 2020 with the latest update 17th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Health & Fitness, Simulation, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Goodville: Farm Game Adventure ?

22,135 people have rated 5.6.0

What is the price of the Goodville: Farm Game Adventure ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Goodville: Farm Game Adventure released ?

Goodville: Farm Game Adventure was released on 11th November 2020.

When was the Goodville: Farm Game Adventure updated ?

The latest updated date of Goodville: Farm Game Adventure on 17th May 2023.

Where can Goodville: Farm Game Adventure be downloaded ?

You can download the game Goodville: Farm Game Adventure from Apple Official App Store.



Goodville is a unique blend of classic farm game with an emotional well-being app.

Goodville combines the gaming industry expertise with the scientific approach to address mental health issues from a completely new angle. Unique interactive content produced with the involvement of psychologists and scientists to achieve and maintain emotional well-being.
Raise awareness about modern and effective approaches to achieve emotional well-being and improve your lifestyle.
Help Jane to renovate her farm and discover all the secrets of Goodville. You will meet a bunch of vivid characters, who will assist you on each step of your journey, so you won’t stay alone with the challenges that Goodville has to offer.
Feed animals, harvest crops, milk cows, fulfil the orders, develop and renovate your farm. Explore the neighborhood, solve quests and tests to be aware of your cognitive and psychological condition.
Build your own safe haven and get ready for the next big adventure during expeditions.


  •    1st game to maintain emotional well-being: learn more about mental health by communicating with in-game characters and fulfilling exciting tasks.
  •    Test your cognitive and psychological condition to be aware of your current state and improve your lifestyle
  •    Explore, renovate and customize your farm
  •    Fulfil orders, harvest crops and fresh goods
  •    Build your own safe haven

Details on Subscription

  1. Subscription Pricing & Billing

You can subscribe within the game for ‘Weekly Subscription’, for $4.99 a calendar week.

  1. Subscription Content

Subscribers can enjoy the following privileges during the period:

  • One-time instant pack of rubies +50

  • 1 ruby every 25 minutes during subscription period

  1. Auto Renewals

The App Store Subscription feature renews automatically via your iTunes Account. Users can manage the subscription through your iTunes/Apple ID Settings Manager. The subscription will auto-renew for the assigned billing period if the auto-renew feature is not turned off 24 hours before the current subscription expires.

  1. User Agreement and Privacy Policy

User Agreement –

Privacy Statement –

  1. Subscription Cancellation

If you would like to cancel your subscription, go to ‘Settings’ on your iOS device –> ‘iTunes & App Store’ –> tap ‘Apple ID’ and then ‘View Apple ID’. Enter ‘Account Settings’, tap ‘Subscriptions’ –> ‘Manage’ and select the subscription for ‘Goodville’ to cancel it.

This game requires a constant internet connection for account security and update purposes.
Goodville is completely free to play with optional in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings.

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Updated on 17th May 2023

Dear Goodvillers! Rise and shine with the new update:

  • New story "Strangest Things"
  • New event: "Fruits and Juices"
  • New Doctor Socool lessons
  • Visual improvements

Thank you for your continued support and comments! Do not hesitate to share your feedback with us via [email protected]

Goodville: Farm Game Adventure Review

We just started plying this game and its cool for now. We like the follow directions in order to play the game. We will continue with our reviews as we go further along in the game.

We love this game . Always waiting for a chapter with Jane and Paul falling in love only thing we dont like is the energy which is only 50. It should have a VIP option like other gamespeople whos spent money should have a daily giftI love this game.

Its been described as a slow farming game. Its slow due to having to upgrade farm equipment, bridges and other attractions in 3 stages or more. Doing it in one stage would be a lot easier, take less time and resources. Also, a lot of objects you need to clear to get to anything big, takes up all the energy you worked so hard to acquire. Then, no more fun until new energy restored, unless you buy it which is very expensive. Otherwise awesome game with really fun events.

We have to say we enjoy the game, not as much as we used too. Since the last update before today, you have to feed the cat every hour. Why not let us feed the cat every 6 or 12 hours? We just do not get enough cat food in the rewards. We also buy gems all the time so we can have more energy to actually play the game. You have taken that away from the order board. Overall it is a fun game, you may want to have more events going on at the same time, so we can pick which one to do so we can get more supplies. The other issue is, we can not invite players to join, its not easy to do. Can you add a cat pole, or cat toys nd have the cat inter act with them?

We just downloaded this game and its so addicting, however the amount of ads is insane. We understand that Im not paying the weekly subscription and we understand the value in having to watch an add to open certain chests, but the unsolicited ads need to stop. Im specifically talking about the pop up ads when we complete the daily tasks and achievements. Its really frustrating and it makes us close the app.

Love the game but unable to watch any ads for treasures or extra energy. Not sure why they are offered if you cant claim them. Not sure what changed.

The game is fun and lots of play for free but at the price of having to watch back to back ads in many cases. After having watched a full 30 second ad, a false X appears. Tapping on it opens up the App Store to download the app. We understand some ads but doubling them has us rethinking the game. We also support the game by buying extra gems periodically. Would like to keep playing but dont know how much more of these double ads we can take. Thank you for everything else. We can definitely see that youre working to make it fun and affordable.

Was fun at first but very soon you see its just like so many other games. It takes so much energy to complete anything and youre energy level only fills up to 50. Just another game expecting you to fish out mad money just to actually play it. Could be more enjoyable and fun but its not! Deleted ASAP.

We have 3 friends that play the game and we tried adding each other but we are still not friends on the game. How do we add friends to this game.

We have been playing this game for well over a month. It had become our favorite game ever. We had been looking for a game that we didnt have to spend money all the time to get energy. Goodville provides more than enough opportunities for energy so we thought Im set. Unfortunately what we wasnt aware of was how little water would be available. At the start we had loads of water. We could make anything and then suddenly we are now out of water. We have the well and the fountain but neither provide enough water for the level of things that require water to make. Everything needs water and now we cant play at all because we need time to sit and gain water. We really wish there was a better way to get this resource in larger quantities to help continue game play. Im almost to the point of deleting the game and moving on to something else.

Game is fun, but our god. Why must there be an add for every 5 seconds of the game? Deleting.

We wrote to you all , now for the second time. Please fix bugs. We cant get any extra power ups on nothing. Like the yellow boxs still say ( no video at this time). Cant get no extra power ups. Only can get the chicken house for power and cook some things to get extra power.

We dont like the new update ever since youve updated it the game has really really really really really really sucked. You shouldnt have touched it and updated it because theres no more keys and you only get a limited edition energy. You shouldnt of screwed with the game and made it different. You shouldve not updated it disobeying our last time playing it. We give it at one star rating because you guys messed up and you started updating the game. Theres not the Chi game anymore. We dont like the KEY GAME NEEDS TO BE BACK ON THE GAME!!!

Good game but didnt get the rewards from inviting people.

Its hard but at the same time its fun to play.

Fun, always ask for more info. You get extra stuff.

We loe this game it relaxes us when Im stressed out.

We started this game well over a year ago and have enjoyed every moment we’ve played. This is the 1st game that you can get so many things to help restore your energy which is helps in so many ways because you dont have to wait so long to play. Some days we have been able to play for hours.

Amazing game been playing two weeks and we actually love it.

This is a cute game and we were having a lot of fun playing but missions are impossible to complete sometimes. So much money and energy required for tasks, it takes forever to advance. You get excited to fix the car, then you find out you have to keep doing it over and over. The never ending chase of the cat, is super annoying. Like the learning parts of this game but not the repetitiveness.

We’ve been playing this game for almost a year. We are getting frustrated with the constant ads. We get that some ads are required and we dont mind when there is a chest out in the open to have to click on an ad. What we dont get is when we’ve spent energy to get the chest and we still have to watch an ad. That makes no sense. We feel like its gotten worse in recent months. We also dont like that fact that getting energy is hard with only a max of 50. This forces a player to play dozens of times a day. We dont know about everyone else, but we have no intention of playing games all day long. We recently started getting more stressed (ironic) with this app with the asks. It takes days, even weeks, to get anywhere based on what they want you to do. Im not looking for easy or instant but this is ridiculous. If this doesnt stop soon, Im deleting the app and looking for something else. Theres plenty out there.

There are entirely too many ads. Why do you need an ad for every achievement? Its very frustrating!

We so loved this game, up until they pushed for rhetoric in favor of the WHO. We dont need a game to tell us who and who not to listen to. Otherwise the game was great, up until that point.

We didn’t like the fact that the characters were talking to each other a lot in the game, so we deleted it easily.

Its a pay to play. No way to advance without paying actually hard earned money. Soooo many ads. But the weirdest part is the surveys and COVID propaganda. Just a very odd thing to put into a farm game.

This is not like most of the games youve played like this one. Theres a screen where if you take a bunch of simple little questionnaires you get a ton load of free energy. They tell you something about yourself based off their answers. Its pretty cool actually. They also regenerate so you can do them again. Its also a mystery. Have to find our missing father. So if your into true crime and like games where you have to be weary of all your neighbors cause one knows something. One had something to do with your dad going missing. So if you like to search for clues youll like this game. These kind of games dont usually grab and keep our attention and interest. Usually these big farms make us anxious of how much we have to clean before we can even start making it look like a real farm. We dont feel that way with this game. No Im not being paid to give this review. We never post reviews. We think this is the first review we’ve ever left since the App Store opened. The fact that you got us to leave a review you got us to leave positive feedback should tell you everything. All you ever see are the negatives. When we arent happy we want to tell the world but when were content it doesnt even cross your mind cause content and happy people dont feel the need to shout it to the world. So those positive reviews never get posted. We wanted to leave a human positive feedback not just another bot.

When you get need a good time distractor, this is a great game to participate in. Easy to follow along with and fun little state games.

We absolutely love this game. Its one of the few that you can progress while playing daily.

We have been playing this game for a month now and we really love it. The only thing is that adding friends should not be so hard to do. We should be able to visit a farm and ask if anyone wants to be friends not just the people we invite.

Daily test tedious. Special missions restrictive. But with patience and realistic expectations mostly fun and engaging.

We enjoy the game but there is too many problems with things you are asked to update and while updating a particular item it asks that you make an item that you cant make because it is made by the item you are updating. Getting aggravating and we will probably quit playing because of it.

We loved this game, however, along with the fact that it takes way too much energy, and is very hard to update machines, the updates always cause issues. The latest update, cant get rubies and free energy. The video plays but doesnt give you anything.

Easy to understand great to pass time.

Havent seen Paul for days so cant move forward with this game! Not a fun game at all.

Found the cat and the cowbut they run away. Game asking for eggs but the only one we found was wooden. Thats right no chickens either! Im playing along and oh there the World Health Organization butting into our privacy! Run away from this so called game as fast as you can.. Spend no money! Its a data gathering scheme!

We love this game, but we cannot afford the monthly subscription fee for the ruby fountain; how do we cancel and remove it from the game??

Really love the game just wish we could sale items or equipment.

We love this game, but we feel that water should be much easier and faster to get. There are very few things that dont require water and the rate at which you can gain water is painful. Other than that the game is really quite fun. Lots of side games and the animation is adorable.

We are literally obsessed with this game. Not to crazy about the well being side of it but we answer questions anyway. What we get very upset with is how much everything costs and how hard it is to earn energy. Also we would love more explanations. We cant figure out why it keeps asking us for things such as potatoes when we dont know how to unlock them. Will play for a bit longer and see what happens! We have now gotten much further in the game. We are almost obsessed with it but am about to leave the game. Things have gotten so expensive and so many items needed to finish simple tasks. We want to answer one of the wellness questions with: we are stressed because of the game!!!!

We love this game the only thing we wish you could do is zoom out to see your whole area.

Love this game. We also like the mental health and well being part of it. As someone who suffers from mental health issues we truly appreciate the support this app offers.

We love this game so much we love the art style and the game mechanics but we also like the way the game works and its so different from the other games we have played it is just so much fun and we love it so much!!!

Great graphics, interesting story line- entertainment for hours!

The game loves to pop up ads when clicking on the house or the rewards you already have an option to watch videos for rewards so why are you forcing them on us over and over. Its unnecessary to see an ad several times while trying to collect rewards. If we wanted to watch ads wed click on the ads to watch them.

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