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  • Bill Phillips

    #26 4 people 3 guys 1 girl red hair band maybe

  • KomporGas

    fixed answers just click at the guess the 90s

  • Tina

    Does anyone know what cation is on level 22

    • Tina

      That’s supposed to be cartoon

  • eljan frank

    this is awsome

  • lacey

    Anybody know the game console? Looks like its called famicon. Has 5 letters

  • Janna Marie Myer

    What is the board game called

  • mandy

    where are all the anwers threre is more then this

  • Harper Lenseigne

    To hard.I can’t believe it!

  • Tiffany Dingmann

    Someone help! I’m stuck somewhere in level 26 on a computer game that looks like it has something to do with Egypt . Thanks!!

    • Booga


  • Devon Jenna Stearns

    it won’t take this word, I’ve looked at this and spelt it the same way. It won’t take it!

  • Kim McCall Storzum

    level 6 ;game ; covered wagons crossing a river. Anyone know the name of this?

    • Crystal Carroll

      oregon trail

  • Nancy Mastropolo

    How do you get answers for level 200 & up

  • Jennifer Currey

    can anyone help on the diet pepsi drink

    • Jennifer Currey

      crystal pepsi

  • Nooneinparticular

    It is reservoir dogs it was missing an r

  • Christie Hall Rogers

    Does anyone know a show with an African American family with 3 sons please? Thanks

    • Guest

      Smart guy?

  • Roberta Birdie Wood

    never mind I can see Brittney spears and JT in it must be Mickey Mouse club

  • Roberta Birdie Wood

    I am stuck on the picture that has 7 teenagers 5 white kids 2 black kids
    it is 3 words long first word starts with the letter M

    • Kim McCall Storzum

      your answer in Mickey mouse club

  • Jacqui Cluff

    Who is the blonde kid in the purple shirt

    • Dawn Roys

      How many letters? Could be Devon Saws.

  • Jacqui Cluff

    Does anyone know who the blonde headed kid in the purple shirt is???

  • Christie Hall Rogers

    How about a toy with 2 boys on there lookin like they ‘making’ gummi bugs?? Thanks for any help!! :)

    • disqus_DL045qbV4r

      creepy crawlers

  • Christie Hall Rogers

    Anyone know the answer to the one that looks like a kid with his hands in play-do looking stuff with sprinkles? has 5 letters out of “COIKZLACOQMBQFQYBROY”? Thanks

    • Christie Hall Rogers

      guess not??

      • Christie Hall Rogers

        Thank you Nancy!!, I had already used a cheat, but still thanks :)

    • Nancy Garcia


    • Melissa Littrell


  • Megan Zak

    Just F.Y.I it’s spelled wrong should be Reservoir Dogs.

  • Dani Hetzer

    You have level 197 spelled wrong. It is Reservoir Dogs

  • Doug Williams

    there is no t for it should be spelled skechers

  • genna

    I cant remember the name for those damn tree trolls… -.- ??? Anyone?

    • Kim

      Treasure trolls

  • Danielle Rebekah Hawkins

    197 reservoir dogs. Spelled wrong on here

  • Kayla Curey

    this is spelled wrong

  • Mike N Melissa Roark

    What is the computer game with a guy in a suit with a yellow shooting ring around him? 2 words 1st word is 6 letters second is 3 letters

  • lost

    What about the icon hes wearing glasses and a red shirt

  • Smooth

    There’s no T in Skechers.

  • Angie

    I’m stuck on a tv show with 5 teenaged 2 white girls, 1 black girl, and 2 white boys. Any help?

    • Lisa Smith

      Mickey mouse club

    • Kim

      Mickey mouse club

      • Tammi Jo Sprau

        all that

  • Crystal

    How bout the pic of the concrete talking face with red eyes…..i keep thinking night at the museum but that ain’t it

    • Ashley


    • Danielle Rebekah Hawkins

      Omec from legends of the hidden template

  • SJB

    anyone know the computer game with the guy holding two guns, the letters are KEMKUNMEMDDU

    • MissAmanda

      Duke nukem

  • Kailey Furness

    What are the shoes with leopard print at the beginning of level 6

    • salina31


      • Kailey Furness

        Thank you and do ukthe movie right after that one. with 2 men

        • salina31

          I’d have to see the picture again..

          • Kailey Furness

            I think it’s Andrew Jackson in it not sure though

          • salina31

            I think the one you’re taking about is lawrence fishburn, that world be the matrix :)

          • Kailey Furness

            it was the matrix thank you for it help

  • juujuubee3

    According to the game, this is spelled “RESERVOIR DOGS”

  • Stacey Henderson

    How do get the answers for more levels for this game

  • Connie Jo Gallentine

    you spelled skechers wrong

  • Megan Sebastian

    This isn’t all of the answers, there are levels beyond 200

    • Stacey Henderson

      I’m suck on a book called the invasion lol what’s the answer? To this level

      • Megan Sebastian

        That’s the one I’m stuck on!

      • Megan Sebastian

        Animorphs is the answer, my husband read them growing up

        • Devon Jenna Stearns

          best books and tv shows I have ever seen and read. I miss it though

      • Kendra Leigh


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