Guess the Emoji Level 5

Guess the Emoji Level 5

Guess the Emoji Level 5

Guess the Emoji Level 5

This is the Answers for Guess the Emoji Level 5 by Conversion, LLC for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Kindles, Facebook and other devices.

  1. Iphone
  2. Cowboy
  3. Shooting Star
  4. Pumpkin Pie
  5. Diamonds
  6. Cat Nap
  7. Itunes
  8. Catfish
  9. Flag Ship
  10. Earth Worm

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  • wsc w jbs jks

    oh no

  • wsc w jbs jks


  • wsc w jbs jks

    want go

  • Brian Mohansingh

    Can anyone help with a ghost and a dice?

  • Also, on #20, they changed ‘Sex in the city’ to ‘Dora The explorer’

  • On #9, they changed pearl harbor to ‘Singin in the Rain’

  • Menna Fady

    stuck on the one with radio and horse rider

    • kevin

      radio jocky

  • @yahoo.comtree rob

    Please help… Stuck on the number one and eyeglasses??? Anyone

  • ksw-nc

    I need help with the penguin head and a dress shirt with tie

    • Cameron

      Penguin boss

  • Sara Jones

    you guys forgot an answer in level 24

  • lamar

    A x with a on cash

  • Amelia C

    I buck on the foot, arrow pointing right and money. Help please

  • Rhonda Cooper Abernathy

    Im stuck on the fountain pen or exacto knife a blonde boy and a brown haired boy no letter b available

    • Jonathan Braswell

      pen pals

  • Jacob Gibson

    shrimp and wine glass

    • Jonathan Braswell

      shrimp cocktail

  • Trenace Holland

    stuck…the bee and the minus sign

    • Christina Bell

      Be Line

  • I’m stuck on the Emoji that has a flag and a rocket

    • Chris Geterdone Suggs

      The answer is NASA.

  • mircaley

    Anyone know what the answer is to the monkey face, monkey and circular arrows please?

    • Jonathan Braswell

      monkey around

  • Zoe Frances Vine

    stuck on the one with lightning bolt, rain and wind. help please?

    • Christina Bell

      Lightning Storm

  • sean

    am stuck on the the 1 with a handgun blast and diamond plz help thank

    • Jonathan Braswell

      conflict diamond

  • TalksWith1Finger

    HELP Man- handgun- Boy and double circular arrows

    • TalksWith1Finger

      See Pamela below this post

    • Jonathan Braswell


  • Pamela Pope Hall

    im stuck on level 83 a man gun and young boy and begins wiv the letter L

    • TalksWith1Finger


  • LEXI

    The letters I am left with after using the erase button is G I O N _ T L I K H T L U N

    • keshia

      Lexi have yu got this yet

    • Amelia C

      What level is it?

    • missel

      Notting hill

  • jessica

    Stuck on the one with the south korea flag, a horse, a dancer and music notes

    • Pat

      Gangnam style

  • Mikasa Sakura

    A man running and a bridegroom

    • Pat

      If you mean bride not bridegroom, the answer is runaway bride.

    • Jonathan Braswell

      cold feet

  • Gurvin Gill

    level 193 is wrong it does not work

  • Cerys Backhouse

    I’m stuck on the iPhone

    • Pat


  • whats the one with the lips the speech bubble and the ear

    • Amy Clifton


      • Cameron

        Whats a girl raising her hand and a cat

        • Cameron

          Whats a star and a shoe please help

    • Pat


    • tracy

      is that secret?

  • Updated to the newest levels. Thank you for support.

  • sarah

    whats the one with a yellow grin face and and man eyes closed ?

    • Pat


    • Pat


  • karen

    Stuck on thé shower and the toilet.

    • Pat


  • Margaret Ann Scawthorn

    I am stuck on the one with the ice cream and the sun half covered with a cloud

    • Pat

      Vanilla sky

      • Margaret Ann Scawthorn

        Thank you Pat.x

        • Pat

          You are welcome. x :-)

  • Jon Richards

    help with face and fist face and fist

    • Allie Nana Walker

      fist bump

  • Alley Austin Gardner

    stuck on the bride knife and skull?

    • Pat

      Kill Bill

  • stuck on level 63 … scissor and tick .. help ?!

    • Pat

      cut check

  • anjelen prakash

    hi pls help im stuck at italy flag, a car , and a money pack

    • anjelen prakash

      italian job

  • Lindsey

    What is the answer to the Horse and the arm flexing its muscle? Help please!!!!!

    • Pat

      Horse power

  • aislinn

    Stuck on the one with the rocket and telescope thing.

    • Pat

      Rocket Science

  • emma9583

    goat and green soup

    • Pat


  • natasha

    am stuck on an anger face and a top hat pleaseeeee help

    • Pat

      Mad hatter

  • Brian

    Stuck on the one with a skull gun and knife

    • Pat

      Lethal weapon

  • millie

    $ 1 0 0 ??

    • Tracy Earney

      Benjamin Franklin

  • millie

    stuck on the $ 1 0 0

    • Kai Murphy

      benjamin franklin

  • ellie

    im stuck on the one with the knife and shower help!

    • Lois Glancy


  • Margaret Ann Scawthorn

    Iam stuck on the one with a globe and a caterpilla

    • alicia jones

      earth worm

      • Margaret Ann Scawthorn

        Thank you Alicia.

  • Donna Campbell

    am stuck on the one with what looks like two bones with meat on and a games controller any help appreciated.

    • Melissa Yeates

      hunger games

    • Callum

      Hunger games

  • randa

    what is the castle and book?

    • Donna Campbell

      fairy tale

  • samantha grow

    a star and money

    • sarah


  • Jane Appleby

    whats the 1 with the cloud and sweet

    • sarah

      cotton candy

  • marion kerr

    stuck on the cup and poodle

    • Heather Nicoll

      Teacup poodle

  • marion kerr

    square with 10 in it and the umbrella

    • Donna

      Perfect storm

  • Lindsey

    What is 1, 2, and two monkeys?

    • Lynne Howard

      12 monkeys

  • David Molloy

    stuck on the football and the woman’s face???

    • Pat

      Soccer mom

  • Scott townsend

    Basket ball, 2, 3 any ideas

    • donna

      Michael jordan

    • Ena Thomson

      Michael jordan

  • Sasha

    im stuck with the plane and a note?

    • Alexander Procter

      Air mail

    • Lynne Howard

      Air mail

    • taylor lynn

      air mail

  • Alice Sprigg

    stuck with the man and a book?

    • Natalie Cunningham


  • Nas Kelly

    the waving hand and kiss?

    • Alex ♥

      Goodbye kiss

  • Jasmine Tomlinson

    Whats the one with the watch and the clock

    • Lynne Howard

      Father time i think!

      • Stephanie Fleming

        no no it doesn’t fit

        • drum141

          Time out

    • June Sims

      It’s Time Out

  • tia

    am whats the one with the tiger on and this golf thing? hellpppp

    • Becky Sophie Allen

      tiger woods

    • Samie Lily Bennett

      tiger woods

  • aimee

    a bear,pig,tiger and an open book?

    • lol

      jungle book!

  • frank

    Stuck on the bear and the heat sign

    • lol


  • megan

    im stuck on the 1 with the clock and the plane

    • mmeem

      time flies

  • Brenda Grissom

    3 cherries ?

    • frank


      • jellybean man

        magnifying glass and fish , letters are f,d,n,i,m,i,g,n,e,d,,n,e,o

        • lynzi

          Finding nemo

  • Benedicte

    am stuck on the one with the cookie n the crystal ball help!!

    • chelleyf

      Fortune cookie

    • chelleyf

      Its fortune cookie

    • Amelia C

      Fortune cookie

  • fatt

    it’s lethal weapon =.=!



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