Hand and Foot Card Game

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Hand and Foot Card Game


Hand and Foot Card Game is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ivar Chan, Hand and Foot Card Game is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd October 2017 with the latest update 18th October 2017

Whether you are a fan of Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


78 people have rated 4.73

You can download the game Hand and Foot Card Game from APP STORE.


You can now play the challenging card game Hand and Foot on your mobile device! Hand and Foot is compelling card game where each player is dealt two decks of cards: one ‘hand’ and one ‘foot’. The object of the game is to build melds of cards to form ‘books’ which are groups of seven or more cards, score as many points as possible, and play all of the cards in your hand and foot decks as quickly as possible. The best Hand and Foot players are those who can accumulate large point totals and quickly go out which traps the other players with cards in their hands and thus leaves them with negative points.

If you enjoy card games such as Canasta, Gin Rummy, or Hearts, than you will absolutely be blown away by the uniquely challenging Hand and Foot! After a practice round or two, a new player can quickly learn the rules and enjoy this extremely addictive game!


- 1, 2, or 3 Virtual Opponents

  • 3 Difficulty Levels

  • 10 Background Options

  • 24 Different Player Icons

  • High Score Tracking

  • iPod Music Play

  • Horizontal or Vertical Play
  • Detailed Rules, Strategies, and Help Pages

If you are a Hand and Foot enthusiast, you know how long it takes to shuffle multiple decks of cards and tally scores when you physically play the game. You will love the speed at which you can play with our app!

Updated on 18th October 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • game was sold in order to spend resources to update
  • fixed issue with x button not restarting game on iPads

Hand and Foot Card Game Reviews

Love this game enough to pay twice.

Enjoy this game . Like playing against more than one opponent option as we improved our own play.

You need to draw your programmers a picture. Show them that your High Score page needs a wider column to SHOW all the digits in a date. Some dates in the format 99/99/2018 do NOT show the 18 in the year space. So our list shows some 2017 and 2018 and some 20 with the 18 missing from the date. Seems a little silly that your programmers didnt test that field size when they breathed the game. We say lame. Hire better programmers.

Great app! We always enjoyed playing this game with our former in-laws and we are very happy to have found this app and play it again. We just wish there was a way to play with friends, like Words with Friends.

We wish you could play against actual people we havent had any crashes like others did but we do notice that the game is rigged andIts fun in real life and we also hate how they only have one set of each color when we were taught it was to read and three black books this game is too quick.

We love this app, but we only gave it 4 starts because we win about 90% of the time. We dont think of myself as a particularly great player, so the bots need to be more of a challenge.

Loved the old version but disappointed when it was incompatible with IOS 11. Only one problem with new version that we have noticed is that the rotation does not happen either with the settings button or with the rotation of the phone. This make it difficult to keep up with the progress of your opponents.

This is our favorite game! Yes it does need to be updated to fix a few things, but we’ve found work arounds or ignore them and play on. We have tried all the hand & foot games and we end up deleting all of them – except this one! Take care of this game -dont want to see it disappear. We play it every day!!! Thanks!! We love it!

Still waiting for a book of wild cards = 1500 points. The game is great except for this.

We like the others purchased twice because we love the app. Just dont think it is fare to have to pay twice just because of the updates to IOS. Why are the players the same? We cant understand how anyone could play cards with arms above their heads! You charged for this update and did nothing else. Still no clock at the top like there was in the beginning. Didnt give us much of anything except to be able to play the game. Hope you enjoy what money you receive. At least you could have reduced the amount for those of us who already purchased this. Enjoy!

Why is it that if we pick up a discarded card we get the 4 extras from the discard pile but our opponent gets them from the new card pile. He also gets to pick up when there is less than 5 cards in the discard pile but we cant.

  1. The game will discard and run to its foot, whats up with that? 2. When the game picks up a card from the discard pile, it then draws 4 cards from the dealer deck, not the discard pile. When it does draw from the discard pile it doesnt take the 3 cards.

Way different rules then we were taught! More like canasta then hand and foot. Otherwise nice clean game!

We have asked that the version for an IPhone be corrected! The game plays very well, but there is a slight problem in each hand! Every time it STARTS a new hand, the HELP BAR on the right side… Moves toward the center… So you have to turn the IPhone to a VERTICAL position… Then back to horizontal to play! This happens for EVERY NEW HAND! Its very irritating, to say the least! This is our 3rd report…. SUPPORT APP isnt working right either! How can we get hold of someone?

We love this game, but having to REpay for a game we already bought is rude AND a rip off. The appliance company doesnt RE-charge us for our refrigerator when we remodel the kitchen around it.

Very disappointed in this game. Should have offered a preview of the game. Then we would not have purchased it.

There must be variations in the rules because this is a bit different than Im used to. Theres no partners and the scoring isnt quite right. It doesnt let you draw the pile if youve put down that card already even if you have two in your hand. The graphics are nice and game play is smooth. If youre not already familiar with the game you will probably like this.

Dont waste your money. Half the time it wont let you draw your cards or discard. We should get our money back.

So crudely done and so many bugs we didn’t even finish our second round of first game. A card just got stuck on the board and we couldn’t move it so we couldn’t go out. Won’t allow straights, doesn’t sort cards properly. Worst app we’ve purchased in years.

This app is horrible! We have to keep reloading it because it gets stuck! Please fix this! Mad we paid for this!

We’ve played this version of h&f for many years and NEVER run into problems like this. It plays well for a few minutes, then freezes with any action (drawing, discarding, playing a card, etc. Along with the algorithms, the appearance of the game needs a serious update.

We love the old version whereas there were just two players. Not interested in buy a new one with 4 players. The only thing we wish was that we could start our scoring over like other games let you do. We need to compete with myself and it gets boring if we cant start a new record, so many games do not give us incentive.

Just upgraded our original version for years. Once again paid for it! NO Improvements!!! Speed goes back to slow at each level and tool bar moves to center at each level and have to continually reset. Do not waste your money!!!

Had to pay again for app we have owned for many years. Dont see any changes, improvements or enhancements. Shame on developer & Apple. Customers expect more than re-buying an unimproved game. As the Orange child in charge would say SAD!

Game keeps sticking so we have to reset it almost every turn. Decided to delete and buy it again. Very first hand ! Not again! Ugh!

Really want to like this game but it is more frustrating than its worth. Sometimes it wont let us put a joker and a deuce together in the same book. Most annoying is simply drawing a card or placing one on a book, you have to do it several times to work. Also the constant auto moving of the screen back and forth. We guess if playing on a monitor it would be ok, but on a phone or tablet not so much. Too bad because its such a fun game.

We never played before but friends play with real cards and we were hoping this would teach us and we could play with them without having much of a learning curve. The directions are not very good for someone with no prior knowledge. The game glitched after any-player is all done it shuts off the app. So we never was able to finish a game. Let alone learn it. Waste of money. Now we are downloading the 2.99 one hope it is worth the money.

This was our favorite game on our iPad! At no time we experienced any problems, if we had rated it it would have been a 10! However we are disappointed with this version. It plays so fast that it is hard to see what the others are playing. We really preferred the original version. Even though we had to pay for the updated version, we doubt that we will use it or recommend it.

We are asking you to fix our Game . Paid $ 1.99 in August 2020.

So fed up. This game is awesome, when you play it in person! This app never we mean never lets you win 4 handed. 95% of the time when you discard a card it give you back the same thing the very next turn. Very very rarely am we dealt 3 of a kind. Etc etc. This game app really needs work done. Cause Im done!

The game does not do horizontal.

We bought the game 2 weeks ago and we havent got to play it yet. We’ve tried multiple times but it never works. Im not sure if its the app or what but we cant even discard. Im really disappointed.

After only a few days of purchase this game stopped working correctly. It stalls; you cant discard; animation doesnt work right. Needs to be fixed!!!

Yes, we also have paid for this game for the third time. We love the game and dont mind paying for it as long as it works. The problem is that it only works some of the time on our IPad. It will work great for days, then the cards will hang on the screen and we have to completely shut it down and start over. We cannot find any correlation between any other apps running, have restarted the IPad, tried several other things to get it it to work properly. It continues to crash. Then the next day it will work perfectly for a few days, then it will start doing it again. The game works fine on our IPhone. Very frustrating to say the least.

We owned the original version, were very disappointed that it was incompatible with IOS 11, so needless to say we were pleased to see the developer released a version for IOS11. So far we have not experienced any of the bugs reported by other reviewers. We deleted the previous version prior to installing this version, that may have helped? We will update the review if any new issues arise.

We love this game. We were very sad when it went away when we upgraded to IOS 11. Thanks for bringing it back. It is our favorite game that does not require a connection!

Loved the game. Then had to buy it for iOS 11. Now you cant restart a game???

Needs help on X – cant change opponents either. THIS NEEDS FIXING! We want a new opponent and cant use the X – Loved it before… Hate it now. Not going to play until the X is working!

Old app said: contact developer for update app! But you cant contact the developer anymore with the old app. Ridiculous that you have to pay twice for the same app. Apple should really punish developers who dont update their apps. We always shiver when we have to update IOS, since you never know what will work, and for which apps you have to pay again, or worse, which apps disappear completely. Really bad from this developer!

Had to buy for 11.0 update now cant change number of players or restart! Rip off!

"X" doesn’t work, why have it?

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