Handyman! 3D

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 07:35 am

Handyman! 3D

Handyman! 3D

Handyman! 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ROOSTER GAMES YAZILIM ANONIM SIRKETI, Handyman! 3D is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 22nd January 2021 with the latest update 28th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Handyman! 3D ?

19,401 people have rated 1.0.5

What is the price of the Handyman! 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Handyman! 3D released ?

Handyman! 3D was released on 22nd January 2021.

When was the Handyman! 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Handyman! 3D on 28th March 2023.

Where can Handyman! 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Handyman! 3D from Apple Official App Store.



Can you be a very successful construction expert?

  • Free to play. Play it anywhere anytime.
  • Funny gameplay
  • Awesome graphics.

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Can you complete all the levels?

Updated on 28th March 2023

Bugs fixed

Handyman! 3D Review

Cant start the game. Its click bait. All the 5 and 4 stars reviews are bots. Take it from a human dont waste your time.

People look like their on crack.

We dont really think u should get this game for asmr bc when we downloaded this game Id not let us press start to play plus it is really glitch so weird bu if u want the game u can get is but dont recommended. Peace out guys.

This game is ok but to many ads and kinda rude when u lost it told us get over it.

This game is the best we told our mom to download it there are barely any adds.

We love this game so much we think its really nice to play when your stressed also its many different games so its really spread out and fun.

We love the game but this game glitches a lot. Also for us there is an ad after every round.

We’ve been playing this and dude we havent gotten a single ad yet-I love this game you should get it! It helps us with anxiety!

We love this game so much you should get it we are on level nine and we’ve only had a few ads we love it so much its the best thing ever and so satisfying you soooooooooooooood get it.

We Love this game! Here are barely any adds the only thing is The characters are creepy and have sharp teeth it still is an awesome game! We play it every single day. Every time we open up our phone we Play the game.

Great game but women work as handymen too so pls add women workers.

It has too many ads there is an ad right after a level and also it is the same level every time we wish it was different every level and less stress cuz it wont let us finish the level and it goes congrats you did it or something like that.

It took a long time to download.

This game is great! But in the beginning we scraped paint out of the bucket. When we were getting better at the game and one our prize it was always a rare bucket of paint! But you had too watch an add for it or pay $9500 in the game. We have more than $26000 in the game it wouldnt let us use it or watch the adds to get it! Those are the only thing!

.. Way TOO MANY ADS but its a fun game 8/10 would recommend.

Too many game interrupting adds.

We love this game so much! But it has bugs in it please fix them or this game will become boring. Thank you!

Its okay but it starts to get annoying.

For one, the game is clickbait. The creators clearly knew the scraping paint level would be the most enjoyable so thats why they only used that level in the advertisement. Two, it gets boring really quickly and is in serious need of an update. We think around level 6 the levels start repeating itselfs. Also, theres not point in the currency. The money is just for effects. You cant do anything with it.

Handyman 3D is not what the ad showed we thought it was satisfying and painting and stuff but its more pipes and bricks and stuff. Ads a lot of ads.

We dont know why but when we downloaded this app their was no sound, After a few days we found out why that was happening, we had a password to get it and that was causing the problem. It would be GREAT if you improved your app and make it better for the people who have a password. Sincerely, Your customer.

We were playing this game because our dad went to go get a new lisence and we didnt k ow what else to do so we are playing this game and we are just like this game is ok we guess.

We got to level 27 when we realized that the game repeats the same steps so its kinda boring because at some point it makes you do the same thing but the reason that we a gave it one star was because there are no ads.

It does not work dont waste yo time.

Same levels on repeat this game is awful and stupid DO NOT download it so boring and we hate it Your Girl, Lexi Lara.

If you have trouble with Adds in this game just turn your device on airplane mode and you should not get any adds -Lily.

The game has a mini game that a truck with a big U shape in the front is © from another game.

Its a great game but there is sooo many ads makes us not wanna play the game.

Ok so others think there are to many ads, we mean sure there might be a lot of ads but at least the ads are when you finish the game. Others think it might get boring when you play it more, it might be a tiny bit boring but when the part of scraping off the paint thats on the bucket, we think its pretty satisfying! We love that part so much. Also, the ads are for the people who made this game to get money. You might make a game one day that might have a lot of ads. You never know! So we just want to say something to the people who made this game, you did a pretty amazing job!

On the levels where you excavate a tree the tree glitches out when you go to remove it.

This game is fun and stress relieving there are very creative rounds but one problem that we have with the game is that we get an ad after every round we play and it gets a little irritating but otherwise if u like stress reliever games like this we thinks u should download this app but ya thank u for reading our review.

We do not like this game but here where we hate it! We hope this not rude it is just our opinion so theres ads also very lagging but our internet works just fine here is the worst part we hate the levels are to easy to pass basically the levels btw we didnt pass all the level they seem the same we dont know but the level are just the same just the color and lastly basically when we do one swipe on the bricks it already done we cant do anything in our opinion we dont like it boring just thing over and over it not satisfying like we hoped wouldnt recommend in our opinions Orr you if this was mean just opinion. PEACE OUT HOMEIES.

Really annoying how on level it doesnt let us finish scraping plaster off the walls. Theres some left and that messes with our ocd.

This app is amazing it is soooo satisfying in every way. The only complaints we have are the ads thats it but over all this app definitely deserves 5 stars.

This game is so fun a little bit of adds but thats ok we love it totally recommended.

We like the game a lot but whats the point of the money? It keeps going from game to game that it doesnt even have a home screen to buy anything in. No power ups or new tools? Or am we just missing something? Still addicting though.

This game is very satisfying and relaxing wile Im in a traffic jam we play the game because it relives our anxiety and helps us calm down when Im stressed the only thing that makes this game 4 stars instead of 5 is all the adds Im getting the same adds over and over at least make then different but in all this game in really good and we would recommend it.

This man paint so much we clean the paint bucket and roller every other round!

We thought this game would be cool and fun but no we downloaded the wrong game the adds show it like a really fun game but its actually not that fun. ITS ALSO CLICKBAIT. We downloaded t thinking it was soooo satisfying but nope. You even have to watch a video to do the cool scrape the paint from the bucket! Just if you make the bad choice of downloading this app thats fine BUT DONT DELETE APPS TO DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

This game is very glitchy and it took forever to download. But over all its not a bad game just make sure it doesnt take forever to download.

This game is good nut we think there should be women in the game not just men. Women work just as hard as men do even better maybe. This game would be better with women. GIRL POWER.

We hate it it was suppose to be only paint but they gave us extra stuff and we dont like it so we hate this game this game is stupid we dont know how yall like this game but this is just our opinion we dont care if yall like it but we dont so we gave it one star rating so yeah this game is trash.

Ok so first of all it has WAY to many ads. You basically just watch ads and not play the game. We mean its pretty fun but it gets boring when you play it a lot. So let us just tell you the story…. We were looking up games and a saw this game handyman 3D and we wanted to get it. We TOTALLY forgot to look at the reviews and when it downloaded our mom said to get off you phone and we didnt get to play the game until the next day. When we did get to play it, it was fun at first, but now its kind of boring. We kept playing it because we thought it would get more interesting, but nope. Now it comes to this day when a 10 YEAR OLD KID is writing a review and so we would think that if you want to get it you should, but if your like us then we would say dont get it. Its your choice if you want to get it or not. Peace out guys.

It doesnt do what the cover says its click bait and If this doesnt change we will make sure this game gets taken down.

Okay so it on the commercials they have the aping brush and stuff like that the only thing thats real is the the can and the scraper thing and thats it.

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