Happy Color® – Color by Number

Last updated on November 28th, 2022 at 06:50 pm

Happy Color® – Color by Number

Happy Color® – Color by Number

Happy Color® – Color by Number is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by X-FLOW LTD, Happy Color® – Color by Number is a Board game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 29th July 2018 with the latest update 17th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Happy Color® – Color by Number ?

2,451,943 people have rated 1.9.13

What is the price of the Happy Color® – Color by Number ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Happy Color® – Color by Number released ?

Happy Color® – Color by Number was released on 29th July 2018.

When was the Happy Color® – Color by Number updated ?

The latest updated date of Happy Color® – Color by Number on 17th November 2022.

Where can Happy Color® – Color by Number be downloaded ?

You can download the game Happy Color® – Color by Number from Apple Official App Store.



Happy Color® is the world’s favorite free coloring game. Featuring exclusive pictures from Disney and Marvel and thousands of images for all tastes – Nature, Art, Sport, Cars, Fantasy, Fashion, Interiors, Places and many more!

Happy Color lights up lives with color around the world!
This coloring book is a part of people’s everyday well-being. Paint by number with Happy Color is a calming and easy experience for people of all ages and lifestyles.

How to color?
Just tap on the pic you like and start coloring to see how easy, creative, and satisfying a coloring game can be!

What to color?

  • Your favorite Marvel Super Heroes and exclusive Disney pictures!

  • Our special charity content! Happy Color is partnering up with several charity organizations around the world. We are happy to share information, unique pictures, and real stories that we see and hear while working on this field.

  • Fabulous artworks and simple, funny, and positive pictures from artists all over the world.

  • Mandalas and mosaic, distant lands and stylish interiors, wildlife and pets, heroes and villains – Happy Color paint by number app is a real salvation from the stresses of everyday life!

Give yourself a chance to relax or just entertain yourself while having a 5-minute break.

Find joy, relax and calm just in one Happy Color coloring book app.

We are constantly working to make our coloring book better, please, share your feedback: [email protected]

Join our supportive and friendly online community on Facebook and Instagram, share the pictures you color with your friends and family.

Terms of Use: https://xflowgames.com/terms-of-use.html
Privacy Policy: https://xflowgames.com/privacy-policy.html

Happy Color has a lot of unique pictures hand drawn by professional artists, as well as pics of famous characters, comics, cartoons etc. owned by well-known studios.

Marvel (© 2022 MARVEL)

Updated on 17th November 2022

Hello! Download the latest Happy Color update now!

We’ve implemented a range of app performance improvements that will make your coloring experience smoother and overall more enjoyable.

Thank you for your feedback and ideas!

Sincerely yours,
Happy Color Team

Happy Color® – Color by Number Review

Relaxing so many pictures easy and hard and in between in categories like easy or food.

We love the painting its so relaxing.

Watching TV and relaxing with this free app makes a fun evening for us!

This app is the best app ever and it is simple we say this is the best mind relaxing app ever there is nothing wrong about the apps and there is like infinity coloring pictures that are so cool simple and cute. The best app ever.

We love this game. Its really relaxing and super fun.

We really injoy these very much and they are beautiful.

What a lovely little stress reliever of an app!

Im in love with this game is as so much things that u can color! We just want u to see this.

We love the variety of pictures to color, and the therapeutic effects it has.

Enjoy multiple pics with different subject matter.

We love this game its relaxing and when we dont have a coloring book we can just pick anything we want on here and color it.

We love that they make a mini video of your coloring.

Soooo addictive and love the pics.

This brings back memories from when we used to do the paint by numbers paintings when we were younger. This time around no mess, just tap to paint.

Thx for making this app we love it.

We love this app. It allows you to unleash your creativity that you didnt know you had. It has so many pictures and choices for you to choose from. The sky is your limit! Although there is one pet peeve of ours, we have to use our hints just to find those little spots we missed. Other than that, this is a awesome app. We love to use it in our free time, especially when im bored. It gives us a lot of inspiration too. Thanks for reading!

Color does make one happy. It is a precious gift from God so we could enjoy life on this earth. He didnt have to, as we could still enjoy life in other ways. So, here are our thoughts. So many times, we have noticed the incompatibility of colors, the lack of color blends. Mandalas are our favorite designs, and the artist who selects the colors to be used, needs to be more selective, unless it is all done digitally by the computer. Let it be said, that yellow is not a favorite color, but we do love pale yellow roses. The point is, it does have its place, more of an accent color, in the flower center, or the sun and stars. But it should not overpower a design by just placing it randomly without forethought. Especially a bright garish yellow next to a brilliant red, or a retro green. Is jewelry ever shown in silver? No. Bright gold. Another thought is for the interiors, a second favorite. Why so much brown, tan, orange, gold, yellow? We doubt that many folks have that color theme in their living room, kitchen or family room. Grays are popular now with soft accents of blues, greens, etc, but we dont see that in the designs either. Or off white, creamy ivory walls with splashes of jewel tone accents. These designs should just be more realistic rather than just colors thrown together looking like a mish-mash. We love the marine patterns, just because of the beautiful blues used there. And the sea life. Stunning. But no matter what colors are in each days designs, Ill always be coloring every day, excited to see the new ones, until the end. Just our perspective, as there are as many opinions as people.

In our opinion this game has been helping us to relax and we love it. It gives us a lot of inspiration for our art ideas thx for this amazing game. We read some reviews and it was fun until we started reading a certain review. We look forward to looking at the new game images every day.

Its like a little break from stress.

This is so fun while sitting at home during the Coronavirus. Our kids love it too. Its easy enough for them to do and keeps them busy for a while.

When you finish a paint, you feel so satisfied and happy and we think thats what we want to perceive in this game and we feel it. Thank you!

We love this app, especially the Rare pictures. Love the different themes also. So much fun. Thank You so much.

Love this. Only complaint is your food pictures leave a lot to be desired. We cannot tell most of the time what they’re supposed to be. Get more home interior coloring that are rustic or simple instead of always modern. Mix up the style and or era. History would be great too.

We want to give 5 stars because most of the time theres no issue. But lately some app ads (especially some Strawberry Shortcake ad) have been locking up our phone (iPhone 13) and we have to close window to get out and same thing happens when we go back in. Then we have to shut off phone and turn back on to get it to go away. Please check out these apps better before you run these ads. Would be interested to know if anyone else having this issue. Update: Developer responded and looking into our issue. We actually ended up having to delete Happy Color app and reload it and now it is working ok. Im going to change our review to a 5 because 98% of the time we’ve used this app we’ve been very satisfied and havent had hardly any issues until the Strawberry Shortcake app popped up.

One of our favorite apps. We never know how a picture will turn out. Soothing and relaxing to do. Cya61.

We LOVE Happy Color. It is a AMAZING game, we love Happy Color because it really satisfies us and relaxes us. We especially love the Disney section, we love coloring the Mickie and Minnie ones. Thank you X-Flow for creating this game, we are sure everyone that plays it LOVES it. We will definitely play this game on our familys Airplane ride to Florida. We are going to stay in a Hotel for one night and we are going to the port to board our Disney Dream Cruise! We hope that you guys reading this like Happy Color too. Once again thank you X-Flow for creating this game. By: Benjamin.

No idea how these are made, totally fascinated and our fun time well spent.

It is the best we did 20 of this.

More MYSTERY pics please! Once a week is not enough.

We love it so much It is so calming.

If a customer purchases this app for yhe $7.99 can it be use offline also are you must be on wifi all times ?

We are addicted to these color by numbers and probably waste a total of a couple hours a day on this app we’ve had a few ideas over the last few months while using the app that we believe would improve user experience though, such as, a shuffle option (when you are in a category it would be nice to quickly tap shuffle and see a new array of pictures for that category instead of having to scroll way down to bottom). Another feature we think would be nice is a like button, if youre scrolling looking for something specific but see a different picture you might want to color at a later date it would be really cool if you could just tap a heart on it or something and then it could be saved on a favorites tab that could quickly be found later.

This is the most stress releving game ever we play this nonstop every day and its very good for us because we have lots of stress we just have to say this is a very good game we recommend it.

This is a very soothing and picturesque coloring app. It has different categories, a daily picture everyday, a news feed and a bonus page. You can even get rewards which grant bonus pictures! On top of all that, if youre traveling, you can continue your pictures without internet. Finally, you can share pictures and how you did them with friends and family.

After paying $7.99 to prevent getting ads, we still get a lot of ads that stop the enjoyable playing for 1-2 minutes each time. Please drop all the ads or refund our $7.99 please. Otherwise, this a most enjoyable app that we will gladly rate highly when the ads issue is corrected.

We sit down by the end of our day and we just color, it just relaxes us not to mention all the painting they have that sometimes we just want to print it and hang it on our walls.

We love this game!! We’ve had it for years at this point, and it will never not be on our phone. Its super relaxing, and with so many different pictures to choose from we never get bored. 100% worth to pay to have ads removed too!

This game is the bestest when we get happy we ask our mommy if we can play this amazing game.

First off- this game is awesome. We originally started playing Happy Color several years ago. We ended up having to delete it (I was having storage issues on our phone ) but recently re-installed it. This was several weeks ago, and we were quickly reminded why we loved it! There are a ton of awesome pics to choose from- fantasy, animals, people, famous paintings- tons of stuff. Most of the pictures are great quality, and its fairly addicting- in a good way! We love how colorful and satisfying all the pictures are to color, and the developers do a great job creating interesting pictures. Almost nothing is hidden behind paywalls, and the adds arent annoyingly in-your-face and usually optional. We also like how it doesnt feel like theyre trying to make you spend money like some other games. The interface is fairly simple and easy to navigate, (though its sometimes hard to remember to click on the next color-it isnt autonomous) and new pictures are added daily and unlocked with achievements, so its pretty hard to get bored! The only major complaint we have is that we feel like theres a lack of accurately represented BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people in the pictures, and many of the women feel fairly feminized (make up, long wavy hair, form-fitting clothes, etc.) While it isnt a big enough issue to make us dislike the app, its something we really want to see improved on in the future- to have more diverse people in the drawings. Overall, we’ve had a really fun time playing this again lately, and would recommend for anyone looking for a laid- back coloring game! Im just really hoping for more diversity in the future.

Great game to pass the time. Beats scrolling thru Facebook endlessly.

This game is the best for all ages! This game is very calming and we’ve had this game since we were two years old. We didnt do a lot of pictures before but now Im always playing when ever! This game has amazing features and lots of fun, creative,cute,and cool stuff ! We highly recommend this fantastic game ! You dont have to play only when you are stressed you can play when you have any feeling bored happy sad angry excited every emotion you think of this game is for you so get it now! Love Mymy marie.

This app is really good. We consider you guys to download it but if they add like DC, Star Wars or anything missing add it.

Would be nice if there were more tv show/movie themed coloring options like Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc.

We want a great app and have great time and free time.

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