Happy Printer

Last updated on January 14th, 2023 at 08:05 pm

Happy Printer

Happy Printer

Happy Printer is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Freeplay LLC, Happy Printer is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 10th November 2020 with the latest update 19th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Trivia, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Happy Printer ?

57,504 people have rated 4.0.13

What is the price of the Happy Printer ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Happy Printer released ?

Happy Printer was released on 10th November 2020.

When was the Happy Printer updated ?

The latest updated date of Happy Printer on 19th May 2022.

Where can Happy Printer be downloaded ?

You can download the game Happy Printer from Apple Official App Store.



Ready to challenge your brain and your typing speed? Join this exciting race against quick sneaky opponents, go level by level to complete various missions, and become the Champion. From simple typing games to tricky word trivia, and more — there is plenty of brain-busting!
Happy Printer is packed with match-three games, word problems, hidden objects, different riddles that will test your memory, typing speed, and strategic thinking.


  • 5-in-1 running games with levels, fun missions, and rewards. You’ll never get bored!
  • Simple and fun gameplay, easy navigation, and nice design. You’ll love it!
  • Crowds of sneaky opponents: from easy-to-defeat losers to very smart and skillful runners. Leave them all behind!
  • Endless fun and brain-pushing games. Not just play, think!
  • Great time filler. Highly addictive!

Have fun running, typing, and beating every level in this cool set of awesome games!

Privacy Policy: http://tap2play.me/happyprinter/privacy/
Terms of Use: http://tap2play.me/happyprinter/terms/

Updated on 19th May 2022

Hi there!
Our update is finally here:

  • general game improvements
  • minor bug fixes for better user experience.

Happy Printer Review

We used to type really slow now Im on fire this app is amazing we love your app!

Happy printer is a really good game for learning how to type fast! The only problem is that their are SOOO MANY ADDS and it can get annoying. But anyways this game is educational and fun such a good ide!

We Love the game we play it all the time You should download it.

OMG we love this app, This app makes us so fast at typing and now we can type super fast while writing texts to e mails you name it, we highly recommend this to you and a friend of ours and that you know, So download Happy Printer today and be a master at fast typing.

There are too many adds but its good for practicing.

We like the game and it helped us with our typing but it glitches. Like we will get to a level and the screen will freeze, or the keyboard wont pop up. If you are looking to get the game get it this could just be our phone. But over all a good game.

It helps us with our typing on our phone. So case of an emergency, we can type fast enough.

To many adds, there are more watching adds than playing the game But the game is fun.

Its not bad but the sentence same all the time. But really good for this kind of people that who cant type fast.

Some times the game just dont load.

The game is fun and all but when we get to a certain level the add wont play even when we refresh so it doesnt allow us to continue the game. We have only played about three levels. The game is fun but again the app is horrible.

We honestly hate this app. It wont let us delete it off of our mobile phone and the app is making our phone slow. We do not recommend downloading this app.

So every time we try to get on the game it just kicks us off of we mabye it might be our phone but its just every time.

This game is so bad if it had a option for 0 stars we would choose that there are so many bugs.

We love the game it really helped our write better and it gets your brain going.

The game concept is pretty decent and Im not gonna lie fun to play but we CANT CHANGE THE LANGUAGE OF THE GAME !! Its all in Spanish and we wanna change the language but we CANT this really bothers us please make it possible to Change the darn language! We really enjoy this game and we will give it 5 stars only IF you guys fix this!!

When typing the letters dont register making you lose and it gets you frustrated. If you get annoyed with things that dont work or if you get mad easily we dont recommend this game for you. But if you like games that are slow and dont work correctly then this is the game.

This game made us so happy because we can now type so fast because of this game and it helped us a lot. This game needs to be a five star Game.

This game has Made us so good at fast typing we cant believe it we have playing it for weeks and we are so good at typing.

We are in 2end place and we can type so fast now am so excited!!!!

This is an incredible game! We learn how to type as fast as our teacher.

This game will make you find letters fast and help you type fast we love playing this game it is awesome if you are trying to find a way to type fast download this game right now thank you Apple Store and you for reading this feedback today thank you and have a nice day.

We just love this so mush imma go give it 5 stars Cuz we won 6 bonus Rounds.

The game is the best it helps us type way more faster thank u so much for making this game and u can go far in life.

Happy emoji love this app it is awesome and fun thank you so much for making this game.

This game is so fun . And perfect for people with writhing problems. It helps getting them better .

We love this game so much that we play to everyday after school.

Gshhrhdh this is a nise game we guess.

This game has helped us so much we are so much better at typing.

This game is so fun and its addicting so we can never spend one day without playing this game.

We love this this game we can type really fast now thank you so much!!!!!

This game has made us so good at typing. Its also so fun. Theres different activities and its just a really good game. Theres not many adds. We dont have much else to say, except that this game is………. AWESOME!!!!!!

We love happy printer so much! Some advice for beginners are probably you will always be good at typing no matter your speed. Happy Printer just makes you faster in a way thats not boring school, its super fun types! They make little but funny phrases that make it a bit more fun for others. We have been playing Happy Printer for 4 years and we havent downloaded any other game because this is more than ideal. Happy printer has done so much to make us a faster typer now we are in second place for worlds fastest typer!! – Sage Goehle a lover of Happy Printer!!

We love this game soooo much fun totally recommended if u type slow.

This is so great if your trying to get better at typing.

This game make you a master of roping.

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